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Muslim Sikh NJ Mayor Just Abolished Christmas ‘to Respect Other Religions’ (Video)

Friday, November 10, 2017 4:19
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You won’t see businesses in Hoboken, New Jersey, decking the halls anytime soon thanks to the city’s new Mayor, Ravi Bhalla.

Bhalla was elected just yesterday but he has wasted no time implementing his new regime. While he could appreciate the freedom that allowed him to get elected, Bhalla decided to instead spend his early days taking it away from others.

Bhalla will officially take office on November 29, just in time for Christmas. But the wreaths will not be hung nor will the carolers be singing with joy because Bhalla has canceled all “government involvement in the Christian holiday Christmas” out of respect for “other religions.”

“There are many who do not celebrate Christmas,” the turban-wearing Muslim mayor told the Hoboken Star. “Muslims do not celebrate Christmas. Jews do not celebrate Christmas. Atheists do not celebrate Christmas. The list goes on.”

Bhalla says that instead of the annual Christmas celebration that has been held every year Hoboken has existed, the city will be having an “All holiday matter” celebration that will incorporate “elements of all major religions’ holiday celebrations.”

When Bhalla was elected, he promised to “glorify Allah in every decision.” This must be part of that.

Already, more than 3,500 residents have called the office of current outgoing mayor Shelly Hoberstein to complain.


Update: Apparently there is great debate if Sikh is considered Muslim. Many say they are similar and the same and many also say they are not. So will let the reader decide. Either way the news is shared and this is just information sharing from the source quoted above. I did some further research and found this..via Guardian

“They say the average American does not know the difference between a Sikh and Muslim. They tell me the average American associates a turban and a beard with ISIS, Taliban, or Bin Laden,” said Mr Singh.

“We are not the victims of mistaken identity; we are in fact doing exactly what our identity was supposed to do. It was supposed to absorb hate and ignorance so others would not have to.”

Mr Singh goes on to describe the principles of Sikhism in the post, which has received more than 1,800 likes.


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  • DK

    You are going to have to delete this article since the Gentleman concerned is a Sikh the blue turban is a dead giveaway, they are Buddhists following a guru called Nanak(This might help It is a bit hard for an American to tell the difference between one turban wearer and another, the key thing is the majority of Arabs stopped wearing them 100 years ago, Sikhs have to as an article of faith since it is forbidden to cut their hair hand have to bind the turban in a specific way, it is called the Dastar ( you can tell he is wearing one by the way it is folded which is unique to that faith. It is obvious to me since I am English, have met them and my Grandfather Harry served with them in the 8 th Army so I got a decent but second hand account of their faith and practices since he was with them about 5 years of his ten year service. They key thing is you as a non believer are forbidden from watching them put on the Dastar. Other than that great people treated badly and since most of them practiced their own martial arts as an act of faith so you really should not be doing that.

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      I don’t delete articles. I added an update to express your concern and also a video to break down the difference between Muslim and Sikh. I honestly am not an expert on over seas religions. So hopefully by adding what I added it helps to shed light on the difference. Right wing news is calling him Muslim. I belong to no political party so if they are wrong we will use this to bring light to the subject. Thanks for your feedback. PS either way he seems to be offing Christmas. But I’m sure that could be debated as well.

      • Hayduke

        Nice. :grin:

    • King of Shambhala

      DK, I think Huffington Post is even muddying the waters further or else it’s a spoof. The guy may have a very pro-Islam political line but that’s just because he’s catering to his Muslim people.
      Why not just clear the air and go look at Wikipedia for “Sikhism”?
      Sikh people say they’re HINDUS (and that’s not Buddhists for Christ’s sake!)
      Sikhism was influenced by Bhakti movement,[60][61][62] but it was not simply an extension of the Bhakti movement
      The movement has traditionally been considered as an influential social reformation in Hinduism

      • DK

        True but we classified them as Buddhist, to be honest there are so many different flavors of the Hindu brand the distinction is pointless unless you go to a BJP meeting. I expect it is more to do with not worshiping Krishna since he represents darkness and it was probably a term of abuse we got to label them with since Buddhist were exiled from the continent.

