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Enormous Object Near The Sun! What Is It?

Monday, May 21, 2012 15:15
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  • Anonymous

    more lens flare……

  • Str8Talker

    I’ve been a heavy duty critic of this myself. But I am officially scratching my head on this one… I check this manually using my double-thick plastic welding lenses to cancel out lens flare… manually.
    It appears, that many of the “objects” near the Sun lately have been because of faulty camera lense sensors… reacting funny with so many photon hitting & perhaps overwhelming the electronic filters.
    But, well… this guy holds up a plastic filter to the sun… you can see little camera flares at the top and side of the plastic… all moving… but the object next to the sun does NOT move like the other flares. What’s up with that?
    And with the plastic filter taking most of the sun’s photon hits and leaving the camera sensors safe from “overload”… well, I cannot explain it.
    One interesting point tho… if real, when we look at the sun, that’s where our planet will be in 6 months, think about that a moment. And after a few more weeks this “sweet spot” viewing angle might no longer be viewable if it is “Inbound” object on a straight line towards the sun on the same planetary “plane” as our neighbor planets. If the object is moving galatic south to north… it should rise higher in relation to the sun. If it’s coming at us… it will also get bigger… so measure it.

    What is it? Time will tell…

    HOW TO CONFIRM OR BUST THIS MYTH: If others start using flat plastic welder lenses (not glass)and shoot the sun through this manual filtering process… and if this is real… then the next sound you will hear is a collective global sound of jaws dropping.

    But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves… we need folks all over the world to use this plastic fliter method to record this event THIS WEEK from THIS VANTAGE POINT in space… next week might be too late. And if nobody sees it… nobody reports it… Myth busted.
    But if its real… expect your video to get yanked… and keep reposting using different tags that get scanned for keywords to erase. If it keeps getting yanked, report it on Before It’s News so folks can help capture your posts to fwd to others before deleted. There’s more of us than those trying to silence whatever this is… if anything at all.

    Good luck everybody…

  • Anonymous

    Thats not Lens flare you Tool!! Good grief, go Google Lens flare before you make more of a fool of yourself.

    I did hear that it was our moon, and the fact it was eclipsing the Sun yesterday, sort of makes sense……..

    heaps of good pics coming out on whatever is up there though.

  • Str8Talker

    Speaking of fools… my friend, you forgot basic 3rd Grade Science class regarding light & shadow. If that was the moon (which it is NOT), then it would be darkened or with a sliver of light on the right side… why? Because the sunlight would be hitting the side FACING the SUN on the moon… NOT OBSERVABLE FROM EARTH (in case you needed a translation.)

    The lineup for this video was: SUN / MOON /EARTH … NOT SUN / EARTH / MOON… that’s what gives us something mythical called the “FULL MOON?” -Ever heard of it? You really need to get out of your cave more often… you’re embarrassing yourself.

    I take great joy DEBUNKING this kind of crap… but this is the FIRST PERSON TO USE A MANUAL FILTER… like I’ve been using. Everyone else has used “ELECTRONIC” Filters which capture phantom images when the sensors get blinded. Why is that important? DARK PLASTIC LENSE CANCEL OUT ALL SUN GLARE & “Flaring” effect because it’s so dark. That’s why welders use them… prevents “Flash Burning” the retinas.

    And before you EVER try to insult folks who take getting the truth obviously more seriously than you… do something called homework. Formulate an original thought… and be ready with “FACTS” to back it up as I have.

    I don’t know what it is… but it is NOT THE MOON. Based on Youtube’s posting, this video was Published on May 16, 2012… and add in the international date line (i.e. CHina)… that would mean the moon was on the FAR RIGHT SIDE of the sun approaching it for the eclipse!

    This object was on the LEFT SIDE… if it is real. And I will be trying to debunk that too, if I can. Folks need facts not lies & trolls to scare them off.

    Go back to school…

  • Anonymous

    wow, more pictures of light reflecting off the window, camera lens or something usual….like I said at the top…, it even fooled the Chinese.

  • Anonymous

    Straighttalker you are full of it, go back to having intercourse with your sister, its idiots like you who foster up things like this!

  • Str8Talker

    Really? That’s your best response…an insult? No facts or intelligence behind it? Wow… pathetic. REPEAT: “I don’t know what it is… said so TWICE!”
    And I asked folks to help confirm or bust this myth and I “FOSTER” this? You are a waste of brain cells. Colorful insult, but so clearly lame… like your ability to keep an open mind.

