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Bundy Trial Verdict Not Guilty 34/40 Counts, 6 Hung (Video)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 15:56
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Steven Stewart, Ricky Lovelien totally acquitted , Historic day for every American
Nevada Bundy Trial – NOT GUILTY – John Lamb’s Feed – 08/22/17

A federal jury in Las Vegas did not return any guilty verdicts Tuesday against four men accused of taking up arms against federal agents during the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014.

Jurors dealt government prosecutors a stinging defeat in this case when, after four days of deliberations, they returned not-guilty verdicts on the most serious charges and deadlocked on a handful of others.

Richard Lovelien of Oklahoma and Steven Stewart of Idaho were acquitted on all counts and walked out of court Tuesday night free after spending more than a year in prison.

“Both Ricky and I were teary-eyed,” Las Vegas defense lawyer Shawn Perez said of the verdict, “I was shaking … I have gotten not-guilty verdicts before, but this was really special to me.”

Two other defendants, Eric Parker and O. Scott Drexler, both of Idaho, were acquitted on the most serious charges of conspiracy and extortion, but jurors failed to reach unanimous verdicts on weapons and assault charges.

Both men could be allowed to go free after a detention hearing scheduled Wednesday morning. The court ordered both defendants to be released to a halfway house until Wednesday’s hearing.

“(Parker) is getting released as we speak,” Las Vegas defense lawyer Jess Marchese said Tuesday night. “He’s ecstatic.”

After the jury’s decision, U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro called for the hearing without any motions from the defense, Marchese said. “We didn’t bring it up,” he said.  

Federal prosecutors had little to say about the verdicts.

“While we are disappointed with the verdicts, we thank the jurors for their service,” Trisha Young, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Las Vegas, said in a statement Tuesday. “At this time, the government has not announced its decision regarding the retrial of Eric Parker and O. Scott Drexler.” via

Federal prosecutors have stated they will charge Eric Parker and O. Scott Drexler again for the the six changes on which the jury hung. The start date for this third trial is 25 September 2017.

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  • ElOregonian

    And to think it all started with Sec. of State Hillary Clinton selling 20% of this nation’s uranium, thru the Clinton Foundation to the Russian company ‘Uranium One’ that was on public land leased the Bundy’s and others, including LaVoy Finnicum, who was ambushed and murdered by the FBI, with culpability from the Oregon State Police, Oregon State Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum, and the Oregon State Governor Kate Brown.

    You can run you murderers but you will not be able to hide from Justice. In the end you will all follow that vile criminal crook all the way into Federal Prison. Good riddance, another large cancerous blight removed from the American people.

    • DK

      NO ABSOLUTELY WRONG, this all started with the creation of those states from Spanish TERRITORIES in the 1800′s by settlers who claimed Spanish Crown land whose ownership had returned by 20 – 30 years of occupation by the tenants the Ranchos and Native Americans back to private ownership was their States(Asset Forfeiture). Mexico ended at California/Texas. The direct transfer of Spanish state land to US state land and/or State land never happened and there is no instance of this on record other than legal purchase i.e. Florida, Louisiana and would have lawfully been complete by 1851 when the 30 year period in Spanish law ended where Adverse Possession at its maximum length in Spanish law came into effect.(prescripción adquisitiva) Mexico had no legal right to the Spanish territories land it ‘sold’ any more than France owned North Italy or Modern Argentina the Falklands, India to Ceylon etc.. It was never Mexico’s, Mexico never existed pre 1821, it was New Spain a Spanish administrative district and the new territories to its north were not part of new Spain but lands belonging to the Spanish Crown.

