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‘Something Big Is Coming’,The Elite Know It. But What Exactly Is It?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 12:29
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Posted on June 12, 2011

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There are so many theories on what the Earth and Humanity will or could be facing between now and through the next few years to 2025. Depending on who you talk with or what website you look at may say that we are about to experience some kind of cosmic shift of density and consciousness or they may lean towards the whole Doomsday theory based on such ancient predictions from civilizations like the Mayans, Egyptians and Sumerians as well as ancient text like the I Ching. The hot topic these past few years has been mostly the discussion of the theory of a galactic body of various origins flying through space on a head on collision for our Solar System and Earth being the target. The popular names are Nibiru, Planet X and now Comet Elenin (which depending on what information you look at is either labeled as a Comet, Asteroid or Brown Dwarf Star). For the past two years I have off and on researched theories and research about Planet X and Nibiru and I have yet to see any proof that is valid enough to give me a solid platform to make a decision. I am certainly not ruling either theory but discretion with a Doomsday theory is important.

Recently I have been looking a lot at this Comet Elenin that NASA, JPL and other space agencies around the world have been monitoring and I must say this one has me watchful. Now unlike Planet X or Nibiru there is actual data of the monitoring of Comet Elenin. Oh yes I know that if Nibiru or Planet X does exist we aren’t getting the truth about it but it does seem curious what has been recently going on around the world and with governments since Elenin came into the public’s eye.

Now I am not here to tell you what to believe or not believe. I am simply as always give you my perspective on what I am witnessing currently with the planet and try to bring it together for you so that we can try and make sense of what may be coming that is being kept a secret from us. Strange things are taking place on a global scale which is leaving us all to ask why. Animal Pandemics, unusual Climate changes (Not the kind the Elite tell us), an increase and intensity of every kind of natural disaster, continental shifts and increasing activity in our solar system which is effecting every planet including the Sun which in turn has an effect on us. These increasing number of Lunar, Planetary and other cosmic alignments seem to be having quite the effect on people as well both bad and good. However cosmic alignments have happened forever. So why would these cosmic events be effecting our planet and Humans now? Why is this happening? These are the questions we all need to ask ourselves.

It is no secret that governments have been increasing the building of massive underground facilities, seed vaults and hording life sustaining essentials recently. Many of the Global Elite have either purchased huge amounts of property in the Southern Hemisphere, specifically South America, and some have already moved there. It would also seem that there is a massive increase in them stating publicly that everyone must make any preparations for disasters. Depending on what agency or government is expressing this concern also depends on the disaster. Some of the major disasters being advertised right now are Nuclear, Pandemic, Chemical-Biological, Natural (on global scale), Solar, Global Warming and even Cosmic to name a few. How interesting that none will touch the purposely Man-Made disaster issue. Recently I found a video that caused me to look deeper into this new Global Emergency Preparedness craze.

Are the Russians really building these underground shelters in the event of a nuclear disaster? The little neutral country of Switzerland already has enough underground facilities to provide shelter for every single Swiss citizen. Something the United States government would never do. Did you know that the United States government on average builds two to three deep underground facilities each year? That doesn’t even include the ones already built that are constantly being added to. I am going to share a little story with you all but first I want you to look at some other information that sparked this report. Like I said I cannot confirm the existence of Planet X or Nibiru but I can confirm Elenin.




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  • Pix

    The only ‘doomsday’ comming up is for the ruling elite when the people finally say enough is enough. The ruling elite are the ones poisoning the planet and destroying it with radiation, GMO crops, toxic chemicals spewed over all via aircraft, germ warfare, killed irradiated food, sodium flouride, mercury in kids vaccinations, religions, and draconian dictatorships.

    They should be afraid, because when the people do reach the final straw, I don’t reckon the ruling elites chances much… off with their heads.

