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Bioterrorism Prophecy Vets Bill Gates Propaganda as Doomsday Clock Nears Midnight

Sunday, March 5, 2017 3:04
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Trump Wall Risky Border src=
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"">Dr. Leonard
G. Horowitz


Honolulu, HI,
February 17, 2017–Twenty years ago, before I knew anything about
“fake news” producers, New Age industry infiltrators, “Patriot
Community” propagandists, and “mix-it-all-up” Hegelian dialectic
agents for Big Banking, I received an invitation. This was before I
met journalist Sherri Kane who taught me a lot about Big Pharma’s
counter-intelligence corps directing ”Internet Trolls” as
“protection racketeers.” This was even before I brought "nofollow" target="_blank" href="/r2/?url=">OxySilver to the market
to compete against deadly antibiotics and
poisonous vaccinations. I was invited by CONTACT – The
Phoenix Project
 to write a series of articles
summarizing my research into the menacing threat of biowarfare,
the  "">origin
, and how Ebola really “emerged.” The
editors sought to warn Americans about “the coming
plagues.” So I summarized my first edition of  "nofollow" href=
Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident of
(Tetrahedron Press, 1996), before the
book became a national bestseller.


CONTACT - Planned Depopulation - Horowitz - 1-7-97 thumb src=
style="height:281px;width:217px" />
"">CONTACT - Emerging Viruses - Horowitz - 1-28-97 thumb src=
style="height:266px;width:205px" />

CONTACT - More Man-Made Bugs - Horowitz - 2-4-97_thumb src=
style="height:284px;width:219px" />


In my three landmark
articles published January thru February, 1997
(downloaded for free by clicking the above cover pages), I
accurately foretold of the risks novel bioweapons produced for
“end game” depopulation.


all bioterrorism, my evidence
clearly-and-convincingly proved, was politically and commercially
imposed: (1) by the world’s leading
petrochemical-pharmaceutical industrialists working for
the U.S. and Russian militaries, especially Litton Bionetics in the
U.S. (with labs and monkey colonies in Africa), that mass produced;
(2) an assortment of “man-made” plagues (i.e.,
genetically-engineered) immune-system ravaging viruses and mutant
bacteria. These included the never-before-seen leukemia, lymphoma,
sarcoma cancer complex viruses we now call HIV/AIDS, breast cancer,
prostate cancer, and liver cancer viruses causing widespread
illness today; and (3) vaccinations said to control these
new diseases produced and loosed by the villains heavily
invested in, and profiting from, “healthcare.”


other words, we 
fools in
bio-science trained under and worked for psychopaths that ordered
“emerging viruses” and todays population destroyers,
including novel flus, fungal mutants, and more. My colleagues
in military medicine, genetic science, and “public
health” manufactured and stockpiled these critters like
officials did with nuclear weapons and wastes like fluoride
and uranium.  Bioweapons like anthrax mailed in 2001, or the
swine flu loosed in 2009, were stockpiled and shipped worldwide by
the American Type Culture Collection to Big Pharma’s vaccine
labs for profit and depopulation under the guise of “medical
research.” War and drug industrialists hoodwinked
everyone using massive amounts of propaganda in the media and
academia; and grants bribing the brightest minds in science,
biophysics, chemistry, and
genetic engineering.


World Beyond War v. The “Doomsday


"color:#000000;font-size:14pt">The 20th Anniversary
of my CONTACT prophecies was brought to my
attention by Dr. Melissa Yee, Director of the non-profit
organization,  "">Seeds
of Truth
, just prior to our filming a three-part series with
journalist Sherri Kane contemplating a “ "">World
Beyond War: Spirituality, Science and Progress
” for Olelo
Community Television in Honolulu.


During the show,
Sherri referenced recent news reports about the “2017
Doomsday Clock” being re-set by the “Security Board.” Officials
published an article in their Bulletin of the Atomic
 titled, “ "">It
is two and a half minutes to midnight.
” The fright
was heralded by a well-greased “Protection Racket” we call
“The Mad-stream Media.” The news was financed mainly by drug
and vaccine companies.


"color:#000000;font-size:14pt">The Doomsday entrepreneurs
are not immune to frightening people about this year’s
addition of “bioterrorism” and cyber-terrorism, joining nuclear
weapons likely to explode in a city near you. This noise sells
billions of dollars in “biopreparedness” supplies. Everything from
body bags to band-aides are commercially exploited by PhRMA’s
film-flam men and women we call “PharmaWhores.” The CDC verifies
and FDA “fast tracks” everything they sell, and condemns everything
they are paid to smear, like "">OxySilver.


