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Anonymous: We Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before! 2017-2018 (Video)

Monday, September 25, 2017 3:10
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Anonymous is the most famous ‘hacktivist’ group in the world. The informal nature of the group makes its mechanics difficult to define. Subsequently, without a formal organizational hierarchy, it’s difficult to explain Anonymous to the general public and the media. In this article, I’ll explain the history of the group, and offer some clarity on what’s misunderstood about them.

‘Hacktivist’ is a portmanteau of ‘hacker’ and ‘activist’. When people have technical skills, have access to the Internet, and understand how network infrastructure and servers work, it can be tempting to put that knowledge into having some effect on the world. The ‘activist’ part of ‘hacktivist’ means that they don’t do their hacking and cracking without a cause.

The various people behind Anonymous worldwide are united in a belief that corporations and organizations they consider to be corrupt should be attacked. If you’re an administrator for a network that has little reason to be a target for social activists, your network and servers are unlikely to become a target for Anonymous.

If for some reason you believe your network might become a target, I recommend testing it for handling DDoS attacks, as that’s the most common method Anonymous uses to bring down web servers.

Not all of Anonymous’ activities involve attacking networks or websites. Anonymous has also been active in initiating public protests. But the web and IRC channels are the lifeblood of the group. If it weren’t for the Internet, Anonymous would’ve never existed.

  1. (of a person) not identified by name; of unknown name. “the anonymous author of Beowulf
    • having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.


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  • Eli the Enduring

    Daniel has been misinterpreted. The Sign des not begin a 7 year period. It is the beginnignmof the Great Tribulation. God will not give a sign that will confirm His “reality” to unbelievers. Strong delusions indeed. Satan has been cast down already or he will be cast down by Yom Kippur. The abomination should occur during Yom Kippur but God has clouded my view so I am unsure anymore. God must do as He said or….He is not God. We are misunderstanding things somehow. Faith goes beyond understanding and I suppose that is what Jesus is looking for in people. If you love your life more than you love the Word, you are not to be found in Him. If you love your money more than you love the homeless person that you walk by every day, you are not to be found in Him. If you are to be found in Him, you must persevere in your faith.
    verb: persevere; 3rd person present: perseveres; past tense: persevered; past participle: persevered; gerund or present participle: persevering

    continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success
    Faith in the US is shallow and I fear few are truly saved. I hope hey will get the chance to die to prove that faith. I fear many will choose the lie instead.

    • b4

      god is that you? are is it just another insane idiot talking worthless bullshit like all the bible thumpers on bin do with their hateful judgemental crap that satan gave to them directly… nut job above and another below–freaking fools…


        Wipe the slobber off yer chin and zip up yer damn fly, ya clown.

      • Anonymous

        Christians are actually, emotionally-capable of being hateful and judgmental, are not strictly masochists. Was that intended to be a question? I just don’t feel sorry, for all people, at all times. Sorry, not sorry. I think, religion is a niche interest, intended for those who want to hear it. Forgiveness is for the repentant. afaic, it’s doesn’t apply to everyone. Not everyone is participating at the same level or even in good faith.

  • patann

    -All Hail To the Bride Now Reigning In Heaven, Early, To Mighty, The Fields Are White Into Harvest 09/25/2017,

    -May God Bless Your Mandatory Skyward or Southeast Exodus The Only Sacrifices He Will Accept, Ps. 51,

    -What if There Is A Jesus Millennium Just Waiting, Anticipating Throughout Veiled Clouds Of Mystery

    -I witnessed the Trump White house go up in tremendous flames, there was also something about the Kennedy space, I stood on the bank of the river and watched as entire cities burn. Witnessed the word TREASURE all black and blasted just before parts of Gating burg Tennessee suffer it’s worse fire outbreak. Frightfully, I’n afraid, as in more horrid to come, it’s what the chant of hearing in my ear “99 bowls of molten mean,” and just a week past, the mysterious ‘Noah’s cousin Which is undoubtedly referencing, Noah, as in NOAA, as in what was warn of my Jesus’ Husband 2013, before his death/ascension something equally deadly as a suspected Yellowstone, eruption, prowling just above, a NIbiru or a ten times Carrington Event.
    -If there anonymous is such a thing as a dispensation of grace, (The early prophets, the Church age and Western Civilization duration), an additional timetable, Dan. 12 spoken and introduced into an exiting timeline. Extraordinarily that Prophet Daniel testified that at his witnessed by a man dressed in linen swore by God’s throne, would keep Daniel’s prophecies sealed without further fruition. It is for two thousand and three hundreds years, seen declining along the two weeks and seven years, of the fifteen years and ten month weight of blood guilt, Dec. 2001- Oct. 2017, Intrepid Dream timetable, again a continuing two weeks and seven years of it to be finished, as spoken and granted a Senator/President Hussein Obama would be fulfilled.
    -Just as so this time table 06/26/2015, two weeks it deficit, the moving to Heaven/Georgia dream, these two weeks prior of a come Cameron/Syria/Russia international altercation, 07/06/2015. This proposal into Cameron’s Brexit, (02/22/2016), a prelude to a revised European Union/United Nations/Arab Emirate the Antichrist Cabinet. Just as forewarn of Daniel’s original timeline now come into it’s final week of years as the Angel Gabriel 2004 warn, ‘All,’ is unto fulfillment. All this beginning by unrecognizable extinction level catastrophe’s, it’s Western Tier, US West coast into it’s Mid Atlantic, repeatedly, all bible prophecy that’s from Genesis to Revelation is unto fulfillment. Thought if one doesn’t believe in bible prophecy fulfillment, then everything I, Apostle just said is utterly preposterous, still and for a final opportunity to explain what’s really going, what if?

    • Anonymous

      The opening material has actually been seen, before, is seasonal in the American southwest.

      We’ve had a couple downpours since, and will now be heading into Santa Ana wind season. You will normally see downed trees, power lines, and tractor trailers, heading into the Rose Bowl season.


      Anonymous is a leaderless non-movement. I am anonymous. You are anonymous. Everyone is anonymous.

  • The Ferrett

    Anonymous is far more than meets the eye, they are a controlled opposition group, and are classic Mossad, just like Assange and Snowdon. They were created not only to lead the “angry opposition” in this country, but they also serve the purpose of the much needed “super hacker” threat yearned for by the government to insist wide-spread internet censorship and new internet laws and spying powers.

    Without the concocted “Anonymous” threat, people would say “hey, why are you spying on all internet activity” but after “Anonymous” takes down high profile government sites they can claim it was a “necessity for national security”.

    Just like 9/11- alleged weakness exposed by an “outside force” (which is really an inside force) will be used as an excuse for draconian laws and reduced freedoms and privacy for Americans and others around the world. “Anonymous” will be the group that gives the government the excuse they have long been hoping would appear, but didn’t so they had to make it up themselves.

    Which agency Anonymous actually is, you can only guess at, but it is totally obvious that they are not a rag-tag group of “hackers” because they use the same audio and video methods in all their videos, and have supposedly one twitter account (which supposedly the government can’t track down).

    Anonymous is the Al-CIA duh of the internet, they’re a joke, and a bad one at that.

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