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Are You Prepared For First 24 Hours after the SHTF? – Psychologically Speaking, This Will be One of The Worst Periods of the Event

Friday, August 11, 2017 14:00
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The first 24 Hours after the SHTF, Psychologically speaking, this will be one of the worst periods of the event. Not only will you have lost so much, but being forced to turn others away can be devastating.

If you’ve ever told anybody about the things you’re doing to survive after the SHTF, you’ve probably been asked why. “Why would you want to survive the end of the world?” There are plenty of reasons. The human instinct to survive, for one. The folks who say they’d rather die than live through the end of the world have no idea how strong that instinct can be. Even if life after the SHTF is miserable, it’s worth going on if there’s any hope that the world can become a better place again.

There’s no doubt there would be some serious downsides to surviving a catastrophe that leaves most of the population dead. But this is the part where you have to look at the silver lining. Yes, it would be brutal, but living on and helping rebuild society is a very good thing. You have to look for the good in the bad.

The reason I say all this is so no one reads this article and decides they’d be better off dead if the SHTF. That’s not the point I’m trying to make. The point is that living through a horrific disaster will be much worse if you’re not prepared. If you are prepared, however, you’ll be much more comfortable and could even be a part of the first post-SHTF communities.

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So here is the scenario, SHTF hit yesterday and you are standing in your home preparing to hunker down or bug out. You hear a knock on the door and go to see who it is. Looking out the window, you see the couple from next door standing on your porch smiling at you. You open the door to see what they want, because after all, they have been your neighbors for years. As the conversation gets started, you suddenly realize where it’s going and that you’re not prepared to deal with what you are about to face.

So who will pose the greatest dangers to you and your family in the beginning? Your neighbors, friends and family, that’s who. Anyone who knows that you’re a Prepper, and thought you were insane. The people who failed to see the writing on the wall and prepare as you did. Anyone who thinks they may have even the tiniest bit of sway over you will eventually show up at your door, wanting you to help them. This is why some Preppers say you should never tell anyone you are a Prepper. While I don’t completely agree with it, there is some truth to it. Be careful who you tell and what you tell them.
All of the people in this group will think you owe them something for ever having known them in the past. Family will be the worst though. In many cases, they will demand your help, simply because you are related. They are going to want your supplies and in some family situations….they will not take no for an answer.

Are you prepared to turn away a family with small children, or a relative who comes knocking on your door? This is something you need to think about now, because if you do help them, you may all die. Just how far are you willing to go once you do turn them away and they won’t leave? Are you willing to kill a man who has a wife and children who depend on him? What about a brother or sister? You need to decide now just who you would be willing to help and if you’re smart, you will store up extra preps with this in mind.

No, it will not be easy, and it many cases it will be heart breaking. These are not gang members or thugs, but are the people you sat behind at Church every Sunday or had Thanksgiving dinner with each year. It will almost without exception, be the hardest thing you have ever done, but remember, they had the same opportunity to prepare just like you, and helping them could get you affect the survival of you and your loved ones, if you run out of food or water. The idea of “I will give them a little and they will go away”, WILL NOT WORK! Once it’s gone, they will be back for more, and they will keep coming back until they are desperate enough to kill you and take what you have.  Psychologically speaking, this will be one of the worst periods of the event. Not only will you have lost so much, but being forced to turn others away can be devastating.

Now I know there are a lot of Preppers out there who will say that they are ready to handle it, but until it comes right down to it, you can never be sure. Why? Because it goes against everything we learned growing up. The Bible tells us to help others and deep inside every one of us, we believe it is what we should do, no matter the situation. So what can you do now to minimize this? First off, never let anyone know just how much preps you have, or where they are. If people believe you only have enough for yourself to last a few days, then they will less likely to try to force you to give up what you have and will instead look for other sources with more food while it’s still available.

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Block off all of your windows and act as though you are just as hungry as everyone else. Never think for a minute that your neighbors wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, because a parent will do anything no matter what it is to feed a starving child…even kill. The kindest and most gentle people will become cold-blooded killers when it comes to their children. You must be aware of this and make plans to deal with it.

When SHTF hits, it will bring out the worst in people, because of the hopelessness of the situation. Many will insist for months that help is coming and they just need to make it till then. The truth is, help will not be coming and you must decide if you are going to live or die, and if it is worth helping others. So yes, the worst threat to you and your family directly after SHTF hits will be your neighbors, your friends and your family. It’s not a pleasant thought, but it will be the reality of the new world.

Well, that is it for today and I hope you have gained a little insight on what to expect. Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared. God Bless America!

Sources: Are You Prepared For First 24 Hours after the SHTF?

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  • Jesus Christ is the truth,the life and the only way to the father.

    So you would let one of your family members starve to death? Seriously you are not only evil you are retarded!

  • Jesus Christ is the truth,the life and the only way to the father.

    My grandparents called what you call shtf World War Two! Normal German families were back then bombarded and a lot starved but we didn’t kill each other over food and shelter! We helped each other back then, because we are one Volk,why are Americans always think that everyone wants to kill everyone as soon as something goes not as expected? People if you work together than you will survive!

