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Dr Paul Craig Roberts Warning – Putin Says We Are on the Brink of WW3 – Economic Collapse and Financial Crisis Is Rising Any Moment

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 4:13
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The prospect of a new war between, say, Iran and Saudi Arabia — U.S and Russia four powers at each other’s throats at this very moment — can never be ruled out, though neither side is believed to have the capacity or inclination to undertake such a risky move. A Saudi decision to constrain production is somewhat more likely sooner or later, given the precipitous decline in government revenues. However, the Saudis have repeatedly affirmed their determination to avoid such a move, as it would largely benefit the very producers — namely shale operators in the U.S. — they seek to eliminate.

In fact, some analysts believe that Putin took the risky step of intervening in the Syrian conflict partly to deflect public attention from deteriorating economic conditions at home. He may also have done so to create a situation in which Russian help in achieving a negotiated resolution to the bitter, increasingly internationalized Syrian civil war could be traded for the lifting of sanctions over Ukraine. If so, this is a very dangerous game, and no one — least of all Putin — can be certain of the outcome.

The situation in Russia remains somewhat more fluid. President Vladimir Putin continues to enjoy widespread popular support and, from Ukraine to Syria, he has indeed been moving ambitiously on the international front. Still, falling oil prices combined with economic sanctions imposed by the E.U. and the U.S. have begun to cause some expressions of dissatisfaction, including a recent protest by long-distance truckers over increased highway tolls. Russia’s economy is expected to contract in a significant way in 2016, undermining the living standards of ordinary Russians and possibly sparking further anti-government protests.

The “Empire of Chaos” has Russia backed into a corner and Putin says we are on the brink of WWIII. Darrin McBreen talks to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts about NATO’s deployment of anti-missile systems surrounding Russia.

Economic collapse and financial crisis is rising any moment. Getting informed about collapse and crisis may earn you, or prevent to lose money.

People react to a crisis when they often don’t if it’s just an everyday problem. For example, a major international airport might have been begging for more money for security and for years been held back by the accounting department. Suddenly, there is evidence of an imminent terrorism threat. Now there is a crisis. Why does this common tactic work so often? People respond differently when faced with a crisis and often make quick and over reactive decisions. Fear is an important factor. On the surface, this is not unexpected as a crisis usually requires rapid action.

Preparing for emergencies and disasters involves much more than just stock piling canned goods and freeze dried foods. Whether you are in rural America or in suburbia, consider learning some new skills this year. If you ever need to barter for goods, your skills may be the best monetary unit you possess. Oh, and they might even save your life! Having the proper skills and training will provide an individual with a well diversified knowledge base on how to survive during and after a disaster.

‘It would take a serious cataclysmic earth event like a super volcano, a meteor impact, major electromagnetic pulse event, or dramatic pole shift to affect the entirety of humanity. Man-made events like nuclear war, environmental damage, or total economic collapse, no matter how devastating, will be somewhat isolated and contained to specific areas and populations. Incidentally, every nation or territory that has experienced these man-made catastrophes has roared back to life in less than one generation.’

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The Fall of Deutsche Bank Prepare Yourself Accordingly

The Next Financial Crisis Will Be The WORST In Human History Economic collapse and financial crisis is rising any moment. Getting informed about collapse and crisis may earn you, or prevent to lose money. 

Disaster preparation has received a lot of attention in the recent past. In fact, people who live in every corner of the world prepare for various disasters such as famine and war. Some of them even prepare for zombies. It is always better to prepare to face disasters as they can hit us at unexpected times.

However, it should be done according to a plan. That’s where The Lost Ways comes into play. This guide follows a scientific approach to help people prepare for disasters. In fact, it would let people know about the secret methods followed by the ancestors to survive disasters. They include a variety of disasters such as droughts, diseases, financial crisis, wars, famines and everything else life threw at them. For More Information About The Lost Ways Survival Guide Click Here

What is a ‘Global Recession’
An extended period of economic decline around the world. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) uses a broad set of criteria to identify global recessions, including a decrease in per-capita gross domestic product worldwide. According to the IMF’s definition, this drop in global output must coincide with a weakening of other macroeconomic indicators, such as trade, capital flows and employment.

Recessions are caused by several factors. These include:

Hyper Inflation
Prolonged Fall in Exchange Rates
Credit Crunches
Collapsing Consumer Confidence
Collapsing Asset Prices
Collapsing Global Trade
Bust following Excessive Speculation – e.g., Property Market in Japan -1989
Evidence so far Leading up to 2016: Collapsing Commodity Prices:
Recessions caused by deflation see massive collapses in asset prices. There has been a well over 50% plunge in the prices of industrial commodities such as copper and oil.
The end of the world as we know it is coming, or at the very least a long period of lawlessness, total anarchy and every-man-for-himself savagery. You are aware of this and want to prepare. One of the things you need to cover (aside from an ample supply of firearms) is food. What food do you stockpile?

Top Ten Things to Disappear from Grocery Shelves in Crisis
Bottled water (learn the bottled waters to avoid.)
Soft drinks (learn the 8 kinds of drinks to hoard in crisis).
Chips and crackers (American’s eat 1.2 billion pounds of
potato chips annually according to National Geographic).
Snack bars and energy bars
Garbage bags (used to loot the wares).

