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Suppressed Scandals of the Obama Administration

Friday, November 18, 2016 10:07
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As the Obama Presidency winds down to its highly anticipated conclusion, it behooves a free thinking people to examine several of the many instances when the Mainstream Media let Obama skate across the boundaries of the Constitution and The Truth.   One involves the most monumental usurpation of Constitutional authority; another involves a public relations deception used to manipulate and ultimately influence Obama’s re-election as President.  The last one is a textbook example of dodging responsibility, betrayal and treason.  Ultimately, these acts violated the bond between our government and our people, as all three were based upon treachery and deception.

These incidents demanded massive examination and analysis of available facts to the public.   Instead, the Mainstream Media once more acted as the public relations arm of the Executive Branch and the Pentagon.   In the first instance, the lack of outrage and thundering silence that greeted Obama’s dictatorial power grab to execute U.S. citizens without benefit of trial in a foreign arena was stunning by its silent acceptance; and in the second and third  instances, we see the media’s silent acquiescence and supine willingness to simply regurgitate the narrative it had been given by the Executive Branch and the Pentagon rather than examine any evidence to the contrary.

Of course, hardly anyone will dispute the fact that our dashing Black President broke new ground as the leader of our nation.  The most noteworthy and controversial decisions made by the piercing intellect of President Obama assumed the mantle of judge, jury and executioner of American citizens.   Or, to put it another way, thru the use of America’s remote controlled drone assassination program, an American president, for the first time in U.S. History, acted as judge, jury and executioner of American citizens without benefit of charges, jury trial or conviction.   All that was necessary for these unfortunate victims to meet an early demise was to be on a list of planned drone assassination targets selected by a secret committee; or to simply have had the misfortune to be “collateral damage” (approximately 80% of the people killed by our drones were innocent bystanders) by being near one of these people who lost their lives when an American drone strike, authored by Obama directly out of the White House, occurred.   President Obama, it has been learned, made each executive decision himself concerning which “targets” were to be “eliminated.”

Kesha Rogers, Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate in Texas, stated on 19 March, 2014, that “….at least four American citizens, Anwar Al-Awlaki, his 16-year-old son, Samir Khan, and Jude Mohammed, (were  killed) without benefit of due process of law. Indeed, the death warrants against these individuals were effectively signed in secret, in a committee which is overseen directly by the president.”  Or to put it in plain English, this “committee” provided a list of potential targets to President Obama, so that he – and he alone – decided which “targets” were to be “eliminated.”

If our charming young President, who appeared to be so sensitive and caring about people, or “folks” as he is wont to refer to us, not only supported partial birth abortion on the final day of a nine month pregnancy, but in addition, also found no moral or ethical difficulty with ordering the death thru remote controlled drones of American citizens in a foreign country without benefit of charges or trial – in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States – then he has left our country only a breath away from becoming a Third World banana republic run by a dictator who will, as sure as the sun rises, eventually order remote controlled “hits” via drone strikes on their political enemies within the territorial boundaries of the United States.

The only barrier separating Barack Obama’s “authorization” to murder U.S. citizens abroad remotely, versus performing the same treasonous act within the boundaries of the United States, was his concern whether he might get away with such an atrocity by the Mainstream Media.

Of course, since the lap dog Mainstream Media, as well as a supine Congress, has allowed President Obama to bypass the legislative process completely thru phony “executive orders”, it is only a matter of time before another president, acting upon the notorious precedents our first Black President has already established, takes the next step to authorize “in country” assassinations against irritating critics and political enemies that he or she would prefer to see dead.

Forgetting these troubling trifles for a moment, acolytes of President Obama will proudly point to the indisputable fact that due to Obama’s steadfast bravery, our Seal Team 6 was able to hunt down and kill Osama bin Laden, the reputed architect of the 9/11 mass murder atrocity in New York City.   This, they proclaim, illustrates Obama’s steely determination to bring this international villain to ultimate justice. 

Unfortunately for Obama and his sycophants, the “facts” of this strategic operation on May 2nd, 2011 at Abbottabad in Pakistan, which elevated President Obama’s poll number’s just in time for the 2012 elections, point not to the end of this bogus manhunt that provided excuse and cover for our invasion of the Middle East, including Afghanistan; it, instead, added yet another chapter in the psychological manipulation of the American public and world opinion in service to the shadow government and the powers behind the throne of Obama’s puppet presidency.  

