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Russia Just Stabbed America in the Back!! What Putin Just Did Changes Everything! (Video)

Friday, February 17, 2017 1:37
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Lindsey Bruce for Liberty Writers reports, President Trump has been civil with Russia because he knows that it’s important to get along with other world leaders, but don’t mistake kindness for weakness. What Russia just did will change their relationship for sure. “Russia has secretly deployed a missile that American officials argue violates a key arms treaty.”

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a Russian politician who is the current President of the Russian Federation, holding the office since 7 May 2012.

Does this change the game at all with Trump and Russia? We shall see. Definitely getting crazier by the day with all this Russia stuff. Stay tuned for more breaking news from BIN!

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  • Philo

    Look at the facts : for an uncounted number of years America has broken every treaty/agreement/promise they had and made with Russia. For a number of years America is busy putting more and more troops and weaponry ever closer to Russia’s borders. They even try to destabilise Russia by all kinds of covert actions so they can take over this extremely wealthy country. Because there is no end to the greed of the Americans.
    Do you think America would be idly watching if Russia tried the same tricks on them?
    One can only hope that Russia will hit the damned American mainland soon enough to stop those crazies in their tracks for once and for all

    • TC

      And then there’s Honest Donald who said he wants to improve relations with Russia and then stabs Putin in the back by demanding he force Crimea to rejoin Ukraine. If there were at least 100 Crimeans holding up signs demanding union with Ukraine, there might be some logic, but there are none at all. Trying to force a people to join a country that hates them is pure malice.

  • Godzilla

    Of course, put all the blame on Obama while trump is showing his neoconservative self more each day now…just like libertarians have been claiming all along…..that trump is a fuching fake. And gary franchi isn’t exactly the brightest lightbulb either….probably a bush jr supporter. :roll:

    • Just me

      Trump is worse than a neocon – he’s all in with the NWO billionaires club.

    • Deputy Dawg

      Brainwashed are we? The truth is that Obama refused to sign previous treaties with Russia when it was time for their renewal. With President Trump, what you see is what you get. With Obama he said one thing and mostly did exactly the opposite. Sadly his followers have an attention span that lasts about a millisecond so they never fully grasp just how dishonest he is.

      And talk about fakes, all the way from his phony birth certificate to his connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, the subversive usurp and former president Barack Husein Obama’s prosecution of whistle blowers demonstrated his commitment to fakery and deceit. He had to lie to hush one diabolical scheme after another. Now since leaving office he has begun committing seditious acts against the sitting present because the American people rejected the Progressive communist globalist agenda.

      I suspect in a short time Barry will be going to prison for his connections to George Soros, the murder of John Christopher Stevens and his coordinated attempted overthrow the duly elected government of the United States of America. What he’s orchestrated and conspired to do intending to undermine the Trump presidency is not constitutionally protected redress but rather promotes resistance through violent rioting, intimidation of the public and the propagation of misinformation. This is against the law.

      Obama may just find out first hand why blacks make up 13.2% of the American population yet occupy 37.9% of the prison population. This of course does not describe the behavior of all blacks by any means, however particular segments within the black community categorically reject and and therefore refuse to abide by the rules set by society at rates that far exceed any other ethnic group. This isn’t a bigoted statement it is statistically reaffirmed, check the stats for yourself.

      Wake up bro, you made the wrong choice of who to back. It happens dude! As human beings we are fallible. Admit you were duped, stop trying to defend the indefensible. It’s really okay to change your mind in correlation with new revelation. Once you clearly see and understand that the Progressive Party is the Nazi Party re-branded you are always free to reset your support.


      • Godzilla

        How the hell did you deduce that I support Obama? I am truly puzzled. Did you watch the video? Gary Franchi blamed Obama for not being tough enough with putin and Russia, and that trump needs to be more firm. Gary Franchi is a neocon moron and you jump to conclusions without asking anything.

      • Godzilla

        “With President Trump, what you see is what you get.” Right, all you have to do is read this article from BIN that proves your statement completely wrong.

