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NASA Issues 2012 Warning and Possible End of The World

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 18:41
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MORE EVIDENCE OF PHOTON BELT: Astrophysicist Alexia Demetria says our solar system is entering an interstellar energy cloud

In light of recent news, the following information is paramount. On July 14, 2010 we learned that our sun is passing through an interstellar energy cloud which excites/energizes the sun.  NASA, along with The National Academy of Science and other world renowned scientist are so concerned about this up and coming solar maximum in late 2012, that way back in March 10, 2006 NASA issued a solar storm warning (in writing) for 2012. What NASA omitted in their 2006 solar storm warning is what prompted NASA in the first place to issue a 2012 solar storm warning four years in advance?  Then in 2010, NASA again warns the general population of a pending solar storm, telling the population to get ready for a once in a lifetime solar storm. Despite that news agencies and websites like this one are beginning to cover this developing story, no high government official has yet to stick his or her neck out to make an official announcement about the catastrophic implications as to allow the global population to begin preparing. Don’t Let Google and the NSA Spy on You! Use Gibiru Search Proxy. Click Here

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  • bigbytes

    “people if it’s on the internet does not mean it’s true.”

    I looked at the title and started to read, then I saw it was ‘those people’ again, and said, “I get it now”. Too funny.

    How it the Google boycott going?

  • IT WAS ME!!!

    Go to the official NASA website and you’ll find this info with no problem. NASA is clearly warning us in black and white and no one wants to fully face it. Maybe it won’t be as bad as all the hype but we should still at least talk about preparing for the worst. Here are a couple NASA links about the solar storms. or google “nasa solar storms” and nasa’s website should be first on the list.

  • Anonymous

    The sun is reaching a solar maximum. As we all know by now this is part of an 11 year cycle. NASA are taking precautions, thats all. As this could potentially affect electronic equipment as we rely more on electronic equipment now than ever before.

    The photon belt is the result of wild imaginations. It doesnt exist. Photons are light. They travel at the speed of light. They never form a stationaty belt. This is utter nonsense. Check any astronomy site and see for yourself. I have been an enthusiastic amateur astronomer now for 35 years.

  • Anonymous

    Here is a link to NASA astrobiology department. They explain all these myths about the end of the world, inc. solar activity, the dark rift, the gravitational forces fron the center of the Galaxy, Nibiru….etc.

    Where does NASA mention the Photon Belt? Where does NASA mention the possible end on the world?

    It is really quite worrying the lack of basic astronomical knowledge these New Agers have.

    This story is a perfect example of how information is being manipulated by some people.

    I wish ‘before its news’ would stop this nonsense. What has happened to this website?

  • Anonymous

    I dont know wether to laugh or cry. This is such a silly story.

  • IT WAS ME!!!

    People will never take this topic seriously. You are a contributor to misleading the public. If you had not mentioned the end of the world or false info on the photon belt and sticked with legit evidence, maybe there would be a better response. If you want to help give people info use better resources. These highly exaggereted stories need to stop. All it does is make people turn the other way.

  • Malloy

    Damn, I was hoping that passing through the photon belt would force everyone into spiritual ascension and the world would be filled with love, joy, daisies, butterflies, and rainbows.

  • Redoubt

    Just for a minute, let’s play along and assume the worst; the world will be smacked with a huge solar outburst while at the same time, Planet X will zoom by causing a poleshift and civilization as we know it will come to an abrupt halt.

    If this were the case, it would not be like washing the skidmarks out of your underwear. There’s just simply NOTHING you could do about it. Period.

    So… assuming that all these prophesies of doom are true, what’s the point of panicking? Crawling under your bed and curling up in a fetal position will accomplish nothing.

    But let’s get back to reality… whatever that may be and understand that wasting your lives cringing in fear or rioting or posting sensationalist stories on the web, results in nothing positive.

    Live your lives, mow your lawns, raise your kids to be good people and then, if you believe in God, pray. If you don’t… then no need to worry about that either. Get on with your life.

