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The War Is On! Trump Takes Message to the People ‘Without the Filter of the Fake News’ (Video)

Sunday, February 19, 2017 7:22
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If the lying media wants a war, we’ll give them a war.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were on fire at their Saturday afternoon rally in Melbourne, Florida where they kicked off a new holy war against the “dishonest,” “fake news” media.

Melania opened with the Lord’s prayer and Trump quoted Thomas Jefferson saying “nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper, truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.”

“When the media lies to people, I will never, ever let them get away with it,” Trump said. “I will do whatever I can that they don’t get away with it.”

“But despite all their lies, misrepresentations, and false stories, they could not defeat us in the primaries, and they could not defeat us in the general election, and we will continue to expose them for what they are, and most importantly, we will continue to win, win, win.”

The rally was absolutely epic and a must watch.

Full Transcript:

Melania Trump

Thank you. Let us pray. Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed is your name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespasses against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Good afternoon. It is my honor and great pleasure to stand here before you as the First Lady of the United States. The mid— the America we envision is one that works for all Americans, and where all Americans can work and succeed. A nation committed to a greater civility and unity between people from all sides of the political divide. I will always stay true to myself and be truthful to you, no matter what the opposition is saying about me.

I will act in the best interest of all of you. I am committed to creating and supporting initiatives geared to my heart, which will have impacts on women and children all around the world.

My husband is creating a country of great safety and prosperity. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to introduce the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

President Trump

Thank you, everybody, thank you. I didn’t know that Melania was going to be saying the Lord’s Prayer, but I thought that was very beautiful, thank you, thank you.

It’s so great to be here in Florida. My second home with you. This is a state I truly love. This is a state where we all had great victory together. Thank you.

It’s now been a month since my inauguration. And I am here to tell you about our incredible progress in making America great again. I’m also here to tell you about our plans for the future and they’re big and they’re bold and It’s what our country is all about, believe me.

I’m here because I want to be among my friends and among the people. This was a great movement, a movement like has never been seen before in our country our probably anywhere else. This was a truly great movement And I want to be here with you, and I will always be with you. I promise you that. I want to be in a room filled with hard working American patriots who love their country, who salute their flag and who pray for a better future.

I also want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news. The dishonest media which has published one false story after another with no sources, even though they pretend they have them, they make them up in many cases, they just don’t want to report the truth and they’ve been calling us wrong now for two years. They don’t get it. By they’re starting to get it. I can tell you that. They’ve become a big part of the problem. They are part of the corrupt system. Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln and many of our greatest presidents fought with the media and called them out often times on their lies. When the media lies to people, I will never, ever let them get away with it. I will do whatever I can that. They don’t get away with it.

They have their own agenda and their agenda is not your agenda. In fact, Thomas Jefferson said, “nothing can be believed which is seen in a newspaper.” “Truth itself,” he said, “becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle,” that was June 14, my birthday, 1807. But despite all their lies, misrepresentations, and false stories, they could not defeat us in the primaries, and they could not defeat us in the general election, and we will continue to expose them for what they are, and most importantly, we will continue to win, win, win.

We are not going to let the fake news tell us what to do, how to live, or what to believe. We are free and independent people and we will make our own choices.

We are here today to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I hear your demands, I hear your voices and I promise you I will deliver. I promise that. And by the way, you’ve seen what we’ve accomplished in a very short period of time. The White House is running so smoothly. So smoothly. And believe me, I and we inherited one big mess. That I can tell you, but I know that you want safe neighborhoods where the streets belong to families and communities, not gang members and drug dealers who are right now as I speak being thrown out of the country and they will not be let back in.

We will have strong borders again, and I mean that. You’ve seen it in television. You’ve seen it on television. General Kelly, now Secretary Kelly, he’s really doing the job. You’re seeing it. The gang members, bad, bad people. I said day one, and they’re going out. Or they’re being put in prison, but for the most part, get them the hell out of here. Bring them back to where they came from.

The fact is, you want great schools for your children. You want good high paying jobs for yourselves and for your loved ones and for the future of your families. You want a health care system and by the way, we are going to be submitting in a couple of weeks a great healthcare plan that’s going to take the place of the disaster known as Obamacare.

It will be repealed and replaced. For those people. The people put into rooms where Republicans are talking about the plan, and it wouldn’t matter what they say, for those people just so you understand, our plan will be much better health care at a much lower coast. Okay? Nothing to complain about. Obamacare remember, it is a disaster.

