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Famous Egyptologist: Great Pyramid Contains Something Unworldly

Thursday, October 6, 2011 17:49
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Artist’s conception of alien craft over Giza

I can not confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is ‘not of this world.’

Professor Dr. Alaaeldin Shaheen, Dean of the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University.

Is the quote controversial? Yes. In fact, the whole subject of aliensor ‘ancient astronauts’ as Erich von Däniken would call themis controversial.

But the quote stands.

Professor Dr. Alaaeldin Shaheen on Egyptian TV

Admitted knowledge that the pyramids contain something alien

The quote caused a flurry of conversation around the world and many UFO enthusiasts and alien watchers took noteespecially since Shaheen was presumably next in line to become Egypt’s Antiquities Minister, a powerful and prestigious post that oversees the protection and research activity of every historical site that spans the ancient Egyptian dynasties.

Former Minister Zahi Hawass

The minister at the time was Zahi Hawass , a strong and opinionated man dedicated to the protection of Egypt’s priceless treasures.

A slip of the tongueand sharing of personal knowledge during a social gathering at a conference endangered Shaheen’s chances to take over the coveted post when Hawass stepped into retirement. And the professor realized that after the fact.

Not long after readily admitting to a fellow colleague that the pyramids contained something alien, a firestorm ensued that threatened Shaheen’s reputation and his chance at the brass ring.

As the controversy grew, Shaheen went into full denial mode.

Aliens over ancient Egypt?

Damage control

Andrew Collins, a self-described friend of Shaheen, contacted the Egyptologist by email and asked the harried doctor if he really made such a comment.

In his reply, Shaheen vehemently denied everything.

Collins writes in his article, The Great Pyramid was not Built by Aliens: It’s Official, about the response from Shaheen:

“I received the following email from Dr. Shaheen on December 1, 2010: ‘Kindly be informed that I did not gave such stupid statement[s] about aliens and Pyramids. As [I am] Egyptologist I could [not] say such stupid words and ideas.’”

So who is this debunker, Andrew Collins? Is he a learned professor, a great investigative researcher, a world famous explorer?


It seems he’s a self-styled, psychic researcher who wrote a book with his own theory about the pyramids that he’s hawking online.

But waitmaybe his claim about the Shaheen email is still true? After all, what one’s personal predilections are does not necessarily reflect on the validity of the truth.

Well, even if it is true, it makes no difference.

The denial becomes suspect when considering that other attendees at the conference state Dr. Shaheen did address the idea of “outside assistance” to ancient Egypt. And a Polish delegate attending the conference named Marek Nowak of the Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland did ask a follow-up question about the possibility of the Great Pyramid containing the remains of an alien technology.

According to a number of other attendees of the conference Shaheen did respond, “I can not confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is “not of this world.”

Is that quote verbatim? Unknown, but close enough to easily understand the gist of the doctor’s statement: Alien technology is buried inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Sheehan loses chance at Ministry

After the global outcryand colleagues raising their eyebrowsof course Shaheen back-peddled rapidly. But to no avail.

The Arab Spring erupted across Egypt, Mubarack was deposed, and Zahi Hawass was eventually removed from his lofty post.

In place of Hawass, Mohamed Abdel Fatah was appointed the head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. Shaheen was pushed to the side.

But events are fluid in Egypt and the dust is still a long way from settling.

On September 20, 2011 Fatah quit, under fire from street protestors. So at the moment no one holds the position.

If Professor Dr. Shaheen keeps quiet this time about what great secret the Great Pyramid harbors deep inside its silent walls, he might be appointed as head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

If he is awarded the position, he better not be caught digging up any ancient alien technology

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  • JasonX

    This year old story (hardly before its news) is false. Dr. Alaaeldin Shaheen went on record saying he never made such claims.