    Cheers :)

  • Anonymous

    Luk 21:25 There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.
    Luk 21:26 Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.

  • tmikew33

    I have followed NASA for years and I have never heard anyone from their organization say anything about a solar system storm…or 2012. I personally think there are going to be A LOT of people trying to find a place to hide after 2012 passes and it turns out to be just another year in the books. All those who have made small fortunes off this are going to be in some serious trouble…lmao…I just can’t wait till then.

  • hostile177

    I guess some people aren’t too “up on things”.

    NASA is saying plenty about the 2012 solar maximum for example here:

    And with this new discovery of the sun punching holes in the Earth’s magnetic field combines for a potential devastating one-two punch:

    If you are still confused, Wired sums it up nicely here:

    And I won’t bother mentioning the intergalactic fluff Voyager 1 and 2 discovered. This is the real stuff causes NASA folks sleepless nights. Why? The theory is that this highly charged magnetic intergalactic cloud will not only amplify the solar maximum but affect planets in ways we still don’t understand. Keep in mind, if not for the 33 year old Voyagers, we wouldn’t even know about this new and enormous threat.

  • Anonymous

    This solar activity is more than the 11 year maximum. We had one about 150 years ago +/- and it burned out quite a lot of telegraph wire. We may be for a rough ride there, and measures can be taken to protect the power grid. But the photon belt is pure nonsense. Combine the 2 and you have a story that is only half truth.
    Intergalactic clouds move with us, all relative speeds of the bodies involved would have to be analyzed to judge the danger. I would prefer to keep a close eye on some of the asteroids out there.

  • Anonymous

    “Luke 21:26 Men will faint from terror” Real men don’t faint from terror.

    That aside, there can be little doubt that the world is headed for some kind of train wreck economically and politically. Neither can there be doubt that the weather is weird and there seem to be more earthquakes, and that cyclone in Australia is as massive as the ice storm gripping most of America. There is enough shit to make sense out of without making up stories about NASA and an imaginary Photon Belt.

  • Anonymous

    Nasa discover new things all the time. Just because we find something new out there does not mean whatever it is will destroy our planet. lol.


    My opinion is the earth will not be destroyed in 2012.

    Maybe in 3017.

    The reason is, the Temple in Jerusalem has not been built yet.

    Satan has not been bound for a 1,000 years yet. After Satan is released, then the earth will be destroyed.

    Read Revelation 21 (King James Version)

    Revelation 21
    1. And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

  • American Man

    Why is it you deny these possibilities but you as fools believe the Al Gore’s, and Obama that global warming is caused by auto emissions and if they collect taxes on carbon and give it to third world countries everything will get better. That if we stop populating the planet and actually decrease it by 80% that everything will be ok. What a shame!! Wake up , open your minds to all possibilities, but don’t sell your soul to the first snake oil salesman that comes along!!

  • bigbytes

    “you as fools believe”

    The suggestion there is that every one who denies one possibility embraces a certain point of view which is pure foolishness.

    “Wake up , open your minds to all possibilities, but don’t sell your soul to the first snake oil salesman that comes along!!”

    Sell your soul? That’s a little NUTZ isn’t it? What you are actually saying is cop to the possibilities that YOU favor and ignore the ones that you don’t, right? Too funny. You’re a logic teacher right?

  • American Man

    Dear bigbytes
    I contend that those who support or believe that Al Gore’s group with fixed research about global warming is and was only caused by the industrialization foot print only that if it all stopped the world would go back to normal is foolish and not note worthy, when all the facts of global weather changes is and will always be the combined effects of every natural effects, such as earthquakes, eruptions , mass forest fires, solar storms, the change in axis tilting, magnetic changes etc. Man’s effect over just 200 years of using crude oil is just a focal point that these con artists use to control every part of your lives.

    No the selling of your soul is not nutz, for I consider any one who lets a few individuals taking away their freedom, stifle their choices,and convince them that they will save the world , by regulating every part of their lives and by charging global warming taxes , that they can control the weather, is like making a deal with the devil , in the sense selling your soul for these righteous few to save everything.

