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Redux: Scientists Warn Supervolcano Will Destroy U.S.

Friday, February 10, 2012 20:53
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Some of the world’s smartest geophysicists aren’t sleeping well anymore. Perhaps their dreams are filled with nightmaresif so, it wouldn’t be surprising since what they thought they knew about volcanoes wasn’t quite right. But now they know the truththe terrifying reality—supervolcanoes are activating and can destroy America at any time. Maybe in 100 years…or maybe as early as next week…

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Forget about tumbling asteroids the size of mountains bombarding EarthStop worrying about nuclear warShrug off any concerns about the coming Ice AgeDoomsday is probably closer than you think and no matter where you live you probably aren’t safe from the effects of the aftermath.

That’s the terrible reality facing scientists around the world as they scramble to revise monitoring systems to better predict the imminent destructive fury of the supervolcanoes when they blow.

1888 lithograph of the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa

The terror of tomorrow

For many years volcanologists thought tomorrow was a long way off. But two scientific papers published recently reassessed the danger of several ominous U.S. volcanoes: one in Death Valley, the Ubehebe Crater, is half a mile wide and more than 700 feet deep. Believed to have last erupted thousands of years ago, it’s now known to have blasted away during the 14th Century.

The other volcano, the famous Crater Lake caldera in Oregon, can recharge itself in a few short decades and then explode with super-massive destructive force. Until lately, scientists believed that volcanoes also required thousands of years to become dangerously active again.

They were wrong.

Brilliant Dr. Margaret Mangan California’s top U.S.G.S. scientist

The U.S. Geological Survey scientist in charge of keeping a wary eye on volcanoes located in California for the U.S. Geological Survey is Margaret Mangan. Recently she told USA Today that “The understanding of the timing of eruptions and the timing of the building up to eruptions is changing.”

And changing it isat an alarming rate. The changes in knowledge that have come rapidly the past few years now have some scientists biting their nails over the Doomsday supervolcano in Yellowstone Park. That volcano has shown all the signs of becoming active: parts of the ground have heated to just under 1,000 F while the earth is bulging from a building lava dome and a lake has completely boiled away.

Just two years ago many geophysicists assured everyone, including the federal government, that there really wasn’t anything to worry about. Really.

Now those same scientists have shut up. If they talk at all to curious reporters they respond only in clipped monotones and then hurry away.

What are they worried about? Approaching Doomsday.

The many names of Doomsday

Doomsday comes with many names, 22 to be exact. The seven largest among the megacaldera (the technical name for supervolcanoes) are Yellowstone, Long Valley, and Valles Calderas in the United States; Lake Toba on North Sumatra island in Indonesia; the Taupo Volcano located on the North Island in New Zealand; Aira Caldera within the Kagoshima Prefecture of Kyūshū, Japan; and the Siberian Traps in Russia.

The world’s seven supervolcanoes cauldrons of violent destruction

A relatively smaller supervolcano, Cumbre Vieja, on La Palma in the Canary Islands just northwest of Africa could wipe out much of southern England and most of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.

According to an article by Steve Connor, the Science Editor of the UK’s The Independent:

A wave higher than Nelson’s Column and travelling faster than a jet aircraft will devastate the eastern seaboard of America and inundate much of southern Britain, say scientists who have analyzed the effects of a future volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands.

The Canary Island Cumbre Vieja volcano’s ‘Zone of Destruction’

A massive slab of rock twice the volume of the Isle of Man would break away from the island of La Palma and smash into the Atlantic Ocean to cause a tsunami–a monster wave–bigger than any recorded, the scientists warned…

The Canary Island Cumbre Vieja volcano’s tsunami path

Most of the wave’s energy, equivalent to the combined output of America’s power stations for six months, would travel westwards to the American coast but enough would be flicked north towards the English Channel to cause catastrophic coastal damage.

A computer model has been designed to show the way the tsunami will build after the volcano, called Cumbre Vieja, erupts…It describes the almost unimaginable scale of an event that the scientists say could happen at any time within the foreseeable future.

Fire and ice

When the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts, up to 100 million Americans will perish.

Millions will be instantly incinerated by the blast. More millions will die quickly from tons of superheated ashas much as 20 feet deepthat will blanket the Death Zone from the Pacific Northwest to northern Texas and as far east as western Iowa.

American ‘Death Zone’ delineated by superheated ash

More will succumb to extended famines and plagues. For all intents and purposes what was once the United States of America will be gone—buried in gray ash, slag, and superheated mud.

Much of southwestern Canada will also be affected.

Death Zone delineated by supersonic winds and heat

A survey in 2009 conducted by scientists gathered past seismic wave data from earthquakes in the region to create a 3D image of the subterranean hotspot. The actual ancient caldera, now mostly a shallow impression in the ground, spans across three states: Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

‘Pit of Death’ widening volcanic vent at Yellowstone

All experts agree that if another massive eruption occurs the concussion, lava, superheated gas and ash fall would effectively destroy almost half of the US and be the greatest single catastrophe in recorded world history.