There is not a shred of evidence that the poor soul our Seal Team 6 murdered in Pakistan was Osama bin Laden; on the contrary, there is a massive amount of evidence that Osama bin Laden died in December of 2001, and that this unwilling sacrificial lamb in Pakistan was an innocent victim of international power politics and Obama’s self-aggrandizing political agenda.

To refresh the reader’s memory, I remind you that Osama bin Laden (whose CIA asset name was Tim Osman) was identified by our intelligence services as the culprit behind 9/11 only ten minutes after the first tower fell.   Despite constantly and consistently denying ANY involvement in the 9/11 mass murder of civilians in New York City at the World Trade Center, (which is totally the opposite tack that real terrorists adopt when committing crimes against humanity), Osama bin Laden insisted that not only did he not have anything to do with this atrocity; he also stated that such acts are forbidden by the Holy Quran and are contrary to Islamic law, and being a devout Muslim, he would never have participated in any such operation for any reason.  Even the FBI stated that there was absolutely no evidentiary ties between Osama bin Laden and 9/11.

From multiple sources around the world, the overwhelming evidence points to bin Laden’s death ten years earlier in December of 2001 due to kidney failure.   This evidence is not apocryphal; it’s genesis includes Oliver North; Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh; Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf; FBI counter-terrorism head Dale Watson; Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai and assassinated Pakistan Prime Minister Banazir Bhutto, whose death (many have claimed) was directly due to the fact that she continued to insist publicly that Osama bin Laden had died in 2001.

But what about the many recordings, both audio and video, of Osama bin Laden that surfaced months and years after 9/11, you may wonder?   Those recordings have been proven to have been faked, and it is noteworthy to consider that all video recordings stopped being issued after the first video recordings were revealed to have been bogus; all subsequent recordings were audio only (also later proven to have been faked) as it was far easier for a Certain Intelligence Agency to claim such recordings were genuine rather than have to doctor the visual physical evidence and hire a look alike actor as they had previously done.

But why, one wonders, was the death of Osama bin Laden not noted and publicized by our media?   Again, a simple if disturbing answer is that bin Laden’s premature death was very inconvenient for an American war machine that needed a live  “manufactured” enemy to justify our invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and other oil and opium producing countries in the Middle East.

Osama bin Laden had to be kept alive in the public consciousness as a wily, elusive devil, despite the fact that his death in December of 2011 had been reported in The New York Times (7/11/2002), the BBC and Fox News.   As award winning journalist Seymour Hersh simply put it, the death of Osama bin Laden at the hands of Seal Team 6 was a total fabrication.

Let me also remind the curious reader that the man they claimed to be Osama bin Laden, rather than being captured alive, was shot and killed by our commandos, a stunning tactical error since such an evil mastermind would have had a treasure trove of information to share with our intelligence agencies.  Moreover, the photos of the dead bin Laden were proven to have been doctored and photo shopped, a process that would have been totally unnecessary if they had been genuine.   Further, the reputed DNA test done on the body killed in Abbottabad was also faked.  Experts note that DNA identification takes days to complete, but this exam was done in less than 12 hours, an impossibility at a location with no professional lab or personnel to perform such inquiry.  

Lastly the body of the man referred to as Osama bin Laden was buried at sea, supposedly in accordance with “Islamic custom.”   Unfortunately, there is no such “Islamic custom” and such burial is actually contrary to the laws of the Quran; it is, however, an excellent way to permanently get rid of a body whose real DNA could have easily revealed that this poor soul was a patsy, killed to advance the political agenda of Barack Hussein Obama, whose popularity rose substantially after this episode, just in time to ride the crest of the wave for the 2012 elections.

One other telling detail:  30 U.S. Special Forces (including 20 Navy Seals, nearly the entire Seal Team 6) were killed in an extremely suspicious helicopter crash on August 6, 2011 in Afghanistan only a few months later.   The overwhelming evidence surrounding this crash, (which would take a book to detail since the entire episode was contrary to all military special forces protocol) was the result of a Taliban rocket attack, and points to a pre-planned assassination and “set up” using local Taliban actors to have it carried out.  

As they say, dead men tell no tales, and Seal Team 6 (whose identity should have never been publicly identified by our illustrious Commander in Chief) carried the secrets of the Abbottabad raid to their graves.

