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Ron Paul : The Last Warning to America – Preparing for the Collapse – Dollar Will Collapse 100% on December – China and Russia Are Preparing for a Bankrupt US Financial System

Sunday, November 6, 2016 5:25
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Ron Paul : The Last Warning To America – Dollar Will Collapse 100% on December

U.S. National Debt

When the government spends more than it collects, the result is additional debt. From the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 until 2008, the U.S. accumulated slightly over $10 trillion in federal debt. In the past seven years, the debt has nearly doubled to more than $18 trillion. By the year 2019, it is projected to exceed $20.3 trillion. When interest rates rise, the impact will be felt by the federal government as well as everyday Americans. First, it will increase the government’s cost of borrowing, which will cause the debt to rise even faster. It’s entirely possible that even a modest rise in interest rates could cause the debt to spiral out of control.

This is because Washington is heavily dependent on borrowing to operate. Next, it will be much more difficult to expand or even maintain the welfare state. This fact alone will lead to mass riots as individuals who are dependent on a government check will take to the streets in protest. Also, the U.S. would have a more difficult time funding its presence (i.e. military bases) around the world.

This would lead to a less stable socio-political environment and an uptick in radical behavior. Plus, a shortage in government revenue could result in a rather large tax increase and the eventual demise of the middle class. Finally, and as we’ve already seen, the federal government may decide to target 401ks and IRAs as a source of additional revenue.

This could take the form of a tax or fee of some sort. Mr. Paul also mentioned the possibility of a tax on regular savings and other assets. If the government finds itself in a tight situation, as we’ve witnessed in the recent past, the potential intrusion could be severe.

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Is the U.S. Losing its Stature?

In the post WWII era, the U.S. dollar has been the global reserve currency. Prior to that, the British Pound filled this role. Recently, China has increased its trading with Germany, India, and others, excluding the dollar as the reserve currency. It seems the world is slowly transitioning away from the dollar. If this continues, the U.S. could lose its position as the world’s reserve currency.

This would have numerous ramifications. A discussion on that is beyond the scope of this article. Mr. Paul also stated that 10 countries have already signed a document to begin phasing out the dollar as the basis of trade. Even the IMF has proposed a new world reserve currency system. The days of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency may well be numbered.

The tech sectors is now getting hit with layoffs. The Dallas Fed survey is at a 6 year low and crashing. Manufacturing in a decline which is signalling a major depression coming soon. The East know the West is now bankrupt and they are preparing and waiting patiently for it to be complete. Norway’s biggest bank is now pushing a cashless society. The house of Saud will most likely contribute to the collapse of the global economy.

  • Faced with a sovereign debt crisis, the European Central Bank launched its own “quantitative easing” program and pushed short-term interest rates below zero.
  • The Bank of Japan tried to jolt its economy out of two “lost decades” with a multi-trillion yen stimulus program.
  • China’s economic growth began slowing, causing the People’s Bank of China to loosen its currency’s dollar trading band.
  • A plunge in energy and commodity prices threatened to destabilize emerging-market nations (like Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Venezuela, Iraq, and even Saudi Arabia), which are heavily reliant on revenues from resources.


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Some argue that the U.S. economy is on the mends and the stock market is near record highs. Therefore, things can’t be all that bad. While there is truth in this, according to Paul, stocks have risen due to Fed policy and political leaders. He also stated that printing money has never solved this type of problem….ever! He cited Germany, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Japan, China, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain as examples of countries that had similar problems to the U.S. and yet none of them was able to use the printing press to escape their problem.

Will the U.S. follow the path suggested by former Congressman, Ron Paul?

This collapse will be global and it will bring down not only the dollar but all other fiat currencies,as they are fundamentally no different. The collapse of currencies will lead to the collapse of ALL paper assets. The repercussions to this will have incredible results worldwide and each economists contend that The dollar collapse And The economic collapse will be on December

One major concern that Washington had was regarding the potential shift in global demand for the U.S. dollarWith the dollar no longer convertible into gold, would demand for the dollar by foreign nations remain the same, or would it fall?

The second concern had to do with America’s extravagant spending habits. Under the international gold standard of Bretton Woods, foreign nations gladly held U.S. debt securities, as they were denominated in gold-backed U.S. dollars. Would foreign nations still be eager to hold America’s debts despite the fact that these debts were denominated in a fiat debt-based currency that was backed by nothing?

Against this precarious background, millions of Americans saw their own economy’s feeble growth and imagined that this economic tornado would hit the US next. The dollar was toast, they thought.

How to Protect Your Savings from Currency Volatility

How can you prepare for this uncertain future?

  • Stay Liquid. Avoid tying up capital in investments that will be hard to exit. We are entering a time of unpredictable volatility. Stay in dollars, but be ready to “hedge” or shift direction if necessary.
  • Minimize debt. Carrying a heavy debt load is the opposite of staying liquid. It ties you down and keeps you from capitalizing on opportunities. If you must borrow, try to do it in some currency other than the dollar. This will reduce your real repayment cost if the dollar continues to strengthen.
  • Own Gold for Insurance. Gold has been the “currency of last resort” for decades. Unlike fiat currencies—the dollar and all others—it will hold somevalue indefinitely. Don’t invest in gold to the exclusion of other assets, but have some as an emergency reserve.



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  • tatsmaki

    US dollar collapses in mid-November, 2016.
    Financial crisis occurs. US economy collapses.
    New civil war occurs from NY State and expands nationwide.
    New American working people’s revolution wins.
    Earth revolution wins
    Nov. 2, 2016
    Various US sites are crying recently often that the economic collapse occurs in the US soon.
    According to a notice from the Creators, the collapse of the US dollar occurs from around Nov.14-15, and it becomes the nationwide financial crisis. The US economy collapses. Its process develops into the world financial crisis.
    The new civil war in the US starts from NY State and spreads across the US. The New American Working People’s Revolution wins.
    Global financial-economic crisis develops into the New Earth Working People’s Revolution. It wins.
    The new American revolution must realize transition to the new society of everything gratuitous services in all fields of human life, following the Destiny of the Creators and planets’ development law.
    About 20,000 planets of advanced civilization forming the Galaxy Federation are suggesting such inevitability of Earthly development.
    Otherwise, the General cleaning of Earth is underway. Next, measures on disappearance of Earth and its invaders-dominators, planets of the Lizard and the Draco will be taken by the Creators. It’s imminent in Dec., 2016.

  • Jango

    I would rather take a more reliable source to predict where this will end up. End Times Prophecy states that it will take a day’s wages to buy a few loaves of bread. Are you ready for that? Find out more about end times at

  • ecclesiatical

    Hey Micheal,if you dont know the difference between,on December and in December,nobody is going to take you for real. :wink:

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