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Earth Is Not Orbiting The Sun As We Are Taught : Nassim Haramein

Monday, February 27, 2012 17:28
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February 27, 2012

Earth Is Not Orbiting The Sun in the way we were taught More to do with Something Wrong With The Sun Moon & Earth series. Here we find an understanding of Why the Earth & our solar system do not actually orbit the Sun as taught, “Rather”, We follow or better still, are dragged by the Sun in a Spiral Pattern through the universe & time.

Down below video offers explanations how, besides spinning on its axis and rotating as if going ‘Around’ the Sun, the Earth is shown to ‘Follow’ the Sun’s movement through the Milky Way galaxy, in a continuous Spiral, not a Flat elliptical plane, thus we find a 3D universe as opposed to the accepted 2D.

** Believe it or not, there is no empirical evidence that the Earth actually orbits the sun ! **

Many of us have been taught about how the solar system works by viewing a physical model that has the sun in the middle with the planets going around and around in a simple circular orbit without properly accounting for the motion of the sun (aprox. 450,000 miles per hour).

Because the both sun and the galaxy are moving through space, the Earth spirals an incredible distance through space in a year’s time. How far the Earth moves depends on the reference point you are using for something “stationary” or “background” even though all objects in the universe are in motion.

The Earth rotates at 0-1040 mi/hr (depends on latitude)
The Earth orbits the sun at aprox. 66,629 mi/hr
The sun orbits the galactic center at aprox. 447,000 mi/hr

In just considering how fast the sun is moving, we know the Earth travels at least 3,918,402,000 miles in a years time! (as it also orbits around the sun)

Total speed of the Earth moving through space is difficult to approximate do to the combination of motions.
Using Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation it is estimated the total motion of the Earth through space is aprox. 1,342,000 mi/hr Or 11,763,972,000 miles in 1 year! (which is still only 0.2% the speed of light!)

The old model might make one picture being back where you started after a year of time has past, when in fact, you are over 11 BILLION miles from where you were a year ago!

We hope this video helps people to visualize what the motion of the Earth in our solar system looks like.

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  • Outlaw_Wales

    They make medication for this you know. You can also reside in a special big white building where you can go sit and relax throughout the day. Big, strong men would then walk you to your soft padded room. From there you can spiral on your pilgrimage ALL you want to.

  • Count

    saw this video a while back, this guy is impressively dumb, glad they made the video.

  • g-man

    anon, you’re a jackass. there’s a host of information out there that says the same thing. it’s better to say little and let people wonder if you’re a fool than to say too much and confirm it.

  • coolsaint

    And how do the satellites etc get where their going when sent to the various planets and using the gravity of the planets to propel these vehicles around the solar system .


    @anon.. Mad as a Hatter and Daft is the Matter? hehe, bending minds and bending space.. c’mon, you Gotta love that double helix!

  • Pix

    @Anon 1 and 2.

    Nassim Harramein is one of the worlds leading thinkers and mathmaticians and has won a major prize for his mathmatically perfect ‘unified field theory’. He is not retarded an idiot nor impressively dumb. If you want to see what that looks like, look in a mirror. ;)


    Ah! Pix! damn fine to see you here.

  • Pix

    @ Coolsait. Satalites are artifically propelled to their destinations. They don’t use gravity because it is easliy overcome with propulsion jets. It’s very clever use of maths in geometric 3d and 4d map plotting skills. Timing is everything.

  • Anonymous

    Well, in some way what this guy is saying is not incorrect, but the vortex picture is only a theoretical concept. The observer position required to
    see the vortex could no-where be occupied in our galaxy or in our universe since everything is on the move in relation to each other. And so long as we are
    in an inertial system the classical planetary trajectories apply. If we could artificially construct an observer postition
    of absolute standstill (what should be the reference) we would
    no longer be in this universe and could not see the vortex, because so long as we are in this universe we are moving. Stillness trough increased size would lead to fog on account
    of movement speed of observed particles, stillness through mimimisation would lead to standstill of all motion in the eyes of the observer. So let`s be happy about how it is. Only g-man
    (post 3) seems to have an inkling of what the video is about and I think why it is coming up again and again is because it
    reminds a bit of the paradoxon.

  • F16JetJock

    Sehr gut, Dr. Haramein!
    Now create a video that includes the solar system time-space fabric and its symmetrical relationship to our special location in the Milky Way. Indeed, I further noticed in this video that you made the the time-space fabric perpendicular to the time-space fabric of the Milky Way. Please explain in a new video.

