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Unidentified Object Near Sun – Is It Feeding Off The Sun ?

Monday, March 12, 2012 21:46
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sun huge sphere Unidentified Object Near Sun What Is This Sphere Feeding On Our Sun ?

There is a black spherical anomaly on the south east limb of the sun and for now nobody seems to know what this is. Will update as soon as we figure this one out.
To see the live photos by yourself visit NASA’s website and select SOHO EIT 171, pick the dates March 11th 2012

Disclose.tvHuge Sphere in Sun’s Corona! Video

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  • anon

    The sun picked-up a parasite? Will it drop-off if you touch it with lighter flame?

  • patricks-bushcraft

    Wormwood hatching!

  • Anonymous

    ITS A US SATELLITE CALLED “CLEMENTINE”. Here check this out.

    Its been orbiting the sun for sometime now. Probably about 8 months. They “say” it was an accident, but I do not believe it. How else are they going to control this planet when everyone is so well armed. WE have a military space division so huge that I could hardly believe it.

    Read that link and there is a previous bunch of them all about the space division. Its unreal. Its what we spent the star wars money on and why star wars was a failure. Because the funds were diverted to the space division and why they cancelled the civilian part of the space shuttle program. Now its only military in space.

  • Anonymous

    Do some research on Paralemptor. The existance of the Archon Paralemptors has been known for over 2000 years. Nothing new, just the same old parasites.

  • Sunny733

    If it was a US Satellite, it would be way bigger than Jupiter.

  • HealingMindN

    The way I see it, there are just as many weirdos on this planet as there are in the universe. Ironically, if one of those solar weirdos bumps into this planet, it won’t notice.

  • Anonymous

    WOW, the birth of a new planet, notice the umbilical cord.

    Not only do we live on a living planet, we live on a living universe. Reach out and enjoy.

    Tell you the truth, I think it will be a girl, rotating anti clockwise. A balance of nature.

    Your thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Darth Vaders Super Star Destroyer obviously. Get it Star Destroyer.

  • Anonymous

    check out the other images on the NASA’s website and select SOHO EIT 171.(other image options too) feb 1st a bright object moves across near the sun. check around march 6th to 10th looks like a star wars battle! are those all comets??? seriously. possible from solar activity but i think aliens! muahahaha… ahem.

  • Anonymous

    Here is an answer from Tolec of the ( about this triangular shape seen from the sun and I quote.
    From – powerfultools4life – came this question today, March 12, 2012: ” Tolec… just take a quick 1 minute look to see what this thing is attached to the sun. Could you please ask the AC is this is them, or another planet, or a ship, who knows? It was uploaded on [to the web] 11th March 2012 “.
    ANSWER: I, Tolec, watched the video, and simultaneously showed it to the commander of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere. Here was his complete response about this situation.
    “This explanation is three-fold:
    a. What appears to be a connective ‘umbilical cord’ is functionally the same thing? It is a conduit that is connected from one of our Andromeda Council biospheres to your sun. The reason that the color of our biosphere is black and dark is because an ultraviolet radioactive protective shield is in place to protect the biosphere while the work is being done. This biosphere is one of the Andromeda Council’s ships. The technology being used originated on the planet Terial in the Mirach star system.
    b. This work being done to feed and transfer via the connective ‘umbilical cord’, the conduit, to the Sun – the proper amount & adjusted vibratory rate – helium to help raise the overall vibration frequency of the Sun so that it will become a blue white star. This work is being done in addition to the 4th dimensional frequency rays emanating from the new crystal blue star, that used to be comet Holmes 17P, that is now also bathing Earth in these frequencies, as well as your sun.
    c. During this time of the solar flares storms, know that we also use shield technology from our combined biospheres to protect the various planets of your solar system, including Earth, to minimize the strength & frequency of solar flares in recent days, as well as in the coming days.
    Know that we are monitoring the solar flare storms of your sun. They will lessen with time.
    There will be more signs in the sky for your astronomers and other prospective fields of science to see, or shall I say, activities in the skies will become more active in appearance. People will see things that they have never seen before.
    I am reassuring the people of Earth that we have the best experts in the field of quantum star phenomena to bring about evolvement of the Sun, and the entire solar system, without side effects (i.e. radiation from the flares, heat storms, fires, etc.) As part of the overall changes to the solar system, including your planet.
    Know that this solar system will become a binary star system. Thus, we will have a blue white star shining in your solar system, your evolved sun, and a smaller reddish star, Tekoma, that will bring about the beautiful colorful prism of rays to Earth for the 4th dimensional life that will exist on the planet.
    Be at wodakote.
    Primary Andromeda Council Biosphere”

  • Anonymous

    and i just saw this, on feb 14th, the bright ball is showing itself spinning! you can actually see the bands of light across like an X slowly spinning to show us something… from feb 10th to 16th. amazing,

  • MG

    The images were taken over 2 days. The guy who’s saying it’s “slowed down” doesn’t seem to understand how big that thing is and how long it was there.

