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Generals: Constitutional Crisis Could Force Military To Remove Obama

Monday, November 16, 2015 4:09
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Constitutional Crisis

In a interview with Trunews, Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney and Retired U.S. Army General Paul Vallely spoke about the possibility of a Constitutional Crisis that may occur if Barack Obama refuses to protect the American people from the threat of ISIS and radical islam. The Generals also said that it may come to the point where the US Military may have to remove Obama from office. The Generals also stated that Obama has moved the US stance on Terrorism from one of fighting against it to one of providing it aid and comfort.

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The fact that retired United States Military Generals are even talking about removing Barack Obama from the Presidency shows how much of a Constitutional crisis exists.

Listen to the audio discussion on YouTube below. What do you think?


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  • PeoplePower

    “We must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace.” 
    Quote by: -Barry Davis aka Barrack Hussein ‘Obama’

    1/3 of Americans demand a military coup to arrest all the traitors occupying DC in order to bring them to justice for treason, which is punishable by death.

    More than 80% of Americans believe there is widespread Government Corruption.

    • AllRoadsLead2NWO

      It would be easier if a couple million of armed and angry citizens go to DC and take it over. Waiting for a coup or praying or hoping will do absolutely nothing. One person cannot do it- but a couple million can for they cannot kill everyone without killing themselves.

      • G.M.

        :lol: Constitutional Crisis :lol:

        :lol: its a good thing Bush sr. signed into law the Noahide Laws would hate to see those Guillotines go to waste after all YOU paid for them :lol:

        • The Clucker

          Guillotine is the coolest way to die because when your head gets lopped off blood shoots out of your neck hole.

          • truthlovingsoul


          • Damien

            And then you run around like a headless Clucker.

            And then you move on to posting to BIN

            “THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!” :shock: :shock:

    • Homeowner Of Record

      Millions are Imprisoned, Abused or Made Homeless to Pad Judges & Politicians Retirements. Due Process of law is denied in all kinds of proceedings…Civil, Criminal & Family Courts. WE ARE ALL BEING SCREWED BEYOND BELIEF!

      Check out what I have on my LinkedIn Page & Pass It On Everywhere!
      LinkedIn members for full details:

      Unlike the Bundy Ranch grazing areas we actually own this land they are seizing!
      Our family fought in every American war & we are also Native American Indian.

      My brother a DISABLED VIETNAM VETERAN WITH CANCER lives in this home.
      These thieves have destroyed my business & health trying to fight them off.
      Permission is given to re-publish anything I have written anywhere!

      We currently have two U.S. Flags flying upside down here.
      Our Country is in distress & really sinking fast.
      Where are The Oath Keepers?

      Contact me at JERRYBLAKE@NEO.RR.COM
      Jerry A. Blake – AKA: Homeowner Of Record
      3310 Miles Ave N.W., Canton, Ohio 44718

  • EruditeOne

    We The People who think the US Constitution is still the law of the land & realize Barack H. Obama was not born in the U.S.A. & is therefore not eligible to be POTUS should approach God in fervent prayer that B.H.O. actions, or lack of actions finally prompt the US military to remove B.H.O. from office since Congress won’t remove him from office.

  • Boxed in Freight

    911 was an inside job – why won’t these men figure out that the American people know that 911 was an inside job? The whole World knows 911 was an inside job. In every interview mention is always made of 911 to get peoples ire up, but the ire people get up is that America did 911 and killed 3,000 people and professionally demolished two giant skyscrapers in the middle of Manhattan – and while were at generals, where were the seats, seat belts, huge engines, and the other plane debris from the commercial plane that supposedly hit the Pentagram? Clearly it was a cruise missile that hit the Pentagram and you all know about it – and probably planned it.

    Why does my barbeque not melt when it gets up to the same temperature as burning kerosene/jet fuel – and it’s not hardened steel?


    • John 5:43 (KJV)

      3 giant skyscrapers, not 2. Building 7 imploded too

  • VirusGuard

    Obama is just a banker puppet so remove him, cut his strings if you like but nothing will change

    Money runs the world and Obama is not a banker, he’s not even jewish

    • truthlovingsoul



      • my2pesos

        The Elite are from Mars and the Plebs are from Venus.

        • The Clucker

          Plebs?! Venus?!

    • Judge Roy Bean

      His mother may have been a communist Jew?

  • Syco

    As if we would be so lucky, when the time comes it is gona end up being a civilian posse that comes for them, he already neutered the military in fears this may comes to pass. Can’t neuter the militia though…

  • Anonymous

    Fools. Military will always be subordinate to civilian leadership.

  • Ideas Time

    The sooner the better. Get this Traitor out of there.

