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Planet X / Nibiru Deniers and My Near-Death Experience

Monday, November 14, 2016 14:51
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There are a lot of comments that Planet X / Nibiru does not exist and I for one hope that this is the case but I have my doubts. I wonder why these people feel compelled to visit sites like to post comments and try to cast doubt in the minds of people who truly believe in the existence of Planet X. I believe that even if Planet X does not show, some sort of catastrophic event is pending, whether it be a massive earthquake or volcanoes, so there is nothing wrong in being prepared.

Check out this link out sent in by Omar about Voyager.

It is easy to explain away what is happening around the world and I wonder why people absolutely deny the existence of any new planet out there such as Planet X. It seems these people are investing a lot of their time to debunk the theory of Planet X and it makes me wonder why because if I did not believe in Planet X I would not waste my time trying to convince people of it. If they believe the governments of the world and the scientific community, then they have truly been assimilated into the brainwashing of our society. I cannot say with 100% certainty that Planet X exists because I have not witnessed it myself firsthand, but there seem to be many signs supporting the theory.

One guy had commented that a gag order could not be imposed on all the professional and amateur astronomers around the world. He is correct but my argument is that there are only a select few who have the infrared capabilities to observe Planet X, so it would be easy to silence them on reporting their findings. I know for a fact that the planets in our solar system are acting strangely and those facts are a matter of record; even the moon is dancing around and rotating.

Maybe those who doubt the existence of Planet X can offer up an explanation on what force could be causing all this turbulence in our universe. Please don’t tell me that this is natural because it is not.

Something out there is creating this activity and I would assume it is something very powerful, like the saying goes, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” How easy it is for those who comment that everything is OK and all I can say is thanks for your comment but I challenge you to come up with a solid scientific explanation with concrete facts to back up any further statements.

Do you trust your government to tell you the truth?

Why has NASA sent so many probes in the direction that Planet X is supposed to be coming from?

Why are we having extreme weather conditions worldwide?

Why are there so many dormant volcanoes coming to life?

Why is there a massive increase in earthquakes over 6.0?

Why have sinkholes increased so much? I can go on and on, so please don’t tell me this is global warming.

My near-death experience

I want to share this personal experience, just as a warning to you and your kids as this scared the hell out of me.

My wife and I went on vacation on the July 4th weekend and on the second day I was not feeling very well and did not realize I was in the early stages of pneumonia, but being a trooper I was not going to let being somewhat sick ruin my vacation. I was out body surfing the big waves in the ocean, being a kid again, but I was only in the ocean waist-deep; there were only a few people in the ocean in the afternoon.

The waves were about three to four feet high but suddenly my feet were swept from under me and I got caught in a strong undercurrent that took me farther out to sea than I was comfortable with. I could not touch bottom and the current was taking me out farther, about 40 feet from shore. I struggled to swim back to shore but being older I did not have the strength I used to have when I was younger.

While I was swimming, I felt my strength leaving me and my left leg began to cramp. Now I knew I was in big trouble. My arms were getting weaker and I had swallowed some sea water, as it was rough out there. I was struggling swimming with only my arms, trying to keep my head above water and telling myself not to panic. Many thoughts raced through my mind, such as how was my wife going to get me home in a body bag? And I was thinking, is this the way I am going to go?

The feeling of helplessness was horrific. I thought of just inhaling the water quickly to get it over with. I was about ready to succumb to the ocean.

When I was first swept out that far, there was no one around and then I looked to my right and about 10 feet away from me there was a guy with his girlfriend or wife and I have no idea where they came from. This was my last-ditch effort to get saved. I managed to get close and ask for help, which they kindly did. He grabbed my arm and helped me get back to shore and in between me panting from complete exhaustion I managed to thank him.

It turned out that he was a lifeguard in his youth. If he was not there at that point, I know I would have drowned. I guess God was there for me that day.

Once I arrived back home and this horrible experience sank in, I ended up with post-traumatic stress, which I have to get help with. I am better now but have certainly a better understanding what our brave soldiers go through when they come back from war.

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  • The Watcher


    • TRUTHY1

      HOAX ! NASA – Never a straight answer The Van Allen belts prohibit any “space” travel,admitted by NASA in project Orion presentation. Question : What type of communication technology works through a radiation barrier to extreme distances yet cannot be used here on earth with robot controls and cameras at Fukushima ?

      • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

        Actually, NASA and the man who discovered them, James Van Allen, have discussed them, and explained this.

        There are thinner areas of the belts. The space craft did have shielding.

        “But not enough shielding!!”

        No, it was plenty, because they were traveling around 25,000 MPH when they passed through, which means the exposure time was extremely short.

        And you would be surprised how much radiation the human body can take, try looking it up.

        • LifeIs

          You are uninformed. So was Van Allen. The Van Allen PROBES in 2009 discovered something new.

          They discovered that the energy of the electrons could increase BY A FACTOR OF 1,000 in 12 hours, and that it has nothing to do with the Sun.

          The radiation belts are not stable, they are ever changing, and rapidly changing, in intensity.

          NASA had no way of predicting what the intensity would be on launch day or return day.

          Those electrons produce X rays when they strike metal. Which is what the skin of the Apollo vehicles was.

          There was no shielding, that’s ridiculous. Keeping the weight of the vehicle to a minimum was the priority for engineers. The LEM walls were aluminum so thin, it is best described as aluminum foil.

