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11/19/14 Leaked! Giant Body Behind Saturn Entering Solar System!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 10:18
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This video uploaded today by the channel secureteam10 shows a declaration of an astronomer linked to NASA about this amazing discovery. What do you guys think this might be? I’d like to hear the opinion of amateur astronomers in the comments below. If you have good equipment, try to observe yourself the presence of this huge object. Thank you.

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  • circuitprotector


    • Terminator

      This guy even changed his voice with pitch shifter to sound more serious . The same guy.

      Just a bunch of youngsters who made some fun. CGI used..

      • Busta Myth

        It might have been done in Photoshop? it’s pretty good for Birth certificates too.

        My second guess would be a giant intergalactic Marshmallow :eek:

    • Mark

      This video is not from them, they just aired it.

  • rocketman

    On any given clear night anyone can see Saturn with the naked eye, appearing as a bright star due to the reflective properties of the planets. Why then can I not see this “mysterious” object, especially considering how much larger it supposedly is? Regardless of its atmospheric or surface composition it would not remain dark and would evidence some level of albedo. Think, people…

    • Mark

      I wonder if an amateur astronomer with a good equipment could verify this for us. Let’s see if any presents.

    • truthlovingsoul

      THIS IS A BLACK PLANET AND ONLY IT’S EFFECTS ON WHAT IS AROUND IT CAN BE SEEN. look at what you cannot see, what it blocks out.

      • LifeIs

        truthlovingsoul yes, the small, dark comets that rain down upon us every minute of every day are not seen until they disintegrate near the Earth.

        “At a rate of one 20-to-40 ton comet every three seconds…”

        The article assumes the small comets have always been here….but of course they are left over from the disintegration and re-birth of Venus.

        And what do we use to watch Planet X? The near-infrared South Pole telescope,
        and the LUCIFER VATT instruments. And no doubt the former WISE satellite and perhaps the mysterious X37B.

        It is a dark object.

    • Dustdevil

      Actually, the validation of such an object existing would not be albedo, because the silica-content of a planet’s crust is predominantly what causes reflectivity to occur (with the gas giants, it is refraction, not reflection, but I digress).

      No, the validator for such a GIGANTIC planet to be right behind Saturn (and the exact same argument saying that there is NO NIBIRU near our solar system currently) is the function of the basic gravity equations (inverse square law) combined with obvious size-to-density calculations. Basically, anything this large (as depicted in this photo) would be MASSIVE, and massive means dense, hence mass, hence gravity. With the inverse square law, you end up with something the size of the sun directly causing gravitational fluctuations in the planets, such that a planet the size of the sun (? Is that possible? Would it not self-compress into a mass density great enough to ignite a fusion reaction first?) would cause break-away orbits to start occurring by the time it disturbed Pluto’s orbit. Long before it got to Neptune’s orbit, both Jupiter and Saturn would have broke away from Sol and started orbiting the new star/planet, as it would be closer.

      Then is this correct? Well, an example of this on a galactic scale has already been replicated for the Milky Way Galaxy and Andromeda, who are said to impact each other in 3.75-billion years. In fact, they most likely will never actually ‘hit’ each other, but planets and systems will pass through each other, and as a result, will sling planets and whole systems all over the place like a marble game.

      The picture is not real, because the laws of gravity says it is not real. Therein lies the problem with why Nibiru isn’t real, or at least within our system right now. Because, if it were a brown dwarf inside the solar system, you would begin losing planets one at a time, as it claimed them for its own as it became gravitationally ‘closer’ to them than Sol is.

      • LifeIs

        Dustdevil I don’t understand the assumption that a rogue planet is on or near the ecliptic plane.

        It was first observed, by the IRAS satellite in 1983, in the constellation Orion, which is
        south of the ecliptic.

        A large planet or brown dwarf nearby would move the entire solar system, by moving the center of mass. Just as Jupiter moves the Sun and us.

        And a close encounter would make drastic things happen. Like say Venus getting torn apart, then re-forming. Leaving a hot planet with a spanking new surface. And millions of tiny comets, which rain down upon us every minute of every day.

        Like say Uranus getting tilted 98 degrees, or its magnetic field getting tilted 60 degrees from its axis of spin.

