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Shocking: Something Big Coming – DHS Documents + Cell Phone Footage + Zuckerberg (Video)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 4:15
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The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a federal agency designed to protect the United States against threats. Its wide-ranging duties include aviation security, border control, emergency response and cybersecurity.
Shocking DHS documents, Cell Phone footage. Highlights from the Congressional Committee Hearings.
(U) Revisiting the 1990s
(U//FOUO) Paralleling the current national climate, rightwing extremists during the 1990s exploited a variety of social issues and political themes to increase group visibility and recruit new members. Prominent among these themes were the militia movement’sopposition to gun control efforts, criticism of free trade agreements (particularly those with Mexico), and highlighting perceived government infringement on civil liberties as
well as white supremacists’ longstanding exploitation of social issues such as abortion, inter-racial crimes, and same-sex marriage.During the 1990s, these issues contributed to the growth in the number of domestic rightwing terrorist and extremist groups and an increase in violent acts targeting government facilities, law enforcement officers, banks, and infrastructure sectors.


To see the PDF go here

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  • CUB4DK

    One Confession I have to make…the DHS and the FBI know all about ME! I was blamed for downing a WEST JET flight in March of 2015 into Orlando Intl. Airport. The FBI interviewed me then released me for I was INNOCENT!…hehehe

    Cheers, Uncle Hexy :cool: :lol:

    • The Real Deal

      Oh no, I’m sure you had nothing to do with it at all. Look pal, I know you’re an attention seeking little weirdo, but when you tell those kinds of stories, believe it or not, most people, like me, are probably going to think you absolutely had something to do with whatever it is you’re babbling about. :wink:

      • CUB4DK

        thanks Reak Deal… :lol:

      • Anonymous

        Yeah! It was Hexy that brought down the WTC twin towers! Every BINNER knows it was a controlled demolition, using the new Zionist, alien technology, delayed action silent explosives. But the “victims” were all crisis actors, so no real harm done.

        • CUB4DK

          your on the ball…BillyP :lol:

          • CUB4DK

            Let’s just blame everything on Uncle Hexy… :lol:

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, Hexoid, but I was on the ball, up until rolling off it and falling into the rabbit hole that is BIN. I can feel my IQ teetering at going below 100, insufficient tin foil on hand to do a full body wrap. This is a crisis that’s up there with the last terrifying blood moon, getting jumped by Bigfeets in the park, FEMA roundup or comet collision, and I don’t now how the hell I’m going to deal with today’s outbreak of WWIII. (Some days, I wonder why we haven’t moved on to at least WWIV, or maybe that should be WWMMCCCLXII, but Q Anon’s mother told him it was time to brush his teeth and go to bed, right before that answer was forthcoming. Or was that MMCCCLXII economic collapses?)

        • CUB4DK

          Let’s just blame it on Eddie the Munster or Muffmuncher…LOL :lol:

    • CUB4DK

      As a Doctor …I had accidentally discovered Mind induction and Augmentation by ingesting Psilocybe Cubensis.

    • CUB4DK

      As a Tourist, I had accidentally discovered mind induction and mind augmenting properties of psilocybe cubensis.
      Now I know why TPTB have illegalized Cannabis and Shrooms with their LEGALSLEEZE! …it is not to be used by the public… for their safety of coarse! :cool: :lol:

      Cheers, Uncle Hexy

  • patann

    The 14th Matrix Ten day Count, David Meade’s April 23 rd Rapture It’s 15th Count, The Western Petro Handlebars Of Human Extinction, Your Salvation Is Here, Repent Or Perish!!!!!

