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Another Inconvenient Truth: Planet X

Friday, September 30, 2016 4:10
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Planet X will go down in history as the greatest government deception of all time – assuming there is any humanity left to record the event after it’s arrival.

Whether you call it Planet X, Nibiru, Hercolubus, Nemesis, the 12th Planet, Wormwood, the Destroyer, a brown dwarf star, the Red Kachina or the Blue Kachina, know this: your government is actively hiding this knowledge from you because they do not care about you as individuals. Millions will die and they know it! How will we die? Take your pick: multiple asteroid impacts, massive volcanic eruptions, enormous earthquakes, huge tsunamis, comet impacts or a magnetic pole shift which will leave the earth vulnerable to all manner of deadly cosmic rays. The list is actually even longer, however I’m sure you get the point.

Whatever you do, don’t get hung up on the different names for these solar system interlopers because they each have a slightly different back-story, which will be used by the enemies of truth to try and confuse people. What is important is that your government, specifically NASA, is continuously lying to you and actively trying to cover up massive changes to our solar system and consequently dramatic and life-altering changes to our own planet. There is a list of anomalies already happening to all planets in our solar system including earth but they are minimizing this information to lull you.


Most people know about chemical trails. This is just one tool in your government’s arsenal of tricks. NASA even admits it: They even admit using Lithium! They are trying to dumb us down friends. What else is NASA up to? Well they are cutting their live ISS cam feed because too many weird things are showing up and they can no longer explain with credibility. This author personally got cut off of Facebook for criticizing NASA too many times. So NASA uses, misinformation, disinformation, excessive information and censorship just to name a few of their tricks. There are even rumors of mysterious and unexplained deaths of scientists and UFO researchers.

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The really sad news is that your government has known of Planet X for at least fifty years. They could have started preparing us way back then but they chose the coward’s way. Not only will they let you die, they have spent millions, perhaps trillions, on Deep Underground Military Bunkers (DUMBs). Why? For themselves and those with enough money to buy a spot – the elites. I think, however, that their DUMB facilities may not work as well as they think. That’s your only solace friends. Many of these big-shots will not make it because the destruction coming is far greater than even they have anticipated.

To shed a little light, let me tell you why they won’t tell you now; why they’ll wait until the last possible moment. First, practically speaking it’s just too late. Second, almost all coastal regions on the earth will be swallowed by huge tsunamis. What would happen if governments tried to move billions of people inland? Panic, looting, killing and general mayhem. They want you working until the day you die! Nice and orderly or should I say Orwellian.

If you don’t believe me start doing some research. Start taking photographs of the sun. As a 30+ year amateur astronomer I have photographed things (around the sun) that shouldn’t be there. I have witnessed Mars almost on fire this summer and I have never seen it’s like ever before. Oh the professional liars will have an explanation for you. You can figure this out yourself so don’t believe them! They want you to stay asleep.

Conspiracies, cover-ups, lies, deception and false flags. Countries and governments have a long history of using these tools and if you think you are safe, or are no longer living in an age when this could happen, you have already succumbed to their false propaganda and are actually helping perpetuate the conspiracy surrounding Planet X.

Man’s mind is so formed that it is far more susceptible to falsehood than to truth.

Desiderius Erasmus (c. 1466–1536), Dutch humanist. Praise of Folly, ch. 45 (1509)


By  WARD HALISKY, Someone’s Bones

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  • Central Scrutinizer

    ^^^ “If you don’t believe me…” – I Don’t!!!

    Finally, something within your incoherent, rambling post that makes actual sense.

    [Hand Raised] QUESTION FOR YOU, SIR.

    If it indeed too late, perhaps you would like to provide the coordinates so we can all get a good look at it. I can get the coordinates of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, even Uranus [!!!!!!], but yet you want me to believe it’s hiding just behind the Sun.

    Hint, Hint – 6 months ago, the Erf’ was on that side of the Sun, and guess what? {Take your time, I’ll wait}.

    IT WASN”T THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dispense with the Fe@r porn nonsense. Or wait with Lifels for the non-event that will never happen. Maybe he will allow you to partake of the special Himalayan Salt I have reserved for him. :mrgreen:

    • LifeIs

      You would do well to read and try to understand. Planet X is not like the other planets. Its orbit is inclined.

      And when it is on “the other side of the Sun,” or on THIS side of the Sun, but not outside Earth’s orbit, (try to think in 3 dimensions here) it is in the daytime sky.