It would not be an exaggeration to state that the murder of our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, in Benghazi, as well as the murder of two Navy Seals who died defending our embassy compound (Ty Woods, Glen Doherty along with information officer Sean Smith), was easily the most threatening development that occurred during the first four years of the Obama administration.   The reason this catastrophe held the key to bringing down the Obama administration and eliminating the possibility of a 2nd term for Obama (and also destroying Hillary Clinton’s quest to run for President) are multiple; some are publicly well-known.   Others are hidden in the murky world of “special ops” and presidential directives.

To put the danger of our Benghazi embassy into perspective, both the British Embassy and the Red Cross had abandoned Benghazi six months earlier, citing security concerns.   A liason officer from the U.S. State Department had toured our embassy in Benghazi and proclaimed that it was only a matter of time before the people there would come under violent attack, recommending the abandonment of the embassy entirely. 

Yet the State Department, under the “leadership” of Hillary Clinton and ultimately Barack Obama, not only ignored these signs; they also hired a “security force” that was infested with Al Qaeda and Taliban operatives to guard the compound.   This is after Mz. Clinton and Obama ultimately rejected over 600 direct requests from Ambassador Stevens for massively heightened security.  Mz. Clinton said she never personally received any of these requests and was never informed of them while at the same time declaring that she had publicly accepted “full responsibility” for this incident – without any consequences to her career goal of the Presidency, of course.

Now if one were to ask ANY person to name one day on the yearly calendar when our embassy compound in Benghazi would be at the most risk of an attack, it would be a safe assumption that most people would declare that it would be on the anniversary of 9/11.   This obvious date, obvious to anyone with two or more functioning brain cells, apparently was too much of a stretch for either President Obama or Hillary Clinton to comprehend.   Therefore, the anniversary date of 9/11 came to Benghazi with no additional security, no heightened state of readiness, and no plans or provisions for a sneak attack on the most vulnerable and tempting target the U.S. posed in the entire war-wracked state of Libya.

Most everyone interested in Benghazi knows the story of how Hillary Clinton lied about the causative factor of these attacks (a video that no one had seen) and lied directly to the face of the parents of Ambassador Stevens and the dead protectors of the Benghazi Embassy compound when the caskets were flown back to Andrews Air Force Base.

Critics of the Obama administration have often wondered why President Obama disappeared from his command facility during the Benghazi attack, leaving all decisions about the Benghazi Embassy to Hillary Clinton and CIA director Leon Panetta that fateful evening.  Despite the fact that we had LIVE television feeds from both inside the embassy and outside via a flying drone overhead, the ferocity of the attack demanded direct and immediate presidential involvement.

Nevertheless, President Obama disappeared at 5 o’clock that evening, and did not resurface until 13 hours later (after our personnel had been killed) at approximately six in the morning, as he prepared to go to a Las Vegas fund-raiser for his presidential run.    Critics claim that he was totally “out of the loop” of events at this most critical time, leaving decisions to his subordinates.   No matter how defenders of Obama try to portray him as being involved in the Benghazi decision process, one simply cannot dismiss the fact that at this most critical time, when the embassy was under actual attack, President Obama was nowhere to be found.  This absence as we shall see, was purposeful.

As it turns out, both Clinton and Panetta never ordered any help to be sent to the embassy to defend it during the attack, despite the fact that jet aircraft from Aviano airbase in Italy were less than one hour away, and were left on the runway with their engines idling.   Troops from other Army and Special Forces bases were less than 3 hours away, and were repeatedly told to stand down at least 3X on three different occasions that night by their commanding officer.

The Obama administration’s lame explanation for this lack of preparation and follow thru was they could not predict how long the attack was going to last, a statement that is, on its face, ridiculous.   Should we not have sent any aircraft up at Pearl Harbor to fight the Japanese attack because we could not predict how long that attack would last either?   Such an “explanation” is patently absurd, but par for the course for the Obama administration.

However, the real reason that no special forces troops were sent to re-inforce the valiant men who gave their lives that night so that 25 Embassy personnel could live another day was that President Obama and Hillary Clinton had been involved in the treasonous act of directly arming our declared enemy out of the CIA compound annex to our embassy with RPGs and “Stinger” surface to air missiles.   They did this because they had both hoped that the “moderate” rebels would use them to fight against our other “enemies” in both Libya and Syria.  As it turned out, one of these Stinger missiles had been used to bring down a U.S. Chinook helicopter, and upon learning this, Obama and Clinton freaked out, and tasked Ambassador Stevens with the retrieval of these U.S. missiles and armaments before their public existence in the hands of our declared enemy could no longer be explained and covered up.