        I want Obama to go to jail. I want bush to go to jail.

        Trump is a Clinton planet. Even infowars reporter paul joseph Watson made a video about it last year. All you have to do is watch this video to see for yourself.

        I fuching hate progressives, but don’t make the mistake of thinking I like conservatives either. I am a pure libertarian and believe in small government!

  • without prejudice

    I disagree with what’s being presented here.

    There is far more going on than what meets the public eye.
    In fact, what the people tend to get news-wise is nothing less than the crumbs off the table.

    I believe that if people are acting honorably here in America; including those operating under the United States corporate company flagship as sub-contractors for We the People, they still have a duty to act responsibly and peacefully. What we have witnessed for a long time now, is outright lawlessness and treason by most former US Presidents (since the 1860s) and those in US Congress and the People’s unwillingness to unbind themselves from political parties and think for themselves.

  • Black Humor

    So, DNC got caught with it’s hand in a cookie jar and started shouting: Russia, Russia! Neo-Cons and MIC joined out of self interest… Given the dubious sources how an earth should anyone take these things seriously anymore? :sad:

  • Canderson

    Hey what are you talking about? (The Corporate) America broken every treaty there is and always has done so, and you know it. Then the MSM perception deception on top of it, then bad is good and good becomes bad. Just ask your native-Indians.

  • Wity





  • Boo

    The idea to grasp here is “we, the people” are pawns. Political party’s are there to “Play” us. It’s up to us to decide to be their pawn or not. Whack a mole the idea’s and the people who reduce us to group chattel, and reinforce the idea’s that go to supporting your individual freedom to be the King of your own castle. If you like being played the fool, I guarantee you, you’ll be able to keep playing the fool. Politician’s and MSM just love it.


    DEPLOYMENT OF CRUISE MISSILE IS NOTHING, The EU and the german surge support of the US has placed antimissiles on russias border, after activity in the middle east of 10 coups 2 wars and no end in sight, why should the rules favor those interested in carrying out activities equal to what hitler did with the only difference being that they call it covert instead of direct military action, if the US wants to dominate the world it will fail to work according to plan, there are reasons why russia stayed quiet during all of those coups and wars, they were allowing the US to be seen for what it has as policy which is to use definitions as cover. If russia had done what the US has done there would be screaming. The nefarious insurgency can be seen very clearly with G bush senior in a speech saying leave the old nazis alone. SO to those who believe they are patriots in coup after coup without bringing those countries to a level of democracy where they are functioning as true democracies you have been taking illegal orders to smash and grab which is illegal.


    American are not fooled the US is more like the NAZIs than a democracy, torture prisons, torture of people in their homes, toppling governments all over the world what has happened is the one single moment in history that is JFK being killed by those that have ruined her reputation and purpose for their own agenda, today the government purposefully was setup to fail as a means of establishing a group of nations to which America would give up its sovereignty to make the coup plotters families richer and more powerful than they have been. They would sacrifice their own mothers for the cause, the ends are justified by their immorality. Will the followers of Soros see the writing on the wall that once they accomplish their goal Soros and his ilk will as they did in ww2 take everything from everyone including the poor who will be slave labor in death camps aka fema camps.

  • Pink Slime

    LOL! Communist are LIARS. That is the ONLY way they can stay in power. For if they ever told you the truth about themselves NOBODY would accept them.

    So they lie, and lie and lie again, over and over and over till you are blue and DEAD. Then they laugh at you for being so stupid.

    Look, the man is a commie. If he saw the light he wouldn’t be one! Don’t ya think?? :twisted:

  • Nanar

    NATO is deploying military bases and missiles sites closer and closer to Russia.
    After the Ukraine crisis, the Lithuanian almost crisis and in the past, the Georgian incident, Russia as been warning now for about 4 years that they will react aggressively to those deployments.

    The aim of all of this is to make sure that Europe does not ally with Russia. Otherwise, the super continent will be born : Europe, Slavic countries, Russia, China will come to be and the US supremacy will be torn to shreds.

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