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UN: Killer Asteroid On Course To Strike Earth

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 0:07
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They checked the calculations and re-checked them again. Yet the terrible truth refused to go away. The cold, deadly numbers stared back at them from their computer printouts. So little doubt remained the United Nations Action Team of concerned scientists scrambled to issue an emergency warning that asteroid 2011 AG5 is going to impact Earth and could cause the explosive death of millions…

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Death ‘star’ approaches

The 28-year countdown clock has started and it may be ticking away the seconds of life remaining to unsuspecting millions.

That’s the worry some anguished scientists have as recent study of near-Earth objects has confirmed that asteroid 011 AG5 has a high possibility of striking Earth a deadly blow in 2040.

Calles for a “Situational Awareness system” have become more strident to the point where some Russian scientists have gone on record demanding an Earth defense network be established among space-capable nations immediately.

Photograph of region where asteroid 2011 AG5 was discovered

Ferevent discussions about the latest asteroid threat to Earth dominated the Vienna conference of the 49th session of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

Target: Earth

A window that an asteroid must pass through in orbits previous to an impact event is called a “keyhole.” Several keyholes exist for three other asteroids besides 2011 AG5. One of those asteroids is a continent killer, the other twolike 2011 AG5are city killers.

Despite Russian scientist’s mounting concern, NASA’s JPL Near-Earth Object (NEO) Observations Program chief, Donald Yeomans of NASA’s, played down the probability of an impact. Yeomans told Leonard David of that “Although this keyhole is considerably larger than the Apophis keyhole in 2029, it would still be a straightforward task to alter the asteroid’s trajectory enough to miss the keyholeand hence the impact in 2040.”

The scientist’s reference to to the extremely dangerous asteroid, Apophis, is one that Russian astrophysicists believe will impact Earth in either 2029 or 2036. NASA dismisses their concern.

Apophis is the Greek name for the ancient Egyptian demongod Apep, also called the Uncreator.

“The prudent course of action,” Yeomans added, “is then to wait at least until the 2013 observations are processed before making any preliminary plans for a potential deflection mission.”

Ocean strike could be devastating

If 2011 AG5 hits the ocean, an incredible tsunami as big as 1,000 feet high traveling at near supersonic speeds would devastate coastlines of continents. Within hours, millions could die.

The economy of the entire world would suffer. Most nations would be plunges into deep recessions within weeks.

Coastal regions would be inundated

Global commerce would slow to a snail’s pace and violent storms could whip the planet for months.

A land impact would not have such widespread devastation, but depending on the region hit the destruction could be horrific.

City annihilated ‘like nuclear blast’

A major city hit by 2011 AG5 would be annihilated. Most buildings and people would be instantly vaporized. The kinetic force of the strike would convert to pure energy within milliseconds and detonate with a force as great as a multi-megaton nuclear bombmuch worse than the Hiroshima or Nagasaki bombs dropped in Japan.

People running for their lives as asteroid approaches

Evacuation of a city would be nearly impossible as the impact could not be calculated with accuracy until mere hours before the event. When the impact occurred it would be one of the greatest human calamaties in history.

Evacuating a major city would be nearly impossible

Shock waves radiating from the epicenter would race through the atmosphere and the ground.

Asteroid impact would set off raging ‘fire hurricanes’

Massive firestorms, earthquakes, catastrophic environmental destruction as far as one hundred miles away with fierce fire hurricanes approaching speeds of hundreds of miles per hour.

Other asteroid threats now converging

Three other huge asteroids are barreling through space on a rendezvous with Earth. Because of their speed and mass a few could release the energy of 100s of thermonuclear bombs.

Asteroid tracking programs of NEOs are still an inexact science. Some astronomers admit if one of the really big NEOs blindsides us and approaches from behind the sun, on a collision trajectory with Earth, by the time the thing’s discovered only weeks will remain to stop it.

Of course, with so little time remaining nothing could be done except to make final arrangements for the end of the world and the abrupt passing of the human race.