  • Zaphod

    True it is old, I read this months ago. Anyhows, the British archelogists in the 19th & early 20th century would have been open if they foung anything related to ETs in the pyramids, they were’nt into hush hushing things then. A British explorer Andrew Collins did though report finding a massive cave system underneath the pyramids. The cave entrance was found following clues left in the 200-year-old memoirs of British diplomat and explorer Henry Salt, who recorded how in 1817 he and Italian explorer Giovanni Caviglia had investigated cave “catacombs” at Giza for a distance of “several hundred yards” before coming across a “spacious” chamber.

  • Dragon Sensei

    I read the whole article and I remember back in the 1980s an American engineer did sonar experiments bouncing the sound waves under the great pyramid and the Sphinx too. He claimed there was a huge chamber deep under the pyramid…and a smaller one about 80 to 100 feet under the Sphinx. Later a geologist studied the Sphinx for water erosion and said the Sphinx was older than the Egyptian culture and could be as old as 20,000 years.

    This article mentions the denial and the email that Collins claims he received. It also talks about a Dr. Mowak. I checked him out on Google and he really is at that university, he’s a professor there.

    The article says:

    > Shaheen vehemently denied everything. ”Kindly be informed that I did not gave such stupid statement[s] about aliens and Pyramids. As [I am] Egyptologist I could [not] say such stupid words and ideas.’

    And then says the denial is suspect:

    The denial becomes suspect when considering that other attendees at the conference state Dr. Shaheen did address the idea of “outside assistance” to ancient Egypt. And a Polish delegate attending the conference named Marek Nowak of the Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland did ask a follow-up question about the possibility of the Great Pyramid containing the remains of an alien technology.

    And supposedly others were there too and heard the conversation which makes sense if it happened at a conference.

    I think that this is an update on the denial story, so in that way it really isn’t just old news.

    Just my two cents.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t have to be aliens. Based on the relationship of the pyramid’s measurements to the earth, and the corridors to the timeline of Bible history it is most likely either from God himself or from demons mocking him.

  • Idiot Proof

    JasonX obviously the claims are true, as there are numerous witnesses who have already stated that he did in fact utter those words. Who are you, and why do you vouch for the man who cannot even show conviction for his own words?

  • VikingLima

    It is not surprising why the mainstream is so scared of the word “aliens” because that was a disinformation ploy used by the CIA/NSA in the fifties for cover-up. The real fact of the matter is, we do NOT know how old the pyramids are nor who built them. Based on the measurements and architectural interior, it would be built by people more advanced than we are. So not likely primitive people without advanced tools.

    For all we know, the fallen angels might be ones who built it or a race of giants. Until such time as humans can definitively view the aka-chic records consistently in fully-conscious state, we might never know.

  • Pix

    “The minister at the time was Zahi Hawass , a strong and opinionated man dedicated to the protection of Egypt’s priceless treasures.”

    ‘A strong and opinionated man’ does’nt do Hawass any justice. He was a crooked autocratic petty dictator that held up and interfered with all research for the entire length of time he was miniter of antiquities. It all had to be about himself. Not only that, he held up lots of digs in other parts of the world and slandered anyone who disagreed with his determination to suppress the truth, as well.

  • Don't be hating!

    Pyramids where built by and advanced “Celestial RACE” race other than the Egyptians with hand made tools. PERIOD! Anyone who thinks otherwise is mind controlled

  • Anonymous

    Any mention of aliens and advanced technology has to be suppressed. It was an unfortunate gaffe that aliens were mentioned so quickly before we could fully analyse the discovery. Any nation or power i.e The U.S. and Europe cannot at any expense reveal the existence of alien lifeform and the Egyptians certainly fall under their sphere of influence in no uncertain terms.

  • Anisha

    I highly recommend Graham Hancock’s, ‘The Fingerprints of the Gods’. He and Robert Bauval have concluded that clearly the evidence is irrefutable that the Pyramids and indeed all these pyramidal and astronomical ruins now left to us are wonders from a civilization of highly evolved humans who once peopled this earth but was mostly destroyed in a mass deluge/catastrophe around 13,000 years ago. It seems the verdict is: humanity had to evolve all over again b/c all was lost to us.