    But more likely Mr. Troll… free thinkers scare ya. So, go back to your hole… truth fears nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Na I just know what a stuck up Tosser you are. Go back to your books, thats all you are good for, not a single thought of your own. You crack me up thinking you are better than other people. The Video was made on the day of the moon transit, same size! pull your head out of the dark smelly place it is in and get a grip on life. If it was “something else” we would still be seeing it. Is your life so bad that you have to make stuff up. Check in the mirror there will be a big L on your forehead.Not reading anymore of your comments either tool!

  • Troll King

    Wow..Jerry Springer would be proud to have some of you girls fight on his stage!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t the Sun and the Moon appear to be the same size in the sky, hence a total eclipse of the sun is possible. The object on the left does not appear as big as the sun.

  • whitebear

    Gooberment agents the lot of ya

  • Anonymous

    Venus is passing in front of the sun June 5th. Perhaps that’s what it is. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    One is called an idiot & fool until, something unimaginable happens. Then when it happens it sheer coincidence. Remember the old 80s commercial? You can learn from a dummy. whats been happening globally is nothing to sneeze at. Enjoy the ride, smoke em if you got em.

  • Str8Talker

    When facts, commonsense & reality escape folks, the simple-minded resort to insults; character assasination & pouting as a substitute for the embarassing fact that they have no facts or counter facts.
    “Why is it sooo important to slamdunk any free thought?”
    Answer: Control.

    History shows there is always somebody trying to control what you see, think, hear and do… or else. Persuasion, embarrassment and finally threats are used to shut you up… or else.
    If you want to live like that… enjoy their brutality. These are nothing more than “MENTAL BULLIES.” If you don’t listen to them… they beat you up. If you say something that don’t like, they beat you up. If you BELIEVE differently from them…they REALLY BEAT you up.

    That’s what this whole back & forth discussion is about. A regular person who has had it with bullies. I NEVER SAID WHAT IT WAS. I STATED WHAT IT COULD NOT BE with facts. Believe what you want to. I know what I know… and it changes as the facts become clearer. Do your own homework; share theories; rule out the obvious; test your theories; collect facts and present them in a respectful manner.

    AND YOUR REWARD? If you did your job right… they will attack you with vengeance. IGNORANCE HATES THE TRUTH… that’s why they are ignorant? Get it? These kind of people cannot be reasoned with… nor do they want to be reasonable. IGNORE THEM… AND SPEAK UP! BUT, HAVE YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT… or their facts will cut you down… and that’s not much fun, trust me…

    Final Analysis: I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE OBJECT IS… but based on gathered info & the size of the moon, it’s location when this video was posted on April 16th (LAST WEEK) on Youtube… NOT THE MOON.

  • Anonymous

    This observation is very interesting indeed.
    What information do we have to determine that this is near the sun ?
    All we can say is that there is an onbject that appears to be close to the sun but it may be like a super-nova far away or a quite large and brilliant object closer.

  • Anonymous

    It’s an optical illusion caused by refraction of the sun on the lens of the camera then on the dark object, probably dark plexiglass, he held up to filter the suns brightness

  • mmkkpro

    I hope its nibiru,nemesisplanet x,the destroyer,tiamat,brown dwarf,whatever kinda hope the ancients were right,will be only hope for earth to survive the madness of greed,coruption,destruction of nature for money and power,elites will be board not having the rest of humanity to supress,wait mabey they wont be board there wont be anymore usless eaters to support them,they might have to do spme real work,but wait they have no skills other than money manipulation,so they wont survive either

  • Isis

    The metaphor woman clothed with the sun ? … an ancient hollow-lunar day star fallen from it’s inner dimensional pocket of space … a star colony fallen from place, one which is/was associated with a particular 12 star points in deep space … events taking place behind the veil …..
    Revelation 12:1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

  • madbrad

    And it may be worth mentioning that it’s widely believed that Revelations was written by a half-crazed man in exile with possible ergot poisoning and is actually a rant against one of the douchebag leaders of the time. Just because something is old doesn’t make it right. See the flat Earth theory or the “the sun revolves around the earth” theory as classic examples. Lets not forget that the bible has been translated a crap-load of times, often by scholars with agendas, so none of us really knows if what we are reading is the “actual” work of the author/s or messed up translations. For all we know, the original books of the bible were the first versions of the Harry Potter series. Oh, sky cake…why are you so tasty?

  • Ninjapanda

    … are you kidding? That is the moon, guys. Why is this even a question? We just had an eclipse, and this perplexes the lot of you?

  • hostile177

    How can it be the moon you idiot. The dark side would be facing us. The lack of critical thinking on this thread is profound.

