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NASA Confirms Nibiru Planet X Is Headed Toward Earth and Bring Catastrophic Consequences – Will Convert Earth to an Iceball!

Thursday, October 6, 2016 3:55
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NASA Confirm NIBIRU PLANET X Is Headed Toward Earth And Bring Catastrophic Consequences , Will Convert Earth To An ICEBALL!

As you all know Nibru planet another name is Planet X which is coming towards our earth . Now nasa confirms that in this october nibru effect on earth . Because its bigger than jupiter planet so its covered all sun which result is our earth turns to iceball.

A few months ago, NASA published a study showing that Antarctica is actually gaining more ice than it is losing. They made the announcement after using satellites to examine the heights of the region’s ice sheet. The findings contradict the prevailing theory that Antarctica has actually been shrinking, however, the authors of this study are from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and the cause of this ice gain isn’t entirely known, but a number of theories are mentioned in the paper.

It is worth mentioning, however that NASA was blasted by dozens of their own scientists regarding their global warming stance, even though a number of the world’s top scientists have questioned just how much an impact greenhouse gases have on climate change.

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The most recent Ice Age began approximately three million years ago and continues to this day, however the earth entered a warm inter-glacial period beginning about eleven thousand years ago, which is about to end. “Human civilization has only existed for about ten thousand years,” Dr Bosconovitch says. “That’s a pin drop in terms of our planet, which has been around for 4.54 billion years. In that time the earth’s climate has fluctuated drastically in both directions, causing ice ages, floods, and extinctions on a scale we can’t even fathom. It’s all part of the natural cycle of life that makes up planet Earth. Our existence here has no real affect one way or another.”

Global mean temperature anomalies. How do ice ages begin? Changes in the earth’s orbit cause less sunlight (insolation) to fall on the northern hemisphere during summer. Northern ice sheets melt less during summer and gradually grow over thousands of years. This increases the Earth’s albedo which amplifies the cooling, spreading the ice sheets farther. This process lasts around 10,000 to 20,000 years, bringing the planet into an ice age.

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An ice age is a time where a significant amount of the Earth’s water is locked up on land in continental glaciers.

During the last ice age, which finished about 12,000 years ago, enormous ice masses covered huge swathes of land now inhabited by millions of people.

Canada and the northern USA were completely covered in ice, as was the whole of northern Europe and northern Asia.

At the moment the Earth is in an interglacial period – a short warmer period between glacial (or ice age) periods.

The Earth has been alternating between long ice ages and shorter interglacial periods for around 2.6 million years.

For the last million years or so these have been happening roughly every 100,000 years – around 90,000 years of ice age followed by a roughly 10,000 year interglacial warm period.

We may have delayed the onset of the next ice age for now, but if another one came it would have pretty big consequences for human civilisation.

Besides the fact it would be an awful lot colder, huge regions where hundreds of millions of people live would become completely uninhabitable. They’d be covered in thick ice sheets and subject to an inhospitable climate.

“Assuming it was similar to the last one, then north America would be covered in ice, the whole of northern Europe, the whole of northern Asia would be covered in ice,” Dr Phipps said.

There would be a lot less agricultural land available, so it would be very difficult to support the human population, Dr Phipps warned.

And the physical shape of the continents would look completely different across the whole planet.
When water freezes, it increases in volume (about 9% for freshwater). The effect of expansion during freezing can be dramatic, and ice expansion is a basic cause of freeze-thaw weathering of rock in nature and damage to building foundations and roadways from frost heaving. It is also a common cause of the flooding of houses when water pipes burst due to the pressure of expanding water when it freezes.

For glaciers, ice thickness datasets are sparse . While we have a good estimate of global glacier ice surface area from satellite measurements, direct observations of glacier ice thickness are available for only around 1100 glaciers [. These include radar measurements (both airbourne and from the ice surface) and seismic measurements. Unfortunately, these methods are time consuming and costly, and glaciers are often remote and difficult to access.

NASA Confirm

Yet glacier volume and ice thickness data are essential parameters required for understanding sea level rise, water resource management and assessment of future glacier changes. Glaciers and small ice caps are also contributing rapidly to present-day sea level rise. Ice thickness data and bed topography are essential data required for numerical modelling of glaciers.

Other methods employed to calculate glacier volume include volume-area scaling, and calculations of ice thickness based on ice surface slope that assume a given basal shear stress. These methods, when correctly applied, do well against direct observations of ice thickness.

A huge drop in sea level of up to 120 metres would close down marine channels – the Mediterranean Sea, Torres Strait, Bass Strait and Bering Strait – and create new areas of land that could be used for habitation or agriculture.

Ocean ports would no longer be on the ocean, and anyone wanting water views would need to relocate large distances.

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Parts of the Midwest and the eastern United States have seen record lows this winter with temperatures reaching well below freezing as far south as Florida. Meanwhile the city of Boston has become virtually incapacitated, having already received nearly a hundred inches of snow this year with no signs of a break in sight.


NASA confirms: The planet Nibiru, is headed toward Earth and bring catastrophic consequences.


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  • Donnybrook

    LOL… Really? This AGAIN? Let’s see… I remember it was supposed to arrive last Sept. then it was Dec., then April, then July… and on and on. Pictures of it at sunset in the clouds. With the world on the brink of nuclear war, sure, go ahead, distract people.

    • PaulTarsuss

      Michael, you’ve phoned it in again. That story is positively ancient. Older than a Woolly Mammoth’s last lunch.

      And FYI…..

      Any story that begins with the words – NASA and confirm – in the same sentence, instantly reveals the writer as a sycophant of big corporations.