  • WTFU

    @ Pix…
    You nailed that one on the head,he was an out of control,control freak.

  • Anonymous

    More importantly, WHEN does the Heart of the Sphinx re-set to regulus ? That the Great Pyramid was built by a vastly superior force is without a doubt and anyone who can’t or refuses to see it is truly an idiot and does a great injustice to human kind!BUT more importantly – researches have touch on the WHY it was built – namely as a giant cosmic clock…… with our technology we are finally able to break it’s silence and the force that built this Object meant for us to have no doubt of their superior knowledge, skills and generosity & love for us – in leaving this Gigantic clue of who we are, where we come from and what awaits us…….time is running out, the PTB have done a great and evil job with Elenin in defeating speculation of heavenly objects thrusting into the Solar System and the Cosmic changes happening….so PEOPLE who know spill the beans………

    ps Revelations of the Pyramids is a great starting point!


    To see a picture of exactly what is under the great pyramid…

    a wall relief in copper…go to the web site

    go to page 4 on that site

    go to LOST THING

    go to page 21 of that forum

    costs you only your time

    That “piece of equipment” in the bottom of the frieze/relief I have since discovered is an electric light pole

    go then to page 5

    go to CESAR’S LOST BOOK and you will see a clear description at the bottom of a page from The Book of The Dead

  • JasonX

    @idiot proof.I’m not vouching for anyone, I simply don’t believe everything I read online, people with an agenda lie and there is so much disinfo out there.. Did he say what the article claims? I don’t know, I wasn’t there and neither were you.

  • Anonymous

    evolved–>devolved–>reevolve ? maybe?

  • Nikalseyn

    You don’t have to go to Egypt to find aliens. Here in the USA they are everywhere—they swim across the Rio Grande and are easily found either on the welfare rolls or trying to get free medical care in a hospital emergency room.

  • O. Ryan Faust

    Ancient batteries have been found in the middle east, specifically Iraq. Hieroglyph reliefs of electric light poles, chronographs, advanced metallurgy, artifacts embedded in coal seams, skeletal remains of 12 foot tall people . . . there are countless interesting and theory-busting archeological finds made all the time.

    When something doesn’t fit current theoretical models, it’s dismissed as either fraudulent or ‘alien’, and dismissed out of hand.

    If advanced technology was discovered, it’s probably because the people of that time had advanced technology.

    I don’t think we’re alone in the universe . . . hey, it’s a BIG universe. It’s just that if it was discovered here, it’s more than likely FROM here.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I am all wise and all knowing and I declare all of this “nonsense”. End of discussion. Peons, go about your business.

  • cmcgover

    All should check out the works of Zecharia Sitchen. I did and now everything built in the anceint past makes more sense. Myths? I don’t think so. Those from Heaven to Earth came were the Anunnaki and the Fallen Angels were the Igigi. If you want to hide the truth, then put it in plain sight. Works for me because nobody will believe it. It just wasn’t what they were taught in school. Sometimes if you want to know the truth then you need to think outside of the box. Hollywood has been showing us the truth because nobody believes that it could be so. They are slapping us in the face but we won’t wake up. Sorry for being long winded. Peace to all.

  • Nim

    I just wasted about 10 minutes reading that Nostradamus crap.
    Minotaur of antiquities. Agreed.

  • Anonymous

    Mr.Hawass was an entertaining man..

  • Idiot Proof

    JasonX yet you proclaim, you declare that the story is false. So I would like for you to explain, if all of the people who claim that he indeed said that, are they conspiring against him? I don’t know either, I was not there either, as you say you were not. So how do you make ANY claims at all?
    If you just do not believe anything “they” say in the MSM, then you have played yourself into an enduring state of ignorance. Everything they say cannot be false, there has to be SOME truth.
    So for you, it is a far stretch for someone who should have access to inside information, to slip up and “disclose” something, only to realize his mistake later and backtrack and deny the statement? Ok…
    I am definitely losing faith in my fellow man’s ability to reason and use basic logic…


    According to a number of other attendees of the conference Shaheen did respond, “I can not confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is “not of this world.”

