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Obama Regime Bans Wood-Burning Stoves. Wants You To Rely On Government For Heat

Saturday, February 22, 2014 14:34
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About 12.4 million homes have a wood-burning stove. About 2.4 million households use them as their primary source of heat. As Obama drives up oil and coal prices, demand for wood-burning stoves have increased. In fact, Obama’s aggressive war against coal and oil has prompted many Americans to buy wood-burning boilers and furnaces.


Now the Obama administration is banning the sale of 80% of wood-burning stoves, claiming they pollute the environment.


By banning wood-burning stoves, Obama will increase the price of coal and oil even more, by increasing demand.


The logic used by the Obama administration would imply that fireplaces pose an equal or greater danger, depending on the style of fireplace. Will the Obama regime ban the construction of new fireplaces next?





The Environmental Protection Agency recently imposed restrictions on wood-burning stoves that will deal a blow to rural Americans who rely on wood to heat their homes.

Critics charge that the rule changes were enacted following pressure from environmental groups.

The EPA tightened restrictions in January on the level of fine airborne particulate emissions that wood-burning stoves can emit, from 15 micrograms per cubic meter to a maximum of 12 micrograms. Click to read the full article on All Self Sustained



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  • Boxed in Freight

    Obama is going to jail in March. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Boxed in Freight

      Before you go Barry, try banning forest fires too. :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Rexd63

        Better throw in tires to.

      • Neanderthal

        Does that mean when California catches on fire that Mother Nature will be in Violation of the EPA.

        Who would have thought. Shut that state down.

    • Li Longo

      Why is that?

    • Concerned US Patriots

      I hope so :evil:

    • taptap

      i have a bridge for sale, interested in buying it? you lemmings really think the president is goingto bre arrested based upon conspiracy news floated around on these fear site. lol. let me give you advice. get enrolled in obamacare, its really cheap, then seek meds for schizophrenia, you will feel better. i will see in you in april to say ” i told you so”

      • Cylent1

        GTFO troll….

  • Paladin

    If I’M cold, i’m buring some fire wood. human kind have been buring wood for cooking, warmth, and safety for thousands of years………………..

    • back_up_for_the_boys

      check out kelly kettles. These are great for your car trunk, camper or back pack. these are amazingly efficient and FAST

      • Nationcrying

        thank you; great idea

  • Garden Prepper

    Does this then lead to a ban on campfires? Can anyone believe this is actually happening?! If they try to ban camping we’ll be witnessing the biggest bonfires ever beheld by man, which I think many rural people may be ready to light up once the government comes to take their warmth away! Does everyone concur that this is Madness?

    • Concerned US Patriots

      Yes. But did you expect anything different? Any form of independence will be banned.

      • back_up_for_the_boys

        yes all carbon producing sustenance AND all green alternatives are banned…….devisive. Insane. Can you say………………..inbreeding?

  • freedom007

    “EPA tightened restrictions in January on the level of fine airborne particulate emissions that wood-burning stoves can emit, from 15 micrograms per cubic meter to a maximum of 12 micrograms”
    So it is all about the emission level of non-specific fine dust!
    for Biosphere this kind of pollution is no major burden.
    It only can increase incidence of lung diseases in humans and domestic animals if many fine dust emitting stoves, or other devices, are run in a neighborhood, or town quarter. For people living out in the country tie fine dust emission of their single stove will mean no health problem except if they don´t open windows regularly so that the ash dust accumulates indoors.

    I could puke, once again.

    We, the citizens, get more and more over-regulated and technically overburdened for achievement of minor, trifling environmental betterments on the one hand,
    to the extent of controlling which type of stove you are running far out on your farm, and preventing you from heating with the twigs your trees give voluntarily…
    and on the other hand we get seduced, bribed and even pressed to consume more and more products which burden Biosphere much more heavily than we ourselves would choose to burden it if we really had a choice.

    Hey governmental and industrial Chiefs, put your Brains on at last!
    Stop maneuvering people into senseless over-consuming of industrial products
    and you will achieve ten, twenty times more advantages for Biosphere
    than by any particular prohibition or technical control measure you could think of.

  • Truth ammo

    What about all the forest fires we have had? The small amount of wood heaters are dwarfed by these types of events. Our president is out to control everything we use. Our freedom is gone. Our Republic has been destroyed by government laws. The countries we are now watching on TV that are being taken back by citizens, will be our guide as to how it is done. We will be left no choice. If you think we have, I have been hoping that for 40 years.

  • Dooley

    The Environmental Police Authority just banned forest fires.

    • Neanderthal

      OH hell mother nature is being fined and going to jail.

  • Terry L Smith

    Tell that to the folks in Alaska!