  • Buckworth Jackson

    To the Author:
    You are correct, we have a brown drawf ‘star’ headed our way. It is known in the Bible as ‘Wormwood’ as it makes our surface water undrinkable – bitter-.
    I have studied this subject since Apr 2005 – after one of our nuke subs (the USS San Francisco) hit an undersea mountain.
    If ones knows anything about nuke subs, then you’ll know the have an incredible navagation system (with redundicies).
    They DO NOT GET LOST and end up hitting mountains.
    What is happening is that Wormwood/Nibiru’s massive size affects our crustal plates, breaking them and causing volcanoes to grow – even under water.
    And the final proof: If you google up ‘Drug Asset Seizures-Oregon 2010- you will see that the police and sheriffs in the state of Oregon have turned in via seizure LESS than $191,000 for the whole state.
    They know what is coming and know they are not ‘Ticket Holders’, so they are buying property in Idaho and stashing food and fuel and what not they’ll need to survive 2012.
    What is interesting, many of them are not planning on taking their wives.
    I guess when you got grub and guns the ladies will come to you? LOL
    When I spoke with federal LEO’s about the tiny bit of money the Oregon police/sheriffs have turned in from asset seizures, they just laughed and said “Washington don’t want to hear it, it will get folks talking about what happened to the money”.
    Maybe that would start a panic.
    So any woman in Oregon who is married to a cop, really needs to rethink her career options.

  • Eponymous

    you hold Jordan Maxwell in high regard? Ugh. I guess you aren’t who I thought you were. Maxwell is as fake as his name and a pathological liar. You just lost all credibility with me and everyone else who know what Maxwell is.

    Good luck in the future. Signing out.

  • Anonymous

    stick the doomsday crap up your ying yang. Doomsday is by design just like Bin Laden and Al Qaida. its about fear and intimidation. Its about getting people to spend their hard earned dollars on ridiculous survival crap. Its about maintaining the status quo until the time comes for the King to take his throne…whomever that will be.

    These articles offer little to no proof about the doomsday theory. There is no proof…ZERO! that underground city bunkers have been built, and that more are being built. Its all speculation and conjecture.

    The doomsday crap is the best tool the elite have against us. It confuses those that are easily intimidated. As for that are not intimidated…they are even bigger fools. The bigger fools think its true and there is something they can do about it.

    You will all laugh at yourselves in the next decade.

  • American Gem

    “‘Something Big Is Coming’,The Elite Know It. But What Exactly Is It?”

    Henry Kissinger is about to have a bowel movement!

  • Anti-Zion


    “The only ‘doomsday’ comming up is for the ruling elite when the people finally say enough is enough. The ruling elite are the ones poisoning the planet and destroying it with radiation, GMO crops, toxic chemicals spewed over all via aircraft, germ warfare, killed irradiated food, sodium flouride, mercury in kids vaccinations, religions, and draconian dictatorships.”

    Well said 100%

    You need to add they will use false flags to send us to war so we forget to notice there other dirty tricks.

    The bit we don’t agree on is you call them the ruling elite and i call them zionsts because if you follow the money it all leads to the same place.

  • Anonymous

    Yup Barracuda’s going to douche, that’s as big as it gets.

  • Anonymous

    Yup Barracuda’s going to douche, that’s as big as it gets.

  • onion

    All the distractions in the world can not hide the facts.
    Get it right once and for all humans you are way late on coming to the truth.
    Let me see how long has it been now that you let the rulers lie and deceive you into your own poverty and weakness which you yourself crete.
    Stop whinning and just stop.
    Hey what do I know you can wait until the freaks destroy us all or do something about it. I am not you daddy so please don’t say what or you will just make yourself sound stupid. Really, I mean really don’t you get it.
    Thousand of years and counting. Wooo Hooo anybody in there.
    We are waiting, and the we are us. Hear it from me, I told you so long ago.
    What will happen if for one or two days everything just stopped.
    I mean we did not always have it like this.
    Same old slavers enslaving the masses with nothing more than lies and deceipt. They have the guns too but that is just an illusion of fear. They have successfully killed the spirit, although not literally just superficially.