        Or the tilt of the Earth’s axis changing — as history says it has — and as geology says it has, to anybody who will listen.

        Ah, no, nothing self-compresses to a density great enough to ignite a fusion reaction.
        Electric repulsion is much more powerful than “gravity,” you know.

        The fusion in the stars is filament fusion, by Z-pinch, from the electric current flowing into the stars from the surrounding plasma. That’s what makes the corona so much hotter than the surface. It’s what makes the plasma tornadoes. It’s what makes the magnetic field. Electric current.

      • PaulTarsuss

        Relatively small fragment of neutron star surrounded by a massive, dense, suspended cloud of oppositely charged nano carbon particulates?


      • mfritz0

        I would agree that this is a fake picture. Notice the rings of Saturn sho no distortion due to the gravitational pull of such a massive planet in such a close proximity. This is a cruel hoax set up to create fear.

      • Mayhem

        According to Gerry Neugebauer: one of the two Scientists involved; IRAS imaged several bright point sources, which did not correspond to anything seen in the optical images, and these objects could be almost anything, from a tenth planet in our solar system to distant galaxies. Guess which option turned out to be correct?

        Nibiru, Planet X, Red/Blue Kachina, Planet of the crossing etc etc isn’t real but the bogeyman under your bed sure is :wink:

      • LifeIs

        Mayhem, “several” is not the issue, that is smoke. There is one object in question.

        Notice also the original Washington Post article said the object was at least 50 trillion miles away.

        The itty-bitty correction the next day: 50 billion with a B.

        Gerry Neugebauer is the guy who said: “It’s not incoming mail, I want to douse that idea with as much cold water as I can.”

        Which is an odd remark from a man who was saying, in the same article, that he didn’t know what the object was.

        They made two observations 6 months apart, for measurement of distance by parallax.

        Of the one object in question. Which was at least 50 billion miles away in 1983.

        Mayhem did you just say there is a real bogeyman?

        Other than that, what you are telling us is that a cover story that wasn’t ready in December of 1983
        became available later.

        But yes there is a Planet X, that is the only way to account for axis shifts recorded in history and provable by geology.

        And it’s why your leaders have been digging big deep bunkers for themselves in recent decades. They are not going to invite you, Mayhem, why are you working on their behalf now?

      • Mayhem

        @Lifels. Read the report for yourself… 985ApJ…290L…5H&data_type=PDF_HIGH&whole_paper=YES&type=PRINTER&filetype=.pdf…

        … the IRAS imaged very distant “galaxies” not nemesis. Or place all your faith in the newspaper article and question nothing. It’ll make no difference as to whether Nibiru is real or not.

      • Mayhem…290L…5H&data_type=PDF_HIGH&whole_paper=YES&type=PRINTER&filetype=.pdf

        I showed you mine now where’s yours, Lifels? I’ll have your Geology proof if you would. Or you can continue to believe in the Bogeyman under your bed, dummy.

      • LifeIs

        Mayhem, is that the same Harvard that admitted the Prez to its law school? And made him editor of the law review?

        Even though nobody at Columbia ever met him and his picture is not in the yearbook? THAT Harvard?

        I found your site. Smoke. Only one object is the subject of our discussion.

        And if that infra-red source had matched up to a galaxy – no quotation marks needed, unless those are
        Freudian quotation marks, casting doubt on the diagnosis of “galaxy” — it would have been known right away.

        The newspaper article in question only said what Gerry Neugebauer said. Quoting him was your idea.

        Here is a bit of the geology:

        That’s about the near-tropical Antarctic rain forest.

        And here is a bit about the other side of the world, the Eastern Siberian Arctic: ” The vegetation was composed of grasses, sedges, and wormwood, but also included members of the rose, buttercup, and daisy family. This vegetation assemblage is not surprising for this region. What is really surprising is the fact that it apparently was several degrees warmer in summer than today during a period just prior to the last ice age..”

        They’re talking about the mammoths and other large animals’ food source. Which food was still in the stomachs of mammoths, frozen before digestion.

        Eastern Siberian large animals — and the ground under them — froze that fast. And stayed frozen all these millenia.

        While the ice sheet in North America melted. And stayed un-melted.

        It is as plain as the nose on your face that the polar ice cap was here. When Eastern Siberia was not frozen, the upper part of North America was.

