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Satan 2 Can Destroy An Area “The Size Of Texas Or France” – Eerie Nuclear Detonations Released

Thursday, July 12, 2018 6:52
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The Justus Knight Report

This Missile Can Destroy An Area “The Size Of Texas Or France” – Eerie Nuclear Detonations Released

The Dogs Of War are once again barking, and it is as loud as ever.  Although some would say that the U.S., Russia, and China are, behind the scenes, strange sorts of allies the reality of what their collective war machines are doing is far more menacing.  Putin has now released a series of catastrophic weapons…one capable of a nuclear blast beyond anything we have ever seen.

Everyone is taking aim at space…Russia is no exception.  We must only hope we are not too late to the party.  With all the military, domestic and international satellites in orbit the ability to take them out can deem you a military superpower.  No matter what President is in office this new battlefield is not going away.

Although a modern day cold war is brewing we must not forget the might and terror of nuclear war.  In a timely release of information, one research facility has compiled video footage of all the nuclear blasts the U.S. has initiated in history…at least the tests we haven’t seen.  It is a reminder of what can happen when nuclear power is not kept in check and what the horrific end results could be.

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  • Hayduke

    Eddie Munster, quit trying to scare us like this with your lame FEEEEEER POOOOOOORN. It hurts our brains!!! :shock: :eek:

    • Anonymous

      But… but… but even Eddie Munsters have to eat! Justus Knight (cough, cough) can’t, overnight, become a real man, get an honest job, clearly has some serious mental and moral challenges. But for now, he has to clickbait and beg money from people he clickbaits. Is that, like, a cyber panhandler? Holding up a piece of cardboard, “Will clickbait for food.”

      Sad, isn’t it, such a lack of even some manly pride. It’s embarrassing to see people sink to such lows as becoming lying beggars, make such public spectacles of themselves. How does that work, anyway? Makeup a bunch of stupid lies, play on the fears of frightened little, gullible morons, to lure people to his crap, home grown videos, disrespect people so, literally make fools of people, then expect them to pay him for being so crapped on? I admit to not being able to understand that business model.

      Anyway, what do you think Eddie’s real name is? I’m thinking something like Skippy Schlemp, if it turns out he’s not really Eddie Munster and hit the skids. If not Eddie, he really does look like a Skippy Schlemp.

      • Hayduke

        I think he looks like a Mortimer Snurd. I would have loved to have gone to high school with Eddie. That would have been all kinds of fun.

        And now, it appears as if there is a little hanky-panky going on between he and Sister Whatsherbucket, you know, the gal with the YUGE man’s Adam’s apple. That’s a couple made in heaven if you ask me. So, what would a FEEEEEEER POOOOOOOORN honeymoon be like? “BOO! I scared you!!! No, double BOO!!! I scared you worse”!!!!!! :smile:

        • Anonymous

          Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Sister Mr. Ed and Eddie, luv amongst the hay, sowing those wild, feed bag oats, for Jesus, of course?
          No! You’re joking! Here I thought it was simply a shared disease, spinning those big lies, also for Jesus, of course. (Living in hopes of that fine day, when they’ll hear those longed-for words, “Well done, thou good and faithful clickbaiters! That was some fine old, ignorant white trash shuck and jive, some real Jesus merchandising your fellow fake Christians, on a shoe string, at that! Oh! And that all liars going to the lake of fire thing? Just joking! The fear not, all that perfect love hath no fear stuff, fear being of the devil? HA! HA!” Holy wink wink…)

          But heaven forbid, Sister Mr. Ed and Eddie? You mean, seriously, as in Ed and Eddie in the same spatial proximity? Isn’t there some law on the books preventing such things? Bottom line, aren’t we talking bestiality? Or worse? This can’t be. You realize you’re talking Colonel Kurtz, just slay me now material? The horror! The horror!!! Hell, now that is bone chilling! Fear porn honeymoon? You got that right. The horror, the horror…

          Mortimer Snurd, you say? Yes, I can see that: Mo Snurd. Hey! Mo “Skippy” Snurd! Voted in his yearbook, “Most likely to be caught, in flagrante delicto, with a horse, and most likely to die, with his hand out on the web.” I guess what you’re saying is, just 10,000 more clicks, and it’s a Happy Meal for two, YEEHAW!

          “Now, live from his van headquarters, down by the river, it’s the latest Eddie Munster News, up to the minute stories John Rolls copied from Zerohedge and Drudge, then decided not to use. First, the Russian bomb that, oh what the hell, that can explode the entire known universe, before it even goes off, then on to the deep state, hiding under your breakfast table, the FEMA plan to use 5G to head-lop Apple users, then how Pinocchio grew a nose, then a clickbaiter a YUGE Adam’s apple, NWO transgender mishaps, the BIN that isn’t a trash container, strictly speaking…”

  • masterofnone

    More fear mongering….do you think any of your disinfo, will make one bit of difference, should any of the psychopath’s, running any of the nuclear armed countries, let loose with their weapons?….do us a favor and offer up an actual solution

  • Slimey

    Psssttt….. 5 golden spike monkeys. Gave this to your twisted sister also. Look into it. (speaking in hush tones). :lol:

  • Everette

    This is not hard to believe , because he already has a sub nuke that can cause a tidal wave that could cover on our coast line north to south that can destroy at least 50 miles inland with a tidal wave , wiping out cities and naval bases on our coast line . Why not have a state killing machine ? Some how he has managed to figure out how to keep the electrons flying outwards to explode other atoms . When the first nuke was detonated they wonder if it might continue its blast outwards and never stop till it wiped out the world . As we all know curiosity killed the cat and they took their chances and blowed it anyway . The blast was big and it did slow down and stop . But then we made bigger ones and more bigger ones . This nuke must be using a common element , hydrogen , oxygen or nitrogen in its exploding power . Nastradomus stated that world war 3 would use weapons that would boggle our minds , world war 4 would go back to sticks and stones .

    • b4

      nastyradomeus did not say that–einstein did and your no einstein–eddy munster maybe


    Sure, but you should see our gravity bomb!

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