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Three Places to Hide a Gun

Saturday, October 1, 2016 5:56
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Three places to hide a gun  There is a big debate online and offline about gun control and about what a citizen can do to hide a gun. About what any of us can do to avoid being left without firepower in a time of need. While it is certain that bad guys will always find a way to get their hands on some reliable guns, even if a gun control policy is in effect, the question still remains…what about the good guys?

Before you start looking for places where you can hide your guns, you should learn first where not to hide a gun. You should never hide a gun around your home unless you’ve figured out ways of to make it undetectable. Otherwise, you may just as well wrap it up nicely for any opportunist burglars or some ‘authorities’ that use metal detectors, surface penetrating radars or even sniffing dogs.

There are three common places that you can exploit to hide your guns when all the other guns are gone or when government agencies come knocking. These places are: underground, above eye level and right in plain sight, but disguised so nobody can see what you’ve hidden.

Try to hide a gun underground

This is probably one of the most popular and secure place to hide a gun and although it is durable, it can become tricky. Once you’ve prepared your weapon by sealing it inside a PVC pipe, complete with ammo, tools and desiccants it is time to do some prospecting. If you plan to cache your survival supplies you will need to find a spot where you can’t be spotted by noisy neighbors or spying eyes. This place should stay undisturbed for years and only you should know about it. Ideally, the place you chose should have landmarks you can recognize, now and five years from now. If there are old metal objects scattered around is even better and an abandoned junkyard is a perfect spot to hide a gun. The hardiness of the soil also plays an important role in finding the perfect spot and although disturbed soil is recommended, that’s not always an option. You should pick a location where you can dig, preferably where frost won’t make soil impenetrable. Some people will cache their guns in the woods while others will look for disused factories or abandoned warehouses. You can even hide it on a property belonging to a law-abiding relative, someone less likely to come under scrutiny than you and your property.

If you found the perfect spot to hide your gun, some digging needs to take place and you have to make up your mind about how is going to take place. When burying your rifle, you have two choices: vertical and horizontal. If you insert your gun in a PVC tube and decide to bury it into the ground vertically it will create a much less gun-like signature for metal detectors. Although this is a good practice, it’s also much harder to dig a deep enough hole without a mechanical auger or any other type of tools. The situation can get even more complicated since your container should go entirely below the frost line. In some places this can be as deep as three or four feet. If you bury your container too shallowly, the frost can crack your container or eventually thrust it to the surface. Digging up vertically buried container can also become a problem and you might need some tools to get your stash out of the ground. If you manage to uncover the first foot or so of the tube, the ground is going to cling hard and you might need a lot of force to haul your stash out of the ground. If you have a lot of metal debris in the vicinity of your hiding spot you can opt for the horizontal methods. Regardless of the burying method you chose, make sure to cover the spot with leaves, bark or any other material native to the environment.

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Try to hide a gun above eye level

In today’s world people don’t look up and they barely pay attention to their environment being distracted by their phones or any other subjects that are right in front of their eyes. A good suggestion would be to hide a gun in a tree or in rafters. In rough neighborhoods people often hide their guns in the clerestory of an old factory or warehouse. You can also hide a gun in the trim at the top of a building and there are those who install false gutters on their house just to have a good hiding spot. People must be really determined to find your guns, but the reality is that most of them never look up. Somehow, it feels unnatural to look for items that are out of reach. If you decide to hide a gun in a tree or in an abandoned building, you would need to go back frequently and check if the tree or the building is still standing. For example whenever I go out to check on my stash in an abandoned warehouse I take my camera with me and take pictures so that it looks like I’m a photography enthusiast. This is a good practice to avoid compromising the security of the stash. If you decide to use such places as your hiding spot, make sure you use camouflage techniques to make your cache blend in with the environment.