  • Anonymous

    Scientific and religious evidence certainly suggests it.

    Indeed, scientists are well aware of the mammoth comet hurtling towards Earth, which according to them shall collide circa 2026. Although scientists believe that by 2026 we will have the technology necessary to destroy or redirect the comet, there is a highly plausible chance that we simply won’t. The increase in destructive natural disasters in recent years and the state of the world’s resources today are clear indicators that the end is near.

    The strong tensions between the East and the West today means that a catastrophic war is likely to break out; this is a commonality amongst prophecies from different religions regarding the end times. Besides this, the rise in immorality in today’s society and loss of the spiritual system in the religions also point to the fact that we are in the end times.

    Even though times are about to get very difficult for mankind, the Awaited Ones represent hope for humanity! Images of the Awaited Messiah, Imam Mehdi and Kalki Avatar, His Sublime Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi as well as Lord Jesus Christ have appeared miraculously on various celestial and terrestrial objects, and can be called upon in times of adversity.

    For more information on the Awaited Ones, visit

  • Buckworth Jackson

    Again, I can only say “Follow the Money”.
    Oh, and if you can, call the Governers Office and ask to speak with the Press Secretary. Ask why the Oregon Police/Sheriffs have taken so little money from the drug dealers.
    (That’s if you want the truth)

  • aliadams


    You don’t have to believe me, wait for the first few events and then I hope you will find the table below handy if you were clever to print it in case of lose of net or electricity.

    God in the Quran WARNS the believers of 31 meterorite showers to strike Earth from 7th January 2012 to 7th November 2012 along 31 latitudes each lasting exactly 4 days.

    Any place where God is worshipped will be spared on purpose to show the survivors that wa all sowrship the same ONE GOD, and because the Quran has the info to save yourself, then ISLAM is the stright path to God and all other are stray paths.

    (God Permitting)
    2012 Event Latitudes and Dates
    13˚ 2012-01-07 ― 2012-01-10
    16˚ 2012-01-22 ― 2012-01-25
    18˚ 2012-01-30 ― 2012-02-02
    21˚ 2012-02-10 ― 2012-02-13
    23˚ 2012-02-18 ― 2012-02-21
    25˚ 2012-02-28 ― 2012-03-02
    28˚ 2012-03-13 ― 2012-03-16
    30˚ 2012-03-27 ― 2012-03-30
    32˚ 2012-04-04 ― 2012-04-07
    34˚ 2012-04-24 ― 2012-04-27
    36˚ 2012-05-06 ― 2012-05-09
    38˚ 2012-05-16 ― 2012-05-19
    40˚ 2012-05-28 ― 2012-05-31
    42˚ 2012-06-07 ― 2012-06-10
    45˚ 2012-06-22 ― 2012-06-25
    47˚ 2012-07-01 ― 2012-07-04
    49˚ 2012-07-07 ― 2012-07-10
    51˚ 2012-07-14 ― 2012-07-17
    53˚ 2012-07-23 ― 2012-07-26
    55˚ 2012-08-05 ― 2012-08-08
    57˚ 2012-08-18 ― 2012-08-21
    59˚ 2012-08-25 ― 2012-08-28
    61˚ 2012-09-03 ― 2012-09-06
    63˚ 2012-09-10 ― 2012-09-13
    65˚ 2012-09-15 ― 2012-09-18
    67˚ 2012-09-22 ― 2012-09-25
    69˚ 2012-09-30 ― 2012-10-03
    71˚ 2012-10-07 ― 2012-10-10
    73˚ 2012-10-15 ― 2012-10-18
    75˚ 2012-10-25 ― 2012-10-28
    77˚ 2012-11-04 ― 2012-11-07
    −89/+67 days due to Islamic calendar errors.

    For full evidence, book, presentation, and software to check the danger level of your own city, please see
    EVERYTHING IS FREE ALWAYS, This is from God to God’s people.

    Be a guiding light! Spread the message now especially to people near the first latitude (12.5˚ ― 13.5˚).