  • Homonymous Anonymous

    The whole Solar System exist since 4 500 000 000 years and the Universe since 13 700 000 000 years.
    They you seriously believe (without being shitting on yourself) that the Earth will suddenly end in 2012?
    Come on!

    The Earth has gone through many carrington Events before (megastorms) and nothing happened but polar aurorea on low lattitudes. It also didn’t happen since more tha a whole century.
    Actually, the Sun is in its lowest magnetic activity since more than 200 years.
    Noboby but crazies can pretend to know what will happen. And there are ways to protect the electric grid.
    There is nothing to be scared about.

    Stop harassing peoples with that disinformation and fear campaign.

  • Far&Away

    Hi guys,
    I come from a very small non-powerful country at all, and I follow articles on the internet about the so called 2012 events.
    Personally I don’t beleive in prophecies and predictions, but there’s one thing that I don’t understand from these stories. Like this story for example, and everyone knows that there are many more, writers, back up their theory by quoting NASA, so why don’t NASA publish official statements rebating the stories? Why not?

  • bigbytes

    “o why don’t NASA publish official statements rebating the stories?”

    They do. See this:

    Nibiru and Doomsday 2012: Questions and Answers

  • Homonymous Anonymous

    Should NASA waste time and tax payer’s money to answer stupids each time they have conspiracy theories or simply show their stupendous ignorance?

  • American Man

    In every situation where warnings of danger shine through the hectic pace of life, many people just ignore it or challenge it’s validity until it actually happens.
    The government and agencies like NASA will let it leak out, but are always thinking that if they said for absolutely certain, they know panic would set in and it would develop into a million times as the Egypt rebellion. Looting, fighting, clogged roads, fires, interruption of services, just sheer chaos.
    The leaders of governments have shelters to go to , food and assets set aside, and they will disappear when time comes, leaving everyone for themselves for survival.
    Humans hear what they want, weather about smoking, sex and AIDS,
    all react when they want to accept the truth.

    You have proof in the bible of God’s existence , and you may or may not accept it, and you have Darwin showing proof that you are a relative of monkey’s and you may or may not accept it.

    Do you get it , what is to is not going to hit you in the head with a crushing blow , come if you don’t keep your eyes open, you won’t even know when your head is crushed.

    Bottom line, don’t discount others for repetition of danger, for what they see as danger, may be useful to you if you store the information , not to make you stressed every moment, but just in case, you’ll be able to recognize something coming and maybe have time to prepare yourself and loved ones.

  • bigbytes

    “Should NASA waste time and tax payer’s money to answer stupids”

    Why not. They waste plenty of other things more stupider than that.

  • WhiteyWard

    NASA needs a face lift. All the flying saucers and lights in the sky and they do not see a thing? The power of the sun is not really understood so awareness of changes in conditions are always welcome. The Military use of technology and the Civilian reliance on technology makes it vital that our Air Planes etc do not start falling out of the sky because of lack of understanding.

  • Norry

    Dear Chicken Little,Be Here Now,enjoy this moment.Anyone predicting doom and giving a date as fact is a complete idiot as has been proven time and again,live with love in your heart not fear.There are a lot of dark things happening now as have always been through history, stay vigilant,be very discerning in processing information and do your own research but do not live in fear.

  • InfiniteDangers

    Don’t tell me –

    Newspaper headline

    “World Ends Tomorrow – Minorities and Poor to Be Hurt the Most”

  • Anonymous

    Ya know, I’ve always heard it said, “If you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” Well, if you come to the “end” of the world, –turn around, go the other way.

  • Redoubt

    Hey, know what? I am actually pretty good with the possibility of the world ending soon.

    It works for me because there are a lot of greaseballs in powerful offices and they have purposely ruined life for the great majority of us. All this globalism is not for the mass of the people, it is for the few.

    If there is no God… that’s fine. I have lived a really crazy life and have seen and done things that most people could not even imagine. Let it end and when I go… those cruds in the high places go with me. Deep, dark nothingness for all of eternity.