Entire projected Yellowstone eruption ‘Death Zone’ covers two-thirds of U.S.

The Apocalyptic destruction of the supervolcanoes would be followed swiftly by an Ice Age. If it’s a major Ice Age, the ice will remain for up to 100,000 years.

The last major eruption at Yellowstone occurred about 70,000 years ago. Some experts are warning a supervolcano catastrophe is long overdue.

When asked when he thinks Yellowstone might erupt, one worried volcanologist sighed and replied, “At any time. Look, I’m just a scientist. Only God can answer that question with certainty…but it’s going to happen.”

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  • Honesty

    but not before US govt does it…

  • Anonymous

    This is absolute crap, unless it happens in the very real future, like next week.
    Cause after next week, there will not be a United States for a volcano to destroy.
    When scientists say ‘soon’, that means 1,000 years to a volcano.
    ‘Imminent’ means one day soon for sure.
    ‘Really’ means trust me on this one.
    ‘Yeah, right!’ means I do trust you.
    And the check’s in the mail.

  • Anonymous

    yeah ok, crap, and it takes millions of years for a super volcano to blow.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The Earth’s core is heating; it is due to neutrinos. Science has long known and planned for this periodic influx of energy. That is why we have WISE, WIMP, the IceCube neutrino detector at the south pole. All of this information is going to give us a clearer picture of what this periodic influx of neutrino energy is doing.
    The source may be G1.9, the body inside our solar system a short way from the ORT shell boundary. This body may orbit Proxima Centauri in a strange deep eleptical. 1984 first identified then 2005 burp of gas noted. I propose that it was a small LT starbit, a light terminus small body which held super cold gas stopping light from vibrating, hence dark. When the gas could no longer be held inside due to lack of pressure, the LT starbit burped the gas and rearranged its inner quanta to become a neutron bitsy. The sudden appearance of the neutrinos may be due to the ORT shell which the neutron bitsy is outside most of its orbit. If the sudden appearance is due to its entry past the ORT shell, the neutrino influx should stop when the neutron bitsy passes the ORT shell on its return to Proxima Centauri. This cycle may be the 5,000 y one of recorded history.

    This neutrino energy also heats Fluff, our local gas cloud, and the comrpession forces our heliosphere down to perhaps Earth this time. Since the LT starbit has lost energy and become a neutron bitsy, the compression is less, and we will not experience compression as we have in cycles prior to 10,000 y ago.

    Nothing will happen to Earth that has not already happened. We are not aliens; there are no aliens. Weather systems will suffer extreme disruption to the added heat.

  • Anonymous

    Well as you know it all ‘anonymous’I guess we all should just take your word for everything.

  • Anonymous

    Super Volcanos, Aleins, Astroids, the New World Order,chances are genetics will get you first..

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like someone took a hypothetical situation and ran wild with it. Naming someone that works for the USGS and quoting a science editor is not researching. It’s hitting “Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V” and calling it a day. Give a link to the actual, published research paper to lend some credence to this. Hell, I’d even like to see who this “worried volcanologist” you quote at the end is. Unless you can provide some actual proof for any of this drivel, you, sir, are simply a worthless fear-monger.

  • adavancedatheist

    The author didn’t do his homework. He should have added Uturuncu in South America to his list.

  • Nim


  • Anonymous

    its B.I.N. … strictly for entertainment only !!!

  • Pix

    LOL, like the USA is the only country to have a super vulcanoe.

    Here’s a full list:

    Lake Taupo 8 Australia & New-Zealand New Zealand North Island ~26,500 years ago .. Details
    Lake Toba 8 Indonesian Archipelago Indonesia Northern Sumatra ~74,000 years ago .. Details
    Whakamaru 8 Australia & New-Zealand New Zealand North Island ~254,000 years ago .. Details
    Yellowstone Caldera 8 North-America USA (Pacific Region) State of Wyoming 640,000 years ago 04.02.2012 Details
    Island Park Caldera 8 North-America USA (Pacific Region) State of Idaho 2.1 million years ago 04.02.2012 Details
    La Garita Caldera 8 North-America USA (Pacific Region) State of Colorado ~27.8 million years ago No data Details
    Mount Tambora 7 Indonesian Archipelago Indonesia Sumbawa Island 1815 31.01.2012 Details
    Baekdu Mountain 7 Asia China The border North Korea and China ~969 CE No data Details
    Kikai Caldera 7 Asia Japan Osumi Islands, Kagoshima Prefecture ~6,300 years ago .. Details
    Laacher See 7 Europe Germany Rhineland-Palatinate ~12,900 years ago 19.12.2011 Details
    Aira Caldera 7 Asia Japan Island of Kyushu ~22,000 years ago 09.02.2012 Details
    Campi Flegrei 7 Europe Italy Naples ~39,280 years ago 31.01.2012 Details
    Reporoa Caldera 7 Australia & New-Zealand New Zealand Taupo Volcanic Zone 230,000 years ago .. Details
    Mount Aso 7 Asia Japan Island of Kyushu, Kumamoto Prefecture ~80,000 years ago 29.01.2012 Details
    Long Valley Caldera 7 North-America USA (Pacific Region) State of California ~760,000 years ago 10.02.2012 Details
    Valles Caldera 7 North-America USA (Pacific Region) Jemez Mountains, State of New Mexico ~1.12 million years ago .. Details
    Santorini Volcano 7 Europe Greece Island of Thera 1927 12.02.2012 Details

    • Mayhem

      Shoosh Pix I’m less than 100 Km away from Taupo!