    -What a beyond staggering number with intent to cataclysmically wipe a black/blood thirsting Western Rule from this planet, that for a sudden subtraction of 190 years, fifty million dead US soil. Apparently that staggering number doesn’t include two thirds dead Israel’s soil and two quarters this earth. Do you really think Russia’s Putin want to be one of the nuclear countries pulling the trigger of this outbreak of mortuary? America’s stumbling block of iniquity is evil, where it has gone in the way, the open practice of demons and devils and settled into, as to legalize what to God are abominations. Just as so a wicked, black hearted practice that has perverted the genesis human being in such a manner ancient beast themselves are seen poised.
    -That’s in every manner of mass assembly, the church, the government, the money markets, the home, and the schools just as other members of it’s participants. Then you wonder why God himself, 1986-2018, the RAM, is crying, woe, woe, woe, get out of there my people, no more doomsday passovers US soil, no further the delay, yours is a nuclear to a NOAA ‘s fate, yours is a Moses day exodus, I will only bless escape, skyward or southeast, …come out of their my people, see more here, Mat. 24 and Rev 18. see here,

  • my2pesos

    Home Lands ~ Sheol Damn……………… (Sheol ~ Holes ~ HS Ole ~ He Sol)
    Homeland ~ Old he Man ~ Halo Mend ~ HM and Ole ~ Helm a Don ~ Hal Demon ~ HM on Lead
    Homeland ~ Oh! Lend Am ~ Oh! Man Led ~ Held Oman ~ He an Mold ~ He-Man DOL ~ Ham O Lend
    Homeland ~ HD Om an El ~ Hand Mole ~ Oh! Damn El ~ HD am Elon ~ Had Le Mon ~ HD male On
    Homeland ~ DOE HM LAN ~ Lehman DO ~ HM done LA ~ HM Deal On ~ One HM Lad ~ Hen Modal
    Homelands ~ Holds Mean………………(Mean ~ Me An ~ Amen ~ Name)

    • my2pesos

      Lend on Modal ~ Old and Lemon………..(11)………..(Anagram Genius)
      Lend on Modal ~ Land on Model
      Lend on Modal ~ Mold led Anon
      Lend on Modal ~ All demon Don

      • my2pesos

        Ham O! HD Male Hen ~ Ahem! Man oh Held………….(13)

  • TheNiteOwl

    Libtarded article…. :lol:

  • BungalowBud

    Well since the depraved mind can’t be changed at this late date of the end time, thank God for Don the Trump to give us more time to prepare who we are. Put me on that terror list but I want to be in the book of Life list when God searches for my name at the last judgment. So their mind is noticing that we are of not of this civilization. Accept this and believe this as we are supposed to. Yes, let it strike terror in their heart as they know that they are doomed when they see Jesus face to face. What is out terror, do we gun down? Just because some false churches have a filthy mouth and mind, don’t classify them as Christians as time will tell. We will let you play your silly puppet role. We don’t need guns but are allowed to. When the 2 witnesses come, they will have power over anything that comes against them. They have a sword, not any rifle. We call these 2 the Untouchables.

  • Anonymous

    ZUCKERBURG and Homeland security is a clear and present danger to the citizens of the USA.

    America is an oligarchy, not a democracy or republic, university study finds

    “America is no longer a democracy — never mind the democratic republic envisioned by Founding Fathers.
    Rather, it has taken a turn down elitist lane and become a country led by a small dominant class comprised of powerful members who exert total control over the general population — an oligarchy, said a new study jointly conducted by Princeton and Northwestern universities.”

    • CUB4DK

      That’s right!…the Founding Fathers created a Real Republic and Democracy in 1776. Then the Republic went downhill right after 1913 and the Oligarchs took over the country and instilled their Laws.

      • CUB4DK

        The Founding Fathers used Hemp or Cannabis for many things back in the day and yes it was Legal to use.They would all be turning in their graves, if they knew what was happening today. :smile:

  • truck driver

    I had water come out of the floor tile when I set something down and water come out of a dry table when I set the hot sauce bottle down on the tip money. I have been baptized by a Church and a Church I never had these miricals happen then. It’s like Moses having water come out of a rock. Maybe it’s because I read John and Romans. To fit the Scripture’s definition’s puzzle together

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