  • truthlovingsoul

    look at the dead eyes on these two.

    why aren’t they protecting the people from satanic communism/zionism? oh right, they are satanic zionist commies THEMSELVES.

    what a farse of a story.

    radical islam is a symptom or TOOL/WEAPON being used to decimate western societies.

    same old same old. nothing new under the sun.


    • sarah

      The Generals look like a couple of USED TAMPONS to me.

      And their words are about as useful.

      • sitrep

        Yeah, although they look good in suits……………LOL

    • Pink Slime

      NO, I do not detect these in their eyes. I do know liberals look deranged and ugly but again, I do not detect them in these two guys.

      Yeah, check out the eyes of liberals. There is a certain EMPTY CRAZED look in them. The sodomite negro, Hillary, Bill Clinton, etc.

      Again, I do not detect it in these two guys eyes.

  • my2pesos

    Hark the Herald ~ The HR Dark Heal
    HR represents Hour of course, but then there’s the House of Representatives, Homerun, Human Relations, Human Rights, Hazard Ratio, Croatia, and more…….
    Two Letters.

    • my2pesos

      The odd One in the Bunch ~ Ho Ho! Behind de Cent Nut

  • debbie


    • apache5

      yes MCcain is a scumbag and needs to be hung for treason, amen to those who will perform the duty!!

  • lusignan

    A military coup won’t happen. L’Obatamy has already “purged” the higher ranks of the military with his kind of people, and we know what they are.

    • The Rat

      I agree 100%

  • The Rat

    I do not see this happening. They have fired all the resistance that the military has to offer. It’s going to get alot worst once they put the other Clinton in office in 2016.

  • Bob DD

    This possible removal is all BS. He will NOT be removed. Guaranteed! The puppet masters have come too far to let this on-the-brink collapse/takeover not happen. I’m surprised the global puppet masters haven’t been removed?

  • Cousin_Jack

    Never let a crisis go to waste, I think Governments around the world would let people die in order to accomplish their agendas. Maybe the problem is what those agendas are?

  • jdpent01

    jdp…If thats what it takes get it done, he is staunch on protecting ISIS, he can’t do anything with Russia or France from bombing or sending in troops even if ASSAD is out of the picture ISIS would still be present doing their harm against civilians.

  • dusel1

    These two generals are either walking softly or are Constitutionally ignorant.
    This Constitutional Republic entered into a Constitutional Crisis on January 20, 2009, when the traitor John Roberts swore in the illegal alien and usurper HUSSEIN Obama into the office of the POtuS.

  • LadySlinger

    I think Obama was duly humiliated in Paris this week & if he follows his normal process… he’ll come back with revenge in his heart… against the US. I also would not be surprised if Putin & Hollande demanded a military contact to work with them… other than himself. The days of having Erdogan approve all US bombing runs is over.

    Speaking of the constitution, Obama’s other investment, the Ayre’s College Version of BLM is now demanding the removal of the Constitution. It was written by racists & bigots. The chant is something like “No Constitution or Bullets will Rain”…


    If only they took Ohomo, the Federal Courts, the Senate, the House, political appointees, and all of the members of the “press” in Washington DC, New York, and a few other places, and decorated the lamp post with those people. If they appointed members of the military, not to exceed the rank of Captain to replace those people, until a future election, what a great thing that would be.

  • Pink Slime


    Congress won’t do it. The Sheriffs won’t do it. The Supreme Court won’t even comment on it!!

    That leaves the American people and they won’t do it EITHER! There is only the MILITARY left. Always our LAST HOPE!!

    ARREST THE NEGRO FRAUD!!! You are correct. He is suppose to PROTECT the American people, their way of life and PRESERVE the Constitution.

    In every instance Congress and the Negro have DONE THE OPPOSITE!! So don’t forget to ARREST the entire Congress that put the illegal negro in!!!

  • Cleareyes

    General Patton would go slap crazy at all the cowards today! They see the enemy being armed and supported and brought over! the plot is in your face and unfolding! American brothers it’s time to buddy up!

  • Theo

    :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :idea: NEVER EVER HAPPEN – FAKE PLANTED STORY!

    TODAY, 100% ALL THE US military Generals, Admirals, Col. (ALL OFFICERS) ARE 100% HIGH TREASONOUS DISHONORABLE COWARDLY LOWLIFE SCUMBAGS! THEY ALL NEED TO BE HANGED UNTIL DEAD TODAY-RIGHT NOW! I, as millions of Real US Citizens WHO LOVE AND LIVE ALL ABOUT THE US CONSTITUTION, will gladly pull the lever! Each US Military Officers has commited HIGH TREASON IN UNIFORM, and “COMPLIES” WITH ALL ILLEGAL ORDERS; Making them Enemies of the US Constitution! Read this and I Guarantee, YOU CAN NOT ARGUE THIS FACT!

