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Anonymous: Shocking Footage – How Can Anyone Ignore This? Something Is Coming (Video)

Monday, November 13, 2017 6:24
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Anonymous is the most famous ‘hacktivist’ group in the world. The informal nature of the group makes its mechanics difficult to define. Subsequently, without a formal organizational hierarchy, it’s difficult to explain Anonymous to the general public and the media. In this article, I’ll explain the history of the group, and offer some clarity on what’s misunderstood about them.

‘Hacktivist’ is a portmanteau of ‘hacker’ and ‘activist’. When people have technical skills, have access to the Internet, and understand how network infrastructure and servers work, it can be tempting to put that knowledge into having some effect on the world. The ‘activist’ part of ‘hacktivist’ means that they don’t do their hacking and cracking without a cause.

The various people behind Anonymous worldwide are united in a belief that corporations and organizations they consider to be corrupt should be attacked. If you’re an administrator for a network that has little reason to be a target for social activists, your network and servers are unlikely to become a target for Anonymous.

If for some reason you believe your network might become a target, I recommend testing it for handling DDoS attacks, as that’s the most common method Anonymous uses to bring down web servers.

Not all of Anonymous’ activities involve attacking networks or websites. Anonymous has also been active in initiating public protests. But the web and IRC channels are the lifeblood of the group. If it weren’t for the Internet, Anonymous would’ve never existed.

  1. (of a person) not identified by name; of unknown name. “the anonymous author of Beowulf
    • having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.


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  • RAIN

    Yes very interesting this little glimpse into the shadowy world of AI development. Study the past, know the present, determine the future:

    Primary Function – Human Control. A recent case to consider: the las vegas psyop. The term “psyop’ is itself a diversional veil for the reality of the event. Las Vegas was in fact an Artificial Intelligence Operation.. a Beta Test War Game conducted for the purpose of human behavioral analysis and an AI war-systems operation exercise. The shooters were not human.

    It was all conducted and observed from the top of the pyramid.

    It was essentially a video game played out in a real world scenario with real life components.. all monitored and controlled by AI and executed through live weapon fire along with simulated automatic fire. The legendary “security” camera systems of Las Vegas were used to observe reactionary behaviors and movements of humans. The simulated fire was positioned and timed to herd people like rats in a maze, directing their movement and assessing all aberrations.

    This was a teaching lesson for AI and Vegas was the classroom. Topic for AI discussion: outwitting the humans. They’re talking it over right now.

    Think I’m talking shit? Keep thinking. AI is. Ha Ha. No joke.

    Hey Jeffery! Once again, thanks for your time and space. I will now self destruct. Good Bye.

    • Hayduke

      Not true. Actually, the lizard aliens controlled the Vegas shooting from their 57 storey underground lab just outside of Dulce, New Mexico where they carry out exeriments on humans and greys alike. The lizards actually teamed up with a team of Super Bigfeets after they took over their brains with their new particle brain accelerator. From that point it was pretty easy. Then the Bigfeets (while cloaked with the lizards Super Cloaker) just stroled right into the venue and started shooting the place up. That’s why people thought there was shooting coming from everywhere. Because there WAS!!! Then, as if that weren’t enough one of the Bigfeets stole a helo from the outfit that flies people into the Grand Canyon just to confuse the situation a little more.

      The Bigfeets were back into the Dulce lab before Vegas even knew what hit. The FBI and the LVMPD know exactly what happened but could you imagine trying to explain this??? That’s why they quit the press conferences. :cool:

      • RAIN

        actually mitch.. although presented as satire re a future setting in Las Vegas, much of what was said is true. This is what is really going on and any who thinks otherwise is a fool.

    • RAIN

      Oh Nooo..

      I always get them humiliating down votes.. so sad. so degraded.

      Revenge. That’s what i say. Stupid mthrfckrs. Makes me wanna false flag everybody’s ass before I slit my wrists. You’ll see.

      You’ll ALL see. bwa ha ha. 1122 is risen.

  • Geeper

    I’m always a little impressed at how good Jeffrey is at writing an article that contains absolutely no information.

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      A lot of my info focuses around the video. The video is what we are here for so I add a bio and I add some other information. I know I know a lot of you all want me to talk about my favorite political sports team and religion and berate anyone that doesn’t belong to it. lol no thanks I got better crap to do.