You want low cost American energy also, which means lifting the restrictions on oil, on shell, on natural gas and on clean, very clean coal. We’re going to put the miners back to work. The miners go back to work.

You want us to enforce immigration laws and defend our borders.

You want fair trade deals and a level playing field. We don’t have a level playing field. Because you understand that when American workers win, America as a country wins and wins big. And every country over the last long period of time has been taking advantage of the [inaudible] of our politicians. It’s not going to happen any longer.

You want lower taxes. Less regulation. Millions of new jobs and more product stamped with those beautiful, beautiful words, “Made in the USA.” You want to make it easy for companies to do business in America. And harder for companies to leave. We don’t want companies saying, everybody is fired. We’re moving to another country. We’re going to make the product. Sell it across the border and isn’t that wonderful. Not going happen anymore.

We’re going to have strong borders and when they want to sell that product back across our border, they’re going to pay a 35% tax and you know what, they’re never going to leave. They will never, ever leave.

And you’ve seen that because I’ve already displayed it for the last two months even before I got into office. They’re not leaving. And if they do, they’re going to pay a big price for terminating the relationship with our workers. You want a government that serves the people not the donors and special interest. You want a government that keeps its promises.

A great spirit of optimism is sweeping and you see it. it’s sweeping all across the country. Look at what’s happening to the stock market. Look at what’s happening to the every poll when it comes to optimism in our country. It’s sweeping across the country. And, in fact, every day for the last long period of days this stock market means, companies, have been hitting new highs. They’re going to start highs. It’s going to be a new day in America. You’re going to be proud again.

Jobs are already starting to pour back in. They’re coming back in like you haven’t seen in a long time. Ford, General Motors, Fiat, Chrysler are bringing in and bringing back thousands of jobs investing billions of dollars because of the new business climate that we are creating in our country. In Arizona, Intel, great company, just announced it will open a new plant that will create at least 10,000 brand new beautiful American jobs.

I followed through on my promise to withdraw from the job killing disaster known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. TPP, we have just terminated our relationship to it. We’re going to have tremendous trade deals all over the world, but they’re going to be bilateral or as we would say, one-on-one. None of these deals where we get caught in quicksand. Get mired in and we can’t do anything about it. By the way, NAFTA and so many others.

My administration has begun plans to crack down on foreign cheating and currency manipulation which is killing our companies and really, really hurting our workers. We’re going to end it.

Within a few days of taking the oath of office, I’ve taken steps to begin the construction of the Keystone and the Dakota Access Pipelines. Anywhere from 30-40,000 jobs. And very importantly, as I was about to sign it, I said who makes the pipe? Who makes the pipe? Something this audience understands very well, right? Simple question. The lawyers put this very complex document in front. I said, who makes the pipe? They said, sir, it can be made anywhere. I said not anymore. I put a little clause in the bottom. The pipe has to be made in the United States of America if we’re going to have pine line.

We believe in two simple rules. I can tell you everybody in this massive, this is a massive hanger. For the big planes. And by the way, do you think that one media group back there, one network will show this crowd. Not one. Not one. They won’t show the crowd. You know, coming in on the plane, and that plane represented so much.

And just so you know, they were close to signing a $4.2 billion deal to have a new Air Force One. Can you believe this? I said no way. I said I refuse to fly in a $4.2 billion airplane. I refuse. So I got Boeing and it is actually — a lot of people don’t know. The Air Force One project is actually two planes. Why they need to planes, we’ll have to talk about that, but they have two planes, but we’ve got that price down over a billion dollars and I probably have it spoken to be honest with you for honest probably an more than an hour on the project. I got the generals in who are fantastic. I got Boeing in. I told Boeing it’s not good enough. We’re still not going to do it. The price is still too high. On the fighter jet. We were hundreds of billions of dollars over budget. Seven years late, great plane. A great plane.

So think of it. They’re seven years late. Hundreds of billions of dollars over-budget. Other than that by the way the project is going extremely well. And I got the folks in from Lockheed Martin who are terrific people and a terrific product by the way. I also got Boeing in. I said do me a favor, give me a competing offer. And now they’re competing and fighting and we’ve gotten hundreds of millions of dollars off the price of a plane that was going to be ordered, in other words, if my opponent got in, there would have been no calls made to them. They would have signed contracts. So they’re going to make plenty of money, but it’s going to be a lot less than they would have made without Trump. That I can tell you. You might as well know about it. Nobody talks. By the way, that’s for fighter jets. One of the biggest orders in the history of aviation. The order for the F-35. You’ve been reading about it because it was a disaster. Under the last administration. A disaster. And now we have it running beautifully.