    Did you ever ask yourself WHY hasn’t B0 been arrested? Because the USA has a 100% TOTAL PUPPET MILITARY LEADEr! Remember, B0 personnally HAND SELECTED GENERAL Martin E Dempsey to CONTROL AND DESTROY THE US MILITARY! You can NOT COUNT ON THE US MILITARY TO DO ANYTHING TO HARM B0, but 100% PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS, and follow ALL ORDERS OR NON ORDERS to do the RIGHT CONSITUTIONAL Thing, or FOLLOW THEIR SWORN OATH!

    One of the benefits from being President, they get to “Hand Select” who runs the Military. The US Military DOES NOT self appointed their best from within, but the President does. Do you really think B0 would appoint an enemy AGAINST HIS AGENDA of his to be SOLE DICTATOR of the entire US Military? Just as B0 is the Sole Dictatorship powers over the US, HIGH TREASONOUS DISHONORABLE AFTER-BIRTH SCUMB General Martin E Dempsey is the SOLE DICTATOR over the entire US Military complex. Their is NO HIGHER uniform member in the world, and HE “ONLY Give Orders down the chain, and reports to the President himself”. He DOES NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN ONE ORDER TO ANY DEPARTMENT GENERAL who was also “hand selected” to run each and every Branch of the Military Complex! The TOP CRIMINAL DEMPSEY “Hand Selected” and appointed OTHER HIGH TREASONOUS SCUMBAGS over the Army, AF, Navy, Marines, etc! Do you really think he would appoint a “honest” Officer below him to run each branch of the military, and one who WILL REFUSE TO FOLLOW ALL ILLEGAL ORDERS BLINDLY? Would you appoint someone who you don’t like or trust under you to run their criminal enterprise? And then it works itself criminal military officer below each other criminal military officer below them! SO YOU SEE, 100% ARE CRIMINAL AND NEED TO BE HANGED UNTIL DEAD FROM COMPLYING WITH CRIMES AS THEY PASS THEIR DESKS!

    UNDERSTAND NOW WHY B0 HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED, NOR WILL EVER BE ARREST, or THE MILITARY TAKEN AN ACTION? Who is going to do it? It isn’t the PUPPET APPOINTED MILITARY HIGHEST Treasonous Lowlife Scumbag General Martin E Dempsey, and the entire criminal Officers below them… So the Military is 100% off the table to make any arrest, or kick out this FUDGE PACKR! The US military will never ever do anything to protect YOU, YOUR LOVED ONES, NOR OUR NATION, but only B0 and his muslium faith, and to DO ALL IT CAN TO DESTROY OUR NATION. CAN ANYONE ELSE SEE IT IN ACTION?

    Remember, the military Army flies B0 via their helicopters from the WH lawn to Andrews AFB, and then the AF flies AF1 all over the world! They can take him out anytime they want… If only we had ONE HONEST MILITARY MEMBER to do the right thing…

    First I am a War Vet and took and oath to “protect” our nation from foreign and DOMESTIC ENEMIES! I say a big THANK YOU to the lower 95% of the Enlisted NCOs, but for the vast majority of the officers, F=OFF! The majority of you all are criminals, who openly support the criminal actions of all the illegal orders being handed down to you, and you 100% comply. What have you done? Not a F’ing thing right to “protect” your Oath? Cowards!

    While the US military has 10s of millions who GAVE THEIR VERY LIVES for our nation, the criminal Officers in the military today are 100% afraid to even say “NO” and lose a rank, or get called on the carpet! You call that honor to the american way of life, our Constitution, and all that the US Flags offers? FU all you officers! You are nothing but criminal, who I pray you never get to see your families again for your cowardly dishonor you have performed for wearing the uniform Dishonorably. Officers today value your life, your bribed money, your power, and your self interests azz more then the fighting for your nation and your OATH. You each openly know you are performing illegal criminal orders, yet you comply; so that makes you each HIGH TREASONOUS SCUM, who all need to be tried, and if found guilty for harbouring the criminal orders, you need to be hung, until dead, since the US military is in a “War” status, like in WW1 and WW2 today.

    Read FACTS ON WHAT THEY DID AND REMEMER, THE Military OFFICERS ARE ONLY TRYING TO MAKE IT SEEM THEY ARE “HONORABLE” LIKE THE GROUND LEVEL FOOT TROOPS AND THOSE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES! Yet NOT A SINGLE ONE CAN SAY “NO Sir I WILL NOT FOLLOW THAT ORDER” AND LOSE A RANK, because they “LOVE” OUR NATION SO MUCH? Yeah, just continue to knowingly follow all your illegal orders, so you have each committed criminal actions that you are trying to COVER UP! You call that “honorable” to those in front lines?

