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NASA Confirmation : Planet Nibiru Is Coming Toward Earth – NIibiru Will Be a Life Ending Event

Friday, October 21, 2016 3:23
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What is planet X also known as Planet 7X or Nibiru and what does it mean for us on earth? Is there a biblical connection and does it play a roll in the end-times?

There is evidence of an ongoing resurgence of the Planet X (also known as Nibiru) cataclysm conspiracy theory following the publication of new scientific studies in 2014 claiming evidence of a mysterious unnamed planet lurking beyond Pluto. The scientific claims were based on observations of gravitational influences on a group of space bodies termed the “extreme trans-Neptunian objects” (ETNOs) orbiting our Sun beyond the planet Neptune.

A slew of messages and YouTube videos currently being circulated in the conspiracy theory blogosphere claims that a NASA study published in 1988 revealed details about the mysterious Planet X/Nibiru with an estimated orbital period of more than 1,000 years.

The study, according to conspiracy theorists, demonstrates that NASA and the U.S. government have been aware for decades that the rogue Planet X is coming with catastrophic consequences for humanity.

According to conspiracy theorists, recently leaked secret NASA “Planet X” files reveal that the agency is aware that the gravitational influence of Planet X had disrupted the orbits of other planets during a previous passage into the inner solar system hundreds of years ago; and that the next disruptive passage into the inner solar system is imminent.

The approach of the mysterious Planet X is currently sending waves of charged “plasmatic energy particles” through our solar system. The flow of energy will finally disrupt the “core flows” of the Earth and trigger catastrophic changes in Earth’s climate.

According to 4 major biblical prophets something truly terrifying is coming our way, and it will hit homeland before the 1st of January 2017…

We have been feeling the disruptive effects of the inbound rogue Planet X since 1996 in the form of increased seismic and volcanic activities, freak weather patterns, and natural disasters.

NASA, the Pentagon, and the CIA are aware of the approaching rogue planet. The Vatican has also been briefed, but the public is being kept in the dark about the impending apocalypse. But despite efforts to keep the information secret, there have been leaks.

The comprehensive report submitted to the White House estimates that about two-thirds of humanity will be wiped out when Planet X induces a pole-shift. Two-thirds of survivors will perish over another six months due to starvation and exposure to the elements.

Although some conspiracy theorists insist that the Planet X mentioned in the NASA files is not linked with Zecharia Sitchin’s planet Nibiru — the alleged planet of the alien Anunnaki that makes a close approach to Earth as it passes through the inner solar system on its orbital path once every 3,600 years — many conspiracy theorists insist that that NASA’s “Planet X” is Nibiru.

Warning : Nibiru Planet X ~ The Best Evidence to Date ~ A Pole Shift is Coming!

But it is uncertain whether the Planet X mentioned in the purported NASA files is the same as the Planet X that scientific researchers announced in 2014 that they have evidence is lurking in the fringes of our solar system beyond Pluto.

According to the research study titled “Extreme trans-Neptunian objects and the Kozai mechanism: signaling the presence of trans-Plutonian planets,” published in June of 2014 in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Letters, there are at least two planets — part of our solar system — larger than Earth, lurking out there beyond Pluto, and whose presence can be detected through their gravitational influences.

According to the emerging conspiracy theory, NASA embarked on the New Horizons project two years after the 1988 publication revealed the existence of Planet X. The final destination of New Horizons is Planet X, but to prevent mass panic, NASA pretended that the destination of the space probe is Pluto and the Kuiper belt.

In the 1990s, the agency pretended it had abandoned the search for Planet X by leaking false information that the latest measurements by Voyager 2 proved that Planet X does not exist. According to NASA at the time, measurements taken by Voyager 2 showed that the alleged irregularities in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune which led to the Planet X hypothesis were due to overestimation of the mass of Neptune.

But according to conspiracy theorists, the claim by NASA scientists was a deliberate ruse to cover-up the actual destination of New Horizons beyond Pluto and the Kuiper belt – Planet X.

NASA knows that Planet X is real and that Armageddon is near, according to conspiracy theorists.

The researchers suggested that Planet X is likely ten times more massive than Earth and probably lies about 250 AU from our Sun.