In fact, when the Prime Minister of Japan, Prime Minister Abe, was great. Great guy. When he came over, he said, thank you. I said for what. You saved us many, many millions of dollars on the F-35 fighter jet. Because when I negotiated, I took our allies into the same negotiation. So the first thing he did was thanked med for saving them money and that’s good. Okay. That’s good. I know the media will never thank me so at least Japan is thanking me, right?

But we believe in two simple rules. Buy American and hire American. We believe it. We’ve just issued a new order which requires that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated. And by the way, a new director was just approved. Can you imagine the length of time it’s taken to Democrats and I actually think it’s an embarrassment to them, but this is getting in to be record setting time. Incredible people.

Scott Pruitt was just approved, just now approved for the Environmental Protection Agency. He’ll do so good. He won’t have projects going ten and 12 years and getting rejected. They may be rejected, but they’ll be rejected quickly. For the most part, they’re going to be accepted. They’re going to be environmentally friendly and he is going to be a great Secretary. He will be amazing. We’re very happy. That took place yesterday. That’s going to be a big difference because they were clogging up the veins of our country with the environmental impact statements and all of the rules and regulations. It was impossible to navigate for companies.

And what did it really mean? Forget about the companies? What did it mean. It meant no jobs. It meant companies leaving our country and going to foreign countries to do things they would rather do here. So we’re going to have a whole big situation. We are going to unfreeze all of those companies. They are going to be — they’re going have freedom. Be able to build what they want to build. It will be environmentally friendly and we’re going to start producing jobs like you’ve never seen before. That’s going to happen. That was a big thing.

We’re standing up for the incredible men and women always of law enforcement. We’re standing up. And I can tell you, the military and law enforcement they stood up. I don’t say for me. I’m the messenger folks. I’m the messenger. They stood up for us in this last election. We got numbers that nobody believed were possible from law enforcement and from military. Basically people they wear uniforms like us. Isn’t that nice. I saw this man on TV just now, you. I just saw him on television. He said I love Trump. Let Trump do what he has to do. That’s my guy right there. Come here. Come here. No, I just. I’m coming in. That’s okay.

Let him up. I’m not worried about him. I’m only worried he’s going to give me a kiss. I’m not worried about anything else. This guy is so great. He was one of many people. They’re interviewing people in the line. And I have to say, there was a tiny group of protesters out there and they were given as much publicity as this massive room packed with people, but they interviewed this man. Come on up here. Come on up. Guy was great. Hop over the fence. Come on. He can do it. He’s in good shape. Look at him. Look at this guy. Come on. This guy is great. Don’t worry about him. No, no. Come here. They’re going to — come on up. Come here.

This guy. So he’s been all over television saying the best things and I see him standing and didn’t you get here at like 4 in the morning.

Trump Supporter

I did sir.

President Trump

Say a couple of words to this crowd.

Trump Supporter

Mr. President, thank you sir. We the people, our movement is the reason why our President of the United States is standing here in front of us today. When President Trump during the election promised all these things that he was going to do for us, I knew he was going to do this for us. Thank you so much, sir.

President Trump

A star is born.

Trump Supporter

A star is born. That’s fine.

President Trump

I wouldn’t say that Secret Service was thrilled with that, but we know our people, right? We know our people. Great guy. And so many others. I see some others. Being interviewed. I see them over here. They started. They came at 4 in the morning. The media will give them no credit. The media, as I told you, won’t show this crowd.

All the way outside of this — this is a big a hanger as you get. All the way outside. Way back to the fences. Amazing. I want to thank you, but I want to thank everybody.

I’ve directed the Department of Justice to take a firm, firm stance to protect our cops, sheriffs, and police from crimes of violence against them. We will work with our police not against our police, our police do a great job and they’ve never been troubled like they’re troubled now. It’s very unfair what’s happening. So we want to cherish our law enforcement. We will always protect those who protect us.

We’ve directed the creation of a task force for reducing violent crime in America, including our inner cities. We’re going to make our inner cities safe again. Look at what’s going on. Look at what’s happening in Chicago. Hundreds of shootings, hundreds of deaths. I’ll tell you what’s happening in Chicago and many other places. Safety is a civil right. And we will fight to make America totally safe again.