    Maybe it’s about connecting the dots?

    I’m from the netherlands and I did a few courses in energie work. REIKI was one of them. I also did a three day course given by a teacher from the USA called Patrick Zeigler. The energie was called SKHM. Patrick told the story about acquiring the energie from an entity he encountered in the great piramid when he secretly stayed behind. Here you can find the whole story.
    Like I said I did the course and on the third day I made some connection which I still, untill today, don’t understand and I started filling the classroom we were in with energie. If you know the feeling in your hands of giving REIKI energie, it’s like a gentle flowing feeling. This was more like a spouting fountain. I was ‘used’ as some sort of conduit. People around me started screaming and crying, going into a spontanious cleansing. This whole thing was so ‘out of this world’, out of my normal range of experiences, that I hysterically started crying too. I’m still looking for answers about what really happened that day. I haven’t found them yet…..

    Anyway, maybe Shaheen was refering to the entity Patrick Zeigler had encountered?

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  • Anonymous


    all well..AT LEAST WE ARE RID OF Former Minister Zahi Hawass =WHAT AN ARGENT REPTILE! and hopefully the next [puppet] appointed will give bit more leverage towards the truth…..cause its ‘out-there’..and coming closer!

    ENERGY GREAT. and we all here for a reason …..and not to be sheep…..they’ve got there own job

  • Anonymous

    The fallen Angel azazel is under the Great Pyramid, he was bound hand, feed and eyes and placed under the Great Pyramid until Judgement Day, the chamber under the Pyramid is the same distance down as it the Pyramid is up and huge bolder/rock is on top of it to keep him bound down there, as well as the rocks of the Pyramid itself… these people know this is true, that’s why they are trying to set it free and at the same time afraid to go down there. This fallen angel they worship cares nothing about them and will eventually torture them in hell with the rest of the fallen and their demons when that day comes. THEY NOT FOOLING NOBODY WITH THESE LIES, the truth is out now!!!

  • zanbaq1

    New predictions
    Shaul Mofaz (Antichrist) in the 28 October- 2011 Israeli Prime Minister After the earthquake in

    northern Israel(november)- and the dry lake Kinert He is government end of december/ 2012

    And by Imam Mahdi or Jesus will be killed In Jerusalem: 21 december 2012

    Shaul Mofaz maybe to rule in the 28 october 2011 untill 21 december 2012 and probably aim mayans from this two time is to rule anti christ

    On november Saudi Arabia king will be killed – November 6 is the hidden of his death after

    starts War powers

    On October 20-28, 2011 comet Elenin(C/2010 X1) near Earth and Asteroid yu55 hit in East Asia And reverse rotation of the(10/october /2011 »

    Gas Methane
    Perfect Alignment Elenin, Earth, Mercury and Venus. During this alignment the Earth will also pass the route of Elenin so when Elenin has a tail with Debris, all the rocks will hit Earth and it could be raining Fire as the Bible tells us !!! By the way, this stuff is all going to happen when the date is 11-11-11 isn’t that cool !!!

    - The sun will rise from the West and the vast skies will become red(

    America the great volcano in -11 november 2011()

    - will begin its activities – eight days out of the ashes

    Syria: earthquake in northern Israel

    and Syria And its effect on the dry lake Kinert /In November Jordan to take possession of syria/and

    after Exit Western from Iraq/ Iraq by the Jordan in January to take possession of/Fighting with

    Turkey in December2011/And in February 2012 At one point, some of Sufyani’s army will sink

    into the ground./ This place will be known as Baidah and will be located either between Makkah

    and Madina-volcano alaise

    2012- march-11

    Jesus in the the


    of 2012 – comes to earth from the sky – to help Imam Mahdi

    theadministration of justice in the earth

  • Electrolux

    Who cares what drama the establishment plays? The fact remains that millions of huge well shaped stones were placed in such a precise fashion that our best builders today could not duplicate the feat. One could suspect that the meaning of this feat might challenge our present belief systems.


    the administration of justice in the earth
    I don’t know who or what you are


    In the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus all of the dates – every one
    has a mention in the quatrein(disguised) lines.