The 12th Planet and its consequences

This collision supposedly formed the planet Earth, and a belt of asteroids and comets. Sitchin says that when struck by one of the moons of Nibiru, Tiamat split in two, and then a second pass Nibiru, struck the broken fragments and half of Tiamat became the asteroid belt. The second half, collided again with one of the moons of Nibiru and was thrust into a new orbit and became today the planet Earth. 

Could this approach with increasing changes in climate, seasons, tides, volcanic activity and tectonic activity .. . and even tornadoes struck in June now?  The stars as they approach the Earth’s atmosphere can actually cause significant changes in magnetic activity. For many years, governments have learned that a celestial body approaches (also known as brown dwarf star) and its appearance cycle is 3.600 years, clearly discussed in ancient Sumerian cylinder seals and other old documents.

US Scientist Confirms Russian Fears Of Nibiru Planet, Could Begin to Harm Our Earth this Month

A recent news that caused uproar in the network. NASA has just been caught in a lie … and things are more serious than ever!
“Google Sky has just bring up an area in the space that previously had been censored by NASA in this area was hiding what appears to be Planet X, aka Nibiru, according to recent studies, allegedly drove up towards the Earth! . ”
NASA is lying! They could be lying to us until about other events that people still do not know? The answer is yes!.


We are heading for a apocalyptic event coming from, “out of this world”, something inconceivable to our present humanity, as we have memories about it is in our subconscious of past lives and the records of several people. They say the same thing. He is the cause of so many eras in our world; as Atlantis, Lemuria and others; that humanity put on the figure of universal floods. If it was not something is very important, because NASA reproach that location in Google Sky?


Does it take Nibiru 3,600 years to complete one orbital journey? As you can imagine, the gravitational effects of a sizable planet moving close to the inner solar system would spell big trouble for planet Earth. Earth has been acting up lately with an increase in earthquakes, volcanoes, blending of seasons, and more. Open your mind a little and stop believing everything our so called scientists and NASA folks have to say. Every week NASA seems to have learned something new that was unthinkable.

Tips For Preppers: Supplies, Survival Food And Emergency Essentials

The joke is on us… NASA, European Space Agency, twelve different instruments have been measuring Planet x solar wind for two decades. Mostly Helium. Get Ready for what coming !

Would you be able to sustain your loved ones when all hell brakes loose? In this video, I will unearth a long-forgotten secret that helped our ancestors survive famines, wars, economic crises, diseases, droughts, and anything else life threw at them… a secret that will help you do the same for your loved ones when America crumbles into the ground.I’m also going to share with you three old lessons that will ensure your children will be well fed when others are rummaging through garbage bins. Click here to learn all about the 3 skills that will help you thrive in any crises situation.


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  • smfresh82

    for fuck sake enough. planet X is NOT nibiru it’s cosmic electricity waves to transform the planet back to atlantis. a golden age.


    • PaulTarsuss

      Giant exo planets are the last thing the hapless masses need to worry about….

      He’s the one whose specific gravity is endangering the tectonic plates of the world at this time!

      The author’s name is “michael moore” need we say more?

      • RationalSkeptic

        Do you seriously think that’s the same person?

        *Not sure if serious or trolling*

        • PaulTarsuss

          Sure, why not. I mean, isn’t he known for repeated syntaxial tsunamis of nightmare writing style, and invoking NASA for ‘confirmations’ galore?


          I was seriously trolling, however.

          My contacts at NASA can confirm every word of it.


  • Hayduke

    BEWARE OF NIBIRU!!! Astronomers can’t see it with any of their telescopes but that doesn’t mean anything. They also don’t have a clue as to where it may be. These guys have billions of dollars of equipment and may even know the skies better than Brother Moore who has never actually impressed me with his intelligence. I haven’t seen Nibiru anywhere because hey, no one has posted any coordinates as to where to find it. Why? Because it ain’t there!!! BUT IT’S COMING!!!