  • ViewPoint

    Remember when the regime attempted to legally forbid U.S. Amish farmers from farming because of the absurd claim that tilling the ground kicks up dirt/dust?

  • back_up_for_the_boys

    Good thing that a stove can be built for pennies on the dollar that emits NO particles, produces enormous heat and conserves it to be continually emitted through out the day requiring only a cord or so a season to work…! That is what we are doing. That and downsizing and buying a place outright for a pittance that will not require home owners ins. and can be rebuilt for 10,000 or substantially less if needed, which would be paid for with all the money we will not be paying out for mortgage, ins. and utilities. We have had it with “stuff”. We’ve had every thing there is to have and now we can’t get rid of it fast enough. Yuck. Very over rated. The closer we get to simplicity and peace, the easier it is to get rid of stuff. Non of it is worth your life.

  • back_up_for_the_boys

    system check

  • Rufus Juice

    Obama knows the souls of the damned are enough to heat the enire world for generations to come.

  • ihatethedictator

    agenda 21 the nail in the coffin for America.your life and freedom,your children,your heritage and pride,evrything about being an American over,life will not be worth living.why nobody in us government taking this shit serious is beyond me.they all cant be corrupt why aren’t the American
    people out in the streets in revolt.our country and rights are being stripped and it seems like nobody gives a shit,military being purged nobody gives a shit,law enforcement corruption nobody gives a shit common core in school nobody gives a shit,poisoning our food and water nobody gives a shit. but there is no need to fear as long as the dumbfuck people are concerned about
    what time their favorite tv show or sports game is on that’s all that matters to the americans that
    don’t think nothings going on.we are now socialist,next stop facism.why is there nobody besides
    snowden attacking the esatablishment,nobody fucking cares and they know it

  • Li Longo

    It is simply not true. Follow the dubious sources for this story, and it is fiction, facts:

  • UberNuts

    This has been happening here in New Zealand for several years now.
    They make people buy pellet-fires, which burn reconstitued pine shavings at $25 a bag (which only lasts one night in the winter); plus, they need to have an electrical supply for them to operate. so in the instamce of a power-cut or failure – you cannot heat your home. Absolute lunacy.
    You may only have a wood/coal burner if you have over two acres of land and live outside of the town limits. Insane.

  • REST IN PEACE AMERICA - (1776 - 2014)

    Well let’s ban all fires. Stupid if you ask me.

  • Rico Millan

    It’s time to ban this corrupt regime.

  • dufus

    I gonna burn my stove whenever I get damn good and ready………..

  • MSG Chicken

    This illegal sodomite negro has no authority vested in him. I do not know why anyone is bowing to his illegal edicts and czars, do you?

  • Rufus Juice

    for those of you keeping score at home ~

    during the Obama presidency

    1)Cooking with Fire – banned.
    2)Blazing up a Bong – legal in two states, more to follow shortly.

  • rosebudii

    has anyone noticed that everytime something bad comes out Obama that within a few days Obama takes away more of our privilidges or he puts on more regulations that are critical to the rights we have always had, I say it’s time for him and his regime to go………..NOW AND FOREVER

    don’t vote for Hillary she is just as bad as he is………….scum both of them

  • Anonymous

    this is one sad piece of news, but my thanks to the author of this article for bringing this to our attention. my question is……… WHAT IS NEXT?

  • Glenn Canady
  • stevesmitty79

    Missouri has already drafted legislation to prevent the EPA from affecting residents with their new rules. It has widespread support. Now commercial and industrial is another matter, but the feds need to stay the hell out of people’s certain business, this one, burning wood to heat one’s home.

  • Greenfire

    Some rather interesting observations and viable solutions here:

  • snowl

    Ha! Yeah Obama going to jail in March, but first he and his cronies are coming over to w
    ork off some of the money they owe me by splitting wood for my wood stove!

  • cafayzieg

    Different people have different points of view.

  • bernone

    Until he pays my gas bill I will use my woodburner. It is bad when the government is trying to tell us as homeowners what we can do or how to heat our homes. Maybe we should all send our gas bill to him and see if he will pay them. :mad: :mad: :mad:

  • Philthysick

    I wont put it all on the president but he does have to take responsibility for decisions so ignorantly imposed on the citizens of this country. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard to be considered. It must be wrong to emit radio waves as well since it’s been proven that they as well cause cancer from prolonged exposure, so soon the vehicles we drive and the ones being created will kill more than already, along with the lighting choices we have, the sun included. Not to mention that emitted from nuclear power plants and carbon monoxide/natural gas exposure. This government is out of control and needs their pens taken away before they kill our country with greed (money) seeking control bans that one day will leave us all deceased from our own creations. The harm is sometimes hidden by the deceit of what looks beneficial.

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