Tens of thousands of asteroids and comets haunt the space ways, some changing their orbits every time they pass near a large gravitational field like one of the outer gas giants or swing close by the sun. Their orbits are often changeable and unpredictable.

Those marked as hazardous to the health of the human race are tagged as Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHA).

Many PHAs existcompletely unknown and invisible. Some of those could be larger than Pluto.

What’s really frightening is no one knows where they are, how many exist or when they might show up unannounced.

What is known? Other than 2011 AG5, three other PHAs are heading towards Earth. At this moment we have no technology to stop them.

Threat number one

Asteroid 2002 NT7 arrives February 1, 2019: This continent killer is 1.5 miles long. It’s been called by some observers the most threatening asteroid ever detected.

Initial calculations of its preliminary orbit reveals it’s on a collision course with Earth. Although the permutations of its orbit could change, nothing is certain in this game of cosmic billiards.

When it was discovered, astronomers assigned the killer a threat rating of +0.06. That rating on the Palermo technical scale—a risk assessment of asteroid and comet impact with Earth—awards NT7 the dubious distinction of being the first asteroid ever to be given a positive value.

Positive for the asteroid, a big, big negative for Earth. It’s size and speed are calculated as meeting the threshold needed to vaporize an entire continent.

The asteroid’s orbit takes 837 days traveling from the distance of the Martian orbit to just within the Earth’s orbit.

As of this writing, it’s due to meet up with Earth in less than 8 short years.

Will it hit? Although the likelihood’s shrinking, it’s still possible.

Threat number two

Asteroid Apophis arrives 2036: It’s a potential city killer like 2011 AG5. Apophis is 1,000 feet across.

Approximately the size of the asteroid that exploded in the sky above the Siberian Tunguska forest during 1908, Apophis exceddingly dangerous. London, Moscow or New York could be vaporized by it.

Russian scientists are convinced that Apophis is going to hit Earth in 2036. NASA says no.

But the Russians think NASA’s wrong and called major conferences to address the problem of Apophis and other PHAs like NT7. The Russians are hoping that the European Space Agency will work with them to develop a program to intercept PHAs and steer them away from Earth while there’s still time.

The alternative, they argue, is almost too frightening to contemplate: millions dead, the Earth’s climate destroyed, or the planet itself wiped out with mass extinction.

Although Apophis cannot cause the end of life on Earth it can cause the biggest disaster in history. Impact on land would be bad enough. If it hits a body of water—the Atlantic Ocean for example—the titanic energy released will generate a supersonic tsunami a thousand feet high.

If it impacted the north Atlantic much of the East Coast of the U.S. could be destroyed. To the east, the UK and coastline of Northern Europe would be swept away.

Will it hit? Although NASA says it’s unlikely, the Russians insist it probably will impact.

Threat number three

Asteroid 1999 RQ36 arrives 2082. It’s another big city killer being 1,837 feet across.

According to Maria Eugenia Sansaturio and astronomers from the Universidad de Valladolid in Spain, asteroid 1999 RQ36 has two very good chances to hit Earth during the year 2082.

Sansaturio and her colleagues are shocked. Until recently they thought the asteroid would miss Earth by a wide margin on both of the approaches during 2082.

Will it hit? The latest calculations increase the odds it will.

The world killers

Nothing yet has been tracked in the solar system that’s the size of the deadly asteroid that created the Chicxulub crater in Mexico and wiped out the dinosaurs.

Yet that doesn’t mean that someone, somewhere might not spot a giant PHA tomorrow—or the day after that—a leviathan tumbling through space that has the name “Earth” written across it like a gigantic tombstone.

Russians demand Earth asteroid deflection program now

Ever since the the Russian news agency, Ria Novosti, reported that Russian space scientists are very concerned over the prospects of asteroid Apophis striking Earth, much talk has erupted in some European scientific circles over the likelihood of such a disaster happening any time in the foreseeable future.

While the Russians insist the odds are high that the 1,000-foot rock will slam into the Earth—perhaps taking out a whole city of millions when it hits—the U.S. space agency NASA argues their figures show only a one in 250,000 chance of such a calamity occurring.