  • Chmee

    Uh, yeah right. Seriously, it might look that way if everything was trailing smoke behind it, but we’re all still orbiting aroung the largest center of mass in the system, Sol. Makes a pretty graphic though.

  • YellowRoseTx51

    If you look a “Kepler’s model” you will find what they have hidden. Each ‘layer’(up) of the model, represents another ‘level’ of life at a higher vibrational speed, existing simultaneous with us.

    The ‘degree lines’ are the entrance and exits. We used to have pictorial bibles, that showed the “Entrance of God” at the East gateway, and the “Exit of Man” at the West gateway.

    The Nephlihiem are at the “North” and the South Gateways.

    Normally the Earth rotates to that gateway naturally. What the Nephlihiem did was tie their door directly into our plane and every time we started to rotate, they would cause a cataclysm rocking their doorway back open and our shut. This allowed them to keep us as slaves, and their Covens on the surface did the rest. Thats why ‘Hapgoods’ map shows 4 different locations in the North for the ‘North’ pole in the past.

    This is what is about to end.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous on Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012 18:13:16

    For clarities sake I should add that if, for the sake of the
    thought experiment, you would imagine the correct observer
    position you would still need a kind of heavenly marker pen
    to simulate the vortex for you through time for without this
    “pen” you will see the thing floating past you in the same
    way as you would see it from inside,in Planck time capsules,
    which would not transmit vortex pictures to your brain.

  • zgravity

    The only thing Nassim Harramein did was show that with motion you get a spiral rotation around the sun as it’s pulled along by the motion of the rest of the galaxy. This is a good point but the planets are still revolving around the sun none the less but only in a spiral motion as the planets follow the path of least resistance which is the sun’s pull or gravity. If there was no gravity to tug the planets then the sun would fly off in one direction and the planets in another direction so gravity plays a part in keeping the planets in place. I’m no scientist or math expert but I can see his reasoning that we have been viewing the solar system in 2D and not 3D. I’m assuming he took object mass into effect when he put his theory onto paper.

  • F16JetJock

    Satellites simply ride the solar-system’s time-space fabric to their destination. Just as planets orbit around the sun within the fabric without propulsion, satellites do the same once they escape the earth’s time-space fabric valley. On the journey to their destination, astrophysicist pilots steer them into the perimeter of time-space fabric valley of other planets in order to propel and accelerate the satellites. This procedure is also known as the “sling shot” effect. And the procedure actually begins using the perimeter of the earth’s time-space fabric valley to add acceleration to the satellites.


    Its just swamp gas….thats all it is.

  • Anonymous

    This supports the sine wave theory and explains how we move through the plane of the elliptic once every 13,000 years.

    Nassim Harramein was not the first to posit this theory and in fact his model is incomplete.

  • Anonymous

    So lets get this straight – big-brained thinker says teaching kids in 2D is silly because he sees the world in 3D and 4D.

    So what? He admits he was taught in 2D and obviously moved on, and that’s exactly what other kids will do as they grow up – they’re KIDS for crying out loud – you teach them in stages and build up the concepts in increasing complexity until they can grasp five dimensional gravimetric space-time.

    We’ve been doing this for years, and now, just because any twit with a laptop generate pretty graphics that show what it looks like, you suddenly think this is news?

    When is this site going to grow up?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the world is really flat. That’s what we’ll read here tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    People are best able to absorb information when they are young and their brains are growing. It becomes harder to grasp more complex thoughts the older we become.

    When people are still young, it is the best time to introduce truth as near as we can determine it to be.

    Besides, the idea that the planets orbit the sun in a spiral fashion as the sun travels through space is not all that hard a concept to grasp – especially for younger; curious minds.

  • Anonymous

    What happens to the helix when you then account for the motion of the galaxy with respect to all other galaxies. Years ago I was asked by a venerable old Iaido master if the earth went around the sun or if the sun went around the earth. He was most pleased with the answer that both are true, and that it was a matter of choice of reference. This idea of the helical motion of the planets through space will become more relevant when we have to consider the changing position of Sol, in returning from an interstellar, or even more fantastically an intergalactic flight. Even then we will probably just find Sol, then chose Sol as a center of reference and then the elliptical model of planetary motion will serve just fine.


    as above so below, pi and phi are having a go

  • O. Ryan Faust

    I learned literally decades ago that our entire galaxy is moving. All the galaxies are moving. The stars we see in the sky are in different positions than they were just a few thousand years ago.

    This really isn’t anything new. It’s just a new way of explaining it to laymen.