  • Wake up

    Star wars was designed as a shield. And the star wars lasers still exist. Star wars was the stepping stones to weather control.

  • Wake up

    Checked vatic out, nice.

  • weasel

    just a filament that has leaked out the sun nothing special..

  • TimOsman

    sun needs black salve ointment

  • Pix

    LOL It’s a very fine example of a common solar phenomena called a coronal cavity.

  • Don't be hating!

    Fear mongering news from NASA

  • Anonymous

    Interesting how the scientifically correct answer which was posted in these comments 24 hours ago has been deleted.

  • Wake up

    Which is? Answer please.

  • Anonymous

    “Interesting how the scientifically correct answer which was posted in these comments 24 hours ago has been deleted.”

    Yeah… The sad thing is, I was blind drunk when I posted it (just come back from a friend’s wild birthday party) and it still took me maybe 60 seconds to look up ‘coronal filaments’ online; and another 60 seconds to confirm that the image was from the SOHO satellite, so it was originally ultraviolet and had been ‘colorised’ to be visible to the human eye. (I.e. the ‘dark mass’ wasn’t really dark. It was ‘false color’, a bit like a negative for a photo.)

    OK, I shouldn’t have called credulous people dumb ‘***’s, but come on – I was drunk, and I’m not a scientist, and I still noticed the video had been slowed down and that the coronal ejection wasn’t standing still, but actually moving blindingly fast across a vast distance.

    If I’m smarter than half the b4in posters when I’m *blind drunk*, that’s saying something about the average b4in readers.

  • Wake up

    Thanks for the response, one it has nothing to do with smarts, ok maybe a little but more on having or accessing information.

  • Anonymous

    A black hole,cool suck the earth right into it! and take all of those racist evil men who torture,enslave,imprison,kill,Mame,impoverished,rape,molest,etc,etc,take them all and send them to that fiery pit forever and a day!

  • Blacksheep

    Its an intergalactic hydrogen gas refueling truck man?

    looks like its gonna be a long hot summer…


  • Wake up


  • Not annonymous at all

    I swear to god… this site is the worst place for news of any kind… it seems as though any idiot with a computer can post their unreal fears here… oh wait, that’s exactly what this site is all about! Can we get some real world issues please.. and btw about this article.. that “anomaly” has been happening on the sun forever now, just type “black discs near sun corona” in google and see how long the sun has been doing this. and instead of me telling you what it is, DO YOUR OWN DAMN RESEARCH YOU RETARDS.

  • Not annonymous at all

    Oh and when you do find the answer you will realize very quickly it’s not really round and it’s not really black.. and then you’ll feel stupid, and then maybe, just maybe.. you will learn how to start researching what you read instead of blindly believing one scared idiot.

  • AnuKnocky

    Congratulations you now have seen Terra Genesis. It shall be called Wormwood.

  • Mellissa

    Wormwood my ass. Some people are idiots.

  • lindarosemary

    I saw a piece on TV recently that had a video graphic of how a black hole will suck on a star such as our sun, until it pulls it apart. Doesn’t this kind of look like a black hole in one of the videos above. The astronomer explained that you can’t see black holes, and only when they discovered a heavenly body being pulled apart did they realize what was doing it. It sucks it apart, and the spiral around the black hole is what is visible. Good Lord, what if this was a black hole? It woudl destroy our sun and ostensibly us.

  • Rudolph Randolph

    I’m not convinced by this. HOWEVER, I’m not convinced it’s a spherical alien parasite either.

  • Anonymous

    Someone above said that if it was a satellite it would have to be bigger than jupiter. Not really, it would and could be about as big as our moon, which Clementine is. All the garbage they are stirring up on the sun makes the object look bigger and since its unmanned, who knows what impact its happening but if you read that link, it says it is made of material that can withstand anything in space. So why did they need something that size, with that kind of material on it just to map the moon??? They didn’t. But they would if the objective is the “sun”. Rahm’s edict is “Never let a good crisis go to waste” and this maybe just such an opportunity. They are getting ready for martial law, the EO was signed on the 12th of this month and 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammo has been ordered by Mossad’s Homeland Security Dept. AND 350 bankers all over the globe have resigned, why? There are proven underground facilities… .why and for whom???

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