Yet the lead astronomer in the Russian group that met in a July 2011 conference concerning the asteroid threat to Earth, Professor Leonid Sokolov of the St. Petersburg State University, stated what NASA already knows: sooner or later one of those tumbling space rocks will hit Earth. When it does only its mass and speed will determine how much damage it will cause.

The Russians want a unified asteroid deflection program that’s well funded and equipped. They believe that someday it may mean the difference between the survival of the human race or its extinction.

The dinosaurs—the most successful species ever to walk the Earth—had 200 million years to build an asteroid deflection program. They failed to evolve quickly enough and the universe wiped them out.

The human race has only been around about one percent of the time the dinosaurs had, but humans have evolved much faster. Hopefully, that evolution includes enough intelligence to accomplish what the dinosaurs were unable to do: protect the species from the dangers that roam Earth’s backyard.

Time growing short

As the months progressed towards the asteroid summit chaired by the Russians, other astrophysicists and astronomers are added their thoughts.

Daniele Farigon a physicist at the Farigon of the University of Rome, proposes using nuclear powered mass-driver rockets to steer the space rock anywhere desperate Earth folk wanted it to go. She doesn’t say exactly where the asteroid or comet should be ferried to…perhaps into the sun? It couldn’t do any harm there.

Other visionaries have other visions. Some want to attach giant solar sails or change asteroid and comet orbits using gentle nudges. Everyone agrees that trying to blow it up with an atom bomb would be a very bad idea, Bruce Willis and Armageddon notwithstanding.


Russians meeting on asteroid dangers

At the conference, the European Commission considered Roscosmos’s proposal to create a joint agency specifically tasked to establish a workable asteroid deflection program.

When asked if the idea really smacked of science fiction, Anatoly Perminov, the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosm, responded, “People’s lives are at stake. We should pay several hundred million dollars and build a system that would allow us to prevent a collision, rather than sit and wait for it to happen and kill hundreds of thousands of people.”

In the meantime, four clocks are now counting down towards the keyholes of four asteroids. Time grows shorter.

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  • True News

    Pretty frightening!

  • agw nonsense

    did this come from the same place as “wobal glarming” I wonder? surely not the same computer model(garbage in =garbage out)

  • Anonymous

    UN = not believable.

  • Warren

    This is yet another significant threat to our existence. The only ones who can save us are our governments and the military industrial corporations that own them and can produce the missiles and computers that are necessary. The only rational thing to do is give trillions of dollars to our defender-governments and corporations. I’m all for it. Who can I vote for who will promise to give them the money?

  • 3Tenors

    Ben Affleck will save us!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think we got anything to worry about,in 2040.Cause as I see it,None of us is going to be around at that time.If WW3 don’t get us killed,then we have the wrath of GOD,that’s coming to America.And marital law will kill millions,and our government releasing viruses and poisioning our food.Causing cancer,and if that isn’t bad enough changing our DNA and RNA.So,the way I see it.why not take some of these 1% along with us.

  • Mud

    So now we have increasing scaremongering around asteroids falling from the skies, there is already a multimillion project being proposed to remove space junk from orbit cause it will fall on us, something those that put them there are not really concerned about but what an opportunity to make money. At tax payers expense of course. So now is the time to frighten the sheep some more with rocks from the skies. Which do happen but this is an agenda to suit those who desire global control. The UN has demonstrated its agenda on many occasions, an agenda that has little to do with care of people. I can’t wait for the alien threat to materialise.

  • Pix

    I was wondering when the next big asteroid scaremongering BS story was going to rear its ugly head. Seems to be as soon as one BS story comes to an end because it failed to produce, another replaces it like a hydra head. Gotta keep the fear levels up or their toxic chemical spraying and killer medicines won’t work as well. lolz

  • Anonymous

    What a joke. More fearmongering by TPTB. If it isn’t an asteroid, it’s the plague, the Russians(in my day), bird flu,swine flu, avian flu, terrorists from everywhere(don’t forget domestic), you name it, we NEED to be fearful. In 20yrs, there’s a good chance Earth will be a burned out cinder. But it won’t be an asteroid that did it. We will have done it to ourselves.

