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Warning Message to All – America Is Preparing for 666 Feet Killer Tsunami and Mega Earthquake and WW3, Martial Law

Monday, November 14, 2016 9:32
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America Is Preparing For 666 Feet Killer Tsunami & Mega Earthquake &  WW3, Martial Law

The threat a massive tsunami hitting the Pacific Northwest has concerned scientists for years.

Experts say an event of this kind occurs roughly every 400-600 years, and the area is overdue a similar quake that could leave thousands dead or displaced.

Now states such as California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska are looking to both the past and the future to prepare for a tsunami on the US Pacific coastline.

They linked it to a powerful seismic event in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, along the Cascadia Subduction Zone.


Alert America Is Preparing For 200 Feet Tsunami
Massive flooding across the USA – from Texas and Louisiana to Michigan and Minnesota to Florida, the Carolinas, Virginia, New York, etc. And across Europe… add the flooding of Russia, China, etc. What is causing this?

The cause can be seen right here:
Our oceans are unusually warm which results in rapid evaporation – the evaporation causes humidity which results in record-breaking rainfall and raging flood waters all across the world.

After monitoring temperature anomaly maps for years – and studying them going back nearly 20 years – alarming temperature extremes are becoming more and more conspicuous.

Anomaly maps are being altered – to keep the public ignorant. On many of the anomaly maps, temperatures in the Arctic and Antarctic get a complete white-out – which is done to keep the public ignorant that a worldwide cataclysm is underway.

Other anomaly maps blot out various regions with “gray” which means “insufficient data” while other maps show the real dangers:

The devastation goes on and on and on – all across the world. Federal, state and military officials have been working together to draft plans to be followed when the ‘Big One’ happens.

These contingency plans reflect deep anxiety about the potential gravity of the looming disaster: upward of 14,000 people dead in the worst-case scenarios, 30,000 injured, thousands left homeless and the region’s economy setback for years, if not decades.

As a response, what planners envision is a deployment of civilian and military personnel and equipment that would eclipse the response to any natural disaster that has occurred thus far in the US.

The exact date and destructive power was determined from buried forests along the Pacific Northwest coast and an ‘orphan tsunami’ that washed ashore in Japan.

Geologists digging in coastal marshes and offshore canyon bottoms have also found evidence of earlier great earthquakes and tsunamis.

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The inferred timeline of those events gives a recurrence interval between Cascadia megaquakes of roughly every 400 to 600 years, reports the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.

This could cause volcanoes such as Yellowstone to erupt, power plants to explode that would wipe out the nation’s entire infrastructure.

This diagram show the areas where land will be most affected by the shocks, causing landslides or liquefaction
This diagram show the areas where land will be most affected by the shocks, causing landslides or liquefaction
Last year, scientists outlined their alarmingly unhelpful tips on how to survive the earthquake that will hit the Pacific Northwest.

The killer quake along Cascadia, a fault line which runs from Cape Mendocino, California, to Vancouver Island, Canada, is 72 years overdue, according to peer-reviewed studies.

The ‘Big One’ will hit when Juan de Fuca, a 700-mile chunk of the Pacific Ocean, slides under Canada and America, causing the entire coastal region to sink at least six feet.

When – not if – it arrives, it is unlikely the people of coastal Oregon, Washington and California will be able to escape.

But if they want to try, there are a few tips they should keep in mind.

Run, don’t drive, to higher ground, says Kevin Cupples, the city planner for the town of Seaside, Oregon, in an interview with the New Yorker.

The force of the quake will cause liquefaction, when solid ground acts like liquid, across vast swathes of the porous region.

In the areas that aren’t ‘liquefied’, the highways will likely be crumpled by landslides, with 30,000 avalanches set to hit Seattle alone.

Citizens will have a 20-minute interval to climb to the highest altitude possible before the full force of the tsunami hits, scientists predict.

Their alert will be when dogs start barking.

The first sign the quake is coming will be a set of compressional waves, only audible by dogs.

Then there will be the quake, then 20 minutes later, the tsunami.

Geographers estimate that many could survive just by walking – however, they need to be going at least 3.5mph.

If everyone ups their average speed from 2.5mph to 3.5mph, the death toll drops to 15,970. About 70 per cent of them would be in Washington, nearly 30 per cent in Oregon and only 4 per cent in California.

And there is no point being a hero. ‘When that tsunami is coming, you run,’ Jay Wilson, the chair of the Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission, tells the New Yorker.

‘You protect yourself, you don’t turn around, you don’t go back to save anybody. You run for your life.’

The only other safety measure is to relocate away from the Pacific north west.

Millions of Americans live in areas guaranteed to suffer a major, catastrophic earthquake within the next thirty years. Millions more live in areas vulnerable to savage hurricanes and floods.

Still more Americans live  in areas vulnerable to terrorist attacks or “technological disasters” of our own making. Why are they there? What have they done to get ready for these disasters? Recent events in New Orleans, Mexico City and Haiti show how truly vulnerable we are, and how slow an effective government response will be.

This book can help by walking you through a step-by-step process of planning, preparation and action that will help you get ready for the catastrophe you just know is coming.

This book is useful for all those who wish to survive the coming catastrophe, and help their families and close friends to survive as well. Fortune favors the prepared. Get ready!

Disturbing Events Are Taking Place All Over The World, Civilization is About To Change FOREVER! Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Outbreak, Pestilence, Famine, Civil Unrest, WW3, LGBTQ and other End Times events in the news.

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  • Thegreatdivide

    If you dont want a disaster then stop the fracking its causing havoc around the world !..peace

  • 2QIK4U

    Theres a bandwagon somewhere waiting for you to jump on it. 💩💨

  • Daffers

    What’s coming is called Nibiru – There is no hiding place – the elite will find their underground facilities bent out of shape and they will be trapped there because of the magnetic forces twisting and bending out of shape – so at least they will be out of the picture! As for the rest of us in our hidey holes either we emerge to find a desert like landscape with no food or water or what was a landscape now covered by poisonous oceans – my worst nightmare – having to eat insects of all varieties to survive – however, it has happened before and here we are to prove it; Let us hope the few survivors have learned a thing or two on whatever journey we have left – guess we will see. Only unconditional love and support of each other will see us through. xxxxx

    • You People Are Nuts

      Who’d want to live through that anyway? No doubt those insects would be highly contaminated.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    You should take that imagination and write novels instead of news articles.

    • TheJayWalker

      Interesting how I live in the PNW and we are building earthquake safe zones, and reinforcing bridges and buildings. You don’t think this will happen. Then come move to the West Coast right near the beach! Money where your mouth is?

  • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger

    It’s a timing issue. Russia had the numbers with the infiltrating Hispanic New World Order and it was just simply time for America to fall via a Civil War. Russia is behind Obama’s faked birth certificate and they now have their King on the American throne. The Clintons were supposed to be a follow-up on that agenda. Instead, if I’m understanding this correctly, the Clintons will be facing financial ruin once again.

    :lol: They are all being haunted by this ghost:


  • Room With a View

    666 feet hey! How convenient. Not a 600 ft or a 700 ft, but specifically a 666 ft. Believe this you are worse than an idiot.

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