        And what makes the difference, between very cold, and very warm, on the surface of the Earth?
        Sunlight. The tilt of the Earth relative to the Sun makes the poles cold and the equator warm.

        And do remember what the Egyptians told Herodotus. That the path of the Sun across the sky had changed, 4 times, in history.

        Yes, IRAS saw what it was looking for, Planet X, that which disturbs the orbits of the outer planets.

        And yes the US government has made this matter more secret than just about anything else.

        And why would they not want the public to know?

        Because they intend to survive and prosper at the public’s expense.

      • Mayhem

        Whatever spins your wheels, Lifels, but you are right about one thing. It’s the sun, stupid, and Nibiru lacks robust evidence for it’s supposed existence.

        Setting aside your opinion i’ll continue to wait till the observations prove me wrong. Nibiru is a hoax and you fell for it.

      • LifeIs

        Mayhem it will never be official. You will not be told what is happening. You will just experience it.

        The history books and the science books are full of hoaxes. The hoax in this matter is the disinformation campaign, intended to keep you clueless.

      • Mayhem

        You’re admitting that we don’t have any evidence for Nibiru then?… or… you have no idea what the term “observation” means.

        It’s not me waiting for Planet X to be announced “officially” in as much as waiting to see it for myself. Till then it remains a myth for which there is no evidence that isn’t laughable.

      • LifeIs

        Mayhem, no, we have a lot of evidence, some of which I’ve alluded to. (Feel free to re-read.) But, you have to connect the dots yourself.

        You will not be privy to the government’s information or analysis.

        Oddly, there are several things in the universe that are real, even though you have not seen them.

      • Mayhem

        Fair enough, Lifels, but all you’ve shown is that either the equator has been elsewhere in the past or that the south pole and siberia were ice free and covered with vegetation.

        Where is the evidence that this relates to a hoax planet? And like i said i’m not waiting on a gummint announcement but on the irrefutable proof.

      • LifeIs

        Mayhem the conservation of angular momentum connects the two.

        The spinning planet is like a gyroscope. The axis will point in the same direction until an external force changes it.

      • Mayhem

        Yes Lifels: you’re not speaking to an idiot you know? But where is the evidence that this external force is Nibiru? You’re wasting our time talking in riddles and circles, my friend, come up with the evidence or drop the subject as your opinion is worth no more than any other.

      • Mayhem

        And, Lifels, where do you get the idea that the earth is spinning? Next thing you’ll be telling me that we are moving around the sun annually and that our galaxy is hurtling through the universe. You should know that this cannot be proven either.

      • LifeIs

        Mayhem you asked. Conservation of angular momentum is the answer.

        And I would rather over-explain than be misunderstood.

        The answer to your next question is:

        The orbits of the planets are stable, and none of them are in a position to change our angular momentum, or our electrical charge.

        No other stars are close enough.

        A process of elimination tells you that the axis shifts, indicated by geology and recorded by history,
        can only be caused by interaction with a rogue planet.

        The spin of the Earth is seen in the apparent motion of the Sun, the Moon, the stars, and the planets.
        And it is observed in the weather, in the Coriolis Effect. (You asked.)

        The orbit of the Earth around the Sun:

        … is seen in the seasons. The tilt of the axis remains the same, but our hemisphere points toward the Sun in summer and away from the Sun in winter. As evidenced by the path of the Sun across the sky, and by the weather.

        (You asked.)

        How fast the GALAXY is moving depends on assumptions that are questionable, and I therefore do not have confidence in what astronomers have said.

        (You asked.)

        The fact that we live on a four dimensional sphere is evidenced by:

        The fact that an object of n dimensions is bounded by surfaces that have n – 1 dimensions.
        And the surface of the Earth is 4 minus 1, three dimensional.

        It goes up and down, not just east-west-north-south.

        And all impact craters are circular. And no matter what the angle of impact, a rock thrown into a pond makes a circular pattern of ripples. WHY? Because to penetrate a 4-dimensional object, you must make a 3-dimensional hole.

        The force of penetration has magnitude but no direction.

        Clear so far? I just proved we are in 4-dimensional space.

        And if you look at a hurricane and its eye, you see it has a 3 dimensional axis. The eye of the storm.

        That’s our solar system, too. Swirling around in a vortex motion.