What Will You Use for Money When the SHTF After the Collapse?

It is critically important for preppers to engage with barter and to network with the the growing underground economy. This is how you will survive the dollar crisis and the on-going economic collapse for years to come. Here is what you need to be accumulating this NOW.

Will you be hoarding food and supplies? Preppers have the right to gather supplies for their survival. The United States Constitution guarantees this right. Arm yourself with knowledge! The Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable
search and seizure for concerned citizens of the United States of America. Have the constitution on hand to defend your rights.


Food & Water Storage
It is true that the updated order gives the government authority to redistribute food. However, this doesn’t mean that the government can take your food storage.

The order is made to make preparations before an emergency and gives the government power to redistribute food during a crisis.

Food resources is defined in the order as “all commodities and products, (simple, mixed, or compound), or complements to such commodities or products, that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals, irrespective of other uses to which such commodities or products may be put, at all stages of processing from the raw commodity to the products thereof in vendible form for human or animal consumption.

Being prepared always is a perfect move towards living an enjoyable life. You need to prepare for both success and failure simultaneously. Being alert could save the lifestyle of your friends, relatively and more importantly your valuable life. Bad things that are anticipated to occur needs to be prepared for perfectly because they are inescapable, such as, global warming. 

So if you are looking for a perfect guide that will explain to you how to outlive catastrophes of all kinds, then never overlook “The Lost Ways”. It is the best program for you. Is this book a scam? No. the truth is that this program is 100% genuine and results are guaranteed. It has been tested in many countries and many customers have given positive reviews about it. What are you waiting for then?Get your copy today and see your dreams turning into realities. Moreover, there is a 100% money back guarantee. You have no chance to lose. Your investment is save and productive.



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  • How much THEY paying you for this crap?
    Whoever is behind this name… :idea:

  • Regarding current escalation of tensions between Russia and USA, Putin has received a tactical plan from the Pleiadians how to avoid a global war.
    As the astronaut Edgar Mitchell has emailed to John Podesta, the chairman of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, the positive extraterrestrials will NOT allow a global conflict to happen:

  • Why, thank you Mr Putin, for alerting the world to a potential bad reality for them…

    A messiah, a caring soul of all, must be why you choose to divulge such top secret data to the public.

  • By the way this is the price to pay for not having a police state /nor the state-police under a federal rule. (then you got the state as an openly murderous tyrant) Obviously the people through constitutional republic, they are not in control of the unified-states. (you should never been united as an Empire) Today they talk about democracy witch you should not be at all, a constitutional republic is the defense against that hoax.

    You said:
    “People react to a crisis when they often don’t if it’s just an everyday problem. For example, a major international airport might have been begging for more money for security and for years been held back by the accounting department. Suddenly, there is evidence of an imminent terrorism threat. Now there is a crisis. Why does this common tactic work so often? People respond differently when faced with a crisis and often make quick and over reactive decisions. Fear is an important factor. On the surface, this is not unexpected as a crisis usually requires rapid action.”

    To unify is to simplify: if a company has a unified vision, it has a clear mission, a clear, single idea of what its purpose is. It is still diverse (the states).

    To unite is to bring together different entities. The melting pot, to create a single entity, the Empire.

  • Russia is also an Empire, too big to have real concern about its “branch” people outside its power center. should let there be independent states. Not now but in a future when the Psychopaths been evicted from absolute power.

    • Same with the UN, as it is today I want to destroy it, obliterate it. EU the same, It does not work for 99% of its population. Then we got these psychopaths inventing they are Gods, they are not, if they bleed then they are not, it is as simple as that.

      The Man Who Would Be King (1975) by Michael Wynn. –>4:03

  • Putin has managed to back himself into a corner. He let himself get that way. I hate to be in this man’s shoes knowing he can WRECK his country just as badly as he can to the West.

    Ball is in his court. :twisted:


    “In the war against NATO Russia surrenders 10 days” – Lieutenant Colonel of the Ministry of Defense of the United States

    What are the chances of a direct contact with NATO?

    - The Pentagon and NATO commanders have plans for war against all countries. First of all – against aggressive and unstable. The confrontation between NATO and Russia will take no longer than 10-20 days. Alliance military budget exceeds the defense spending ten of. It will be a war against laser rifle.

    If Moscow will use nuclear missiles, some of them fly up to half, and the rest will intercept a global missile defense system. The only thing that is really dangerous – a nuclear missile submarines off the coast of Europe and the United States. But in this case we believe that we can intercept all blows.

    NATO’s response will be something like this. First, invisible to radar Stealth bombers destroy all military facilities and factories. Then using drones electromagnetic pulse switch off all electronics in major Russian cities. At that time, all military and political leadership of Russia has to be outside the country. After that, any military actions of Russia are impossible. To complete capitulation of Russia in 10-20-day conflict, no one will see any NATO soldier. Then we take the lead in the country – the election of a democratic government in Russia.

    More here:

    Original link

  • I want some of whatever it is you are smoking.

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