  • Anonymous

    Indeed, nothing new here. Yet to reflect upon these things might bring some good.
    Space fills the universe. Therefore ,it does not move – having nowhere to go.
    Thus, all of the sad and bitter contentions about sacred sites are nonsensical. The tomb of Abraham, along with the Holy Sepulchre, and actual locus of the Prophet’s ascension into heaven are far away in interstellar space. The serious pilgrim must await the coming of starships and low fares. What remains on Earth is some atoms, or if you will, some subatomic particles, whisked along with the Solar System. Of course, it will be a matter of fine calculation to find once more the true location of Mecca or the Wailing Wall.
    My own thoughts tend me to regard so-called sacred places as the thoae who run a large stadium regard what is left behind after a major sporting fixture: sweep it all up and put it in dustbins. This would not only be logical, but save much unseemly conflict, especially around religious holidays.

  • sassa

    Thank you … very interesting post.

    The last 30 years of asteroids recorded in our part of the solar system
    by Lowell Observatory…
    they rarely hit Earth even though there a millions of them!

    Asteroid Discovery From 1980 – 2010 (Half Speed)

  • Ozzie_Thinker

    Ignoring the “slander”, this is certainly something worth looking into. I was unaware of this theory and will explore the detail. Thanks for the post.

  • Steptinit

    What is explained here is the manner in which the planets “track” as they move through space relative to the sun where the velocity of the system is perpendicular to the plane of its ecliptic. The planetary ecliptic does not change its platter shape simply because the entire system is hurling through space, but when considered moving through space perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic, the planets do, indeed, track through space (that is, describe a trail) in the spiral manner described. The system’s velocity through space does not and cannot actually change the shape of the ecliptic itself. It is a neat realization,though, as the tracking certainly would be in a corckscrew pattern if the velocity of the system is perpendicuar to the plane of the system’s ecliptic. But the planetary orbits could not be “actually” going through corkscrew motions within the system itself.

    Imagine that one creates a mini-solar system out of mechanical parts and sets it on a table in front of one, so that the tiny planets begin orbiting a central sphere. At the same time, imagine that one is in a very fast space ship that is traveling one million miles per hour “perpendicular” to the plane of the mini-solar system’s ecliptic. Each of the mechanical planets within one’s tiny solar system on the table in front of one maintains the same orbital relationship with respect to the sun within the planetary system, that is, it goes round and round the sun in the same ecliptic plane. However, it would not be “tracking” through space in this manner; its tracking pattern would be the same corkscew described in the video.

    In reality, the above space ship/miniature solar system analogy is what is happening with the solar system of which earth is a part. The plane of the ecliptic remains the same relative to the sun and planets, but depending upon the solar system’s velocity through space (if and only if the direction of travel is perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic), the corkscrew tracking pattern would be revealed. But the “corkscrew” tracking pattern would be non-existent if the direction of the system’s motion were parallel to the plane of its ecliptic.

    A nice man named Einstein helped me clear that one up a long time ago.

  • Anonymous

    i can see the astronomers laughing their asses off at this one

  • Wake up

    I can say the same for the ignorance or denial of those individuals!

  • HereAmI

    For the man with dog fleas; realise that the nice man called Einstein that you are so fond of was a total plagiarist, and even worse, he didn’t even acknowledge the people he plagiarised from. Including JJ Thomson, who derived e=mC2 in 1880. So do not trust him, he is simply the product of an Askenazi fantasy, and had not one single original idea in his life. Even his maths was done by his first wife. Left to his own devices, he couldn’t even put his socks on properly. His first child was an imbecile and was sent away to a sanitorium for life, and was never mentioned again. Didn’t fit in with the manufactured perception, you see. His third child spent its life in a care home. His first wife divorced him for his adultery. He then gave her all his Nobel Prize money, presumably in exchange for the maths she did. You want a hero? Find someone else. Sorry.
    The most important piece of info contained in the spiel above the vid is that there is no evidence that the earth orbits the sun. ( The implication? That the sun orbits the earth. Loads of evidence. Check out geocentric universe websites.) Also, not one mention is made of the electromagnetic forces which hold the universe together in a stable configuration. But in a universe ruled solely by gravity, you can have all these exploding galaxies, movement towards Vega, etc. There is nothing to constrain Creation but a force so weak that you can pick an apple up off the ground against the entire mass of the earth pulling it back down. The planets do not rotate around the sun, ( if indeed they do, see above ), because they are held in place by gravity. Wake up people! They sit in permitted orbitals, much like subatomic particles rotating around a nucleus. Are those particles held in place by gravity? Er, no. Sorry. It would be nice, but they aren’t. EM forces are potentially both negative and positive, so they are much more versatile than gravity, which can only attract. And that, very weakly. If you increase the distance between two objects in space by a factor of one thousand, EM force reduces to a thousandth of what it was. Gravity reduces to one millionth of what it was. You may therefore begin to realise the hopeless instability of an expanding universe ruled by gravity. EM also gives you the lovely nebulae colourations that you see if and when you look up, and remove your nose from the Askenazi textbooks for a moment to observe what is actually occurring, rather than what you are told is occurring. This is what science is supposed to be about, ie, observation, not blind faith in what a Kabbalic rabbi said in the 1st century AD. The point I am making is that the supposed rationality of science, which differentiates it from the blind unreasonableness of faith, is an illusion. All of science’s Great Ideas, eg Evolution, are based on the Kabbalah. This book derives from the Talmud, which is probably the most evil book ever written. And guess who wrote it, through his earthly henchmen, the Ashkenazi ? I will leave that one for you to ponder.
    You’ve been had.