      • Psp

        You could at least give some info about whats on video without giving a pointless history lesson about anonymous

        • Jeffery Pritchett

          Anonymous sends me this stuff and tweets it. They aren’t complaining. Good enough for me. There is an upload news button at the top of the website if you all wanna show everyone how it’s done.

          • StillWaiting

            HAHAHA no they don’t! You’re a nobody!!!

          • Jeffery Pritchett

            StillWaiting you’re a stranger FBI TROLL AI BOT Wannabe rat baby lips.

          • StillWaiting

            I’ve been around here forever! Long enough to know you use to steal most of your articles from bigfoot websites! =P BOT that

          • Vampireliketendencies

            Jeff you’re the number 1 reason I come here. Most unique material here. Don’t listen to these idiots.

          • StillWaiting

            Now this account^^^ is probably fake or your alt account!!! You’re a joke and we all laugh at you rat baby lips :wink:

          • Vampireliketendencies

            Paranoid dumb ass!

          • GUNNY

            That’s RIGHT you little unorganized grabasstic piece of amphibian SHIT!!!

            HOW MANY accounts do you think Jeffery HAS?

            Do you think I’m Jeffery TOO??


            Whachoo waitin for FANOOK?

            You waitin for ME? You think AH’M Jeffie?

            You know Jeffie broke the BIN record for traffic last week?

            Hoooza nobody now?


          • StillWaiting

            Looks like I hit a nerve! oops :cool:

          • AXLE FOLEY

            Either that or you just a punk ass bitch got caught in a lie and now he gonna try and wiggle his punk ass out.

            Too late. You a punk. Punk.

          • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

            It would be SOOOO nice if one could respond to individual comments!

          • Jeffery Pritchett

            I only have one account thank you thank you very much. But say hello to my friends! There are superheroes now who run BIN comments. All Trolls will be zapped! Let this be a warning to clean up your act! SHUT UP CRIME! Vinnie!!!!!!!!! You bring the briefcase? Time to go to war! The Punisher starts on Netflix Friday.. Know I’ll be binge watching this weekend. =)

          • CAPTAIN CHAOS!!


            When the hell they gonna bring back DIRTY HARRY?

            That’s what I’m StillWaiting for.

            As for this other chooch — he seems to have got the message!!

          • StillWaiting

            Message? All I see here is some goofs having fun in the comments! That’s what this site is for. As for Jeff, you are still trash, and your articles are 90% from other websites. You guy’s keep having fun. :cool:

          • Jeffery Pritchett

            Stillwaiting I say openly on my profile I share from other sources who are guests from my show via networking. If you had a brain instead of handing it to Trumplegooch you might have read that on my profile you defiled sheep tongue.

          • GUNNY


            Your ass looks like about a hundred and fifty pounds of CHEWED BUBBLE GUM!!!

            You gonna QUIT ON ME??

            THEN QUIT, you slimy walrus-lookin puke piece of shit!!!


          • FAT AXL!!!

            That’ll learn im, Gunny.

          • AXLE FOLEY

            Does your voice ever get hoarse from yelling so loud, Gunnery Sergeant?

          • GUNNY

            No, but I did just shart a little bit there.

            Excuse me, fellas. Won’t you?

          • Jeffery Pritchett

            SHUT UP CRIME! That’ll teach em!

    • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

      I thought that was BIN’s Mission Statement…? :roll:

  • Canderson

    To me it seems like the cabal always are looking out for some new patsy to put the blame on, for what they are doing
    and been doing for at least 300 years. Aliens, AI, Nibiru, Planet X… Anything but themselves.

    Can We Benefit From Artificial Intelligence?

    Why the Brain is not a Computer

    The red papacy

    Agenda 21 – Global Genocide

    Wake up America! – Dr. John Coleman (Illuminati, Committee of 300) +3 minutes Global 2000

    Agenda 21. An Agenda for the 21st Century

    “I Speak of the Future and It’s Quite Something,
    As You Live Through It, You Don’t See it Coming”
    © Alan Watt Oct. 29, 2017

  • touchtone918

    I find it odd that anonymous flagship ‘character’ was featured in a Major Movie and that Occupy Wall Street was largely sourced by the Soros groups. Anonymous is just another controlled shill! What have they ever actually hacked or done?