        That’s our planet, too. You know the planet is hollow because: the core does not conduct pressure waves, and the Tamarack mine experiment shows our gravity does not converge.

        Our spin is a vortex motion.

        You know that electricity is flowing into the Earth and the Sun, from the plasma around us. You know this because the corona of the Sun is so much hotter than the surface. You know because the ionosphere is so hot. You know because we have a magnetic field – which cannot be produced by the Earth, as the interior temperatures are hotter than the Curie points for the metals involved.

        The fact that we, in 4 dimensional space, are in physical contact with the Sun is evidenced by the fact that we orbit where the Sun is now, and not where the Sun was several minutes ago.

        Which is how long it takes light or anything to get here from there.

        And the only viable suspect in our axis shifts will be in physical contact with us.

      • Mayhem

        Interesting, Lifels, you took the bait. Strawman! What did any of your last have to do with evidence for Nibiru? And, no, opinion doesn’t count.

        Lets not turn this into a Heliocentric versus Geocentric debate. Suffice to say i’ve recently reviewed what i thought i knew, about this subject, and found out that the model that best fits the evidence is the Geocentric model. Who’da thunk it?

      • LifeIs

        Mayhem that was a direct reply to your question.

        Here it is again.

        “The orbits of the planets are stable, and none of them are in a position to change our angular momentum, or our electrical charge.

        No other stars are close enough.

        A process of elimination tells you that the axis shifts, indicated by geology and recorded by history, can only be caused by interaction with a rogue planet.”

        It is not an opinion that Herodotus was told in Egypt that the path of the Sun had changed, four times in history. It is not an opinion that warm places on Earth have been cold places, and vice versa.

        It is not an opinion that none of the observed planets or stars is in a position to change our spin axis.

        When I gave you three responses to three questions about “how do we know” various things,
        I expected you to read the answers. Or maybe you didn’t understand them.

        There is no heliocentric vs. geocentric debate here, just a man who with poor reading comprehension.

        Following that is additional information to help you achieve a realistic understanding of the solar system, which topics can be researched by looking up:

        Bruce DePalma’s spinning balls experiments, or Erik Verlinde’s theory
        that there is no force of gravity, or Wal Thornhill’s ether theory, or the ether flux theory of celestial motion (here:

        and Booker on the fact that adding an electric charge to a flywheel increases its speed.

        This information will help you be less bewildered when the rogue planet passes by. Again.

      • Mayhem

        All good, Lifels, you obviously can’t or won’t put up any evidence for Nibiru. We both know why that is and i’m done here.

      • LifeIs

        Mayhem you mean you’re done denying the evidence posted.

    • vaalix

      he had to enhance the video to see it.. which means you wouldn’t visibly see it with your eyes.. Did you even watch the video? can you add 1+1? Watch the video again, listen to when he says they couldn’t see it till they enhanced the photo.. It was just barely visible with a telescope.. Use you fkn head.

      • LifeIs

        vaalix no, i’m not interested in any video on the assumption it’s disinformation. There has been a ton of that in recent years.

  • pdeibn

    Its crap.

    • Mark

      I hope so!

  • iamamerican

    I love how we have so many “experts” that are quick to debunk EVERYTHING!

    • Norry

      So you believe people should just accept “everything” ?

      • iamamerican

        Nope, but the debunkers are annoying as hell, I wish they would just stick their heads back in the sand and STFU! I understand that we should never accept everything we see on the internet as fact, and I wasn’t born yesterday but over half of the people on this website don’t believe anything, which is dangerous.


    Yes, Paul Tarsuss, and why the Southern Cross now points west by north west…
    Yet the sun still manages to rise more or less in the east.
    This substantiates the Russian model of our solar “system” that of our planets being “followers” of our sun in a huge vortex fashion

    The incoming celestial bodies are the REAL reason for all the planets wobbling and creating various alterations to climates/seasons

    • LifeIs

      HIDDENTEXTOR I like the description “vortex.”

      Because space is four dimensional. And hurricanes swirl around a three dimensional axis, not a vertical line, but a cylinder. Water swirling down the drain is the same way.

      The idea of planets rotating around a point, the barycenter, is as wrong as the flat earth theory.

      They swirl around a three dimensional center.