  • Anonymous

    The Book of Revelation predicts this exact event, as the Apostle John wrote, “Then I saw something like a great mountain thrown into the sea”. And also the name “WORMWOOD” was given to the rock that will strike the earth. This is the WRATH OF GOD that will PUNISH THE SINNERS that dwell upon the earth. REPENT! REPENT! REPENT! REPENT!

  • Anonymous

    Dont worry we will all be dead 21 dec 2012 or not….

  • Anonymous

    There is no knowledge of God in the land. If there was – people would study what the Bible says about the future… And realize its all coming true… Blow the trumpet…

  • HereAmI

    Why are TPTB thinking of trying to deflect these things ? Surely this is their big opportunity to kill us all at zero expense, which will make it the Doomsday Scenario of choice.

  • Joe7000

    The solution is really quite simple: By 2040 earth’s population will have been reduced to less than half a billion souls, most of whom will be slaves to the super elite. A city-sized anti-gravity space vehicle will be built for such an emergency and will take off with the super elite all safe and cozy inside leaving the slaves to their destiny. So, if you want to survive, merely suck up to the super elite now and hope they’ll take you along as a pet. I await patiently for the next problem to solve….

  • Anonymous

    Global warming isn’t real but the Invisible Sky Daddy is and will save us all right?
    I love reading this site for the comments alone. The stories are a teet for morons, lol.

  • End of Empire News

    God, I hope it hits me right on top of my head and ends this! LOL

  • Anonymous

    NASA says that it is far too early to make such doomsday predictions and repeated observations are necessary to make a proper plan of it’s flight path, quit worrying.


    These storys are engineered for and by people with nothing in there lives and who are hoping it will all end in such a way that everyone will die at the same time as them.
    Please come up with something new or just go and get a hobby.

  • Joe7000

    “Invisible Sky Daddy”? Evidently you are not aware of my brand-new product: I call it “Invisible Sky Daddy Glasses”. They’re like Night Goggles but with much better vision. If you’d rather buy my other best selling product, feel free ~ it’s an 8X10 glossy of God with His arm around Lucifer. Naturally, it was taken ‘before’ the old rascal was ejected from Heaven….

  • terry the censor

    Warning is a little premature.

    “Due to its current location in the daytime sky, observations of 2011 AG5 cannot be made by Earth-based telescopes, so its orbit has not yet been determined to a level where scientists can confidently project its location decades into the future.”

  • brtanner

    Right. Life is just one big accident. We’re just lowly scum arising by chance on a rock in space, buffeted by inane destiny.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • Anonymous

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster (may its name be praised) will save us all with a flick of one of its infinitely powerful, invincible and invisible noodles.

  • phylmike34

    the end is coming way before that,the economic crash and ww3 will wipe most if not all of us out.

  • Anonymous

    B.S. again from the U.N., not a reliable source of information.They will probably use this to completely imprison humanity in the future.

  • Physicist

    I miss any science in this article. It seems the errors are still much too big.
    1. the model must be described the calculations are made for, otherwise any result is worthless.
    The simplest model would be earth, sun and the suspicious body and use of the Kepler law, but this will be never good enough. With Einstein’s equations it may be more exact, but it is still an empty space needed, what doesn’t exist. The orbit may change by collisions with smaller bodies, by passing bigger bodies, ergo by gravitational bumps etc.
    That means the orbits of all other bodies must be calculated also and all interactions with the one. This is very difficult. There are still too many unknown parameters to say with certainty when the killer will arrive.
    It is still unclear what exactly was calculated.

  • Anonymous

    We’re all going to die some day anyway. You could be hit by a bus today on the way home. If it happens, it happens.

  • Anonymous

    Besides, who are we going to trust? The U.N.? NASA? United States Government? The Russians? We can’t trust any of them.