    Names do not come very often – that is, politics, but events do
    Names only come as “verification” such as Saddam being found in “DAN” 9 – Dan being Scorpio…and so it was

    If the “Jesus” (Ysus) event occurs in the daylight hours it will be real.
    The March 11 date is given as “March Equinox” and this happened also with the Japan incident when the earthquake occurred March 11 but the nuclear result at the 19th was on the equinox

    So the March 11 date you have, I have again as “ONN” which is obsolete language for the March Equinox. Your March 11 2012 therefor has repercussions which may not be apparent to the
    world until a few days later

    This event is a big time episode, as it appears as “IN PISCES” in the Lost Book of Cesar.

    Nostradamus calls certain Off Worlders the “NUMERATORS” and the “METRICIANS” and they do seem to have a love for certain numbers and dates.

    Starting with “Passover” which became Easter and ever since has seen many major earth events. Easter 2012 will be no different.

    The same goes for the Winter Equinox (Christmas)
    One only has to recall Cyclone Tracy and the Boxing Day Tsunami

    Nim – you just wasted another ten minutes on Nostradamus
    Is your full name Nim-Rod?

  • Sonny

    I am an amateur Egyptologist and Astronomer all my life. My profession was as an Aerospace Engineer and US Navy NASA ScO, for the FORMER Space Shuttle Fleet. I worked my entire life in the former United States Manned Space Program at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the former USA, 1958 to 1992. YES, I sad FORMER. My nation has been destroyed.
    The Apollo Astronauts I interviewed have told me that many of them did see structures on the surface of the moon. One said he observed a disc like object flying over his head with his moon with his moon waliking crewman. none of these excellent astronauts ever lied to me. This astronaut said he also observed mining operations on the moon where he and the other crew member were researching and photographing. He said his photographs had the structures he saw removed from what he photographed as structures looming above the surface of the moon. Open my website at: Open my book chapters. this EVIL Secret Shadow Government here will not allow my books to be published. Thank you.
    Clark, ScO

  • HereAmI

    Everyone keeps repeating that the Pyramids could not have been built by people. They may not have been, but they could have been. There seems to be good evidence that the stones were created in situ out of local sand which was then concretised using some kind of liquid binding agent. The larger pieces of sand or stone in these blocks have settled out towards the bottom of the stones, as one would expect if the technique was as described.
    For our Dutch friend; you are messing with demons, although you fondly imagine that you are learning about healing techniques. The power you described is the power of evil. and as you have discovered, you are no match for it. Have no more dealings with familiar spirits. Patrick Zeigler is a fool to have summoned up such an entity. In ancient times, he would have been taken outside the camp and stoned to death.
    There is much talk about structures on the Moon. If real, and observed in situ by the so-called “astronauts”, then why not provide close-up pictures? The shameful truth is that our dear friends from God’s Own Country have never set foot on the Moon. The astronauts are liars and/or brainwashed as per MK Ultra. Not one of them, except the avowedly atheistic Edgar Mitchell, will swear on the Bible that they went there, even if they are offered money to give to a charity of their own choice if they will. Any artefacts you are shown are from Planet Earth. The photos were taken here on terra firma. Ditto the Mars pics.
    It makes a lot more sense to fabricate locations for “Mars” in the SWestern US, than to actually go to Mars. Bigger profits for the cabal of co-conspirators, you see. Simple economics. Just call in Spielberg et al to provide the footage. If the lie is big enough, the folks back home will always believe it.

  • Anonymous

    Possible pillar of Enoch, founded by red heads.