      And guess what, the planets, the moons, and the stars, are hollow.

      • truthzilla

        I remember seeing the depiction of our solar system traveling through our galaxy and was blown away…Having always imagined our solar system as depicted, essentially like a record album with the Sun being the hole in the middle…Seeing the vortex principle, and understanding it to be a perfect representation made me question existence itself and appreciate how lucky we are to conjure existence…How is life surviving on a spinning sphere, spinning at over 1000 mph, while traveling in a vortex at 18,000 mph in a solar system moving in a galaxy at 400,000 mph IN A VACUUM …:) Magical!

  • Bobby Powell - Publisher/The Truth Is Viral

    If he worked at the observatory on Mauna Kea, you’d think he’d know how to pronounce it properly.


    • Mark

      I hope so Bobby!

    • abnegative

      Hey Bobby ,

      we need to march on DC , millions strong , and remove all of them who in any way have supported constitutional violations . Remove them all , they are complicit and now are allowing this immigrant exec action. Lets do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exec orders need to stop , now…………

  • Wildfire

    It is a planet size ship. Track its past it is to all…

  • KittyStix

    NASA using cardboard monitors? WOW now that is budget cuts!

  • esterka

    Object that big would destroy the ring of Saturn with its gravity, this is not real video.

    • AnyOne

      Then why isn’t out moon destroyed?
      We have no clue what this is made of, if it is even real, or what force it carries or pulls. So always keep an open mind :idea:
      Just because something doesn’t follow the “rules” doesn’t make is real or fake.

    • AnyOne

      oooops….our, not out :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Decleated

    It is obviously a “weather balloon” that has collected space dust over the years and has expanded commensurate with the ever “expanding universe.”

  • ObserverArmstrong


  • CMalcheski

    This will fade away in a matter of days, never to be discussed again, and will have had zero impact.

  • Andoron

    When the man said it could be a forming black hole, I knew this was 100% bovine waste product.

  • ghostlea

    People need to stop and look for evidence of this,not in space but on this planet.!!!
    Let’s all put a line of salt on a table, now push your finger through the line off salt about 1 inch,what is the shape you see. Now let’s go to Google earth and look at the area between Antarctica and Argentina and what do you see is it the same image.?????
    Now let go to Costa Rica is this not the same image but bigger.?????
    Now go to Baja California see the line in the sea now look to see the slight circle just by the coast.???
    Now I’m not saying that planet x is real but their is evidence that something big has hit us, not just once.
    And people saying, we would be able to see it, well that not totally correct, as it maybe only visible in the infra red scale, this maybe why the powers that be are using it, and as I dout any one hear has this technology. Don’t be so fast to judge.
    So please take a look at Google earth.and enjoy life and be nice to all humans

  • truthseeker4809

    This is a massive disinformation to hide the fact that the planet X is actually much close to the earth at the moment.

  • Team Jimmy Joe

    If he wants to remain anonymous and fears arrest… why did he give his name and the observatory he works for?

  • slamdance13

    hahahahahahaha. if it’s on BIN its a lie.

  • Pia Gaia

    Planetoid?? “The term planetoid has also been used, especially for larger (planetary) objects such as those the International Astronomical Union (IAU) has since 2006 called dwarf planets.” Okay now…

  • Don't be hating!

    If this is true, then some unknown force is protecting Earth and Humanity. Or we would of been toasted way back then. There is good out there in the COSMOS who feels Hunamity is worth saving..

  • Anonymous

    Ummm, I have a question … can one view Saturn from Earth when it is on the opposite side of the Sun currently?
    If it wasn’t for this painfully obvious question, this may have been believable :???:

  • Choose Wisely

    This Story needs to be sent to the Associated Press. It is Being Blocked Here!

    Norway loses $860 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund to Indigenous Land Owner

  • Reality Checker

    The image seen of the “anomaly” in the video is totally fake and not a really good one at that. Note what look like craters in the main body of the anomaly – if the scale of the anomaly is relevant to Saturn than the craters seen would be roughly the diameter of the Earth’s moon. More importantly, note how the image of the anomaly cannot be seen between Saturn’s rings and the body of the planet. It’s crap like this that gives BIN the bad name it too often deserves . . . . .

  • robotlion

    something that big would cause the rings to come apart due to gravity.

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