        • King of Shambhala

          I respect you as a feloow reporters DK and we at BeforeItsNews have a rule of no fighting but respectfully I tell you, you don’t know much.
          Hindus and Buddhists are not the same religion, I know seeing I’m a Buddhist religious since 45 years.
          You say “we have classified them as Buddhist.”
          That’s not your call.
          Buddhists don’t depend on you to define who they are.

          Who is “we”?

          Some Bible Belt church out in the plains of Texas??

          Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is the highest form of culture in the world.

          It’s defining features that makes it different from Hinduism and puts Buddhism at loggerheads with Hindusim are the following:
          Hindus rejected Buddha and his Buddhist religion because he committed grave faults towards Hinduism which was he rejected the Caste system.

          In the Hindu sacred caste-system, the lowest caste of “Untouchables” are outcastes that cannot be frequented by anyone in society.

          Buddha rejected that as being hateful and said that system would lead Hindus to hell.

          The Caste system is not a simple thing of no importance, it’s a dicatatorial system and Hindus really believe in it. It’s mind-boggling.

          Anyone mixing among the castes will be rejected from society and no longer considered on par with others but he will be rejected and ordered that no oen speak or see him anymore.

          He’ll be rejected like in a ghetto and never again spoken to.

          Buddha went begging like a holy man and accepted the food given to him by any houselhold along his path. Hindu holy beggars won’yt accept food from the lowest caste of “Untoucahables” but Buddha accepted food to eat from all and any household – be they Untouchable or of the highest castes.

          Buddha forbid for holy beggars to choose the household they were to beg from so as to only receive food from the highest castes.

          As for the differences between the evil Christian religion and Buddhism, Buddhism is infinitely purer, better and higher than evil Christianity.
          Islam is te worst thing existing in the world. Hindusim and Buddhism never carried out war like Christainity did so on a scale of good and evil religions Buddhism is highest, Hinduism is second (i.e. “it never carried out evil war such as Christinaity did”) and Islam is evilest thing on earth, aka “the pits”.

          Judaism also carried out war and has a caste system where only the chosen ones go to heaven. In Hinduism likewise only the highest caste of Brahmans go to heaven (from what Hindiuism teaches).

          Those two are both unadulterated evil.

          Buddhism doesn’t define if you go to heaven or not by depending on what caste you belong to or what race and faith you belong to, like Jews do. Buddha taught that anyone can get to heaven if he practises the faith correctly, no matter who he is or what background he comes from. It teaches a path that is faultless with no obstacles like war or hatred like the other faiths have.

          DK, I don’t know if you’re part of some country-boy church out of the sticks but you guys should at least read Wikipedia to figure out the difference between the religions of the world.

          I studied Tibetan langauage and cultur at Paris University in France for five years. I know everything you need to know about Tibet and I speak the language.


            “Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is the highest form of culture in the world.”

            That’s the one where Buddhist boys dress up like girls and poke each other in their root chakras. Right?

            And you brag about this?

          • King of Shambhala

            I’m not bragging about Tibetan Tantric Buddhism being the highest form of culture in the world.
            The other forms of culture are so bad that it’s easy to be higher than everybody.
            Islam is the worst thing existing in the world.

      • DK

        King my thinking is pretty early 20th century being brought up by grandparents, so I have my faults which are many, but I am old enough and wise enough not to claim superiority, my language and its use come from that background, now I read through some mantras through books largely, have seen the entire Mahabharata as a play and India has had a very important effect on all Britons, the culture flowed both ways, that means so did some of the prejudices.

        • King of Shambhala

          Sorry to criticise DK.
          Mahabharata again = is Not Buddhist.

          My family back in the old days were Theosophy followers (my ancestor was Russian writer Leon Tolstoy) and that was the first time Buddhism penetrated into the West in an openly accepted form.