  • Everette

    This truly is something to think about ! With some drug addicts in the family , thug gang members and down right lazy thriving family members will present a big problem . I’ve had members of the family tell me I know you are putting up food . I’m not going to worry about doing it because if something truly happens then we all know to come to your house . And if I get hungry , somebody is going to share with me or die in the process . These words came out of peoples mouths that I had no idea would have uttered them . I thought we need a community working together to survive gangs . But after those statements made by family ( inlaw ) members , who do you trust ? I have marked them off the list ! Then my blood family , some have been reported as stealing from other family member . I guess they are off the list ! What about friends that my wife keeps kids for ? Found out some of them were on drugs and had been stealing my stuff at night while I was asleep to pay for their habits . What the hell ? I have a camper and have given serious thoughts to leaving in the middle of the night and head to the mountains to a isolated location . Food and water would last longer , but what if gangs soon had ravaged everyone else , then I would have to face them with my wife ! I have got to find some friends somewhere that would be willing to fight with me in whatever condition we faced ! I have possibly 2 or 3 that I might could trust . But they live about 15-20 miles away . If an EMP hit that knocks that in the head ! One thing for sure I would more than likely would have to leave my neighborhood ! What a shame ! Hope those reading this are not in the same shoes but have trust worthy friends . The crazy thing is can we even trust church members in this day and time . Oh by the way our church has no pastor because most of them stole the church funds and left the treasury dry . Then the members split and left . So I was ask could I help out the church to keep from closing the doors . 4 years later I am still there . So as over seer I get to see a lot in people’s character . I grew up in the church but had left and was helping other churches get back on their feet from problems that had divided and split them . Then finally I got to go back to my home church only to find pastors had cleaned out the funds and left ! What a sad world we live in today . No wonder GOD said that only the church of Philadelphia would be kept from the tribulation that is coming to try all men upon the earth , even the other 6 churches mentioned in revelations will go thru the tribulation period . If you have not kept GODs word and lived a life as pure as you can for HIM you will go thru the tribulation period . Want proof ? Turn in your Bibles to Revelation 20:5-6 . Here is we’re the rapture takes place , the resurrection of the dead in Christ , just before the 1000 years of peace which is after the tribulation period . Those playing patti cake with GOD will have to prove their love for HIM durning the tribulation period . Revelations 3:7-10 tells you the church of Philadelphia ( brotherly love ) will be the ones that will be kept from that tribulation period ! Jesus told His disciples this shall you know you have passed from death unto life , because you Love the brethren . There is no Love in the churches any more . Only a very few strive to do that which is right . GOD said a book of rememberance was made to keep record of every time anyone though about HIM ( Malachi 3:16 ) . How many times do you think about GOD durning the day ? For many it’s only once a week when they go to church and hear the pastors words . For others it could be months . And yet others none at all . This will determine who belongs in the church of Philadelphia along with not only do you think about HIM , but do you strive to please HIM as well ! The clock seems to really be winding down , better be making connections with GOD soon , because from what I read the tribulation is going to be hell on earth . Plus the devil will also be thrown down with his fallen angels and they will have great wrath because they know their time is short ! GOD said there has not ever been a time that has been like what is coming ( tribulation period ) nor would there ever be a time like it again ! This is going to be the worst of the worst . There will be a time in this period that men will seek death but can not find it ! Demons , hordes of hell , giants , plagues , wows , disasters , objects falling from the sky weighting near 100 pounds . 2 great asteroids one hitting the land and burning up 1/3 of the earth , the other hitting in the ocean and killing 1/3 of life in the ocean . Water in rivers and streams being turned to blood . Animals and bugs attacking everyone . Darkness with only a 1/3 of the sun shining . All volcanoes going off . Earthquakes everywhere . Tidal waves devouring coastal lands . Winds raging with over hurricane 5 force winds . Food and water scarce . People will be eating one another . This is surely something to think about ! Why because so many of the end time signs have been fulfilled and the last ones are now being fulfilled ! Please ask GOD to forgive you of your sins and to come into your heart and save you and be your GOD . In John chapter 1 we are told that Jesus was GOD made flesh so the world could see and handle HIM before HE payed the price for their sins on the cross . Your sins are already payed for , that is if you are willing to except HIS sacrifice for yourselves . The Bible says whosoever shall call upon HIM shall be saved . How much simpler could it be than that ? I’m praying that I be found worthy to escape the tribulation period and not have to prove or suffer to get my attention as a last ditch effort to try and save me ! But I know whom I have believed in and are persuaded that HE is able to keep that which I have committed unto HIM against that day ! Please examine yourselves before the time of evil starts . Because once it does you are already in it and will have to die to prove your love or make it to the end and not except the mark of the beast . 7 years is a long time going thru hell ! And you sure dont want to die without excepting HIM . Because then hell is forever ! Short time here or very long time forever ? Or keep GODs words and commandments and get removed or kept from the tribulation . The choice is yours ! Please choose wisely while there still is time to do so ! The sign of Revelation 12 is going to be in the night sky September 23 . Plus August 21 an eclipse will cut America in half . 7 years later another one will make an X as it crosses the other eclipse in America . Is this the beginning of the 7 year tribulation period ? Read Revelations 12 and see the devil being thrown down to earth and the sign that is written will be an actual constellation sign September 23 . We maybe at war by then or around then with nukes going off everywhere ! The book of Joel writes I will show wonders in the Heavens and in the earth , blood , and fire and pillars of smoke ( Joel 2:30 ) .

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