      Good Journeys

    • Sensor

      NASA Confirms…haha…
      NASA = Andersen II.
      NASA has been lying to you … like … moon landing, Mars expedition … etc. :lol:
      She played the credibility.

    • zak1955

      Nasa has confirmed nothing! Except to say there is no Nibiru or any other planet that they have been able to see or find! This has gone on long enough! Is there some way we readers can vote against these people who write these fake stories, or get them deleted somehow? I think the readers should have a choice to get rid of obvious garbage that pertains to nothing real that could ever affect our lives. If we can vote up or down here in the comment section about what others are saying, we should be able to do the same for the Author of the story including flag it for removal….. True or false?

  • nicko

    It is all a big BS… you are wasting time.

    • nicko

      No one believes in that story anymore…No one ever seen it… all pictures out there are tense flare.

    • Busta Myth

      I wish those Project Paperclip NASA NAZIS would make their friken minds up

      Is it man made global warming, an Ice Age or a fake Alien Invasion

      Or is it all just 70 YEARS of MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL BIG LIE BULL SH’IT ?

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • deano

        :cool: Keep Bustin Myths!….
        Ice Age?……the evidence tells us otherwise. Hottest 10yrs recorded. Sea level rises compared to High Tide marks of 1800s. The GLACIERS are receding at a staggering rate, and “Heatwaves” in Alaska…..causing the Polar Vortex to descend down East Coast (thats why its been cold there).

        # If its a clear , cloudless night, we all know it will be cold & frost in the morning….
        # If its a cloudy, overcast night, the heat is trapped in like a “doona blanket”…warmer.

        Now , has there been any evidence of “cloudmaking” ?…No they are CON- trails…. :mrgreen:

        Fake Alien Invasion?….Funny that some of these UFOs are disabling Nuclear Silos….and leaving warnings via cropcircles or abductees……

        # CROP CIRCLES## Before you CIA shills & trolls attack, I recommend everyone have a look at the last ‘real cropcirlce’ made in August, 2016. @ :shock: ANGSTY,Wiltshire Cropcircle

        ## Anyone on the alphabet? ….or is it Star Trek Pranksters writing “KLINGON” :lol:

  • Central Scrutinizer


    I knew it was a good idea to hang on to my heavy winter coat, even though I live in S. Texas!!! Bring on the AC!!!!


  • rocorollo

    Really? All righty.

  • InquisitiveMind

    Cool story bro

  • Hayduke

    “Because its bigger than jupiter planet which has covered all sun which result is our earth turns into iceball”. Godamn, this is why I loves me BIN in the morning! *SNORT* LOLOLOL!! HAHAHA!!!

  • AlmostThere

    It will come tomorrow.
    I’ll say the same that day anyway.

  • tatsmaki

    The poleshift of Earth occurs soon, but coming of new Ice Age was put off time being
    Oct. 7, 2016
    The 5 times larger than Earth planet NIBIRU is rapidly approaching to Earth. Under its influence, according to a notice from the Creators, the Pole shift and the New Ice Age of Earth come from the 2nd half of December of this 2016.
    This is a part of the General cleaning of Earth by the Creators, because Earthians turned Earth into the planet where evil civilization of plutocratic slave domination is continuing under invasion and domination by reptilian humanoids of the Lizard being minions of draconians of the Draco (The official emblem of GB capital, City of London), though the Creators gave everything gratuitously for Earth too.
    There are no such evil civilazation as Earth in the Galaxy Federation consisting of about 20,000 planets of the advanced civilization.
    Therefore, the decisive General cleaning of Earth is being promoted by the Creators.
    But, coming of new Ice Age to Earth was put off time being by the Creators.

  • 2QIK4U

    Antarctica gaining ice PROVES there is no hole in the OzOzone layer. And there is NO NEED FOR AUSTRALIA TO HAVE A CARBON TAX !

  • The Seer

    Click bate again

  • RationalSkeptic

    BS, BS and then even more BS. How often have these Nibirutards been wrong in the past? All the time. And they will continue to be wrong till forever.

  • Anonymous

    quit posting this crud

  • wreakhavoc

    No, don’t laugh. My grandmother said to me “the winter is coming”. So this time is for real. :eek:
    We simple have to build a wall to the north, so the polarbear can’t immigrate to Canada, :shock:

  • Eggzactly


  • The Ferrett

    Michael Moore is part of the jewish establishment – But that said . . I mean “NASA CONFIRMS” then it must be right then . . .

  • WhiteDawn

    Michael Moore Shills
    For Illuminati Bankers
    Propaganda 911


    Nibirfool was to strike Earth 5 years ago. With a lens you could see it next to the sun, not.
    Why do you keep putting out this garbage? If there was a Nibiiru that people could see it would be the only thing people talk about. I hear no one talking about it, except you.

  • Doccus

    There’s a lot of people feeding fraudulent posts and videos showing iPhone videos of the “sercond sun”, and “something in the clouds”, or posting other people’s viideos, including Kaku, Nasa, Brother Nathaniel, with retitled headers like “nibiru hits earth next month” or we all die on exactly 26 of september, etc etc .
    This is intended to discredit legitimate observations and videos from sources like IRAS or Marshall Masters, or 00skywatch.. in fact they ran Skywatch right off of YT with their retitled and edited reposts of their videos, and heavy shill comments on their posts.
    If you want an easy way to find the fakers, and they post a video, just check if they have a “Gaia disclosure” commercial first. If they do they’re almost always fake. I don’t know if those Gaia folks are too, but they’re certainly hustlers.. if this stuff they “disclose” is so bloody important themn why does everything they make available cost so much? You can’t even pee on their website without paying a fee

  • robotlion

    gonna get cold eh? good, because it’s bloody hot where I live.

  • unidentified

    with so much ice melting probably not happening soon

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