  • Truth

    As DK points out above, this bloke is a Sikh not a Mossie. What’s more confusing is the title of this post given by the author yet he includes a video stating that he is a Sikh.

    As for the Christmas thing, it’s nothing more than a pagan holiday and anyone that’s read the bible would know that.


      “…this bloke is a Sikh…”

      Isn’t that what Darth Vader was? A Sikh Lord?


      • Jeffery Pritchett

        Vinnie! How you doing!? What you doing up so early? Gotta make some biscuits and gabba ghoul? You are a smart man. Is Sikh a Muslim? Or is he really a Sith Lord who works for Vader trying to off Christmas? Badda Bing Badda Bang. I updated the article to include a debate on this situation of Sikh / Muslim.

        • Hayduke

          You are DA MAN!!! Keep these coming!!! Plus, we need more Bigfeets in these stories, please? :eek: :shock: :cool: :smile: :grin: :lol:


          GABBA GOUL!!!

          Now I gotta go make me a sanguich.

  • raburgeson

    Take him to court, they are testing the waters, flip over the boat. The government cannot tell you what you can have. That includes pot, get your people out of jail. The entire government is manipulating and controlling and needs a reboot. You can have Christmas and give them the finger when you have it.

  • Jay

    The Government is what the people make it. If Hoboken wanted this low life then enjoy .

  • barebones

    Why must I suffer his perpetual display of his alien beliefs by wearing of a turban, and a dagger! Should I expect that when visiting mindless, heathen populations that they attenuate their “religious” rituals out of respect for my presence?

    When the RESET comes, I predict a resurgence in Christianity crushing this engineered, irrational behavior foisted on European settled populations. When white largess and tolerance disappears, this piece of intellectual waste and his ilk may well find themselves returning to their trivial status.


  • unidentified

    xmas is a fairytale for kids like easter and today is only for buying stuff for other people they can also ban xmas music :wink:

  • Anonymous

    “When Bhalla was elected, he promised to “glorify Allah in every decision.””

    If he glorifies Allah then he’s Muslim, no if and’s or but’s. He must be just ashamed to admit it…..

  • King of Shambhala

    Targeted by racist fliers, Ravi Bhalla becomes the first turbaned Sikh mayor in New Jersey
    By Julie Zauzmer November 8

    Three candidates in New Jersey were targetted by racist ads leading up to election day. All three were declared winners on Nov. 8. (Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post)
    An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Ravi Bhalla was the first Sikh mayor of a major U.S. city. This version has been corrected.

    Days before the New Jersey elections, someone distributed anonymous fliers around Hoboken. “Don’t let TERRORISM take over our town,” the fliers said, while featuring a photo of Ravinder Bhalla, wearing the turban that he always wears as a hallmark of his faith.

    On Tuesday night, Bhalla was beaming in that turban, waving his arm in the air to celebrate his election as one of the first Sikh mayors of a U.S. city.

    Bhalla, a Democrat who has served two terms on the Hoboken City Council, inspired enthusiasm not just in Hoboken but in the nationwide Sikh community of about 200,000 people, which has suffered frequent racist slurs and acts of violence since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. People tend to mix up Sikhs — members of a 500-year-old monotheistic Indian religion that is not related to either Islam or Hinduism — with Muslims.

    The community celebrated Bhalla’s election on Tuesday night.

    Simran Jeet Singh ✔@SikhProf
    I can’t tell you how much it means that my daughter will have civic heroes who look like her father. I’m crying right now.
    4:57 AM – Nov 8, 2017 · Manhattan, NY

    Ravi Bhalla wins Hoboken mayoral election days after flyers label him terrorist
    HOBOKEN, NJ — Ravinder Bhalla will become Hoboken’s first ever Sikh mayor. He won Tuesday night’s election just days after being targeted by flyers labeling him a terrorist. Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer…
    101 101 Replies 1,246 1,246 Retweets 6,500 6,500 likes
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    “Given how much we’ve endured in this country, and frankly the fact that we have been here for more than a century now in the U.S. and have felt largely ignored and neglected as a minority community, this is for us a signal shift, where we feel like we’re getting on the map. This is a major development for us,” Simran Jeet Singh, a religion fellow at the Sikh Coalition, said. “And it comes in a context where, like many minority groups, we’re facing xenophobia.”