      • AJ

        Wow; That was a mouthful and I’m sure you’ve had a few. So according to You dickhead my Florida home is owned by Spain?? Eat shit and die…Good luck fucking with Texas they will bury you libs.. I can say DK you are a moron and read the above response from ELOregonian who is more American….Jerk

        • DK

          Well your Florida home was owned by Britain when Spain Declared war on Britain by asset seizure in 1727, swapped for Havana of all places later the territory or state was returned to Spain very kindly in 1783 (the west reconquered by Spain it could not be held by force) Eastern Florida was sold to the now US government in 1820(it became a US territory) so 100% of the land is all but federal owned unlike the western United States which acquired by immigration in the abandoned New Spain Territories which is why you are a tenant rather than a landowner. The US government owns the land it was a legal purchase recognized by treaty, in fact 2 in 1819 and 1820. It has nothing to do whatsoever with the argument which involves New Spains abandoned Territories(Arizona, Nevada etc.) You have absolute rights as a tenant to occupy your land as long as you continue to obay the rules of the tenancy, it is just you do not own it outright.

          In the western United States the former Spanish territories with Spanish tenants without a state as occupants lived on or in territories/land owned and run by the Spanish Crown outright(New Spain was an administrative area run by its Governor). The rights transfer in English American and Spanish law in a similar fashion to the occupier who becomes the owner. Your particular tenancy excludes water rights as well as mineral rights because as tenant of state land the state owns the land and reserves these for itself in the Western US the Federal Government is claiming rights it does not have over the land including Water and Mineral since it is not the owner. However your attitude is absolutely identical to that of the settler given his claim by DC of land smack bang in someones ranch in the west, usually that of the Natives. You do not deserve respect if you first do not have any for anyone else which includes your right to personal property so I sincerely hope you get the Bundy treatment when they come for yours.

          • unidentified

            dont forget about france and louisiana

          • DK

            At this time territory was passing hands quickly, France had Freeholders in its colonial empire and an entirely different relationship with American natives than either Britain or Spain(whose conquistadors hated and ruled the natives), they were considered subjects of the Crown from the point go as they gave allegiance to the Monarch therefore had the rights and duties of French subjects.

            There is a difference between Spanish purchases French Purchases of about 10 years and the Spanish were in a very weak negotiating position. Usually subjects were evacuated, in this instance with US purchases subjects were kept in situ and their freehold rights downgraded to tenancies since in the case of Spain there was nowhere but Spain to return to and the French revolution ended the return of the Monarchist French(the territories status automatically downgraded rights and liberties). The loss of freehold rights was never challenged but should be especially in Louisiana. Again the western US what was New Spain was directly administered by the Crown and Crown property for nearly 200 years. The current tenants should never be looking at ‘justice’ in a US or State court since it will only rule in favour of the US jurisdiction and interpretation of their status post the creation of the territory they have land in, what they should do before they even begin is have the sense to go to a Spanish court(a personal message to Charles Ist will also give a good result) which will rule on the status of their land under Adverse Possession of the Ranchos and Natives in 1820 in most cases these areas did not become US states for another 30 years and the US government is treaty obliged to respect Spanish law and rights of Spanish landowners.

            Changing your status from tenant to landholder means that public land is not public land and never was. This Upsets AJ since his perceived cut of the State Land pie is cut to a sliver but that is jealousy and envy of the haves by the have nots in any society.

  • Ideas Time

    The criminals are the corporate employees who were the ones who broke the peace along with all the other criminals of the corporate state who aided them. These are the people who should be arrested and tried in a real common law court then hung for treason when convicted.

  • The Real Deal

    If I were on the jury I would have found these men not guilty as well, for the simple fact that they were denied any semblance of a defense. EVERYONE has a right to a defense no matter what the alleged crime is. That being said, it’s never a good idea to take up arms against the federal government. They have all the money and resources to jack you up pretty good.
    I will say that if it wasn’t for the daily reporting of one faithful wife, these men might have been found guilty and sentenced to very long prison terms. She garnered quite a supportive group of people who showed up to the court house every morning with flags, banners, and signs drawing attention to her cause. The only problem is that her husband, Eric Parker, and his friend O. Scott Drexler, are still not off the hook, and are going to have to face a third trial. I feel bad for Andrea Parker, she’s got to this all over again. She’s getting pretty good at reporting the daily court events, but it’s taking it’s toll on her and her family.

  • Sucking Chest Wound

    Follow the money.

    Compensate the families.

    Lock up all the govt criminals, those with with seats on the boards of companies involved, the officials in the field enabling the killers and those who pulled the triggers.

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