I’ve ordered the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice to coordinate on a plan to destroy transnational criminal cartels which are all over the United States and we are going to stop the drugs from pours into your country, into your community, into your cities and poisoning our youth. We’re stopping it. We’re stopping it. We’ve taken historic action to secure the southern border and I’ve ordered the construction of a great border wall, which will start very shortly.

And I’ve taken decisive action to keep radical Islamic terrorist the hell out of our country. So you probably read where we want to enforce the laws as existing. And so we signed an order a couple of weeks ago, and it was taken over by a court originally by a judge and then a — yes, it’s very sad. The reason is for protection and safety. So the statute is so plain and so clear.

I said last week, I was speaking to a great group of sheriffs, the sheriffs group in Washington, and I said if you have a college education, you can understand its. If you have a high school education, you can understand it. If you were a bad student in high school, you can understand it.

I was told. I’ll check, but I found it hard to believe, over 30-page decision by the appellate court. Three judges. And you could tell by the way they were reacting because it was broadcast on television. Everything we do gets a lot of people watching. So you could tell by the way that phone call went, wasn’t looking good. When they wrote their decision, as I understand it. Maybe I’m wrong.

They didn’t write the statute they were making the decision about because every word of the statute is a total kill for the other side. So I thought I would read it. And here’s what it says. This is what it says: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or any class of aliens into the United States” — okay. So essentially. Whenever somebody comes into the United States. Right.

“If it would be detrimental to the interest of the United States” — okay. Now you know the country’s we’re talking about and these were countries picked by Obama. They weren’t even picked. They were picked by Obama.

“He may,” so the President may, “by proclamation and for such period as he shall deem necessary” — now, because it should have said he or she, right. They were not politically correct when they drew this. In fact, that’s the only thing that was actually wrong with it. He or she. I don’t think the women care too much about that. Right? I don’t think so. By the way, we did very well with women. You know, my wife said when some of these phony polls were put out, the CNN poll was so far off, the phony polls. When some of these, she said, what’s wrong with you and women. We did very nicely with women. We did nicely with a lot of groups they didn’t think we were going to do so nicely with. I guess we had to. That’s why we’re all here tonight. Right?

So and it goes, “for such as he shall seem necessary suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants or impose on aliens any restriction he may deem to be appropriate.” So basically it says the president has the right to keep people out if he feels it’s not in the best interest of our country. Right? Unbelievable. Unbelievable. And I listened to these judges talk and talk and talk. So unfair. So we’ll be doing something over the next couple of days. We don’t give up. We never give up.

We had a court that I disagree with. I disagree with big league — and by the way, whether you read it or whether you watch it on television when other lawyers come on, many of them can’t even understand. They’re saying how do you come up with that decision. It cannot be more simple. So they’re ruling on what I just read you and they don’t even quote it in their ruling because you can’t because it’s too obvious. So we will do something next week. I think you’ll be impressed. Let’s see what happens.

Here’s the bottom line. We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening. We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what’s happening in Brussels. You look at what’s happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris. We’ve allowed thousands and thousands of people into our country and there was no way to vet those people. There was no documentation. There was no nothing. So we’re going to keep our country safe.

And we all have heart, by the way. And what I want to do is build safe zones in Syria and other places so they can stay there and live safely until their cities and their country, that mess that I was left by Obama and everybody else — folks, we were left a mess like you wouldn’t believe, but we’re going to build safe zones. We’re going to have those safe zones.

We do owe $20 trillion. Okay. So we’re going to have the gulf states pay for those safe zones. They’ve got nothing, but money. We’re going to do it that way instead of taking massive numbers. Tens the of thousands of people into our country and we don’t know anything about those people. We want people to come into our country, but we want people that love us. We want people that can cherish us and the traditions of our country. We want people that are going to be great for our country. We don’t want people with bad, bad ideas. We don’t want that.

I’ve also directed the defense community headed by General, now — you know, he said it, he said it — and now Secretary ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, to develop a plan to totally destroy ISIS. I have ordered the department of defense to begin plans for the great rebuilding of the united states military. We will pursue peace through strength. Our military is badly depleted. You have planes in the military. Where the father flew them and now the son is flying them. Their so old. We make the best equipment anywhere in the world. We’re going to start using our best and most modern equipment.