    • b4

      what happen mitch?you lift your glasses in the taxi?the ones you sold me i can see it fine

      • Hayduke

        Well, I didn’t have on my official IMPROVED BINNER GLASSES on as I didn’t leave them in a cab but DID leave them in a local casino sportsbook and you are RIGHT! Now, with my BINNERS I can see Nibiru with no problem, it is just a little bit north of the sun and next to Orion!! It IS coming and Obama has been hiding it!!! The politicians have all bought BINNER GLASSES so they KNEW Nibiru was coming.

        Thanks, b4.

  • ezrider1967

    I don’t know about y’all but I am a child of God and I am not worried a bit!

    • b4

      every human on this planet is a child of god you idiot–you think your so special you maggot–your not–your pos just like everybody else–salvation is for all or hell would be already full of bible thumpers/christians with their insane thoughts,egos–

      • Before It Was All Pop Ups

        I’m not a child of god. I’m an adult of logic and historical context that understands the evolution of human power structures.

        • b4

          your just a human with limited experiences who lives in your big deal–do what ever you want–your arrogance lights your path(dimly)

        • THOTH

          When an organism made up of a single cell is far more complex than any computer program ever written, is it logical to assume the cell has no designer? We know the computer program has a designer and it is far less complex than the cell. Nothing man has ever designed and created compares to the complexity of even the most basic life forms, let alone a human being. You are made up of roughly 37 trillion of these cells and each one of them is more complex than any computer program every written. Yet, you suggest you have no designer? Logic, you say?

          • THOTH

            Correction: “…computer program ‘ever’ written. My apologies

          • Mayhem

            Oh but the God deniers think they know what “logic” means, THOTH, without ever considering they could be wrong.

            None so blind, none so blind.

          • Elekwense

            Deliberate design is obvious for anyone who’s sane, sincere, honest, and rational. And my two favorite proofs are logic and consistency in the designs, like aerodynamic wings with light feathers and the ability to replicate; something that chaos, or anything mindless could NEVER do because chaos can’t think logically, nor is it consistent.

          • Mayhem

            Good points, Elekwense my Muslim friend, order from chaos beggars belief yet believers are the ones called idiots and that makes no sense, defies logic and is unreasonable to say the least.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            The universal default position of this universe is ENTROPY.

            Which is the exact opposite of evolution.

          • THOTH

            Good points from everyone.

      • TransTexAcadianAngel

        He didn’t say he was special. He said he was only speaking for himself. Calm down. Your vitriol makes you come off as being severely imbalanced. I notice you made a remark to someone else about arrogance. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM I am not sure how well you really thought that out. Try making some peace.

        • b4

          shut the hell up you arrogant idiot–its not your fight til now and you cant win–go crawl back into your hole maggot

    • Jacko

      These so called religions are all just laughable. Every single one of em claims to be the true religion and how peaceful it is. Then how non-believers will have all kinds of bad things happen to them. Only to feel superior. If there would really be a god these people would go to hell first. Because they lie/fight/rape and pillage in the name of their fantasy. Get lost with your entitled BS.

  • Dodgeball

    Pul-eeezze…give it up already! This thing was suppose to be here HOW many times already? Last year(at least two times), and then this past spring, then in December of this year, then in Sept. of 2017 and now it has sped up to be here this coming January?

    The earth goes around the sun every 365 days and the moon around the earth about a month and it has been that way for as long as anyone can remember. The other planets in our solar system also have a set time schedule, yet this object has a mind of its own and is now suddenly all over the place as far as when it gets here?

    They must have a dart board with different dates on it somewhere, and every so often, someone from NASA (Never A Straight Answer), tosses one at it and that becomes the new due date. We might see more of these articles as the election gets closer–anything to cause a distraction. :roll:

  • Eggzactly


  • humaka


    many changes slated for earth…

    all written in plain site, but bias of the self data and breaking all data into good guys and bad guys keeping eyes from seeing…

    but we approach the time of the manifestation of true super humans…

    the greatest skills of each person of earth released…

    for humanity has indeed been in a delimited state of existence for the precise pre-arranged time span…

    for the first time, humans will have a larger reason to control them self, to excel, as the wealth of the cosmos is divided amongst the inhabitants of earth…

    and as we move into unleashing the human body, and rebooting the human memory system, gaining access to the creators true brain operating system files, to begin the time of massive increased human skills…

    dazzling skills as magic beyond comprehension shall make most and many be willing to work in harmony and throw down all malice realizing those whom played a villain, were chosen to be villains, and those whom played saintly, were chosen to act out just that…

    for both the light and the darkness the creators made as equal in purpose and value.

    so, good days are ahead…

    lest some think all the pain endured on earth was simply a cruel prank by the creators of the humans…

    it was very necessary for the next stage of human evolutionization…

    so thank all the prophets of doom, and feel compassion for them, for they know not or see not, the grand revealing of the actual creators was always slated for the end of days…

    during these days of new beginnings.