  • Anonymous

    This entire debate stems from the orbital permutations of the outer gas giants and what might be the cause. At present it is impossible to say with complete certainty that there is not another celestial object in our system that could be the cause, just because we can’t see it yet. There is no place for ridicule in any serious scientific debate.

  • building 5

    I think Bush got something to do wit it.

  • AmericanHero

    @Str8Talker I applaud you for taking the stand that you have sir!!

  • Not annonymous at all

    You should see the other videos from around the world, i have seen about 57 of them so far, 12 from this month alone! they are all the same, they all have that object roughly near the same area but from different parts of the world. It IS there, but no one knows what it is, I can only assume it’s a red dwarf, another star or something very vibrant, because it has NO dark parts to it, it’s all lit up!!! Cannot be the moon because it’s on the wrong side of the sun, It cannot be a lens flare because after watching 57 shaky videos with lens flares all over the place minus that object which doesnt seem to move at all and it cannot be a sattelite because it’s lit up like the sun, IT’S SOMETHING REAL, AND IT’S NOT VERY FAR FROM US AT ALL… The only thing I wanna know now is if it’s coming towards us, or going in a different direction, because one means horrors to us at best and the other means a magnificent wonder.

  • Not annonymous at all

    btw, run on sentences and bad grammatical errors on the above post… it goes to show you how excited i am.

  • madbrad

    “You should see the other videos from around the world, i have seen about 57 of them so far, 12 from this month alone! they are all the same, they all have that object roughly near the same area but from different parts of the world.”

    If it’s in the same location in different pictures shouldn’t that tell you something. Defraction? Optical illusion? Seriously. If it were a separate stellar body it would be moving. But it’s not… holy cow.

    Or maybe what we know about the physics of optics and light is all junk science given to us by Reptilians to distract us from the truth of our coming demise. Or maybe it’s a distant star going supernova and the government won’t tell us because they don’t want us to panic and loot WalMart.

  • Ardin

    @ Anonymous on Wednesday, 23 May 2012 4:31 : Youtube Venus transit. Venus is a tiny little spot in comparison to the sun, and it won’t ever light up the sky like this.

    @Anonymous on Wednesday, 23 May 2012 11:01 : The solar filter being used infront of the camera stops refraction from even happening. It also blocks glare, flare and anything harmful coming from the sun’d direction. Additionally, if it was refraction it would move accordingly to the camera and filter’s movement. It does not.

  • Str8Talker

    You know, so many just spout the opinion as fact… and one day they will be wrong because the unusual will happen. As promised, we finally had a sunny day and my double thick welders filter does NOT show anything, not too surprising… but that is a fact.

    If you see such an object like this dual sun/object, try viewing it thru an assortment of NON-ELECTRONIC filters & see if what you see with your eyes matches what the electronic camera lens sees. Finally, use a REGULAR OLD FASHIONED camera to shoot this same object using the plastic filter to remove all glare, flare and errs. This old school approach shows whatever light is hitting the film thru the filtering plastic… and records it. AND DEVELOPED PHOTOS LIKE THIS ARE HARDER TO FAKE…

  • evopilot

    The sheer idiosyncratic mindset is baffling to say the least ;) We should not be trying to debunk nor should we be ‘hoping’ that it is something else, no matter what celestial event happens, I think we can all agree on one thing; there isn’t a damn thing we can do!? We are observers, nothing more, as we cannot change the universe.

    There are too many people living in ‘hope’ that aliens are coming or the great rapture is upon us, or that we will all ascend when our conscious minds understand the 4th dimension…we ‘should’ live for now, deal with problems facing us now, stop the bankers, governments making a mockery out of our right to live as free human beings….just sayin ;)

  • Scodd

    Okay the right answer is mentioned above – reflection.

    Now look again carefully – the non sun object is exactly the same reference thru out the filter changing…

    And because no one else on the planet saw it, we have to look AND LISTEN very carefully. When yo listen yo realise the the photoperson is sitting at a computer, pointing lens thru window. Listen to the keyclicks at the end.

    As wisely pointed out above, the moon covers the sun, and Venus is a mere dot – as there is no other celestial glowing object, then it must be a reflection from behind the photographer. And judging from the size of the reflection about 2 metres behind the photographer could be a mirror or tv set – and the photo person has included that reflection in their own shot.

    Ok now for experiment – wait for sun to be low on horizon, now take photo thru window with mirror or teev behind and Viola da Gamba! Yo will have two suns, one big and one small.

    Glad to solve that one folks! And be more polite to yo fellow human please!

  • Str8Talker

    well reasoned& busted w/o insults

  • blessed

    this is not lens flare my husband took pictures of the eclipse in daylight and another planet showed up with an object we cant identify.

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