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Major News From Richard C. Hoagland – Asteroid YU-55 To Hit The Moon On Nov 9th!

Monday, October 31, 2011 2:10
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Uploaded by on Oct 30, 2011

HERE IT IS: Edited version of the 2nd hour of Revolution Radio Friday nights at 8 pm Eastern. Richard C. Hoagland calls on Francis to ‘head up’ the amateur astronomers around the world to film the MOST SPECTACULAR EVENT in our time! Asteroid YU-55 Smashing into the MOON!

Breaking news on asteroid YU-55 and other astronomy news.

Francis youtube channel

Richard C. Hoagland Website and Research site

you don’t know who Richard C. Hoagland no problem check here :

Collision Course is a Radio show conducted by Francis Walsh
every Friday from 8pm to 10pm EST on Revolution Radio

Original full length show Uploaded by DrakenI78 Thanks

my website
my YouTube channel

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  • AWatchman4Him

    So, which is it this time? One article says it will hit the moon and the next article says it will hit the earth.

    I got it, it will hit the moon first then bounce off of it, then it will pass through Elenin’s garbage and hit the earth where it then will bounce off the earth and take out the ISS, but before that happens it will turn on it’s cloaking device and only if your in the right state of stupidity will you be able to see any of it, that is if you survive the whole thing.

  • Anonymous

    Word is all over the internet that Elenin has broken up, and is nothing but a cloud. You talk as if it is still intact, and very much out there. It is still there on nasa’s jpl web page. So, is Elenin still out there, or did it discinagrate?

  • Anonymous

    anyone who listens to terral and hoakland are bigger idiots than they are .

  • openyoureyes

    It discinagrotarotahated.

  • Chartricia

    So basically we are looking at a game of cosmic pong. How exciting this will be. I’m going to cook me up a big batch of buffalo wings and hot links for this one.

  • cyberkahuna

    Oh no I think it’s the devil playing pool!!! LOL….

  • steven

    Richard Hoagland, has been wrong so many times. Entertaining as long as you dont take him seriously.

  • Nim


  • Be4itstoo0ldnews

    hired elitest puppet…they need more fear frequencies to survive

  • Officer Jethro Bodine

    IS there anyone left on the planet that pays media whore Richard Hoagland attention?

  • Vali X

    that is NOT true !!YU55 will pass above Earth at 221k miles on nov 8th and at 217k miles ABOVE the moon on nov 9th…dude, what kinda “newspaper” r u running?

  • Anonymous

    WTF with the Carpentners opening?

  • Ranger_Ric

    Richard Hoagland is a fraud and a hoaxster. He has stolen nearly all of his ideas from real scientists and then embellishes them with dramatic, false lies. Look it up on google if you don’t believe me, he is a liar and a cheat and his only claim to fame is that some idiots still have him on radio and tv to spout his nonsense.

    I remember hearing him on election night 2008 when he was praising the Marxist obama and calling him the “hyper-dimensional” president who was going to announce that aliens exist and save the world.

    Zero of his crap predictions have been shown to be true, he is an outright liar and a democrat shill to boot. Those two go hand in hand though.

  • Anonymous

    And if if doesn’t? Then what? Well Rich once nothing happens make sure to take your Buddy Terral with you and go hide in the caves in the Ozarks.

  • Robbie

    He might have received his information from the movie Earthstorm that came out in 2007. Or not.

    Jeremiah 23:32 KJV
    Behold, I am against them that prophesy false dreams, saith the LORD, and do tell them, and cause my people to err by their lies, and by their lightness; yet I sent them not, nor commanded them: therefore they shall not profit this people at all, saith the LORD

  • None

    How does it go again?..Oh yeah, Tetrahedron protected space capsule was the Elenin. Or, Tetrahoagland.

  • AuntiePatricia

    i fear richard does not think diabolically enough. he thinks an AIPAC conference in hawaii on November 9 with the US president and heads of state of several western countries somehow guarantees that nothing untoward will happen. haha. let me explain how diabolical minds might think…

    if someone wants to usher in a NWO, there would be no better way to do that than to call an AIPAC conference, invite all the major heads of state, and arrange to have hawaii washed away by a tsunami – or some other ‘act of nature’ or ‘accident’… right? once the major heads of state are GONE in one fell swoop, a new world government would easily and quickly be established. neat trick, if they can pull it off.

    now, do i think it will happen? NO. why? because the diabolical plans of TPTBe – or should we say, TPTWere? – are failing more than succeeding these days. they’ve had their fun with planet earth. their lease is up.

  • Nim

    Uh…AuntiePatricia…the new world government IS the present heads of state and POTUS. Neat trick they pulled off..hiding in plain sight.
    Sleeping in a dream, a generation lost in space.

  • AuntiePatricia

    nim… not to ignore this huge biblical thing that has come between us… but, nim, i understand that the ‘heads of state’ are merely ‘front men’ for the guy(s) behind the curtain… and as figureheads, they are definitely expendable… ‘martyrs for the cause’ – the cause of establishing the NWO. they are accustomed, probably, to blood sacrifice, not yet to BEING the sacrifice, but framed in the right way, they might consider it to be an honor to usher in the NWO. after all, the victors write the history, so the guy(s) behind the curtain might have promised them eternal fame in the history books.

    and to the anonymous ronald grossi, i say, i pray that you will be able to hear that the way to heaven is not to ‘believe’ or to ‘be good’ or to ‘die’ but to go within to the Kingdom. enter into your inner closet. shut the door. close your eyes. take a breath. notice the beautiful light that IS God, and love that IS God, the life that is breathing you, giving you life. just like jesus said. the kingdom of God IS within you. read your bible again. find all the clues that say God is not external; is not mean, does not withhold himself from us. we just forget that we were made in the image and likeness of love, of life everlasting, of light, of spirit and that it is our birthright to spend our lives knowing God.

    what Jesus said about the kingdom within you is true, yet it’s one thing few ever consider engaging in… and even apply “the fox and the grapes” story to. but once you try it and find it in you, you might just like it… in fact, i guarantee that when you find it within, you will love it. that love is how you will know you have found it.

    the proof is in the TASTING of the pudding. go deeper. find the reality of it. don’t rest until you taste it.

    one last thing – the latin word “spiritus” means “breath” – God breathed life into adam and God is breathing life into you every moment of every day, and all night long. that’s how close God is to you, dear man. even now, you are BEING breathed. let us be aware that each breath is a gift, a lovely gift. and, yes, in that exquisite inner kingdom there is no suffering, no pain, no sorrow, no death… and after we leave our bodies, yes, we will no longer be distracted by all the drama, but we can also live beyond it now, no longer blind or deaf to the kingdom.

  • Anonymous

    Please I don’t believe this crap, if anyone believes words of Richard C. Hoagland, than they have their heads in the la la fantasy land. I don’t believe anything will happen. He has done this crap before, so please everyone don’t read into what he is saying, it is very laughable.

  • fearlessreader

    I think Steven above says it best: ” Richard Hoagland has been wrong so many times. Entertaining as long as you dont take him seriously.” The same goes for many articles posted on this site: Entertaining, as long as you don’t take them seriously. I like the fiction-fact ranking at the top of each article very much. Anybody want to guess what my vote on this article is going to be? Wishing everyone a BLESSED day. :-)

  • Anonymous

    RCH is full of BS

  • Anonymous

    I hear this before.
    NASA announced that its a 400 meters asteroid that will be at 0.85 the distance from the earth to the moon. It will not hit the earth nor the moon. But is the closest object until Aphopis comes on 2,038.

    Closest points are at 9pm (Eastern) the 8 of november an at November the 9th (forgot the time).

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