    Dignitaries of the Mid East tend to say conflicting things, depending on the audience. Hawass probably spoke in confidence, might have been take out of context.

    Does he personally believe anything, which would contradict the claim of his benefactors to the land.

  • Anonymous

    Traversing the great pyramid with the minds eye.

    My Story.

    I was born free but decended along a passage to a pit of hell.
    The ascending passage was blocked, there was no easier, softer way to the kings chamber but through the well.

    The pit was the big I, ego buster. I needed to get rid of spam, deframent, watch for pop ups, etc, etc.

    As I journey up a small passage way with the light of the kings
    chamber in mind. The coffin represents freedom of self and there is no lid on it.

    You see, I had learned from the outside in instead of the inside out.. Now I see every ones journey.

  • Idiot Proof

    JasonX, all I am saying is that the entire thing may be entirely untrue as you said, or, just a mind game, there are way too many unexplained anomolies regarding the construction of the pyramids, who built them and what their purpose was. Maybe burial tombs was an after thought, maybe they were spaceports, who knows, maybe they transmitted energy beams to other worlds for communication or travel, or even more? Maybe there’s a stargate under there…

    As advanced as the technology behind the construction and mathematics of the pyramids are, all over the world, and the Sphinx, and that we have so far not been able to reproduce or unravel it all, I think it might be just as likely that aliens did come here and at the very least influenced the construction of the pyramids, as they were built by very advanced humans whose technological existence was all but erased by cataclysm and time from all evidence save those enduring monoliths…

  • Negotiate Now

    Modern man does not have the skills or abilities of his ancestors. Through, skill and the hard work of slaves they erected monuments which can’t be compared with today’s skyscrapers. Think of the terracota soldiers in China Just because nobody could make them today doesn’t mean aliens made them. In many, many ways our ancestors were superior to us and I think we should all accept that rather than say “Aliens must have done it”. The progress of time has made life easier for mankind, most of it anyway, and the work and the planning of such great structures is lost to us.

  • bobi

    Like I have commented before, I have always believed that our current civilization could not have built the pyramids, and I also believe that there have been other civilizations here on earth prior to us, that in fact did build many things that we have found through archeology, such as the caves at the Red Sea where ships were built to sail on the sea. The caves were discovered hundreds of feet above the current sea level.
    Common sense would tell you that with our current history and ancestors knowledge these things were constructed by a different civilization. Through the years, many ancient places have been found and the clues as to the cultural aspects have been few and perplexing. Again, theories are the only thing we have to explain their existence.

  • 1shot

    Common sense??

    come on the great flood is spoken about in too many cultures to be bull, look at the fossil table…

    The Pyramid builders, the Mayans, they were all on to something that we cannot copy…

    So where are they now?
    dead & buried, maybe there all taken away by the aliens…

    Come on wake up…

    Yep there aliens out there, the odds prove it, we are a science project, from GOD, spiritual beings, placed in a meat puppet, hold a mirror up to another mirror, edge them exactly, and see for your self.

  • Anonymous

    “I cannot confirm or deny this but…”

    Then why say anything at all? So then it’s speculation?

  • Anonymous has science magazines for all of us to read. we can see awesome news in the national inquirer

  • Idiot Proof

    1Shot, if all animal life save that which swims, breathes water, or were aboard Noah’s ark, how did that story get to so many civillizations? I am simply pointing out, that if we take the bible literally, then we must accept that all humans, from Asian to Mayan, Aborigine, to Eskimo, Icelandic to African, are ALL descendents of those few who were on the Ark that made it through the flood, and the Bible doesnt even mention the diverse group onboard the ark, let alone Chinese people at all…do you, or anyone think that the Chinese, Amazonian rain forrest dwelling Indians, the Bushmen of the Khalihari, and\or the Austrailian Aborigines, descended from Noah or any who travelled with him? If the Earth is about 6000 years old

  • Idiot Proof

    …then it doesn’t seem as if there has been enough time for that diversity to have occured. And seeing that China and Japan know their history for a coupla-few thousand years, I’d consider it unlikely that the Bible can be used for its historical accuracy…