And we’re going to make sure our veterans have the care they need when they come home. We love our veterans. We’re going to do a great job for our veterans. Our veterans have been very, very sadly treated. These are our great great people. We owe them so much. Our veterans are going to be taken care of for once and for all. Our system and our country has led down our veterans. We are not going to let that go on any further. You wait and you see what we’re going to be doing for our great veterans. Thank you veterans. Who is here? Who is a veteran? We’re going to take care of our veterans.

We’re going to downsize the bloated, bloated bureaucracy which make the government lien and accountable. We’re going to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. I’ve already imposed a five year lobbying ban on the executive branch officials and lifetime ban on lobbying for a foreign government.

And there’s another major promise I have kept to the American people. I’ve nominated a fantastic justice to replace the late great Justice Scalia. His name is Judge Neil Gorsuch. He comes from my list of 20 very, very highly qualified judges. He’s incredible and has an incredible resume. He’s respected by all. His education is as good as it can get. His writings are truly amazing. He will be a true, true defender of our constitution. So let’s tell the Senate Democrats to support his nomination for the good of the country because what’s happening with the Democrats — no wonder they’re doing so badly.

No wonder they’re doing so badly. You take a look, race after race, I just want the tell you, in case you didn’t read it, of course you’re reading the fake news, but the Democrats were supposed to win the presidency. That didn’t happen. They were supposed to take over the Senate. That didn’t happen. And they were supposed to take over potentially even the House. It was going to be four weeks out the greatest defeat in the modern history of American politics. And it was, but it was for the Democrats, not for the Republicans. So we have to tell the Democrats, because they’re doing the wrong thing for the American people, to stop their tactics of delay and obstruction and destruction. They got to get on with it.

My administration is also pushing ahead strongly with very historic tax reform. We are working to lower tax rates in the middle class to reduce tax rates big league on businesses and to make our tax code more fair and very simple for all Americans so it’s understandable by everyone. Senate Democrats should work with us to lower taxes and bring back our jobs, but the Democrats want to increase your taxes very, very substantially. We’re not going let that happen.

Also time for the Senate Democrats to take responsibility for Obamacare and to work with us to replace it with new reforms that reverse this nation-wide healthcare tragedy. It’s a tragedy. You look at some states, Arizona, up 116%. Your deductibles have gone so high you can never use it. Obamacare doesn’t work. It’s become totally unaffordable. Remember they said the healthcare, it’s unaffordable. It doesn’t work. And I said to the Republicans, I said you want to do something great politically: don’t do anything. Sit back for two years, let it explode. The Democrats will come and beg for us to do something, but we can’t do that to the American people. We have to fix it. And we will.

We need members of both parties to join hands and work with us to pass a $1 trillion infrastructure plan to build new roads and bridges and airports and tunnels and highways and railways all across our great nation.

You’re all part of this incredible movement. This movement that we talk about so much. That’s been written about on the cover of every magazine all over the world. It’s a movement that is just sweeping. It’s sweeping across our country. It’s sweeping frankly across the globe. Look at Brexit. Look at Brexit. Much smaller example, but it’s still something you can look at. People want to take back control of their countries and they want to take back control of their lives and the lives of their family.

The nation state remains the best model for human happiness and the American nation remains the greatest symbol of liberty, of freedom and justice on the face of god’s earth. And now we have spirit like we’ve never had before. It’s now that we have our sacred duty and we have no choice and we want this choice to defend our country, to protect its values and to serve its great, great citizens. Erasing national borders does not make people safer. It undermines democracy and trade prosperity. We’re giving it away.

The so-called global elite have done well for themselves, but left working families with shrinking wages. Really they are shrinking. 18 years ago though many of you in this room made more money working one job than you’re making right now working two and three jobs. Instead of peace, we’ve seen wars that never end and conflicts that never seem to go away. We don’t fight to win. We fight politically correct wars. We don’t win anymore. We don’t win at trade. We don’t win in any capacity. We don’t win anymore. We’re going to start winning again. Believe me.

And we have the chance now working together to deliver change for the ages. This will be change for the ages. Change like never before. To pursue real peace, real stability, and real prosperity. We want to secure our borders and protect our workers. To rebuild our military and our infrastructure. To fix our schools and restore safety to our neighborhoods. To bring hope and opportunity to our inner cities. To ensure a level playing field for all women in the workforce. To reform our tax code and remove the regulations that undermine growth and innovation. And to replace chaos and distrust with community and cooperation. The tired echoes of yesterday’s fights. We’re fighting battles that no longer help us. We’re fighting battles that other people aren’t treating us fairly in the fight.