  • Anonymous

    According to the hidden texts of Nostradamus there will be an event which causes Earth to shift HER orbit which will put us out of extreme harm’s way
    This event is a Tunguska style asteroid near hit, one asteroid breaks into two and ‘skip’ off the Earth.
    This alters our:
    view of the current zodiacs therefor our calendars
    our length of day
    puts Rio at the South pole and Saudi Arabia at the north pole
    Cetus becomes our new pole star
    Angola sits parallel to the new equator
    it removes us from our sun going ‘orange’ with its extreme flares
    and places us in the 2065 position of another large asteroid
    but we will be ‘shielded’ from that because we will have 2 suns and one of them seems to deflect problems, but we will not get away unscathed…bitter waters come to mind anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Surely, this is somewhat beside the point? Are we not all to fall into the unwholesome clutches of The Brown Dwarf just before Christmas? Or have excited Nibiru lovers gone into a brown study, and “object 111″ is the next Schadenfreudish fad? Pity it’s so long to wait. Does this mean the Rapture is cancelled?

  • YOU

    Dang! 28 years! I thought it was going to be 2012! Do we really have to wait that long to remember who we are?

  • Anisha

    The UN are doing all they can to scare the bejesus out of people. This is horse manure. Part of their psyop is to continuously feed them your ‘fear’. They thrive and profit on fear and anxiety. Keep this in mind. There is nothing to fear. There is ONLY love.

  • LNM Radio Network

    It may be a threat in 2040 not now and the truth is they are not sure what course it will take so calm your hemorrhoids the world will end one day and all you dooms day lovers can be happy

  • sassa

    Asteroids in the last 30 years recorded in our part of the solar system by Lowell Observatory… they rarely hit us even though there are millions of them! This is beautiful.

  • Robbie

    Luke 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; 26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

  • Anonymous

    Not much time to get our you know what together. How do you live beyond FEAR? Don’t be afraid to be HAPPY! It takes a revolution of mind and spirit that makes all things possible.

    All it takes to change the world is YOU.
    Download the FREE ebook Revolution 222 for Free at:

  • Anonymous

    So something unpleasant could happen in 2040? On the other, it might not. Nothing like hard facts to help us make sensible provision for the future. Thank goodness there are caring people looking out for us. Quite a few people are expecting to win the lottery. Their plans are quite advanced.

  • Anonymous

    “”Surely, this is somewhat beside the point? Are we not all to fall into the unwholesome clutches of The Brown Dwarf”"
    Quite so
    It is the brown dwarf which alters the spiral course of the asteroid (which normally has a four year orbit according to Nostradamus)
    The spiralling asteroid which breaks into two on reaching our outer atmosphere
    This asteroid is “7 stadia round” about 1260 metres says Nostradamus
    The hits are “from Babel to the Romans”

    The date is written in the LAYOUT OF THE PYRAMIDS by PLANETARY FORMATION.
    I AM THE ALPHA = the layout of the pyramids in the Belt of Orion
    The constellation Orion is always represented as I AM under the guise of Mannaz
    I AM THE OMEGA – the ‘completion’
    That the PLANETARY LAYOUT states by the layout of the pyramids is the date of December 3rd 2012
    Both Nostradamus and Mother Shipton said ‘St Lucy’s Day followed by 7 nights of the Dragon’s tail’ thus from December 13 to 21st.
    Does that take into account the alteration in the Gregorian calendar?
    Minus ten days
    Is that what Nostradamus meant when he said “you will be none ready”

  • Anonymous

    What’s all the concern? The Mayans claimed we’re done for on 12/12/12.

  • Ozzie_Thinker

    Asteroids or is a pretext for a galactic shield by 2040. Is the real purpose of the said galactic shield for “defense” or “attack”? I know what my bets would be on.

  • Fake-it

    There will be a HUGE asteroid size explosion in 2016.
    Followed by a deflationary depression.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldnt worry about this asteroid .Its all going to be over well before that time.