  • unidentified

    will they disclose the earth has a big strong dome over it :?: and their rockets are short range duds faking a space program


      Yup. Right after Wonder Woman come out and tell everybody how Mickey Mouse raped her when she was fourteen. Where the hell you think Mighty Mouse come from?

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        From Russia with love.
        On a side note… THANKS A LOT!!!!
        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • touchtone918

      Its really smart if you want to control the outcome. If you know an uprising is coming then you create the uprising so the information flows to you. In turn, you get a bead on what information is being distributed accordingly..

  • patann

    Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest 11/13/2017

    All Hail To The Bride Now Reigning In Heaven, Readying The Specialty Stone, The Antichrist Murderer

    Listening To Selah, I Got Saved,, to John Starnes, “Midnight Cry,”

    Prophecy Links

    -Seen to be hearing in my ears relentlessly, days and days now, the lyrics to the Movie, the song, “you are the last dragon,” see the revelation 12 sign, September, 23rd, 2017, see,…/ beware, Apb
    -Woe Woe And Woe, Self Need To Be Pound Into The Dust, The Dragon Is Come Down To You, Having But A Short Space, No Flesh Shall Stand, Ye, Must Be Born Again,

    All Gone Before Thieves, Robbers And Here This Very Second, Murderers

    -Witnessing the rise of the two beast of Revelation 13, one from land and one from the sea around Obama’s presidential campaigning, those to possess two men this earth into both the Antichrist and the false prophet. Possibly why until lately, a pending Trump’s administration, and a projected death of tens of millions, I had more dreams, visions and visitations about the rise of the antichrist than ever before. Further meaning, they, Daniel’s prophecy of a little horn and Apostle John’s revelation, prophecy of a false prophet, both of Prophet Ezekiel’s Gog and Magog, are even why I’ve declared these times, those of ancient beast reign.
    -Those, these mightiest of evils, a Lion, (Babylon), a Leopard, (Grecia, Alexander), a demon dog, (Martyred Saints, Ps. 22); see Dan. 7; Those Pastor Begley, if you can imagine, seen lately, poised in the home, this unreachable, demonic infiltration, (modern technology of wicked devises as predicted the killer of the family, 1987), cleverly disguised as friendly house pets. It was then, doing my prayer closet, discussing my own house, children, that Holy Spirit explained by the way of modern tech come into the home, parents would be as murderers of their children.
    -Undoubtedly, said darkest of days, these greatest of despots, would come into prophetic position just as Obama’s assigned two weeks and seven year timetable expired, which pastor, was around the date of 07/06/2015. This very date, then as prophesied two weeks earlier, 06/26/2015, doing the escape to Heaven/Georgia dream. As forewarn of this something about Cameron, surely a then pending Brexit to Trump’s Truexit, the original beginning to the end of all nation building.
    -Right into Jesus’ own millennium, witnessed 2016, descend into a Hussein (Nations Of The Middle East, Arabia/Islamic/Antichrist), stop being deceived, about America, the West continuing it’s bloody reign, until 190 months and forty days Dec. 25th 2001, be fulfilled there’s is nuclear fate, at a lost of 19 years, it’s all over with, get it. get Jesus and get (ascend), out of it, blessed only is the exodus, Apb, The RAM, see more here,

  • Pink Slime

    The most dangerous up the pipeline is the DRONES. Hundreds to thousands launched against targets and you have no defense. Cheap to make and can carry deadly payloads of all kinds.

    VERY DANGEROUS! Currently there is NO defense. :twisted:

    • Hayduke

      After the Kings won the Stanley Cup in LA I saw a guy in the crowd take off his shoe and throw it at a big drone. That drone came down like a wet turd. So maybe shoes are the defense. :cool: :cool:

    • dakota

      Instead of butterfly nets, we’ll have to get some larger drone nets with extension handles.

      I’ve been waiting to catch some of the drones that look like flying insects and moths.
      I will drown them or burn them or both. Since they’ve, unfortunately, seen my nets, they have been avoiding me. I still hope to get some. They will be smashed with a hammer. They’ll never get them back. I promise you. I have long extension handles.

  • dakota

    Body bugs? Those are lady bugs.

    • GUNNY

      Body bags. Marines LOVE to fill body bags!!!

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