I’m a NATO fan, but many of the countries in NATO, many of the countries that we protect, many of these countries are very rich countries. They’re not paying their bills. They’re not paying their bills. They have to help us. No longer are we chained down by the discredited approaches of the past. No longer must we listen to those who have nothing to brag about, but failure. New circumstances demand new solutions. Americans have fought and won wars together. Our heroes have shed their blood together and lost their lives. Our citizens have raised their children together, fought for justice together, and shared common hopes and dreams from one generation to the next. Stretching back to the first day of our American independence. This is our legacy. It belongs to all of you. And it belongs to every man, woman, and child in our nation.

Now is the time to call upon these deep ties in the name of bold acts. Let us move past the differences party and find a new loyalty rooted deeply in our country. We are all brothers and all sisters. We share one home. One destiny and one glorious American flag. We are united together by history and by providence. We will make America strong again. I promise. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again. Greater than ever before.

May God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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    Yes because propaganda coming directly from heir Trump is better than a Free Press. Idiot.

    • Deputy Dawg

      Why can’t you al least be civil when voicing your really bad opinion. You response is so typical of Progressive hypocrites. Don’t you realize that the idiot here is you partner. The fake news propagated by the mainstream media cannot be correctly classified as “free press.” These very bias propaganda machines are owned and operated by a handful of corporations who purposely manipulate news information to sway public opinion.

      It totally amazes me how utterly stupid some people can be. You might get by using that bogus talking point justification on someone of diminished capacity, but anyone with an IQ above 80 will clearly see your misrepresentation. Perhaps a challenged level of intelligence is why you have failed to grasp this reality. I know you can’t be too smart if you are still giving credibility to what mainstream media news tells you.


      • DRAUGR

        You hit the nail on the head when you said “IQ no higher than 80.” If people would, for just a few minutes, drop the political correctness and the goofy notion of not wanting to hurt someones feeling and do some basic research of IQ by race they would learn something profound. That one profound truth is that not all men are created equal. They may be created equal in the eyes of God but that stops right there. A horrible, horrible mistake was made a long time ago. In this world there existed physical barriers that were so hard to cross that most never tried. Behind each barrier was people with their own identity uniquely theirs. But then something happened that changed everything. For some it was good and for others it was the worst thing that could have ever happened. Someone built a vessel that could carry men to places never thought to have existed. Man invented the sailing ships. With these ships men would wander further and further from their homes. In doing so the natural barriers one by one were breached. The men who used these ships were mentally and technically superior to those peoples of which they came into contact. The superiority was evident simply by using the sailing ships in which they arrived in as an example. This superiority was not about one peoples being better than the other but rather these people could build a ship to cross the oceans and these other peoples, well they weren’t quite there yet. At the time sailing ships would not have served them for anything they deemed necessary at that time. It was not their time for them to build such things, but later in their time it is very likely they would have built there own great ships. Though some of the peoples encountered had boats that could carry them from island to island or simply to venture short distances from their shores for the acquisition of the bounty offered up from the deeper seas. But in all those peoples none could compare to the achievement of the sailing ships. As you would expect peoples encounterd by those in the ships varied in many ways. Some were nearly equal in sophistication such as reading writing skills and highly developed social behavior and customs. Others were radically different. Some used crude languages that were not in written form. Many of their customs and social structures were seen as backward and barbaric. To bring all this together for the sake of expedience, the masters of these great sailing ships were soon trading with those in which they shared a commonality, but taking from those who they deemed lesser. Now the barriers breached for the first time peoples from all over the world were often thrust together. Behind each barrier was a peoples that were often very different from one another. Some peoples had advanced quickly while others not so quick. This can be attributed to the conditions and resources available and varied greatly behind its barrier as its peoples did. Then slavery began and those deemed lesser fell victim to those considered superior. There is no right or wrong as it was just the way it was then and there is nothing we can do about it now. I might also add that there is no one on the entire planet that is alive who is responsible for what transpired then regardless of what color they are. With the practice of moving people in quantity across the barriers the once separated peoples suddenly found themselves together. From the start trouble began. Logically no other outcome was possible considering the predominate thought processes at the time in all people. You have to remember that at that time cutting off body parts and even peoples heads was an acceptable form of punishment, unless you were the one getting cut up nobody else thought much about it other than that’s just the way is. In a couple of hundred years people will be shocked to learn that people in this time actually built huge structures and filled them with cages. In those cages they would put people sometimes for years or even the rest of their lives. Oh the horror of it all. People not that long ago were happy and thriving using tools made from rock, had never seen or heard of the wheel etc, etc were thrust into a society that made lethal weapons from metal, guns, explosives, great ships and very difficult social structure to understand. Of course the differences from one peoples to another varied but still there were always differences. Fighting enivitably erupted. So different some were to others that cohabitation was growing increasingly difficult. So her we are today still scratching our heads and wondering why we all can’t just get along. The answer is simple yet no one will grasp it. Those peoples that were uprooted and forced to live in a strange world are different from those who are accustomed to their place in the world. The people are different. I said different and did not say superior for often the case is that if roles were reversed the other peoples would be as equally disadvantaged in an equally different place. Where there are problems today it is usually because the two peoples are different. Each came from different worlds and each adapted to their original environments at rates determined by the conditions and resources of those environments. Using average IQ scores is not a fair measure of any person or people. But what is, is a very clear and accurate indicator of how two peoples who came from behind different barriers are going to interact with each other. There is no racism or hatred in what I have jotted down here. What is here is just facts, theory and pure speculation, all in an attempt to discover why so many fight so often.