It just
so happened that the evening before the filming, Sherri and I met a
friend for dinner. The high level researcher with
he United States
Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) was naturally
concerned about the “Doomsday Clock,” especially since his agency
was overtaken by the  ""
title="United States Department of Homeland Security">Department of
Homeland Security
 following the 911 “demolition
job” blamed on Muslim invaders. And we naturally transitioned
to Trump’s “Great Wall Project” and anti-Muslim immigration


Our friend, who asked
to remain anonymous, expressed most serious concerns about what the
media had completely neglected about Trump’s Wall–the risk of
bioterrorists coming across the Mexican border.


I was the first
researcher in the world to herald the shocking truth about the
man-made “ "">Mexican
Swine Flu
” false-flag fright of 2009. That plague was falsely
reported to have come across the Mexican border to S. California
before it became a pandemic.


Sherri and I had
a lively conversation with our friend. He was very supportive to
Trump’s plan to build The Wall. But his eyes were open to the
larger picture of global genocide masquerading as “population


“Over population,” we
agreed, is mainly heralded by the world’s wealthiest industrialists
who fear for their lives, families, and companies. Revolutions have
replaced murderous rulers and shadow governors within weeks.
Today, “private equity bankers” are similarly at risk of removal
by vigilante groups. People marching against Wall Street are
generally opposed to ”crisis capitalists” gone mad,
destroying nearly everything; but claiming they value people and
the environment.


The world’s
mega-wealthy especially seek a cure for “over-population.”
A new vaccine or wonder drug might do the trick. But with so
much distrust of Big Government and Big Pharma, public compliance
is a Big Problem.  


The way to “saturate
the market”–to kill 6 billion–would be to loose a biological
weapon that would kill 30 million, frightening the remaining
5,970,000,000 into taking the lethal jab or “wonder


Kane considered
that Trump’s Wall could be promoted in this context, thus
more broadly accepted even by Mexicans and Muslims. The media
could promote how The Wall might protect Mexican and
Spanish-Americans (and Muslim citizens too) from bioterrorist
trying to cross the border. 


But we all agreed
that Trump had missed this spin tactic. And the new
President appeared clueless and largely ill-prepared to
contend with potential enemies in his own
administration, besides the media.


"" target="_blank"><br "WorldBeyondWar" src=
style="height:495px;width:640px" />


Who says the world
has too many people? 


Most people don’t
know that their view of “over-population” doesn’t come from traffic
jams or long waits at restaurants. Nor does it come from worsening
environmental pollution or news about more and more species
extinctions. “Consumers” beliefs and attitudes about population
problems comes mainly from the media’s repeated message, “We
have too many people on the planet.”(1)


don’t think beyond birth control and the estrogenocide turning male
baby makers gay,” our INS friend accurately diagnosed.
“Depopulation is 
by the same corporate industrialists involved in organized crime,
drug running, arms sales, and human sex trafficking,” he


“Add organ harvesting
that is big money now, especially in China,” Kane added.


We closed discussing
Bill Gates’s promotions for vaccine
cide targeting the
world’s 7 billion people. Gates recommended reducing 15% of
civilization with injected vaccines. Gates’s cronies seek more than
that. “The Rockefellers want about 85% of us gone,” I said. “That
simply means that 6-out-of-7 of us are ‘enemies of state’ subject
to early demise. The Georgia Guidestones prescribe even fewer
survivors. “Maintain[ing] humanity under 500 [million] in
perpetual balance with nature.” I like the idea of sustaining
natural harmony in "">528 frequency, but the imposed
CULTure demands toxic unsustainable consumption and degeneration.
In the old days you didn’t need to buy insurance at that point of
purchase for a lawnmower or TV made to breakdown in short order.
“Consumers don’t impose that. Manufacturers do.”


“And nature doesn’t
kill for sport or profit like arrogant, self-loathing,
inferiority-complex-driven, greedy, insensitive madmen and women,”
Kane interjected. “The pattern of generational child abuse makes
humans less “conscious” than animals. I just posted a video on
Species Channel
showing a cat saving a puppies life. Another
shows a dolphin saving a dog from a shark. In contrast the networks
model killing and even crime.”


Diminished souls
include dimwit scientists and Rockefeller family-controlled atomic
energy commissioners living in denial or clueless about their own
paid abuse by the Bill Gates’s of the world–the
globalists controlling the multi-national corporations, the
communications industry, and the media, like Gates controls
Microsoft–the “MS” in MSNBC.


style="height:173px;width:216px" />


Consumers, laborers
and even their own companies are abused as instruments for
securing more power, and that means population control every way
possible, especially profitable depopulation through
their death industries.