    More FACTS; not fake BS Stories:

    Seems the highest levels military OFFICERS forgot this, and openly wipe their AZZES with the Stars and Stripes, for their own personal “AGENDA”; as it is blantently not in the best interest of “We The People” nor protecting their “Oath” to protect our “1776 Constitution” and our Rights. Why hasn’t one SINGLE General or Admiral ever lifted a F_ing finger to protect our nation? They are exactly like the US Criminal Corrupt Gov, who each openly accept BRIBES to ignore their dishonorable oaths to destroy our nation ONE PIECE AT A TIME! These military OFFICERS value running to get their $15k a month to the bank, and support keeping the US gov criminals in power FOR THE MONEY, THEIR MONTHLY BRIBE MONEY; and turn their backs to the Constitution, and Freedom! Anyone call them HONORABLE for doing this? Since when is it “honorable” to “Early Retire” to get out, rather then stand up to the criminal actions you see? You are THE FORCE THAT CAN STOP THEM, yet you comply; making you each criminals in your heart and soul!

    I pray that each of you Officers ROT IN HELL at Satans feet in the afterlife for your criminal actions you support and supported while wearing the uniform DISHONORABLY. Make no mistake, the 10s of millions of HONORABLE vets WHO DIED FOR OUR NATION, will be waiting for each of you, so you have eternity of facing these heros, since you are 100% OPPOSITE of what they were fighting for. I for one will seek each of you out in the afterlife, and send you directly TO HELL after I expose your HIGH TREASONOUS ACTIONS against GOD and your OATH! You will each see me AND MY ARMY FIGHTING FOR GOD at the Gates of Heaven and Block you AND YOUR FAMILY from entering! Your fake lies do not deserve your children to enter because you are doing it criminally to get them in! You then can have eternity of having to explain your Cowardly High Treasonous actions, when had the chance.

    Read more on all these High Treasonous Generals, including the #1 General Martin E Dempsey, who “just happened” to be “Hand Selected” by B0 back in 2011, to give all orders to the military! This is America’s #1 HIGH TREASONOUS DISHONORABLE SCUM who only talks with B0, and DOES NOT HAVE TO ANSWER TO ANY OTHER Military Person on the planet! People need to ask him on his Facebook page why he openly ignores all printed law, and each and every order B0 tells him to do. He (as ALL MILITARY OFFICERS) is a spinless lowlife piece of SH_T who has committed millions more MILITARY CRIMINAL CRIMES THEN BENEDICT ARNOLD! He has turn “HIS” military against the US People, and openly is purging the troops to weaken our nation, as B0 needs to to destroy US!

    So the US military is cutting 120,000 more troops, yet now are putting boots on the ground in the Middle East. How stupid are you citizens!? Read more on this lowlife dishonorable scum and you tell me IF HE IS HONEST:


    But God Bless the “Honorable” low level ground foot troops. You need to remove your officers above you, and all public officials for all the crimes they are doing now… NEVER FORGET WHO THEY ARE… And ALL YOU OFFICERS, FU all and I look forward to peeing on each of your faces and graves… You will not be missed by anyone you have turned you back on to free our Nation; but remembered as HIGH TREASONOUS TRAITORS TO OUR ONCE PROUD NATION! Screw you for dishonoring wearing your uniform by not protecting your country, our values, morals, and all the Stars and Stripes Represent. Officers – WE Know you did all you could to destroy our nation for my and your children.

  • Anonymous

    That fag Valley sucks Aqwnio’s horns.

  • freedomfirst

    It has been 15 years now we have watched Bush and Odama shred our CONSTITUTION AWAY and NOTHING has happened we have witnessed the enemy invade our country and occupy all top agencies- schools- law enforcement-our government/presidency-and we have seen NOTHING from those who we have honored and paid to protect us our country. Now they say their ready to do something when it is really almost too late…… REALLY!!!! I have not seen a pair grown on any of these generals/admirals just a group of whinny little boys playing soldier truly a neutering reality.

  • underdog

    so wat u ladies waiting for ? a written invitation !!!!

  • jdpent01


  • keithcooper

    What clap trap. Obama might be a terrible President BUT if the military thinks for a second that it can “step in” and undo the choice of the majority of Americans over him wanting to do the moral thing, which is to HELP people in need, then they had best step back and reassess. I don’t like Obama any more than the next guy but I’ll take an incompetent ELECTED fool over a MILITARY TOOL anyday . This board is chock full of stupid haters who are being manipulated by powers they can’t even comprehend….that or they are just stupid. Get a grip….the next election is right around the corner and then we get another loser in office…guaranteed.

  • Judge Roy Bean

    Obama must be tried for treason, found guilty and executed!

  • SadAmerica2012

    Oh puuuuuhleeeeze stop teasing! What are you waiting for? the complete melt-down of America? BO has done enough treasonous acts that he needs to be removed ASAP. There should be no question in your minds how to SAVE AMERICA — remove BO.

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