  • my2pesos

    What Next?

    2 Thessalonians 2 – “He will oppose and exalt himself above all that is called God or is worshipped shewing himself that he is God.”

    • Judge Roy Bean

      If you are implying Trump is the son of perdition, you are whacked out.

      Look to a fake Jew to fulfill that role.

      God is the one who allowed first Obama to rise from nothing to power against all odds to awaken the righteous spirit in America and he has then opened the door for Donald J Trump to come in against all odds and clean house.

  • truthseeker4809

    The entity/individuals that own the media rule the country.

    For now, President Trump has the prerogative of running the country by the wishes of the people. So, the opposition media have to be controlled or, for the better, exposed to the light, because evils always operate in darkness in hiding.

  • freakneck

    So this was the same rally where he implied there was a terrorist attack in Sweden the night before?

    …”When you look at what’s happening in Germany, when you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden — Sweden! Who would believe this? Sweden! They took in large numbers, they’re having problems like they never thought possible.”…

    …”The only problem is that nothing happened the prior night in Sweden. The Swedish daily Aftonbladet quickly compiled a list of of noteworthy things that happened on Friday; they included a drunken-driving arrest and “some technical problems” during 87-year-old crooner Owe Thörnqvist’s rehearsal prior to the Melodifestivalen song competition.”…

    Oh, my , god…and the freakin’ hypocrisy!!!!! Melania recited the “Lord’s prayer” and you cheered that and it was OK.

    WTF is wrong with you people!?

    Trump is highly inept, and looks like a complete jackass fool!!

    I’m embarrassed to be an American right now. I do know people overseas, in the UK, Norway, Germany, even Belgium, (although that guy’s usually a tool,) and they are all laughing at what “we” had done by electing Trump!!

    Look at his first regulation struck down….It’s now, once again, legal for coal mining companies to dump their waste in streams and creeks and other waterways. This isn’t some political regulation put in place to “attack” coal. It’s meant to protect the Earth in which we live on. You know, like you can’t (well, aren’t supposed to) dump raw sewage from a municipality, untreated, into a waterway? And efforts to promote “clean coal”…yeah, because old school coal IS an environmental polluter. Is there increased costs to use “clean coal”, I’m sure there is, but recent downturns in “the coal industry” are far more market influenced than being “regulated out of business”…and people saying otherwise doesn’t make it so. The Right and conservatives are all about “the free market”, and over the last 5 – 10 years, “the free market” hasn’t been good to coal. Maybe in another 10 years, the market will shift and “clean coal” may become far more economical and viable.

    And with all this “bringing jobs back” rhetoric Trump puked out the entire campaign, he and his daughter, are STILL using Asian suppliers with no changes in the foreseeable future. Any mentions of this are just met with deflection and a “so what” attitude. I think that he should have pleged to move his mfg back here. Not doing so removes nearly ALL credibility.

