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9 Booby Traps to Protect Your Homestead

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 8:11
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Booby Traps I know that “booby traps” might incite images of pirates or flashbacks from “Goonies”, but it’s actually a very legitimate way to protect your homestead. While many traditional security techniques may do the job, imagine how much more menacing you can be with rigged traps set all over the perimeter of your property. I think it would be great, actually! Just please keep in mind that booby traps are illegal in most places. These are ideas that would only be considered useful in a SHFT or survival scenario. Many of these trap ideas were used in war times and may look familiar to Vietnam Vets while some are standard hunting traps.

1. TRIP WIRE: How to make and install a simple inexpensive trip wire alarm to alert you that someone is approaching your home or hideout location.

2. FEATHER SPEAR TRAP It is said that this trap is good for catching wild boar, but I think if you are going to try to ward off humans you should definitely find a good way to camouflage it. It does appear to be highly effective though. Heck, even if it just makes someone turn around I suppose is had done its job!

3. SNARE TRAP This snare trap tutorial guides you to building a snare with common survival materials like paracord and wire. One of the simplest and timeless traps there are.

4. CORNFLOUR “EXPLOSIVE” I use the term “explosive” lightly here. It’s not really an explosion if kept to a small scale. It’s more of a scare tactic. If I saw flame balls coming from the general area I would be sure to steer clear. I don’t recommend trying this with a short tube if you have long hair. Either keep your hair pulled back or try using a bicycle pump to add some distance between yourself and the flame. I would also recommend keeping the area free of low hanging branches or heavy brush which could easily catch fire.  

5. SMALL ARMS CARTRIDGE TRAP It gets its name because you use a small arms shell or round (aka: cartridge). This one was widely used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. It is made of a piece of bamboo, a small arms cartridge, a nail, and a piece of wood. The pressure from ones step presses the cartridge onto the nail which causes the round to explode right through the intruders foot. It will definitely stop them in their tracks! Booby Traps 6. SLOW BURNING FUSES For times when you want to set off a fire cracker or other less destructive explosive to scare off an intruder it will come in handy to utilize a slow burning fuse. You can make these at home, thankfully, with just some cotton yarn, potassium nitrate, and table sugar. Here’s how:

7. PUNJI STICK PIT Sometimes called Punji stakes, these sharpened pieces of bamboo or wood are often buried in a camouflaged pit so that when an intruder falls into it the are then impaled by the sharp spear-like rods sticking our of the ground. Cruel, yes, but that’s why it’s a protective measure. Booby Traps 8. PUNJI STICK BEAR TRAP Think of those metal bear traps that hunters use. Once triggered the metal spike on either side close tightly around the bears paw or leg. This is basically a man-made, less mechanical version of on of these. Of course, it involves digging a pit, as was usually the case with most of the Viet Cong’s traps. Booby Traps 9. THORNY PLANTS My favorite booby traps are the natural kind. If you want to make sure you keep someone from breaking into your home through a window, just plant some non-threatening looking plants along the entire perimeter of your home. A plant like Osage Orange looks green and friendly, but it packs a strong punch with it’s strong, thick thorny branches. 1 



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Total 19 comments
  • The Clucker

    Booey twaps!

  • Bargepole

    Booby traps are illegal.

    • The Clucker

      I can see why. In a SHTF scenario what if a homeless child comes to your door just to ask if you can spare some food and he/she ends up falling into your punji stick trap? The Viet Cong would put their crap on the sticks so you would end up getting infected if you fell in them.

  • Bargepole

    I’ll go further than this.

    You are a dangerous cretin. Advising people to indulge in this sort of idiocy comes under the heading of reckless endangerment perhaps malice aforethought. If anyone starts practising these sort of japes they are eligible for arrest and imprisonment.

    In a military sense, setting of booby traps is intended as a method of slowing down a pursuit. If you think booby traps are in any way a military defence you are an idiot. If you think that spreading booby traps around your defensive position is somehow going to preserve your position, it isn’t. It’s going to make your attackers even more keen to get in and punish you. Nobody likes a practical joker.

    In occupied France when German soldiers had to enter unknown village territory they would empty the local school and make the children walk in front of them. So much your wonderful booby traps. Very good at killing children, no bloody use at stopping troops. You and your countrymen did the same in Vietnam.

    Suppose you stop talking crap about how macho you are and start living in a world where you have to talk to people instead of dropping them into spiky traps. Is that so difficult?

  • Judge Roy Bean

    Goes the author of this article know the consequences to the owner should a stranger encounter one of these booby traps?

    The owner will be going to prison, not the trespasser.

    • MyNameHere

      As they should, while being sued for everything he’s worth. Gotta be a sick hate-filled mind to do this.

  • Eggzactly

    My Booby trap is inside my home and it goes boom. I have pets and kids running around. All of this stuff is for hermits.

    • Bargepole

      Then it’s a Mr Bobby trap. Lose the pets. It’s cruel keeping poor little buggers in jail. Bargepole was as free as a … squirrel.

      • Eggzactly

        I actually thought about the MrBobby Trap! Anyway, my pets are free range pets until they are hungry that is.

  • FarmerX

    The problem with booby traps is that they are none selective. The will injure friends, foes and livestock alike. Booby traps should not be employed unless they are absolutely necessary.

    If you choose to live like a savage animal then you are no better than those who will cause this whole mess.
    There are a time and place for traps but please try and remember than not every living being is your enemy.
    You may inadvertently do more harm than good.

  • MyNameHere

    What if you are gone and some family with lots of kids come to visit.
    This info is for losers.

    • MyNameHere

      and sociopaths.

  • Sun Rabbit

    The easiest defense against home invasion is to have the most run-down house on the block, with overgrown weeds, and a beat-up car in the driveway. Nobody has to know how your house looks on the inside or what you have there. Oh, and having a reputation for being temperamental is also good. Remember what Macchiavelli said: a ruler who is loved is weak, same as a ruler who is hated. But the ruler who is feared is strong.
    You want a booby trap? How about a videocamera? And nighttime lighting of course. If anyone uses any of these deadly traps, not only do they face prosecution, but they could kill the perpetrator. You don’t want to do that because then you can’t sue him for all he’s got. If you have video evidence of property damage and attempted break-in, then you can sue him and his whole family. And win :grin:

    • CrowPie

      ……mmmm….yes. Your absolutely correct on all points. Every one. And Crazy…..Crazy scares everyone.

  • King Of Jambalamba

    love the liberal jackass comments…your a sicko or you’ll go to prison! you all are retarded as he says its a scenario if society collapses! you people are truly stupid!

    • Rexd63

      I agree, they think you and I are to just roll over and welcome people into your homes that intend to take everything from your and they will be planning on violently taking it from you. When the time comes the only thing I will have for the commie envader is pain and lots of it.

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        The next step in evolution of mankind is to learn to cooperate and trust each other NOT THE OPPOSITE.

        • Ted

          You trust the People who did 9/11? You’re a little behind Times.

          • Big dog.../small fish...

            I don’t live in the States and I’M NOT (READ THE WORD: NOT) PARANOID.

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