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Try to hide a gun in plain sight

Hiding a gun in plain sight is a common practice and there are a lot of stories coming from U.S. soldiers that took part in various war theaters around the world. It wasn’t uncommon for soldiers to find rifles in heaps of junk and it took weeks and even months before they realized that the guns were hidden in piles of garbage near their patrolling routes. Most of the guns were found because the garbage was disturbed by stray dogs or by locals scavenging for useful items. When I’m talking about hiding a gun in plain sight it doesn’t necessarily mean your guns should be right out there and I’m talking more about misdirection. You can take a gun apart and hide it in a deep shelf behind rusty old tools and people won’t notice it. You could hide it under a rusted truck or in broken car that haven’t left the property in years. You could hide your gun parts at the bottoms of toolboxes or in junk drawers and they will lie there undetected for years. You should take advantage of the environment you live in and lonely ponds and hollow stumps can become great finding places if your container is waterproof (you can even use a household vacuum to waterproof your guns and ammo). Your local geography provides a great amount of places that could become ideal for hiding a gun or two. Use your imagination and you will find out how easy it is to hide a gun in plain sight.

There are thousands of possible places where you can hide a gun and you need to know your area well. Once you stashed it away, you need to find I again and that can become a problem if you don’t use landmarks. Regardless of where you hide your guns, remember to use moisture-proof containers, desiccants and plenty of gun oil.

With all that is going on in this country and seeing how certain people are determined to take our guns away, hiding a gun as a precautionary method will become harsh necessity for some of us.


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  • 2QIK4U

    In your Snoo Snoo.

  • holeshot

    Oh, excuse me, Mr. gun confiscator and U.N. soldier. You have to wait for me to dig up the back Forty or tear up the walls or ceiling to get my gun and defend my 2nd amendment right. Screw the hiding crap !! Get a good safe for the expensive stuff and keep a shotgun full of 00 buck and a .357 Magnum close by to keep the wolf from the door. If they come, you have a choice– Be a sheep or go down swinging. A sheep will certainly be slaughtered. A fighter still has a chance.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly well said.

  • dabu

    Why not just give it to them when they come? If the tyranny at your door isn’t enough reason for you to fight, what will be! I contend that you are a coward, and there will never by a good time to fight! And your gun will never be more than a paper weight! Families exempt! After disarmament there wont be enough to mount any kind of offense, or defense. And you will be one of the few with a gun. Now what? If you use it, it will likely be the end for you regardless of whether you were defending yourself, and you just outed yourself as someone who defied the tyranny! And now they come for you hard, and there’s no one left who can help!

  • Anonymous

    I say mix in both the comments from holeshot, and dabs and you have said pretty much what needs to be said and done.

  • Ideas Time

    When they attack the best place to hide your gun is to not hide them but respond all at once and everywhere at the same time when they attack.

    Everyone will hang separately if we all do not take care of one another.

    If the UN comes in, they are a foreign power and have declared war against the American people. At this point they have become enemy combatants.

    An invasion of this nature will once and for conform that the Corporate gov in DC are traitors to organic constitution and American state national have the right and duty to defend American and the constitution from these globalists.

    These people are mostly BAR agents of the Crown and are trying to take down American and bring us into UN and globalist control.

    All true American will get on board fast once informed.

    We the people who want to save our heritage will be left with two choices, give up or resist.

    If enough resist, they loose big time.

    From Political Vel Craft.

    “To you foreign troops out there who have had it whispered in your ear that you will be engaging the American people of the American race for the purpose of disarming and bringing us into a one world dictatorship, be advised. If you come here, you will die here, each and every one of you. Once you have put us to the task you have sealed your fate. We are not going to let you leave, we will slaughter you and leave your bodies to decay where they fall and your bones to bleach upon our soil as a warning to all others who might in the future entertain the notion of conquering we the American people in our own country.”


    The key is to start shooting when they come for your neighbors gun. You want to depend on your neighbor, and him, on you.

  • holeshot

    During World War II the Japanese said they dare not try to invade American soil because ” There is a gun behind every blade of grass”. Keep your yard well groomed and fertilized.

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