  • Anonymous

    @hereami does this have anything to do with hollow earth theory?

  • Anonymous

    The theory is originally credited to the Indian scientist Bahti and the disc of the solar system planets is not rotating around the equator of the sun baut is rather dragged slightly behind it. It was this observations that lies behind the new model. Hence the solar system is more acurately to looked upon as a comet coarsing throuh space.
    Halfpasthuman presented it the best.

  • Steptinit


    I am not the man that has dog fleas. I am the man whose doghas nofleastoday. This means that even I don’t have them. Einstein is not my hero, but I may have spoken too politely of the man for your taste. I am polite when I can be, and rude when I can’t. I had no reason to be rude toward Einstein and still
    don’t. The Jews do not have me enamored. Einstein was credited with certain concepts by the scientific community. Thus, I credit him. It’s called “attribution.” When I use the ideas of others, I try to attribute the owner(s), as I’m no plagiarist.

    History says all manner of things. We could argue, e.g., whether Jesus existed and whether Jesus said, “I am the way and the life.” Jesus could have stolen the words from his valet or chauffeur. But everybody says Jesus said them and even if Jesus did not, somebody probably did, as they exist historically. Or would you say that nobody has ever said those words?

    We could argue whether JFK existed. We could argue whether I exist. We could argue whether you exist, whether life on earth exists. Some say it does, some say it doesn’t. I say it must, however, because I am pretty sure I am alive and well. But I might only be a dead man fantasizing that I’m alive.

    If I tried to cover all the bases that could possibly be covered, I would not be able to make a point. You seem to have that trouble, don’t you? Is it because you are trying to cover too many bases? It’s why I try to flee from it.

    P.S. Do you have dog fleas?


    criminy. my quark soup has gone cold.




    the layman walks into a doctor’s office with a duck sitting on his head. the doctor asks, may i help you? and the duck says, yeah! get this putz off my ass!

  • Wake up

    Edison was attributed with tesla work. And look how things ave gotten worst, but if tesla presented those technologies the way he planned, one he rightfully would have been accredited and two we would have free energy. Only after decades is the truth on this subject out. I say speak truth. Or we’ll have more flaws to live with.


    Ah! i see someone has unveiled the man behind the curtain! the yellow brick road begins with a spiral, but if you remember the story the path becomes doubled…


    ah!hehe Hah! do you follow?


    .. or just walking the planck?

  • Wake up

    Westinghouse ?


    give that man a cigar and a saucer!


    Ah! hehe, Hah! now follow the buyouts…

  • Anonymous

    Meanwhile back on earth…. Do you people realise that no matter what the answer and rights or wrongs of all these arguments and suppositions the outcome true or false, will have absolutely no bearing on what we or our children or children’s children do for the rest of their lives or probably existence as we know it. so in essence this thread is a complete waste of time.( which is also relative)!

  • Steptinit

    This website will not allow me to post anything meaningful, and so you folks just missed a lifetime opportunity to read what could have been your most meaningful statement to date, as the website made my words disappear right at the end. Poor, poor fools. Ta-da.

  • Steptinit

    This was the third time it happened and I will quit playing your game now.


    intriguing.. how about just a short summary then.


    well anon.. what may be true for you certainly isn’t true for others. for me, the thoughts, opinions and shared knowledge of others is invaluable. no matter what the argument or statement, the words of others facilitate in some way, an understanding of what is going on in this world. speculation of what is “out there” is mind expanding, enigmatic, intriguing and fun and considering the thoughts of others is a fantastic path to understanding one’s self. a waste of time? i’m grateful for the thoughts of every single person who posted on this thread.