    And remember that GOD knows better and controls everything in real-time.

    Ali Adams
    God > infinity

  • Paleocountry

    which is effecting every planet including the Sun

    should read

    which is affecting every planet including the Sun

  • techmeaux

    The End of the “Elite” Near

    Is it the end of the world???

    Are we in the presence of God’s Kingdom???

    Let’s examine the evidence:

    Well what do we know about this “end of the world”?

    1. The bible speaks of the complete end many times, the end of human and demonic evil on earth:

    Dan2:44; Joel3:9; Zeph3:9; Rev16:16; Eze38:18; Matt24:14; Amos9; Ps2; Ps110; 1John2:17; 2Thess1:6

    2. It will be progressive, not immediate, and many signals will be given that the end is near, in every part of the system:

    (Luke 21:9)..Furthermore, when YOU hear of wars and disorders, do not be terrified. For these things must occur first, but the end does not occur immediately.”

    3. It’s primary cause is due to complete misleading control of the world by Satan:

    1John5:19; Rev12:9; Rev20:10; Eph6:12

    1Tim4:1; Matt4:8; Luke4:5; Heb2:14; 1Pet5:7; John12:31; John14:30; John16:10; Eph2:2; 2Cor4:4; 1Cor10:20

    4. This progressively corrupts mankind through human sin, affecting human behavior:

    Gen6:13; 2Tim3; Joel3:13; John3:19; Rev21:8

    5. Eventually this results in cataclysmic Great Tribulation:

    Matt24; Mark13; Luke21; Daniel:12

    6. Deliverance by divine intervention is required at this time (Re7:14):

    Eze38:18; Dan12; 1Thess1:6; Luke21:28

    7. This is the Divine War, Armageddon: “The war of the Great day of God the Almighty”, Har-Magedon (Rev16:16):

    Rev16:14, Dan2:44; Rev19:19; Zeph1:18; Jer25:32,33

    A global preaching work will be given prior to the end announcing the conqueror of earth, God’s Kingdom: Matt24:14.

    Jehovah’s witnesses…

  • Dust

    Big, how about WW III nuclear warfare is that big enough? If not then you may still be around for what the planet is going to do. LOL

  • Article Hunter

    The ateroid YU55 is a good candidate coming this November 2011

    It is a big one, but would our beloved NASA even tell us about impending doom?

    I doubt it – it is for the big guys only that info!

  • yos


  • bordo

    Anyone heard about the CIA moving their HQ from Virginia to the Denver area??

    Why the move?


    Every 43 years the Object I saw and describe crosses down across between the Earth and the Moon. May 24th 1926, May 18th 1970, and next Return, May 22nd, 2013. I describe the big thing that happens. All of my info and my book’s content is all free online for everyone to know. Forget Dec 21st 2012, nothing is going to happen. May 22nd 2013 is the night the orbiting ancient Object of the crossing down returns. —- I used to think that I had seen the Big Ancient Thing, that everyone was looking for, now I know that I saw the Big Ancient Thing, that nobody is actually really looking for.

    May 24th, 1926, the big Ancient place rolled down and “obscured, the Moon’s disc.”
    As a boy in approximately 1970, while looking at the Moon through a small backyard telescope, I suddenly saw The Ancient Object,
    a big forward rolling place that crosses down in front of the Moon, once again in front of the Moon, “obscuring the Moon’s disc.”
    My Mississauga Sighting.

    A complete and total lucky fluke to be sure, but I did see the big ancient place come rolling down.
    I saw the ancient Standing Stone Craters and I saw the big main shadow.
    Also I did see the sight of what the first instant in the distance of the Moon’s suddenly changed light looks like, and I did see the first part of the incredible visual spectacle that the big rolling place generates with the Moon’s suddenly fantastically changed now incredible Lasting Light!

    The crossing forward rolling speeding Ancient Object is beyond stunning and spectacular but somehow it turns out that,
    it’s all about the point of a shadow, and the fantastically changed incredible, spectacular light from the Moon!

