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Scientists: Earth’s Protective Shield Failing

Sunday, November 4, 2012 6:27
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Gigantic leaks in the Earth’s protective shield are permitting radioactive solar particles to penetrate down to the surface of the planet causing electromagnetic pulses, brilliant auroras, even ultra-violet radioactive showers that could mutate DNA, cause virilent cancers, and change the dynamics of future life. “We hadn’t known about [this] before,” admitted Melvyn Goldstein, an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, about the potentially deadly phenomenon. Causing alarm among some scientists is the fact that as the plasma wavesknown as the Kelvin-Helmholtz effectslip past the Earth’s first line of defense they propigate gigantic and deadly vortices allowing raw radiation from the sun to pour in and bathe large regions of the planet.

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Earth is constantly bombarded by solar particles

A ‘sieve-like’ property

The sun gives life, mutates life, sometimes ends life. Astronomers have found stars similar to Earth’s sun that experienced violent coronal mass ejections frying away the atmospheres of all thier nearby planets. Can such a thing happen here? Nervous astronomers admit they don’t know.

Earth is trapped in orbit around the sun. If the sun partially explodesor even ejects a massive X-flare in Earth’s directionall life on the planet could cease to exist.

The only thing that protects the Earth from the violence of an angry sun is the magnetic bubble that surrounds the planet. Now, unfortunately, geophysicists and astrophysicists concur on one alarming fact: the Earth’s protective magnetosphere leaks like a sieve and periodically deadly rays was regions of the planet killing some life and mutating other life into a different path of evolution.

“The solar wind can enter the magnetosphere at different locations and under different magnetic field conditions that we hadn’t known about before,” the co-author of the shocking study, Dr. Melvyn Goldstein, told concerned reporters at Science Daily.

“That suggests there is a ‘sieve-like’ property of the magnetopause in allowing the solar wind to continuously flow into the magnetosphere,” he explained.

New study confirms worst fears

A new study revealing the fragility of the magnetosphere was published August 29th in the prestigious and peer-reviewed Journal of Geophysical Research. The grim study confirms that the Earth’s first line of defense can not only be breached, but is breached much more often that anyone ever suspected.

When highly charged solar particles slam through the shield the danger level is determined by the current activity of the sun. If the sun is in a highly excited stateas it is during its peak solar activity that will last through most of 2013then the risk on the surface of the Earth increases exponentially.

At best radiowaves and satellites might be affected. NASA and the ESA worry about a blast that could knock out North America and send it reeling back to the 18th Century. The recent collapse of the infrastructure of the northeastern region of the United States from hurricane Sandy would be multiplied in severity and encompass the entire U.S., parts of southern Canada, and northern Mexico.

Yet, even that is not the worst case scenario.

The collapse of the magnetic shield and deadly UV rays

A warning comes from Dr. Kyoung-Joo Hwang at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Hwang, the lead author of the magnetosphere study, is quoted by the Oregon Herald as saying, “We found that when the solar wind magnetic field is westward or eastward, magnetopause boundary layers at higher latitude become most subject to Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities, regions quite distant from previous observations of these waves.”

The research led the team to conclude that the breaches of the Earth’s fragile shield are worse than imagined: “it’s very hard to imagine a situation where solar wind plasma could not leak into the magnetosphere, since it is not a perfect magnetic bubble,” Hwang emphasized.

Dr. Matt Taylor, ESA’s Cluster satellite project is one of the scientists that first discovered that, as the Oregon Herald reports, “that huge swirls of plasma along the magnetopause could help the solar wind penetrate the magnetosphere when the terrestrial and solar wind magnetic fields were aligned.”

Solar radiation mutates DNA

The rending of the magnetic field is much greater than once assumed. “In this case,” Taylor said, “the relatively small separation of the four Cluster satellites as they passed through the high-latitude dayside magnetopause provided a microscopic look at the processes ripping open the magnetopause and allowing particles from the Sun direct entry into the atmosphere.”

Illustration of DNA damage from the sun

What this means during a period when the sun is ejecting intense coronal masses is the increased likelihood of partial or total technological foundational collapseor worse, radiation exposure, poisoning and significant DNA mutation.

This latest finding just underscores the fact that the universe is a very dangerous, unforgiving environment.

Unfortunately, at least for now, this universe is the only one we have.

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  • Louis

    This article is interesting but too nihilistic in tone. The universe and its elements answer to the benign and just will of God who has a high and holy purpose for each one of his children. Fear and worry must therefore give way to confidence and hope.

    • AmishMechanism

      God loves his children? This article is too nihilistic?
      Buddy, as you sit in your air conditioned/heated home with running water and food in the fridge, people are dying from the lack of basic, life sustaining needs. How arrogant and disgusting you must be in the eyes of your god right now. The high and holy purpose of the god preached to you…does it justify all of the children that have starved to death? Does it justify our sun vaporizing every trace of human existence from this planet?
      No. The will and divine purpose of your god was written by men. Men; just as you, who cringe and cower when the ever-present fact of their own mortality is brought to light. Men just like you, who cry about nihilism whenever you’re reading about The End.
      Every living thing on this planet has died or will die. You don’t make the terms.