  • Wake up

    Like wise!


    hey, Wake up.. always good to see you.

  • sticksorstones


    Sorry, but your censors, whomever and whatever they may be, will not allow me to post anything meaningful that relates to certain propositions. In the past several months, after having written several paragraphs, I have watched my text go blank more than fifty times after I get just so far. It happened three times since yesterday on this same page. The Internet is being grossly censored. It must be what all the “fusion centers” are about.

    But note that this particular comment will not disappear as I write. Why would one suppose that is? It is because 99% of readers will simply rule me “paranoid.” After all, would a great, important entity such as government (or the BIN website)
    censor the “meangless words” of such a nothing/nobody as me? (The reader will be projecting onto me his/her own thoughts of inadequacy regarding him/her self here.)

    And it makes a liar of me. If I have been censored more than fifty times in the past several months, so that my comment disappears even as I write, then why would the censors allow this message through?

    Poor, poor fools. However, by this missive let it be known to my censors one and all, I cannot be stopped. It is possible only to delay me momentarily. But the cost of the delay, to you and humankind, is incalculable. When I finally break through and can be delayed no longer, I will pluck each of you out of your lair and skin you alive.

  • Wake up

    Yellow rose tx51 nice name, references please. Would like to read up on what you say.

  • Steptinit

    P.S. @raininingmind:

    Note that my handle, “mydoghasnofleastoday,” is not the commenter just above, the same that answered your statement, “intriguing.. how about just a short summary then.” But we are one and the same, both “sticksorstones” and “mydoghasnofleastoday.”

    I reported above that “I will quit playing your game now.” (Referring to the censors.) And so I shall. It may hasten the plucking.

  • Wake up

    Sticksorstones i’m with you, ihave been erased to many times for whatever reason. That’s why I refuse to leave this place. A true slave speaks not what they want to say, but what others want to hear.

  • Wake up

    What up my friend. Thanks for enlightening me.

  • Wake up

    For rainningmind, ^


    ah! ok then… whatever it is going on with you there i wish you well.. i just keep making up puzzles and rhymes and thoughts based on what i read here even though i know it’s annoying to some but it helps sharpen my mind… or, in fact dulls? hehe, not sure anymore. anyway, just to stay on topic here, can anyone reference any other vids or articles regarding alternative views of the universe? i can’t quite wrap my mind around the geocentric theory but i’ll give it a shot.

  • LawMed

    Note the specific and important phrasing: Earth Is Not Orbiting The Sun As We Are Taught. NOT: “Earth is not orbiting the sun”, but inclusion of “as we are taught”. For the earth does indeed orbit the sun, AS THE VIDEO PLAINLY SHOWS, but does not do so in the simple circular pattern used to demonstrate it. SIMPLE understanding of motion reveals that if the sun orbits the center of the galaxy, which it obviously does, then the planets MUST orbit the sun in a spiral helix since they must not only orbit the sun but also the center of the universe at the same time.

    I fail to see anything earth shattering or new or revealing in the video. It is an interesting, and well known phenomenon of basic physics. It begs the question: What exactly is the point of the video? It makes a good episode of Mr. Science for children, but beyond that???


    @LawMed ah.. hehe, i seriously doubt anyone here mistakes this article or video for being geocentric. a previous post in this thread speaks of geocentric theory as an alternative view and makes a case for it’s relevance to the discussion at hand. an intriguing concept and i for one am interested in apprehending how such a model could be convincingly represented. so.. i fail to see a need for shouting or condescension.
    now see if you might comprehend this: crabs and feathers blat The Sheep.

  • mutant_truth

    As is obvious, your path is dependent on your frame of reference. If you use the sun as your reference point, we follow and elliptical orbit. That’s not incorrect, and it’s “what we are taught.” If you use our cluster as the reference point, our path becomes spiral. If you use the galaxy, it becomes a superspiral. If you use our galactic cluster, it changes yet again.

    He’s not wrong, but he’s not right, either, because he’s just superimposing his OWN limited frame of reference for our CURRENT limited frame of reference.

    Nothing dramatic or new here, unless the concept of “reference point” is foreign to you.

  • mutant_truth

    @ sticksorstones: “your censors, whomever and whatever they may be, will not allow me to post anything meaningful that relates to certain propositions”

    If “Before It’s News” was censoring the paranoid and delusional, 90% of the commenters would vanish overnight, and 80% of the contributors would follow.

