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Q Anon: “Set Up” Armenia Connection – Latest Q Deciphered (Video)

Thursday, April 19, 2018 3:22
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#QAnon 4/18 NEWEST Q Posts “SET UP” Armenia Connection YOUNG TURKS

Most recent Q Anon Drop with decoding, world history, Shriners, Young Turks, Armenia, etc…

How do you know he’s real? He has posted irrefutable evidence that he is who he says he is. he predicted President Trump’s Twitter being shutdown; he predicted the upheaval in Saudi Arabia; he predicted an incident with a helicopter at a Rothschild estate in the UK.

Definition of Armenian. 1 : a member of a people dwelling chiefly in Armenia and neighboring areas (such as Turkey or Azerbaijan) 2 : the Indo-European language of the Armenians — see Indo-European Languages Table.

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  • CUB4DK

    PINKY and BillyP…GQ here…Revenge is NOT a dish best served COLD…it it a dish BEST served with LAUGHTER! :cool: :lol:

    Cheers, Your Uncle Hexy

  • Canderson

    Sephardic Jews and not the Khazars

    It was this core group of Dönmeh, which organized the secret Young Turks, also known as the Committee of Union and Progress.
    The “Dönmeh, of a sect of Turks descended from a group of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain during the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th and 17th centuries.

    The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret
    by Wayne MADSEN (He has even worked for Infowars)

    The Dönmeh (Turkish: Dönme) were a group of crypto-Sabbateans (commonly referred to as crypto-Jews) in the Ottoman Empire who converted publicly to Islam, but were said to have retained their beliefs. The movement was centered in Salonica. The group originated during and soon after the era of Sabbatai Zevi, a 17th-century Jewish kabbalist who claimed to be the Messiah and eventually converted to Islam in order to escape punishment by the Sultan Mehmed IV. After Zevi’s conversion, a number of Jews followed him into Islam and became the Dönmeh.


    My current working theory is that Q Anon is a highly placed Mossad agent.

    Why do I say that? You get 85-90% truth and 10-15% false. This is classic disinformation.

    The fact that Q Anon implies that Syria is an attempt to take down Deep State Targets seems nearly impossible. The Syria conflict has been in place since 2012 and every conceivable effort known to mankind has been used to to take out Assad and disrupt the lives of the Syrian people. And now it is trust POTUS, the plan to bomb Syria is okay. Sure thing. Some might even say “Deep State targets in Syria my ass.”

    I sure hope I am wrong because I actually like Q Anon. I only share my thought to stimulate dialog and debate that the truth may be furthered.

    • Anonymous

      John bolton was jew pivotal in pushing the fake Iraq WMD lies for 2003 attack- tried same in Syria in 2002 already, then 2005-6 at UN.
      Qorsi Plan, Trust Trojan Horse Trump’s latest appointee, 911 Deep St fraud, Rudy Giuliani

    • Bubba Gump Shrimp

      The only problem with your theory is that QAnon is exposing pedophile Mossad asset Jeffrey Epstein. The information posted by QAnon has reached millions of patriot citizens.

  • Everette

    Let me help get us off Noah’s boat ! Science has proven that Noah was White with blue eyes . These people are original type A blood types . Now we have the Bible telling us Noah , his wife , his 3 sons and their wives were on the Ark . According to history and science Ham moved towards Babylon then towards Egypt . One of his sons Canaan was cursed by Noah for Ham committing sodomity or either castrating Noah after finding him drunk as history tells us . Canaan’s curse caused him to be black , he moves towards Africa , Ethopia and the land Canaan . Now Canaan can not be in three places at one time so these are his descendants . Sampling their blood types we find Ham and Canaan was an O positive blood type . Jappeth another son of Noah moves towards Asia and his blood type is B positive . Shem Noah’s true son was type A positive and his Descendnts move towards Armenia leaving Turkey then others towards the region of Israel . The Caucasious Mts in Armenia was named after the Hebrew white Caucasious type A blood type people . Now how did Noah end up with sons of different blood types if the father gives the child the blood type ? The Bible tells us that one of the reasons GOD was destroying all life on earth was because of mans thoughts was evil continuely . They were raping , murdering , stealing and every kind of evil imaginable . Noah was building the Ark for 120 years . Possibly Mrs Noah was either raped or horny durning the 120 years as Noah spent so much time building the Ark . Another possibility is Mrs. Noah could have already had children before marring Noah . But all the blood types get on and off the boat except AB blood type . But an A blood type from Shem mixing with a B blood type from Jappeth produces an AB child . O blood types will not mix with A , B or AB . The father I’ll determine the blood type . Armenia White type A’s are from the Hebrew lineage as was Abraham . Hebrews are said to come from Heber , Noah’s forefather . When the children of Jacob Israel was in Egypt for 400 years under phareo GOD told the prophets To tell Israel that they was not allowed to mix with Egyptian’s or any other nation but they could mix only among their brethren or the Hebrews their distant kin that was in the land of Goshen . Now you know why so much fuss over Armenia ! The Vatican Esau Edomite NWO hates Jacob Israel and his descendants . They have helped promote wars against Israel , Judea and the Hebrews . Babylon removed Israel ( Ephraim – king of 10 tribes ) 2700 years ago . Judea ( 3 tribes ) got removed from Israel 2000 years ago . And Yes there are 13 tribes , go to Genesis 48 and 49 and see that Joseph’s 2 sons take Joseph’s place as new tribe members and is given the name by Jacob Israel the name Israel . These were Ephraim and Manasseh . They alo get the greatest blessings over the other Jacob’s other sons . Today the lost tribes of Israel are in Europe , America and Australia and they are the White type A blood types from Armenia . As are the tribes (3) given to Judea under Solomon when GOD removed the other 10 tribes for his idolatry and building temples for his wives gods coming from other nations . All type A blood types come from Heber and Noah his descendant and his sin Shem . This makes them all Hebrews ! There are some black Hebrews because a White man married a black woman giving the child an A blood type , but the mother gives the body type and the child maybe black . But Ham son Canaan blacks are type O . Blacks with B blood types are from Jappeth who is a descendant of Cain who was changed by GOD so the O blood types would recognize him and not kill him . Blacks with AB blood types are from the mixture of Shem’s descendants and Jappeth’s descendant male mixing with a black woman . Here we find Obama’s linage . Obama has A( White ) B ( Asian ) and negative ( Reptilian ) blood . Obama’s father was a White Asian Reptilian and not a Black type O blood type . His mother was a black woman . It is said Jim or James Parks the senator was his dad who had an affair with his black maid . He sent her to Africa ( her heritage ) for Berry Parks AKA Obama ( name changed after becoming a muslim ) to be born in Africa . If you run the history and use science you will come to the same conclusions mentioned in this topic reply .

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