          And here’s more news for you. In 2013, the LRO found that the Moon’s surface is radioactive. It emits about 1/3 more radiation than anybody knew- or said– before. Neutrons, charged particles, and gamma rays, produced when cosmic rays split atoms.

          Try looking THAT up.

          Then try to explain, how did we not KNOW this, if we WENT there 44 years ago.

  • Dodgeball

    “I wonder why these people feel compelled to visit sites like to post comments and try to cast doubt in the minds of people who truly believe in the existence of Planet X”.

    Because it’s the same old story over and over and it never arrives, has constantly changing arrival dates, is photographed next to the sun, or behind the sun (with an iphone), yet can only be seen with infra-red cameras, is supposedly 5 times the size of the earth and even 7 times larger than Jupiter we have been told, among other things. Jupiter is about 11 times the size of the earth. This thing must be a bit smaller than the sun then. :grin:

    “I believe that even if Planet X does not show, some sort of catastrophic event is pending, whether it be a massive earthquake or volcanoes, so there is nothing wrong in being prepared.”

    There are chemtrails and HAARP stations around that can actually be seen and have been proven to be altering the weather. We should probably be dealing with stuff we can see, rather than the still invisible planet that never seems to get here, yet it gets closer every day. The newest arrival date is now sometime in the fall of 2017. I’m sure when that date comes and goes, they will set another one. :roll:

    • LifeIs

      There has been a US government disinformation campaign with fake dates since the 1990s.

      They do not want you to know when they expect a global disaster. But they do expect one.

      We have from Mary at Fatima, through Lucia Santos, through Father Malachi Martin, speaking in April of 1997, that “it’s not twenty years away.”

      (May 13, 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the first Fatima appearance of Mary)

      We know that the letter contained a time frame, because Pope John 23rd said, “It’s not for our time.” (his time)

      The Vatican in 1960 said the letter of Lucia Santos would “probably remain forever sealed.”

      Pope John Paul II, speaking at Fulda in 1980, explained why it was unpublished.

      Approximately 11 thousand years ago, our planet’s axis of rotation was shifted, relative to our orbital plane. This has happened many times before.

      This will happen again, and the sea water in the equatorial bulge will once again slosh over what is now dry land.

      Notice the boulders swept inland in the Bahamas — the official cover story is: superstorms ! caused by a hotter climate in the past ! (did they burn too much coal back then or what)

      Notice a lot of geological anomalies and rapid climate change in places (eastern Siberia) and read what Herodotus was told of Egyptian history (the path of the sun across the sky has changed 4 times.)

      Or just wait –it won’t be long now– and see it for yourself. But you’re wrong, there will be no date coming and going in the fall of next year. Most of us will be dead then, and the survivors will have such a hard time, they will wish they were.

      • Central Scrutinizer

        ^^^ “Or just wait –it won’t be long now–”

        Hey Capt. PE, shall we dig up your now infamous quote from a few years ago that “it” was “weeks away”?

        Man I can’t wait for Boxing Day this year. :mrgreen:

        • LifeIs

          You’re mistaking my estimate, which you asked for, with the latest possible date, given the Fatima information.

          We didn’t get a “on this date” from Mary at Fatima, we got a “before this date.”

          Any time before. You are welcome to speculate as to whether this means tomorrow, or next week, or any time up to that date.

  • Central Scrutinizer

    Capt PE….. ??? Care to partake in the discussion? Christmas is RAPIDLY approaching, and that hat ain’t gonna eat itself. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    • FAT AXL!!!

      Lowly Ass Wizard.

      Ralph never said anything nice about…


      And the way you play with your multiple faces.



      (Yes, you, Cappy. Paid for what?)

      • FAT AXL!!!


        Wrong discussion.

    • LifeIs

      You’re reminding me of the month or so before the election.

      When Clinton fans were counting down to election day, they could not wait, they were so sure of victory.

      I told them, this is not how presidencies begin. It’s how they end. The deluge of scandals, the failing health of their candidate, discussion of impeachment.

      But they were making fun of me in advance, they were so sure of themselves.

      And one of them said to me, over and over again, “Tick, tock.” They were counting down to what they thought was an inevitable victory.

      They were speculating as to what excuses I would come up with, when Trump lost.

      I kept telling them, “Not gonna happen. Clinton will not be elected President.”

      Well, when their psychotic bubble was burst, on election night, they were devastated and they have not recovered.

      And so it will be with you. You have chosen to NOT connect the dots and see what is happening in your world.

      • Central Scrutinizer

        Even a blind hog finds a nut occasionally.
        I also figured Trump would win, but didn’t run around making predictions.
        Hell, you had a 50% chance of getting it right. What does that prove?

        it proves you and your creepy kids story will be all the more fun to laugh at come Boxing Day.
        And yes, you HAVE been going on and on about Christmas this year, so sit down, grab a napkin, I got the salt. You got some hat consuming to do, Capt. PE !!!!! :mrgreen:

  • You People Are Nuts

    “It seems these people are investing a lot of their time to debunk the theory of Planet X and it makes me wonder why because if I did not believe in Planet X I would not waste my time trying to convince people of it”.

    I do it because there are a lot of naive and vulnerable people who will believe this stuff and think suicide is the answer.

    My generation has been hearing about it since the earliest 1970′s….
    That is equivalent to thousands of years Christians hearing the end is near.

    If people want to believe in it, that’s fine…but don’t claim that you have 100% irrefutable proof it exists and whip people into a frenzy

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