    I’m not saying a Hillary Clinton presidency would have been any better, but since it didn’t and most likely will never happen, one can only hypothesize as to what the outcome could have been, so I can’t fairly *believe* that it would have been worse.

    The only chance Trump has, is to immediately stop with his “I am right about everything all the time and can do and say whatever I want attitude”, and realize that every little thing he says and does will be way over-scrutinized, by everyone, and he needs to slow down, and make slow, methodical, incremental changes, making the least amount of waves as possible, the whole time, not being brash, and course, and show far more class, as a human.

    • Josie

      You sound like total idiot. If you’re so unhappy with the way America is being run by our new president Donald Trump, then you should try another country and take your like minded friends with you.


    Going directly to the people is the logical course of action for President Trump. I would imagine that there will be several more meetings like the one on Saturday. I must admit that I was relieved that there were no “incidents” on Saturday. You have to admit that under the circumstances Donald Trump is one brave individual to allow exposure to that many people.
    Meetings with some of the alternative Conservative news outlets is something else that is probably going to be a first for American presidential politics. This would have a positive two tiered effect. The first is that whoever President Trump chooses to have these meetings or more precisely news conferences/interviews with the act in itself would go a long way toward adding legitimacy to the relatively new news outlets. This would be especially useful in easing some of the trepidation that many Americans have about the truthfulness and integrity of the President’s selected alternative news outlets. Many older Americans, like myself, are still adjusting after going from AM radio and only three or four local black & white TV stations broadcasting on average of only 12 hours a day to hundreds of XM radio stations along with hundreds of channels from satellite and cable TV stations, the internet and smart phones. All broadcasting 24/7. The second benefit would be completely bypassing the fake news main stream media, thus making them irrelevant. That one act alone would be the most devastating blow to the liberal media and globalists as it is or should I say was, the most powerful tool in their arsenal. Propaganda is useless if it cannot be broadcasted to the public.
    The hidden agenda in President Trump’s strategy in going directly to the people is that he severely limits the liberals in getting their message out thus making fake news not worth the time to even dream up. By talking to the people directly he makes them feel as if he is one of them and he is not an “untouchable.” The people form a close bond that has not been seen since the time of the very early presidents when there was no mountain of secrete service agents and red tape separating them from their leader. That bond and feeling that their president is really “one of us” along with the great trust garnered from being a real leader and not just some talking head seen briefly on the TV is what is required for what will happen next. Once a closeness and a bond is established President Trump is going to have to utilize his supporters to help him with what comes next. What he will need from his followers will not be easy and will not be safe. The next step will turn everything upside down and it is the loyal Conservative people that will be charged with keeping the peace and order. The President, it appears is going to have to do things much differently than any other president at any other time in history. So entrenched and wide spread are the countless domestic enemies within our government nothing that really needs to happen to save the US can be accomplished. The president knows this and has been keeping notes. He has people that are loyal digging deep into the files of our known enemies. He also has people finding out precisely who the unknown enemies are, their agenda and who they report to. These domestic enemies are in direct violation of well established US laws and what is contained in the US Constitution. There are no other definitions to describe these enemies other than traitors. When President Trump has acquired the information he needs he will drop hammer and detonate the world’s largest political nuclear explosion ever seen. So fast and so vast the political knock out punch to our domestic enemies will be, that in one day 99% of the corrupt political traitors in our country will be politically and permanently neutralized. Our government at that time will barely exist as so many traitors are removed. The president is also, at this time having to put together an interim government of honest loyal people until special elections can be held to replace the traitors. It is a shame that it has to come to this but there is no other acceptable solutions. The alternative would be to continue on as usual and eventually the constant obstruction, lies, and treachery from the liberal globalists will do enough damage to President Trump that he either becomes totally ineffective and spends the next four years wishing that he had done things differently. Or, even worse, the lies and deception of the liberal left invent a way (fraudulently) to have President Trump removed from office through impeachment, arrest or some scheme in which he is declared to be mentally unstable and thus unfit to lead. All this is due solely to liberalism, political correctness, tolerance and good old fashion lying, cheating and stealing. It’s a one big m***er***king mess and it’s going to someone like Donald Trump to clean it up. Once it is cleaned up we must find a way that it never ever happens again. The real down hill slide started when the sexual deviant Bill Clinton was elected. Folks, that cannot ever happen again. Whatever measures it takes to stop us from getting where we are today has to taken. We will not survive it again.

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