    Singh said his parents, who immigrated to the United States, could scarcely have imagined someone who looked like them winning elected office, and he’s thrilled that his 18-month-old daughter will grow up seeing a turbaned Sikh as the city’s leader.

    Gurwin Ahuja, executive director of the National Sikh Campaign, said Bhalla is one of the first Sikh people to become mayor of a U.S. city. Satyendra Huja served as mayor of the city of Charlottesville, and some small towns have had Sikh mayors.

    In Hoboken, a city of more than 50,000 people across the Hudson River from Manhattan, Bhalla ran against five other candidates. He tweeted Saturday that the fliers about terrorism were “troubling, but we won’t let hate win.” CBS News reported that the fliers did not name the group that paid for them, a violation of state election law.

    Ahuja said that whoever made the fliers implying that “turban” meant “terrorist” interpreted the turban completely wrong. “Sikhs are instructed to be actively involved in their communities…. In fact, the reason why Sikhs wear a turban is because it represents our value of equality and to stand up against injustice wherever we see it,” he said. “The turban represents our commitment to those values of equality — gender equality, racial equality and religious tolerance — and our duty to stand up for those rights. In India, back in the day, when people would see a Sikh, they knew that was someone they could go to for safety.”

    The Sikh faith’s historic emphasis on equality, borne out of resistance to India’s caste system, lends itself to participating in American democracy, Ahuja said. “When I see him up there, I see someone that has committed himself to those values. It makes us more proud when we see that,” he said. “The turban actually represents the ethos of American values.”

  • allendaves

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    .Jn 17:6. I have MANIFESTED THY NAME And they have KEPT THY WORD.;
    THE WORD is THE NAME above every name that saves us 1Pt 3:21 The ONE baptism(Eph 4:5) is into THE WORD ( which is also baptism in the Holy spirit Jn 6:63the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit ) ..ALL the sayings doctrines and commands….what did THE WORD that became flesh command? (Mat 28:19)…..what did THE WORD exemplify? (Mat 3:15/ Jn 4:1)………among other things…..YES .water baptism is just as essential and necessary for much a part of salvation (1Pt 3:21) as is keeping one self away from works of the flesh (Gal 5:21)….In fact obedience to the command of water baptism is specifically identified as the act of calling on the name of the Lord (Col 2:12 “……though the operation[work] of God” CAN ANY MAN BE SAVED WITHOUT GOD WORKING ON HIM?) …..THE WORD OF GOD is the name of God that men call upon OR…OR ..they DENY with their disobedience
    The scriptures tell us almost nothing about the thief’s life. However, the scriptures tell us a great deal about Christ life……Jesus had been around for 3.5 years before the cross and was Baptizing (Jn 4:1-2 in fact He instructed his disciples to do so and did many more then John the Baptist ever did) …..Those who try to appeal to the thief on the cross assume the thief had never heard of Jesus preaching and had never ever been baptized….The burden of Proof is on those who say baptism is not essential! ………..You can’t claim a logically valid “non-essentiality” doctrinal argument on ANYTHING based on what the scriptures do not say and in spite of the things it clearly does state to the opposite effect!…That is like looking at the constitutional law and then basing a argument against a constitutional principle in law based on the fact that history did not record for us what some unknown cattle thief did or did not do a 150 years ago?!?! What??..Who cares?? We know what the constitution did say 150 years ago. I don’t know of any Law school that bases its teaching on constitutional law based on what history does not tell us about unknown cattle thieves!?! ..Jesus command, preached & practiced Baptism so did the apostles ….To build one’s theology on the fact that the scriptures do not tell us ANY detail(s) of the thief’s life before the cross (we know almost absolutely nothing about the thief!!) it is quite foolish and willfully ignorant of what the scriptures do say about baptism…….so those who try to use the thief are in effect building their house on the sand of what scriptures do not say about a thief in spite of what the scriptures do specifically tell us about baptism!?!… “Their damnation is just” comes to mind… OR

    ………………..For the love of God if you truly have any love for God
    Assertions and descriptions no matter how vivid and or emphatically employed demonstrate nothing.