This entire
“worldview” is mad–criminally insane–we all agreed while
departing the restaurant.


"font-size:14pt">Curiously, as I was writing this article, and
thinking about Gates’s advocacy for pan-genocide, I received an
e-mail from Kane with  "">this
link heralding: 
"font-size:14pt">“Bill Gates
warns the world to prep for bio-terrorism.” This was published
by CNN–the “news network” banished from Trump’s White House press
conferences as punishment for their “ "">FAKE


“It’s time to
redirect some of the money the world spends on weapons to prepare
for a looming threat: terrorists with pathogens.” CNN quoted Gates
as saying in a speech from post Nazi Germany where Microsoft’s
predecessor-in-interest, IBM, "">administered the Holocaust
victims’ numbering using tattoo needles and transit-tracking from
trains to labor camps and gas chambers for the “Final
Solution”–depopulation claimed beneficial for “public health” and
even “disinfection.”


"font-size:14pt">Gates "font-size:14pt"> warned that “the threat of bio-terrorism is
‘right up there with nuclear war and climate change,’” CNN
accurately reported.





(1) The media
also neglects suppressed solutions for helping burgeoning
populations to better cope. Tesla technology for free, clean,
renewable energy, for example. 
"color:#000000;font-size:14pt">There is an article in Masters
of Health
online (free) magazine about Nicola Tesla that I
wrote that may be of interest to you ""> HERE.


(2) The issue of
“FAKE NEWS” and especially “PizzaGate” seems to have struck a very
serious chord with "">
. (Read especially "">
.) They have mounted an extensive propaganda
campaign designed to allegedly “teach” the public, especially
susceptible school children, how to discern “fake news” from real
news. Good luck!


(3) And speaking
about ”FAKE NEWS” and “Bioterrorism Preparedness,” the FDA and
Public Health Service defrauded everyone in the natural foods and
herbal medicine industries during the 2009 “H1N1 Swine Flu Scam” by
issuing warning letters such as this ( "">FDA
Scam Letter 2009
). The laws cited in these notices fraudulently
induced supplement makers and sellers to stop commerce in violation
of Sherman Anti-trust laws as well as laws outlawing fraudulent
inducements, in this case deceptively imposing, under “color of
law” with threats of fines and arrests, compliance. The laws cited
by the FDA’s Notices did not preclude the sale of herbal
supplements as implied. But these notices fraudulently claimed the
natural products were classified as “drugs” whenever claimed to
help boost natural immunity against the “bio-emergency.” For this
reason, this author encourages President Trump to “drain the
swamp” at the FDA, CDC, and National Public Health Service. These
Big Pharma “captured” agencies operate criminally and deceptively
to the detriment of pubic health, citizens’ safety, and the
integrity in government. A video vetting Dr. Sarah Parks, chief
epidemiologist in the State of Hawaii Department of Health, at the
time America’s “Bioterrorism Preparedness” chairwoman, is seen
debating this author and Dr. Janet Edghill pursuant to
mandatory vaccinations for school children.


(4) In support of
American freedom from the Big Pharma’s fraud and “FAKE NEWS” used
to sell vaccines and drugs as heralded by CNN and Bill Gates
in this story, ""> (that sells the
author’s line of health products) is offering substantial
discounts on the recommended brand of silver hydrosol– "nofollow" target="_blank" href="/r2/?url=">OxySilver. This is the
only vaccine and anti-biotic alternative that resonates in the
frequency of 528Hz/nm. The company’s promotion is called “The Bill
Gates ‘Doomsday’ Biopreparedness Package Special.” "nofollow" href=
to enjoy the offer.


About the Author


M.P.H., D.N.M. (HON.), D.M.M. (HON.)


<br "sherri kane and leonard horowitz, leonard horowitz and sherri kane, len horowitz and sherri kane, leonard horowitz, len horowitz, sherri kane, dr leonard horowitz, Horokane"
style="height:266px;width:250px" /> "" rel="external" title=
"Dr. Leonard Horowitz's Official Website">Dr. Leonard G.
received his post doctoral degree in public
health from Harvard University specializing in the fields of
behavioral science and media persuasion for health education and
health promotion. He matriculated under the direction
of  "" target=
"_blank">Alfred McAlister
, a lead author on the landmark
Surgeon General’s Report to the Nation on Tobacco and the
dangers of cigarette smoking, resulting in warning labels on
packages; and under  "" target=
"_blank">Lawrence W. Green
, the Director, Office of Health
Information and Health Promotion (now Office of Disease Prevention
& Health Promotion), U.S. Department of Health & Human
Services, 1979-81. From that beginning in public health, Dr.
Horowitz has become the world’s most prolific, best
credentialed, and most controversial drug and vaccine industry