      The 3rd or 4th largest Super Volcano in the world.

      Ice snot scaird. (gulp)

      We spit at volcano’s in NZ… Muahahaha.

  • Anonymous

    OK. So a volcano is going to erupt and kill a bunch of people. So what. It’s not like you can stop it. Just don’t build a house on top of it and enjoy what brief life you have on this planet.

    Friggin’ worry mongers.

    • Mayhem

      Remember a few years ago when China were attempting to block one with concrete blocks dropped by Helo? They might have only been talking about it but as I recall I thought they were giving her a shot.

    • Apolitical Blues

      More like ‘fear-porn’. Most of the ‘contributors’ on BIN seem to come from the same flock as Chicken Little…

  • WhatBox?

    old news

  • Hang all drunkdrivers

    Then again, this may be another scam like global warming to make certain corporations and politicians richer.


    And, to you Mr.Anonymous, you seem to like to spout ur reems of knowledge to us all…must be ‘Menses’ material and not getting enough attention in other quarters…
    I am really not trying to insult you.
    But, for someone so intelligent – why are you spending so much time trying to debunk one article?
    Is this all N.W.O.enthusiasts have to do with their time?
    Debunk little bitty newsbites on obscure forums and blogs, etc.?
    Is this what you call being positive and more-informed than all of us?
    How’s about getting on one bended knee and finding about before your Maker, how small you really are?…



    and, to you, Mr.Unsure – I’ve heard of you before – your real name is INDIFFERENCE.

    Vancouver, Canada.

  • Anonymous


    The passing of a planetary body within our solar system (the one that is heating up all the planets right now and has altered the orbit of Pluto and the spin of Venus)

    easy enough for anyone to do discovery on the details above, but right now
    information from many sources says:

    will likely set off SOMETHING and this could be involved in the FUSE event which CHANI spoke of this May 12

    that the hidden texts of Nostradamus speaks of –
    for the same date

  • Wake up

    Wow, people just discredit because? Oh that’s right all of you know everything. Wow! But don’t forget plagues are started after eruptions. Maybe you need to know more. I don’t get it, being closer to the ground how does that show respect? Why would the greatest power need anything from anything? I admit strong headline, but what do we know? NOTHING!

  • Cosmic Charlie

    Time to Die! I am so ready! That is why I read this site. Get ready to die! Face it – that is the fantasy! DEATH! Yes! Git R Dun!

    • Mayhem

      Yeah lets get her done. (Holds Cosmic Charlie out in front like a heat shield)

  • Anonymous

    Ain’t gonna happen. The Yellowstone super volcano is too well vented to blow, at least not this time. One thing no one is talking about are mud volcanoes and we are going to have lots in the USA. These will blow mud sky high and mud particles will be carried by wind for thousands of miles and deposit on house roofs, until the roofs collapse. Everyone on the planet will know something is very wrong by March-April 2013. There will be a series of global disasters, running into 2016. The Earth will be purged with destruction and a new Earth will begin anew.

  • scared sh-tless

    ok were basically screwed between supervolcanos, megadeath the red dwarf star lurking behind the sun along with mysterous planet x, solar flairs waiting to turn us to toast killer earthquakes, bogies with nerve gas and other WMDs our own government ready to stuff us all in their new mega prisons and the big bad wolf who might huff and puff and blow our houses down. With all this going just remember to wear your seat belts cause your about 10,000 times more likely to die in a car wreck on your way to work than any of this crap.

    • Mayhem

      Roger that!

  • nimbunje

    So Ok if you survive – Ice Age onset . So sorry don’t forget about the Ice Age ,or at the very least dusty , cold , dry and a 5 to 6 degree Celsius drop in temperature at best .

  • riskofshock

    Look on your sat maps at Latitude 36 degrees 59′ 56″ N
    Longitude 109 degrees 2′ 43″ W if you want to see a real “supervolcano”.
    Hint: It is visible in the last photo in this article.

  • riskofshock

    Look on your sat maps at Latitude 36 degrees 59′ 56″ N
    Longitude 109 degrees 2′ 43″ W if you want to see a real “supervolcano”.
    Hint: It is visible in the last photo in this article. It is NOT Yellowstone.

  • Pateriot

    The risk is pretty much what it was 100 years ago… except that now we know the potential.

  • Usefuleater

    I suppose when and if we ever reach a point where Ole Faithful can’t be relied upon, nature is trying to tell us something.

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