  • Lliam

    I Proof

    Any race/culture will adapt to its environment, take the Africans, whom are relocated Egyptians, their nose thickness of skin indicate which region they are from due to the sunlight and UV rays of that region, you can tell the difference between the Japanese, and Chinese races, their eye structure roundness or oval face can determine the region…The 12 tribes of the Bible have relocated and repopulated to many lands that is why in the hill tops of China they have practicing Hebrews who are Chinese

    In 1987, a team at the University of California at Berkeley published a study comparing the mtDNA of 147 people from five of the world’s geographic locations.2 They concluded that all 147 had the same female ancestor. She is now called “the mitochondrial Eve.”

    From a biblical perspective, do we know where Eve lived? Because the flood was so destructive, no one knows where the Garden of Eden was.4 However, Noah’s three daughters-in-law, who lived only a dozen or so generations after Eve, began raising their families near Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey—very near the common boundary of Asia, Africa, and Europe. (Each of us can claim one of Noah’s daughters-in-law as our ever-so-great grandmother.) So it is not surprising that Asia, Africa, and Europe are candidate homes for mitochondrial Eve.

    Likewise, when similar words, sounds, and grammar of the world’s most widely spoken languages are traced back in time, they also seem to originate near Ararat.5 Another convergence near eastern Turkey is found when one traces agriculture back in time.6

    Read more:

  • 1shot

    Yep The Eve thing is right

    I grew up in Jersey, my buddy left when he was 16 and moved to Fla. I traced him and called him on his 40th birthday, he had a southern twang, and spoke like a local, we exchanged photos on line, and info. him being 5 day younger than me looks 25years older, I asked if he was sick for a while, nope its from living down south and being in the sun by the sea, reflections off the sand, that cooked him, I travel alot to different countries and get some down time in the states from time to time, and I have seen first hand how many not only adapt to their environment, but begin to localize themselves naturally.

    As to skin color It can be shown that one pair of middle-brown parents could produce all known shades of color, from very white to very black, in one generation.

    Mideastern people are known to be dark skinned, again due to their environment.

    Genesis chapter 10 describes how the present world population was derived from Noah’s three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth, and their wives (three family groups). Verse 32 states, “From these the nations spread out over the earth after the flood.” Additional references are given in 1 Chronicles chapter 1. Genesis 10 exactly names 16 grandsons of Noah, and then we are provided further details of the Babel dispersion (Genesis 11) where their descendants fanned out over the earth and established the various nations of the ancient world. The number of descendants of Noah (grandsons, great-grandsons, etc.) mentioned are 26 from Shem, 30 from Ham, and 14 from Japheth, totaling 70 “sons” or “nations.” These 70 nations are the descendants (generations, genealogies or family histories) of the sons of Noah, known from Hebrew antiquity (Talmudic tradition of seventy nations in the world).

  • 1shot

    If you truly seek knowledge Tim Osterholm wrote a detailed paper and did an very in-debt study on the subject called the table of nations or the origin of races…

    Here is his link

    There are many other links with other writings.
    With much proof, so enjoy the knowledge


    If your just another Bible basher
    then party on…

    And GOoD luck…

  • Idiot Proof

    I am no Bible basher, I think it has wonderful teachings in it I just cannot accept the content within its covers represents very much historical fact. Claims that the Bible is factual and should be taken literally are preposterous. And according to the Old Testament and Judiasm, Adam and Eve were living in Eden less than 6000 years ago.

  • Angel Eyes

    I have had the privilege of standing in front of the Pyramids, riding the camels, seeing the tombs and yes King Tut as well. I can tell you from the experience there is an “eery other worldly feeling” attached to them. That our human words cannot explain.

    They are Ancient beyond Bible days. Have Nothing to do with Religion. It’s an ethereal thing, it’s an energy. It’s a Mystery we’d all love to know.

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