This award-winning scholar,
filmmaker, and music industry revolutionary is a natural
medicine expert, pharmaceutical industry whistleblower, and
intelligence industry analyst. He has published nineteen books, six
documentary films, and dozens of peer-reviewed scientific articles.
His film production  ""
target="_blank">UN-VAXXED–A Docu-commentary for Robert De
, received five awards in international competitions,
including “Best Film – 2016″ in London and Geneva


After receiving his Doctor of
Medical Dentistry degree from Tufts University, and a Master of
Public Health degree from Harvard University, Dr. Horowitz went on
to publish the first of three American bestsellers,  "nofollow" target="_blank" href="/r2/?url=" title=
"Introduction to Emerging Viruses by Dr. Leonard Horowitz">Emerging
Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or
. This book is largely credited by Centers for
Disease Control (CDC) officials for prompting the global
vaccination risk awareness movement. Dr. Horowitz’s monumental
text caused several governments to reconsider their “immunization”
policies, and it became the center of political debate in 2008 when
Barack Obama’s minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, credited Horowitz
and this book for evidencing HIV/AIDS as a genocidal weapon for
mass depopulation targeting Africans and African Americans,
courtesy of covert U.S. military contractors named in the


Dr. Horowitz’s second
bestseller,  ""
rel="external" title=
"Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse book by Dr. Leonard Horowitz">Healing
Codes for the Biological Apocalypse
, prompted a revolution
in the music and natural healing industries.


The retired dentist and naturopathic
physician’s consumer health guidebook,  "" title=
"Healing Celebrations book by Dr. Leonard Horowitz">Healing
Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture,
Natural Medicine and Modern Science
, pioneered the
protocol adopted by thousands of natural healers and doctors


Dr. Horowitz’s 2007 decryption of
Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous drawing revealed the mathematics
of  ""
title="LOVE: The Real da Vinci CODE book by Dr. Leonard Horowitz">LOVE:
The Real da Vinci CODE
; and his follow-up text, the most
monumental of his 30-year career,  ""
"The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE by Dr. Leonard Horowitz">The
Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE
, reveals “God’s
creative technology,” available for revolutionizing music,
recording artistry, healthcare, environmental resource protection
and restoration, along with civilization’s transformation as an
“enlightened species” choosing peaceful sustainable collaboration
versus murderous degenerative competition and lethal


From Dr. Horowitz’s books, video
productions, and documentary films, Hollywood filmmakers have drawn
many ideas, including those expressed in the movies  "nofollow" href=
target="_blank" href="/r2/?url=">I Am
, the  "">X-File Movie,
and several others.


International acclaim and widespread
acceptance of the doctor’s works revealing Solfeggio frequency
physics and metaphysics has prompted the “ "">528LOVERevolution,” which Dr.
Horowitz and his partner, journalist and activist,  "" rel="external" title=
"Sherri Kane's Official Website">Sherri Kane
, has
commercialized in the rapidly growing  "" rel="external" title=
"528 Radio Network pioneered by Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz">
through his private television channel,  target="_blank" href="/r2/?url=" target=
, formed
following  ""
rel="external" target="_blank">Google/YouTube’s
 of more than 150 of the doctor’s video
productions. ""> also
hosts many of the doctor’s productions as do independent supporters
worldwide on YouTube.


<br "sherri kane and leonard horowitz, leonard horowitz and sherri kane, len horowitz and sherri kane, leonard horowitz, len horowitz, sherri kane, dr leonard horowitz, Horokane"
style="height:188px;width:300px" />

Dr. Horowitz’s and Sherri
Kane’s "528 Radio Network"> (often hacked and
suffering outages courtesy of Big Pharma’s “protection racketeers”)
broadcasts “medicinal music” transposed into the “LOVE frequency”
of 528Hz. This resonates the sound of buzzing bees.  528nm of
greenish-yellow light is also at the heart of rainbows, precisely
why grass is green and fills the air with electron-energized oxygen
vibrating in the energy of LOVE/528. This frequency, Dr. Horowitz
evidences, administers the electro-chemistry fundamental to
natural medicine and miraculous healing.


Dr. Horowitz’s film presentation,
the  ""
title="528 Key Movie by Dr. Leonard Horowitz">528KEY
 provides an explanation of the great
opportunity provided by the 528 frequency for advancing
unprecedented benefits to civilization.

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