    But… I believe that God is real and that we might be rounding the last curve here. If that is so… then those scumbags that have destroyed everything we have worked for over centuries… are about to get a wake up call.

    Let’s get on with the show.

  • winwin4all

    NASA is controlled by the same people who control the USA from behind the scenes (aka shadow / invisible government). They’ve disinformed us, lied to us, mind programmed us, mind controlled us, brainwashed us for decades now. These fellows are known as the reptilian bosheviks (ETs from Zeta Reticuli of the Orion Star system) and they don’t have emotions (greedy and love to kill us via staged wars /invasions etc…) (The boshevik in the white house) (1930s UFOs)

    Somehow, now they are admitting to some truth about the photon belt? Well, some of us knew about it back in 1992. See links below: (2000 years of light – Photon Belt; See picture and info on P.4) (another angle of same info on Photon Belt)

    Lots of “researchers” into the truth of what’s going on on this planet know about “the ending of the cosmic cycle” into the photon belt. Here’s a great video showing it (keep in mind that our solar system passes through the photon belt twice in its complete galactic cosmic cycle):

    same video above is also at:

    Some info on the ETs controlling this planet and destroying it:

    Excellent video series explaining more about the “ET” enemy controlling this planet: (Michael Tsarion – Future of Mankind (1 of 19) ) ( 2 of 19 ) ( 3 of 19 ) (Video by Alex Collier – - Aliens control this planet…)

    The 13 reptilian boshevik families controlling this planet (see picture at end of page), they are ETs from Zeta Reticuli: (more on 13 reptilian bloodlines)

    Urgent: Planetary attack video info (depopulation agenda through chemtrails):

  • American Man

    I am with you Redoubt, but I believe that also I am going to be Rocky and throw punches as long as I can, and if I hear those scumbags spouting their elite beliefs, which is supporting the destructive spiral that is deliberately staged, I will blog with confrontations that are polite, but hard into their gut with the truth, that their plan of world order,and a green peace destruction of the American industrialize foot print which has destroyed 90% of our jobs and livelihood , is not going to happen without a fight to the end. No delusional society is going to destroy this country by ripping the fiber out of the citizens of America.

  • Anonymous

    NASA Is owned and operated by the department of defense! yes folk’s…the same people who deny Roswell, who don’t tell you about area 51,ect ect…Do you REALLY believe what NASA tells you?, when you don’t believe a darned thing that the Govt. tell’s you?!…The Govt. ownes all of these!

  • Far&Away

    Got the picture:
    “If governments and agencies like NASA let such information leak they know it will cause choas, panic, rebellion, looting, fighting, clogged roads, fires, interruption of services”, etc.
    “The leaders of governments have shelters to go to , food and assets set aside…”
    So best thing to do, I have decided, pay no more bills and taxes for the next 2 years, make as much loans as possible and start building a banker.

  • Anonymous

    I read about this on NASA’s site. doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary. it happened in 1958 and could happen again as soon as 2010-2011. We may have some cell phone interference that we didnt have to worry about in 1958, but they are in no way predicting the end of the world. we should get some nice Northern Light sightings down south though.

  • Coup Media Sr. Editor

    So the concern continues that in fact none of you can confirm or ‘de-bunk’ as you like to do. The Google Boycott Continues bigbytes, just thought I’d fill you in. And Redoubt, Your commentary is thoughtful and we like. Please shoot over to Coup Media and get in contact with us. Cheers and Peace Pround all

  • Redoubt

    @ Coup Media Sr. Editor on Mon Feb 07 2011 16:44

    Thanks for the complement… but I registered for your site and have not received a conformation email. Basically, I’m locked out.

    Oh well. Thanks for the offer :)

  • Redoubt

    @ Coup Media Sr. Editor on Mon Feb 07 2011 16:44

    Hey… confirm did finally arrive. Thanks for the invite. Look forward to reading your site

  • Anonymous

    The big issue here is that Alexia Demetria doesn’t not seem to really exist in any serious astrophysicist database.

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