  • Anonymous

    There is no censorship what happens is the page refreshes itself so the adds work. You take a long time to type a rambling ( however good) piece and get caught in refresh. All you do is either use notepad or a blank email from outlook or express ( which spell-check’s at same time) then when your piece is finished copy and paste into writing box at bottom of page and hit post comment then refresh page (f5 on pc ) to see if your masterpiece, or load of crap appears! Simple, if not try again without re writing to see where YOU went wrong. This is being written using outlook so if you see it works. You might if it does not have some anti spy ware or add program blocking so try turning off and take a chance on “them” not locking a cruse missile on your location as if anything you have to say is that important.


    @LawMed.. so, maybe try reading the posts before jumping in like that. a foot could get caught in that mouth. hehe..

  • Steptinit

    Per usual, “mutant_truth,” you have nothing worthwhile to add to any conversational mix. “If ‘Before It’s News’ was censoring the paranoid and delusional,…” without a doubt you would be the first to go.

    To Anonymous on Thursday, March 01, 2012 3:06, immediately above, I know what a page refresh looks like and does. I also know what a total page wipeout and whole different page of Beforeitsnews looks like. The last of my missives that were erased and I found myself on another entirely different page of BIN was a scholarly exposition on your very state of confusion: “as if anything you have to say is that important.” You don’t have the courage to behave as though you know anything important because this is how you have been trained by your handlers since the day you were born and you have succumbed to your masters.

    How the hell do you know whether I have anything important to say, when you don’t know the first thing about me? You are projecting your own inadequate feelings with respect to yourself, not me, as you don’t know me. In psychology this failing of yours is called, “projecting.” Do a search and learn about your mental/emotional problem.

  • Wake up


  • sticksorstones

    @Wake up:

    With the ability to realize what a true slave is, you may be the only other bright spot in this whole mess. How does it feel to be so solitary?

  • Steptinit


    One more thing about your statement above: If “Before It’s News” was censoring the paranoid and delusional, 90% of the commenters would vanish overnight, and 80% of the contributors would follow.

    Since I knew you were referring to the likes of me just in the hopes of not passing up the hope of insulting an intelligent being when at all possible (as I know from past encounters with you that you dearly love doing it), I chose to return your insult as a simple reflex, like an eye blink.

    I could have told you how spot on you were for the first time since I noticed any of your posts several months ago. BTW, have you been promoted yet? That statement is not only true of BIN, but every Internet posting in the world, especially your own posts in which you make your living scouring these sites for the government.

    You and I are in pretty much the same business, except that I don’t work for the government. I enter into the mish-mash of Internet insanity because it is an excellent opportunity to hone my own knowledge regarding what I face here. Unlike you, I’m here alone and intend to keep it that way. I’m simply plumbing the depths of earth’s mental/emotional depravities to the end that I may protect myself while I go about my intents and purposes here, as I have already fallen prey to animals such as yourself just be being to kind sometimes. I hate not being kind to animals but sometime they are so damned vicious (such as you and your owners) that I’m left with no choice but to tweak your rudimentary thought processes and frighten you away.

  • Steptinit

    Sorry for the typos above, but I posted without intending. BTW, I’m only apologizing to myself here in a public way. It makes me feel better. It would be senseless to apologize to y’all, wouldn’t it?

  • Wake up

    I always do. And I find nothing wrong with it.

  • Wake up

    I say do what makes you feel right. I think it’s cool the way you thought about it and communicated it.

  • Anonymous

    This is the obvious corollary of the fact that the universe is expanding, but it is presented as an amazing insight when it is nothing of the sort.


    Ah.. the mysteries of the universe in a nutshell.

  • Steptinit


    Ha, ha, ha. In a nutshell. I hope you know what you wrote. If so, I like your style. Until you wrote it that way I had never put it together like that. Do you suppose the first person who ever used that phrase meant it the way you put it? Or would one suppose I have always seen it the wrong way?

    But look what happens when one adds just one punc mark and one space in the right place: “…the mysteries of the universe in a nut’s hell.”


    hehe, i have a pretty good handle on everything i write… that’s the fun of it.


    ah, hehe.. i should say, most everything. anyway, hope you’re doing alright. i’m just trying to navigate through this bizzarro world, while maintaining some sense of self.

  • Steptinit

    I think you are wasted on this crowd. But then, so am I. However, we have our own purposes apart from such considerations, don’t we?

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