      Six months ago, or six years ago, it would be in the same daytime sky.

      The planet is not swinging around in Earth’s tight ellipse. It doesn’t orbit in one year.

      Its coordinates do change fast, because of the planet’s orbit, which is inclined, and which may be retrograde. It’s not travelling WITH us, as the other planets are. So you need fresh, current information there.

      I can’t promise you’d have seen it, with coordinates. It’s a dark body, tracked by infrared telescopes since 1993. If you DO see it, you’re probably seeing a coma, like that of a comet.

      It does not have to get close to us, to destroy our world. The charge field is what flips our planet’s axis.

      • Central Scrutinizer

        ^^^ Quality List, there Capt. PE

        I award you 0.238 Super Secret Bonus Points. I’m in a giving mood today. :mrgreen:

        • deano

          Well give up 2min of your time and Type in WISE.

          Explain to us all why NASA also believes in this Planet X (no 10 in Roman Numbers)

          Now I wonder why they “TURNED IT OFF”?…

          .u need to Scrutinize that other CENTRAL agency…..NASA. Starting with the Widefiel Infra-red Survey Explorer. The biggest “Binner” binocular in infra-red

      • Hayduke

        It must be complicated telling everyone why the invisible Nibiru can never be seen by telescopes under any circumstances. It’s behind the sun! It’s behind the moon! It’s behind the flat ‘Erf! It’s behind Jupiter! And it’s coming!

        • LifeIs

          Optical telescopes didn’t see it for a century or so. Though astronomers knew it was there. It’s been tracked by infrared instruments in modern times.

          It’s not complicated. We can’t see dim objects (like Crater 2) or black objects (like the small, dark comets that disintegrate above us every few seconds.) And we don’t see much in the daytime sky.

          What must be complicated is telling everyone you know all, and see all, and nothing you haven’t been told about exists.

          I guess it’s like Clinton worship. Not seeing scandalous conduct. Not seeing her health problems. Because YOU would know, if she’d done something wrong. Or if she was sick.

          • maxwell

            …LifeIs…Everything is focused directly at us!! Just more proof nobody gets out. Its a dimensional change. The first earth age ended in pretty much the same manner…It “became” void and without form.
            …We all get to re-assume our spiritual identities. Our real bodies.

    • Enki

      Unless you have the planetary precession incorrect which is the case. “Erf” does not go around the Sun once a year, it takes 25920 years in our present time scale. During this journey, Erf will cross the Sun’s equatorial plane twice. They are 12960 years apart and the cause of the polar flip. When the pole flips, Erf will briefly become a magnet altering free floating space debris course towards Erf. Erf is tumbling to and away from the Sun causing Ap & perihelion as result of a comet strike 6500 years ago in the north of Africa. Our tumble diameter is 5Mkm. At the Moment we are busy sticking our North pole into the opposite polarity causing all the havoc. To date no one has been able to disprove this, wanna give it a bash?

    • Hayduke

      Two words: BINNER glasses. I just looked through my BINNER glasses, still just $99.95 although they are vastly improved. Lo and Behold, through a break in the clouds, THERE IT WAS!! NIBEROO!!! It was a beautiful lavender color. There were canyons, oceans, lakes, and mountains! There were naked lavendar women!!! Niberoo is coming!!!!!

      Have you lost your BINNERS!!??? What a beautiful planet.

      • Redlist Renegade

        Oh I’m anything BUT a “Dimwit” there Asshole !!! Your academic “Credentials” DON’T impress me either !!! The reason that I called you and your half ass buddy (Entril Frutinizer) OUT is because EVERY time THIS particular subject shows up anywhere on BIN the two of you are always there to “tag team” anyone that comments on it ! That SMACKS of Government Disinformation !!! YOU two ARE TROLLS and REAL Assholes with MASSIVELY overblown egos !!! It isn’t just THIS subject either ! I’ve read your half ass comments about martial law etc. and you have your head up your freekin’ ass there “BOY” !!! I’d be willing to bet that you’ve never had a REALLY GOOD Ass Kicking in your sorry ass liberal life either !!! Believe me if you ever met ME in person THAT would CHANGE in a HEARTBEAT !!! I LOVE to kick the living freekin’ SHIT out of smart ass tough guy “Wannabe’s” like YOU PRICK and I’m DAMN GOOD AT IT !!! You better PRAY that I never find you through your ISP Jerkoff or I WILL pay you a “Visit” there “College Boy”!!!!