  • harry

    Being offensive to other religions is not the point! Celebrating Christmas has been done for 300 plus years and now you are not allowed to put up Christmas decorations? Erasing history and traditions are your first steps to an oligarchy, and you have taken that first step.

  • Canderson

    Why doesn’t he just go home to India or Pakistan or where ever the hell this devil comes from. A sign of that Cultural-Marxism is winning, I hate it.

  • Canderson

    If you are this the big melting pot, then you got what you deserve.
    If you are not then things must change rapidly.

    “Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.” – JFK

    The same force only played their other card, Open borders.

    This is what counts.
    Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it.

    Eli Harman
    Why are you worried about becoming a minority?

    Eli Harman
    White Genocide?

  • Man

    a sikh isn’t a muslim. it is a sikh

  • Big dog.../small fish...


    • Mayhem

      Gillespie also thought Bannon was disgusting and look where that got him.

  • Anonymous

    Yo’ broken, Hoboken. :neutral:

  • dennis48309

    It surely wasn’t Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, and Atheists that settled this continent.


      Right. It was the dirt worshippers.

      Then white boy came along and kicked them dirt worshippin injuns in the yam bags and took all their land.

      And it ain’t white boy’s fault the injuns never invented cannons and muskets and biological warfare.

      White boy stole North America fair and square. And he was even nice enough to take us niggas out of Africa, to teach the injuns how to distill spirits and to give the Mexicans and South Americans a few actual languages!!!

  • Canderson

    They fake it all by a machine. (everything is corrupt until you take a stand.) Kick them bastards out of your country!

  • Canderson

    The US is not about Sikhs, they supposedly is about to integrate and be an asset to the Country.
    Well they are not.

    • Canderson

      And you are not pissed? This is not US at all.

  • Pink Slime

    Christmass is a PAGAN holyday perpetuated by that other PAGAN religion called Catholics who RIPPED off the truth from Christians and called it their own.

    They then began to SLAUGHTER the true followers of Christianity. Yeah, that man in the white hat? God blood all over his hands. :twisted:

    • Mayhem

      And that explains why Xmas is the point of the attack, Pink Slime, because Bible taught “christians” don’t support this pagan holy day.

    • DK

      Christmas misses the Pagan holidays Saturnas and Beltaine, in England and possibly Scotland/Ireland/Wales it was a holiday season of 12 days beginning on the 24th of December with Mass at midnight which went through the calendar year covering both Christmas days by both Catholic Churches. St Nicholas of Anatolia was added because of the legends surrounding him and his Saints day was 6th of December, Saint Stephen on the 26th, St John the Apostle 27th the Catholic church put in St Thomas Becket on the 29th a couple of feast days Jan 1st is Mary Mother of God, Jan 2nd St Basil, 3rd Most holy name of Jesus. Pretty crowded. Britain had both Gregorian and Julian Calendars for a while with 2 churches, that of Iona and the Catholic one and existed through the schism between Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic churches who held their Nativity on different dates with different calendars which is the last day of Christmas(6th January). The date coincided with the 25th which was mitras birthday and only in the Gregorian calendar by chance, and is the religion merged with the Catholic church whose practices i.e. trinity dogmas and the uniforms were used as religion over what was the way because the roman state required it. We also used to have 8 day weeks.

  • Babouche

    Then you should abolish all religious events, from all religions. Dot.

  • The Watcher


  • Grim

    This foreigner is literally a *rag head*, yet the idiot citizens elected him…..They deserve whatever they get.

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