  • Ross

    If NASA admits it then you know for sure its a lie.

  • kletus_ledbetter

    Which is worse, Planet Nibiru or Hillary


      Nibiru might not get ALL of us killed.

      • maxwell

        …beef…maybe the lucky ones are the first to fall, in that particular scenario.

        • BEEF SUPREME

          Would you rather get pounded flat by a rogue planet or a low-flying Wicked Witch of the West?

          • Hayduke

            I’ll take the planet, thanks.

        • maxwell

          …Beef…I don’t think it matters much. Got a parallel dimension encroaching/displacing my own reality. Wouldn’t know a rogue planet from the Wicked Witch…
          …Feels like those that are supposed to be watching, are finally all awake. Its a very good position to be in. Feel strong.

  • The Ferrett

    Hey gang, if it’s from NASA then it must be true . . yeah?

  • TransTexAcadianAngel

    Not saying one way or the other about the validity of what I saw cuz I am no prophet but recently I had a vision of a fiery planet coming toward earth and heard a voice say Jan 28, 2017. Maybe it was the pizza I ate, just sayin :idea:

  • Canderson

    A twin sun that gone dark, that I perhaps could believe, not this crap.

  • twodads

    I just did a wet fart :razz:


      The medical term for that is ‘flatulence with matter.’


        Which, if you think about it, is kind of silly because all flatulence is flatulence with matter. Solids and liquids are two states of matter, but gas is the third state.

        So there’s no such thing as flatulence without matter, because flatulence without matter isn’t flatulence at all.

        Doctors are stupid.

      • Clam Poop

        I believe a wet fart would be called a Shart. One would exclaim, “I Sharted!!!!!”

      • Eggzactly


    • THOTH


      That a$$hole behind you is talking sh!t again?

  • DTS & Associates

    Oh Dear. Nibiru. Again? This thing has been coming for decades but somehow never reaches us.

    Maybe this is a lie? Yes. That’s it! It’s a lie!

    Please stop lying. It’s not nice.

  • RationalSkeptic

    How strange we never hear directly from NASA confirming this “planet”. The information seems to pass through a bunch of nibirutards first.

  • Godzilla

    Read andy lloyd’s book called “dark star” as he seems to know what he is talking about. Don’t trust every tom, dick and harry to give you the truth though. Analyse everything and draw your own conclusions. Other than that, zecharia sitchin is the recognised expert on the topic. NASA are liars, plain and simple. They won’t even admit we have been visited by ETs for thousands of years, that planes are hollow, that FTL speeds are possible, that laser and antimatter weapons are real, etc…..etc. Maybe I watch too much science fiction crap, but then again I have been researching ufology and cryptozoology close to ten years, so I did learn a few things.

  • nobody

    STFU already… you cannot keep ‘crying wolf’ over, and over, and over… and expect to have a shred of trust or respect of others. It would not surprise me if you’re taking money from the Clintons to do your little-dick act.

  • Muggles

    More BS from NASA, as for the vile bible, what a load of crap. So many stories on this lie about Nibiru, such crap, what they fail to tell you is the FACT that in 2011, a large planet with moons around it stopped just outside our tiny part of the solar system, they have been there since, behind the moon are at least three very large UFO’s, each over 200 mile long… there is never going to be any so called Nibiru passing our planet… the proper meaning of apocalyptic: An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning “uncovering”), translated literally from Greek, is ‘through the concealed’, meaning a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.

    • Mayhem

      The Bible is crap but planets can stop all the while its moons keep orbiting it?

      Did someone miss their afternoon nap today?

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