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Atlantis and its repercussions for us, revisited

Monday, June 11, 2018 5:21
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Recently, scientists have made some discoveries on the continent of Antarctica that leads some of them to now believe that the Lost City of Atlantis may be buried under 2 miles of ice there.

No news to me because I have believed it to be in Antarctica for decades. I wrote the following article in UFO Digest in 2008.

Any proof of information on certain scientific theories that happen to be published years before scientists even begin to consider the possibilities has a tendency to dissappear via the government. This because it would not look very good to have a scientific discovery today, that was actually discovered over a decade earlier by someone who isn’t employed by the government as a scientist. 

Atlantis and its repercussions for us

The lost continent of Atlantis and the advanced civilization that lived there has been a topic of speculation and lore since human kind became intelligently capable of communication and keeping records.

Plato was one of the first individuals to write accounts of his mystical trips to the continent. Since then many scientists, archaeologists and philosophers have given their take on speculating where the actual continent may have existed. Millions of dollars, years, and sweat later we are no closer to knowing where it existed, or even if it really did exist than we ever were.

The same is true of the origin of human kind. No one is ready to fully accept the ideas of evolution or divine creation. The jury stays out when it comes to this subject because there are too many holes left to be filled by either side. If we evolved from apes, then the evolution should be complete and no apes should exist now, but they do. If we were divinely created by god, as said in the Christian Bible and other religious texts, there would be more concrete evidence of such a divine intervention, but none exists and only speculation remains. The bottom line is both the scientific and religious community has yet to provide us with an unshakable explanation of our existence.

I find this disturbing because both sides refuse to accept the obvious facts that human kind was began on the planet Earth by colonization from another civilization.

With the recent discoveries of unnatural like structures on the planet Mars, it is obvious that at one time an advanced civilization once lived there. The planet itself is now nothing more than a frozen desert, but many scientists believe abundant water once existed there. We have the proof from pictures of ancient riverbeds and changing colors with the seasons on this planet that an atmosphere capable of supporting life existed there in the not too distant past. Plant life exists there now in the planet’s warmest regions, regardless of what we are led to believe by our Governments, because the proof is in the seasonal color differences observed from Earth. If no plant life existed there would be no color differential from season to season, but there is 

Ice has been discovered on many of our own solar system’s moons, primarily those orbiting the planets Jupiter, Mars and more recently of one of Saturn’s moons being a total frozen water world.

We are discovering more and more each day it seems, that the formation of water elsewhere other than Earth really is not at all as remote a possibility as first thought.

Finding water in our solar system is as easy as realizing that our Sun is an entity of energy that fluctuates in its output of energy, and that all the materials that make up the planets,moons,the Sun itself and all else there in, exists everywhere in the solar system. Thus the gasses necessary for the formation of liquid water, as here on Earth, also exists to a certain extent on all planets and their moons. The only difference is Earth has liquid H2O because of its proximity from the Sun.

Any planets past the Earth will have frozen water as the planets before it will have gasses necessary for H2O but not liquid water because the temperatures are too high.

Venus is an interesting example of what the Earth would appear as, if we were suddenly placed at that distance from the Sun.

Since the Sun is a fluctuating entity of energy meaning it continually changes its out flow of energy from higher at times to less at other times, this of course occurring over time span of millions of years, it isn’t such a far out idea to accept that human kind existed on Mars millions of years ago and relocated to Earth because of rapidly lowering temperatures there.

It is these pioneers from Mars relocating to Earth that were the modern civilization of Atlantis.

All known accounts of this civilization say it ended in a cataclysmic event that affected the whole continent.

No one has been remotely successful at finding any evidence of the continent itself. This because they are searching areas under ocean water in accordance to the idea of the continent sinking.

The continent, which was Atlantis, has been under our noses all along but covered in thousands of feet of ice, not water. The continent of Atlantis is in reality the continent of Antarctica.

Since most of Antarctica is covered by a ten thousand foot sheet of ice it is actually more difficult to explore than if it were liquid water.

Atlantis was more than likely destroyed by a rapid shift in the Earth’s poles, which resulted in its current location under the South Pole.

The advanced civilization that lived there when this disaster happened had to move on to warmer climates. Thus creating the nucleus of civilization, as we know it today.

Migration from the now frozen wasteland, which was Atlantis, had to be done quickly, and the fastest exit would have been the Southern tip of South America. This migration of human kind continued over thousands of years from the Atlantis Cradle of civilization in Antarctica, northward through the Americas and eventually spread throughout Europe, Asia and the continent of Africa.

We see evidence of this in the similarities of the Mayan Pyramids of Central America and the Egyptian Pyramids of the Middle East.

The advancements of the original Atlantian Civilization were lost when the cataclysm plunged them into a situation of survival in new territories without any of the modern achievements of the now destroyed homeland. Similar to what our current civilization would be if it were lost in a nuclear holocaust.

The distribution of the original inhabitants throughout the world from this single point of origin means that all human beings began from one single race of beings and only differ in color and ethnicity due to their geographical locations from adaption rather than any physical differences from multi points of origin.

The many different races that make up human kind today are the result of the original Atlanteanrace being scattered throughout the world’s landmasses and adapting to many climatic differentials.

We can easily follow the origin of races by following the migration of the original Atlantians.

Originally, before any intercontinental exploration by ship took place, we can see that the race of people existing in the Americas from Alaska to Chile and Argentina on the southernmost tip of South America was Indian, similar to the Native American Indians of today. Only great geographical distances created sociality’s differentials among varying tribes. Racially however, they were quite similar in every aspect.

Beyond the Bering Strait into Europe the predominate race is Caucasian. This is the result of a much colder and cloudier climate existing in that part of the world.

In Asia the predominate race is Oriental which would account for the wetter and warmer climate of this region. Similarities between the original Indian inhabitants of the Americas and the Oriental race can be seen in the hair and shape of the eyes. Skin color also varies from lighter in northern countries such as Japan to much darker in countries like those, which make up Indonesia.

This same color differential exists between the Eskimos of the North Pole region which are very light and that of the very dark skin of Indians living in hotter regions to the south. However, predominate features such as eyes, hair color, etc. remain the same.

Beyond Asia and Europe to the Mid East and the Continent of Africa is where the darkest skin pigment is observed as well as some drastic facial and physical changes can be clearly seen. This area of the world happens to be one of the hottest of all with more extreme desert areas than anywhere else. Having to adapt to such a high average temperature are found the darkest colored people of all.

Thus, the adaption to various different climates in the world over thousands of years by a single race of people has resulted in human kind being divided by different races rather than us being divided by race in the beginning.

Separated by great distances and having been devoid of any technological knowledge because of the cataclysm to the continent, which was Atlantis, the people were forced to start from scratch in a hostile world.

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