  • Anonymous

    This article is just like too many on this site: a pile of stupid threaths without any serious references. Prophets of misfortune should just shut-up or bring scientific evidence through serious reports. This is just tabloid style stupidity.

  • Mellissa

    Well the Earth has been hit with large objects in its history, so there is no doubt in my mind it will happen again some time in the future.

    Will it be one of the ones they talk about here, who knows. I know the Russians are really worried about it.

    Aside from all that every time I see

    Read my exciting NEW book ‘MYSTERIES OF THE MULTIVERSE’ learn more now – click here

    I want to skip the whole damn thing. The book is lacking , it does not answer any questions and it is just a regurgitated spouting of all the ‘articles’ he posted on here. With the amount of time and energy that person did to write that book they could have picked ONE topic out of them all and did an in depth investigation of it and write about what was found or not found as the case may be.

  • TruthSeeker

    Sounds dangerous!

  • greene2120

    You’ve got to be kidding me! And you people believe this crap from the UN in ANOTHER attempt to scare THE MONEY out of people! I wouldn’t believe the UN if they told me water was wet!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Anon… I will BUY those glasses! XD

  • HealingMindN

    I wonder if that killer asteroid impact 28 years from now includes Nassim’s calculations: “Earth Is Not Orbiting The Sun As We Are Taught”

  • Mark Brander

    The American Holocaust is the event you need to concern yourself with. It begins the day Obama gets his wish to bring in Martial Law. It will be sooner rather than later. Read the Obama prophecies at Prophecies.Org and WAKE UP!

  • mutant_truth

    “We’re just lowly scum arising …”

    Well, _some_ of us have evolved intelligence beyond that of pond scum. For some of you, the jury is still out.

    Life isn’t “accidental.” Nor is it created by an invisible man you promises to take care of you after you die. There are natural conditions which create an environment suitable for life to emerge. We don’t yet know all of those conditions in detail, and it’s likely life is very rare.

    Not random. Not supernatural. Natural. I’m sorry if that idea scares you.

  • Big Craig

    I suggest we emply Haliburton and Monsanto to use up all of our resources and money to build a device that doesn’t work to fix our problems

    God bless us all but not them yanks cause they are evil

  • Mark Brander

    The Lord Jesus Christ is what scares me! The fear of Him is the beginning of wisdom, I am thankful that He has given the fear of Him, it is indeed a precious gift!


    Do you mean Jesus the shepherd?
    The one with the lamb (victim) in his arm?
    The one who said “suffer the little children to come to me”

    Ask yourself what do shepherds do with their sheep?
    and all the other names which say the same thing
    such as Dion-Ysus.= god of Sirius

    Look carefully into the words of Matthew 24 onwards:


    shall the sun be darkened… DUE TO EARTH BEING MOVED AWAY FOR SAFETY
    the moon shall not give her light: THE MOON WILL BE ON THE SAME ORBIT BUT IN OPPOSITION
    stars shall fall from heaven:
    with a great sound of a trumpet:
    his elect from the four winds:
    from one end of heaven to the other:
    THEY ARE FROM SIRIUS – ORION – AURIGA – ANUNNAKI (includes Zeta Reticuli
    which are asleep: THOSE WHICH DO NOT KNOW and/or IN THE DARK HOURS
    even so them also which sleep in Jesus: EVEN THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE OR UNDERSTAND
    Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout: THOSE FROM ORION AND FROM SIRIUS
    and the dead in Christ shall rise first: WHAT WE CALL MEN IN BLACK
    we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together: ABDUCTED
    The kingdoms of this world are: THE LIVING KINGDOMS
    become the kingdoms of our Lord: WILL BE MADE THE SAME AS IN ORION
    white horse:
    THIS COULD BE THE DATE of the WHITE HORSE at UFFINGTON IN SAGITTARIUS or CELTIC June 10 – July 7 or pale horse OCT 28-31
    he doth judge and make war: THIS IS A FRIENDLY LOVING GOD – BUT WAIT
    wear many crowns:
    dipped in blood: HE IS RED AND HE IS BLOODTHIRSTY – just as the Anu-Eridanu will be
    out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword: – THE SWORD IS THE ICON OF ORION
    rod of iron: the Bible says – I will strike you with my rod… THE HE RODS ARE MADE OF METAL, THEY ARE ‘METAL’ MEN, a type of ‘grey’
    a name written,

    the souls of them that were beheaded: THESE WERE THE INNOCENTS AS STATED IN THE FOLLOWING
    who had not worshipped the beast neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands

  • Gojiroiscoming

    In less than 100 years we’ll be capturing and mining these things. And porn is going to be a whole new level of awesome.

    I like my predictions better.

  • Zesko Whirligan

    Can you tell what’s wrong with this story, with this “terrible truth”…? What’s wrong is that it’s coming from the United Nations, the international den of LIARS and FEAR MONGERS who are constantly making financial and legal demands on the United States. There is absolutely NO PROOF of the existence of a killer asteroid, except for a handful of easily Photoshopped photos and the word of “scientists” aligned with the United Nations. I’m calling this “warning” a LIE and a HOAX. With our present computer-generated special effects technology, a group of hoaxers — given 27 years to work on the project — could easily FABRICATE all the photographic and video evidence needed to mount a convincing “Killer Asteroid” hoax, right down to the “defensive” missile strikes required to “divert” the “killer asteroid.” Just think what NEW special effects technology in the future will allow them to accomplish — nothing less than worldwide TERRORISM, and a massive RANSOM on the United States to finance the entire project. Just THINK of all the bogus “killer asteroid” science programs and movies leading up to this hoax over the last ten years alone, CONDITIONING the public to AUTOMATICALLY fear the mere mention of such an event. And no citizen of Earth will be any the wiser, because we’ll all be swallowing the hoax hook, line and sinker on our televisions and computer screens. Don’t believe it.

  • O. Ryan Faust

    Asteroid 2002 NT7 (due to arrive February 1, 2019) could fulfill the sixth seal in Rev 6:12. To be on-time prophetically, it would have to show up a couple months earlier to make it’s splash in 2018.

    This asteroid could also fulfill either the second and third trumpets in Rev 8:8/12 sometime between 2018 and 2034.

    Asteroid Apophis arriving in 2036 and asteroid 1999 RQ36 arriving in 2082 don’t seem to fulfill any prophetic events. 2036 is a year into the vial judgments (which last 13 years) and 2082 is 44 years past the onset of the Kingdom Age. Neither period mentions anything that might have its fulfillment in an asteroid.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it before and it bears repeating again. EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY, FOR TOMORROW WE ALL DIE.

  • Mellissa

    why is it even a surprise to people tat this is a possibility, not a given prophecy but a possibility based on past events and visible evidence all over our solar system that events like this happen occasionally.

    It doesn’t mean we should all go acting like idiots with the end of the world t-shirts on. This is just one possibility in many of how something could happen to earth. They were the same ones 100 years ago and even a thousands years ago. Also last week, it is just chance as we float around our star.

    Now we should be thinking about how to mine and even control their orbits as they come in instead of a repellent shield or thrust bomb. We could skip mining the earth entirely one day and stop damaging the earth while we clean up free floating resources in space.
    Before that is possible we need to make ships able to handle leaving orbit and entering it over and over with out having to ditch parts.

  • Anonymous

    It is interesting to consider that if any of the world’s powers who are able, by whatever means, to change the course of this asteroid, would, learning that it was very likely to strike this planet, use their resources to try to steer the offending object into the territory of a strategic rival. It would have to be done subtly. If successful, such mischief would set the afflicted state back decades. Even a well-placed sea strike could be very useful. I find it hard to beleive that there would be any planet-wide co-operation to avert the threat if the above-mentioned possibility were to emerge.


    Is it a ploy to steal more money from the people?

  • zgravity

    In or around 2040 we will be hit by an asteroid. Bring it on. If I’m not dead by then I’ll be in my late 80′s. Don’t worry about it people just live life to the fullest.

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