Arms dealer Marc Turi had brokered the original deal thru Ambassador Stevens with the covert approval of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton via Ansar Al Sharia, a radical Libyan terrorist group with ties to both the Taliban and Al Qaeda.   A few of the Stinger missiles brokered by Ambassador Stevens ended up in Afghanistan and were used against the American military.   On July 25th, a Chinook helicopter was shot out of the sky by one of our own Stinger missiles.   Fortunately, the Stinger’s explosive had not been armed, but the missile still damaged the helicopter sufficiently that it crash landed.

Upon examination of the missile that hit our helicopter, it was determined that the serial number from this Stinger missile was part of a cache of Stinger missiles that had been kept in Qatar by the CIA.   When President Obama and Hillary Clinton learned that this missile strike had brought down one of our helicopters, they panicked and tasked Ambassador Stevens with retrieving the rest of the Stingers missiles in Libya to preclude any further potential disasters – to their political careers.   It was because Ambassador Stevens’ mission to retrieve these Stingers was secret that no orders for commando teams to counter the attack upon our Embassy personnel at Benghazi was ever given.   Both Obama and Clinton feared that our special ops warriors would have discovered the Stingers and/or Ambassador Stevens mission at our embassy in Benghazi.

The idea to blame the “spontaneous” attack on a supposedly inflammatory anti-Muslim video (“The Innocence of Muslims” by Mark Youssef) that no one in Libya had ever seen, was a part of this cover-up and obfuscation process hatched by Clinton and Panetta in the fetid air of the command center back in Washington.  General David Petraeus, who was tasked with blaming the “spontaneous” uprising on this video, refused to do so, and so his military career was destroyed when Obama, in retaliation, had the CIA “leak” the fact that Petraeus had been having an affair with is biographer and had compromised National Security by sharing his appointment calendar with her.

The YouTube video “excuse” for the Benghazi attack, despite being made out of whole cloth, was trotted out for public consumption by Susan Rice the following weekend on all 5 major TV network Sunday morning interview talk shows, and was continued two weeks later by President Obama in front of the United Nations.  Obama blatantly lied to the American Public and to the world, rather than admit the Truth and confirm his treasonous duplicity.

Another aspect of this treachery included the “swap” of U.S. Army deserter and traitor Bo Bergdahl for 5 Taliban Generals held at Guantanamo due to the “pressure” exerted by the Taliban, who threatened to expose the details of the Stinger missile deal to the world press if these men were not released.   Many members of the media as well as the general public puzzled over this prisoner exchange – one American deserter (who was laughingly characterized by Susan Rice as serving the U.S. with valor and distinction) for five notorious and dangerous Muslim radical jihadis. Now we know that Bergdahl was simply a useful pawn to provide Obama with a justification for the release of these dangerous militants, most of whom have returned to the battle field to kill more Americans since their release from captivity.   

The covert reality is that we did not send any reinforcements to Benghazi because both Obama and Clinton were scared to death that such reinforcements would find out that we had been arming Al Qaeda and Taliban rebels directly out of our CIA annex at the Benghazi Embassy with RPGs and Stinger surface-to-air missiles.   Providing “aid and comfort” to a declared enemy of the United States is the text book example of TREASON, and would have destroyed both Obama’s re-election chances and Clinton’s presidential plans.   Therefore the reality of the situation had to be covered up and suppressed, and embassy personnel “sacrificed” because both Obama and Clinton had not taken the most elementary precautions upon the anniversary of 9/11 by the enemies of the United States; and not having done so, they were in a complete panic as to how to prevent the discovery of these weapons that were placed in the hands of our enemy by by their own treason, incompetence and stupidity.

The truth of this scenario also explains the lack of haste the FBI took to get to Benghazi to examine the evidence after the embassy had been burnt and ransacked.  Unbelievably, it took the FBI more than 3 WEEKS to fly to Benghazi, and by that time all of the weapons and evidence for this TREASON had been looted or destroyed.

What conclusion can we draw from these three seemingly disparate incidents?   Simply that President Obama is a cold-blooded, murderous psychopath hiding under the veneer of a cool, confident, and artificially competent ‘”Commander in Chief.”   Hillary Clinton shared his psychopathy.   Both of them were and are treasonous traitors.  And both of them deserve the ultimate penalty for their treason against the U.S. Constitution and the people of the United States.



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