    This website ( )and my podcast ( )are an attempt to try to present some of the things I saw, some of the things I know, and some of my guesses at things,
    in some sort of at least semi organized fashion.

  • Branson4fun

    Could you repeat that in 20 words or less please?

  • Anonymous

    If any of this is going to happen, could we please get on with it. It is getting really frustrating with all of the predictions about what is going to happen about everything from the crash of the dollar, the Big One hitting California, the next 9/11 type false flag, et el. Just do it, damn it.

  • Anonymous

    If you want to read something that will scare the crap out of you, then try reading this. –
    After you read what this has to say, you will understand everything that has gone on for the last 15 years and longer with all of these laws and actions by the states to stop the FED with their attempted takeover of all 50 states.

  • tgtg

    “Not the kind the Elite tell us”

    Why should anybody care what they are talking or not? and whois “elite” Angelina Jolie?

  • Anonymous

    Here are 25+ signs that point to nuclear war:

    How would you know that a major nuclear war is even likely?

    Imagine that you live in a house that is located in the middle of a big forest. This forest has not experienced a big fire for over a 100 hundred years. I come over to your house and tell you that the forest is in danger of a big fire and you will likely die. What would you do?

    A prudent person would ask about the signs. What are the signs of a big fire?

    1. The forest is old. It’s been a long time since the last big fire. Lots of old dead wood and bushes around.

    2. There has been a hot and dry summer.

    In general one looks at the historical signs for forest fires. One would do the same thing for war.

    It turns out that forest fires, wars, attacks within wars, sandpile collapses, earthquakes, financial market collapses all have something in common. The number of collapses at a given size within a given period follows a precise straight line. Watch this interesting Youtube video on the mathematics of war:

    What this means is that the longer you go from the last collapse (World War II) then the closer you are to the next one. The signs of war are present today. Nuclear war in the Middle East is a real possibility in this summer (2011). This acts as a catalyst for nuclear retaliation on America by the spring of 2012. An attack on America will be out-of-the-blue for no apparent reason.

  • Geostrategic

    American civil defense has been decimated, leaving the entire population without any meaningful civil defense protection in case of nuclear attack from the Russkies, Red China, Islamic terrorists or traitors in high places.

  • John L Sullivan

    I read the whole article, unlike most of your commentee’s. What make’s this slightly more interesting for me, is the recent new’s of Emergency National grid shutdowns in the US and UK, in the event of a Solar flare from our Sun, hitting earth and knocking the electricity out. Now this was not mentioned in your report, but it does have good relevance, and makes interesting comparison to the magnetic anomoly that you mention, which concurs also with your time frame.
    People seem to forget that we live on a small Planet, in a very big Space. Space anomolies happen all the time without our knowing about them, and it has only been through our technological advances that we are now seeing these events on a daily basis.
    Nothing may happen at all, but we cannot act like we have our heads buried in the sand. The information is out there for us to draw our own conclussions, and it is thanks to people like you that at least give us the oppurtunity to make up our own minds.

  • Henry

    “Are the Russians really building these underground shelters in the event of a nuclear disaster?”

  • Snowball

    Peace of Christ.

  • Gibery

    I think the biggest threat right now is the midwest flooding situation. If the big dam fails, the others will fail, causing the nuclear power stations to fail, domino effect,bam.

    I would think if the elites know anything, you would see the evidence in what they are buying, what they are investing in, when are they are traveling and where they are going.

  • Buckworth Jackson

    Take notice who is the largest landowner in the USA – outside of .gov?
    Good old Jane Fonda’s ex-husband, Ted Turner.
    And his selection of properties is ‘zactly what and where I would buy (if I could afford them) IF I thought the merde was enoute to the fan.
    But Ted has a little problem: While he sees himself as a King doling out estates and dukedoms to his favored ones, his security staff will dump him down a latrine and take over his empire (insert evil laugh here LOL!)

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