        • Hayduke

          Give me the time and date, and I’ll meet you by your trailer.

          • DistantCousin

            Did He buy a Trailer with his Inheritance
            When His Mother Died – - -
            And He had to Move out of the Basement???

            (A Little Sarcasm)

        • Mayhem

          Un-wad your panties, darling, before you pop a blood vessel.

          • Mayhem


          • Mayhem

            A clever and witty comeback, not, so why not just table proof of Nibiru because that will shut me up way quicker.

            Or you can cry and pout like a little girl because it’s all the same to me.

        • Hayduke

          And how can you find me through my ISP when you can’t even read? I’m getting confused here, I guess.

          • Redlist Renegade

            I have friends in the right places that CAN find it for me !!! You act real tough with all that “False” bravado on here , let’s see just HOW tough you act when you meet a REAL Tough Guy !!! Expect NO mercy WHEN you DO !!!

          • Mayhem

            Poor baby has no argument and has to resort to empty threats.

            What a right royal loser you’ve turned out to be Red-boy.

          • DistantCousin

            Watch Out Mitch!!!
            Redlist Got Kicked Out of the WWF,
            For Reckless Feckless Unscrupulous Behaviour!

            You Better Take This All Real Serious-Like!

          • FAT AXL!!!

            Reckless Renegade is Hulk Hogan?

        • Central Scrutinizer

          That’s a Quality Putz’Grenade ya launched there, Hot Shot!!! :mrgreen:

  • nicko

    Earth is flat and they are no planets.. it is all BS

    • Hayduke

      Da “Erf is flat. Da sun is a military flashlight 30 miles in da air! Da stars are just pinpricks of light behind a black blanket. Der isn’t any gravity! Aliens are living on da moon!

      • unidentified

        nobody ever heard of planetx until the internet came along, oh wait :twisted: :twisted:

        • Redlist Renegade

          That’s NOT really true !!! There were articles in science magazines as long ago as the late fifties and the early sixties speaking of and theorizing about it’s existence I remember seeing some of those articles back in the day !

          • TuffENuff

            I remember reading these articles, too. Most of the dim bulbs on this site can’t remember what they ate for lunch.

      • Redlist Renegade

        Advanced degrees huh ? From the way you write and spell it sounds like you got those supposed advanced “degrees” at the state mental institution of Liar Learning Snitch !!!

  • nicko

    You bought into the BS dude… :evil:

    • DistantCousin

      Hey Nicko,
      Tell Your Flat Earth Budddies to come back to BIN.
      Its Boring as Hell without them!

      RR :roll:

  • rocorollo

    Where have the bees gone? Back to beehive number M44. They will come back as superbees to sting the earth.

  • The Ferrett

    Yes nico correct!
    It will be a covert man-made event, as a significdant population reduction measure . .

  • Shemita Nangey

    The Report here is interesting, most seem to have seen signs around them in the heavens. And my best guess is that you trying to find the locations of mysterious multi-dimensional entity or beings, who resides everywhere and visible to most at different location at many stars/planets due to some quantum effects. I would term such an entity as the GOD or some divine figure.

    So if such divine figure do exist, so I am sure that divine figure should be presently existing, living somewhere with us on planet earth. Now I am definitely scared.

  • Hayduke

    Nope. I was forced to learn critical thinking while getting a couple of graduate degrees. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t gotten an education like I did but it’s hard to believe in Nubiru when you have a backround in the hard sciences, including astronomy. believe me, RR, it’d be nice to be a dimwit like you with no science backround or education to think of. It looks fun believing in Nibiru, just like believing in Baby Jebus and Santa.

  • b4

    you drive a taxi in vegas and every once and awhile you gamble your weeks pay away–your delusional–i know somebody who knows you

  • DistantCousin

    The Majority of the Men on this planet with such or such a belief,
    Always think it will return “Tomorrow”.
    For some odd reason, the lack of a “Return”, leaves such men Undaunted.
    The Majority will go to their Graves, as very old men, knowing with great
    certainty, totally undaunted, that “Something” Will Return “Tomorrow”.

    The Best Defense for Jesus, or Yeshua, is possibly a circumstantial one.
    Those who follow the Talmud, Hate him like nothing else on this Planet.
    This last statement is at the very least, an interesting thought.


  • unidentified

    many people dont believe religion or that we havent come from somewhere else and this might be a onetime experience

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