      • Louis

        God provides plenty of resources for all men, women and children to fare well and prosper.
        Wicked men (not God) are the ones not allowing these resources to be equitably distributed.

        And since when is the Sun “vaporizing every trace of human existence from this planet?” The Bible says that is never going to happen. Only nihilists think it will.

        It’s hardly “arrogant and disgusting” to acknowledge that the God who came down from Heaven and died on a cross to redeem mankind is a God of love.

        Your post ranks with the dopiest ever recorded on the internet. If a solar flare does decide to strike your house and incinerate you, turning up the A/C won’t help.

  • Old Warrior

    Yeah right..!! Good luck with that..

  • Anonymous

    “This latest finding just underscores the fact that the universe is a very dangerous, unforgiving environment…”

    Makes you wonder how life managed to evolve on planet earth and probably on countless other planets, doesn’t it?

    • Anonymous

      Those “countless other planets” are in deed countless because we have no evidence of it; just conjecture and supposition.

      The count is one.

    • AmishMechanism

      Ehh…space is only a dangerous and unforgiving environment to biological life as we know it…
      Our existence (according to SETI, not sure if I trust em) is currently the only known existence of intelligent/organic life. But what is life anyways? If you’re talking about an entity that consumes and reproduces, wouldn’t stars, galaxies, black holes ect. all be prime candidates for consideration? Maybe humans and organic life in general are just some kind of irritating, scummy growth that pops up on planets…and are regularly cleansed by the sun? Who knows…

  • teresa_sntg

    Disinformation. Our Sun (Helios or Ra) is sending us light energy to help Earth and us is Her ascension to 5D back to the Milky Way Galaxy! The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis seen at the North Pole are the reflection of the Inner Sun inside the Earth as well as the Aurora Australis which are seeing simultaneously on both poles! Not from the outer Sun. Also, The Sun is NOT HOT; it is light. The Solar Flares are NOT fire coming out from the Sun. That is an holographic image from the people of the Sun to keep us away. They don’t want us there yet. Nothing more. NASA KNOWS THIS!!! If the Sun is hot like we were taught, then why is it BELOW ZERO DEGREES TEMPERATURE IN SPACE??????? :eek: :idea: More information about Earth history and our hollow earth and inner earth families at

    • themis

      Thank you, this is indeed interesting! I will check this link, I heard about that!

    • Anonymous

      Go back to high school science.

      Geesh, our educational system appears to be failing. :sad:

      • Fake-it

        Do you know who controls the scientific knowledge?
        Once you find out, come back, and we can talk.

      • wanda

        Anonymous… i thank you… and i appreciate your dedication to real science… as opposed to science fiction holy wood creations. Carry on… you views are reality based and i am with you… people need to hit the real books, maybe consult a periodic table of elements and throw a brick through their television. We know who is putting out all this crap for them-asses to consume… well, it rhymes with who anyways.

        For more of wholesome truthiness:
        WARNING: it’s not for children who want to cling to fairy tales.

  • Fake-it

    When this comes from a person with Jewish name working for NASA, Mr Melvyn Goldstein, you can bet your flip flops it’s government propaganda.


    We are nowhere near the projected Sun’s maximum activity.
    There won’t be any EMP’s. That’s simply not true.

    Our problem is totally different, that’s why they are trying to keep us focused completely in opposite direction.

  • James Smith

    Stop burning holes in the ionosphere with haarp you dumbasses.

    • Room With a View

      Exactly what I was going to say!!!!! Ooops, says NASA, maybe we made a mistake. They have the mentalitiy of Britany Spears.

  • Xcori8r

    On the positive side, it doesn’t look like I’ll be needing the tanning salon to keep my summer color this winter.

  • Anonymous

    When TSHTF, stay out of the Sun, especially if you notice skin is turning red quickly. Most people will ignore all warnings and they will be the lucky ones and die quickly. Below are links to protect against radiation; very simple, very cheap, very effective. May I suggest 6 grams per day of lipsomal vitamin C but if you only have pills, take three grams 4 times daily. The large number of pills may upset your stomach but the lipsomal does not cause stomach upset–wadrMY&feature=my_favorites&list=FLeQWWxmq-1AAGKfLaU07n3A

  • Awakened Beatz

    Isn’t this a good thing since it’s 2012 and we are now passing through the center of the galactic plane? The sun is supposedly going to cause a quantum evolution in the DNA, and all life on earth is evolving into crystalline beings.

  • Anonymous

    Time to call the Highlander to invent us an artificial shield. 25 years under the shield.

  • Ruffcut

    If the earth loses its shield then game over. Is it possible?
    Sure, the earth rids itself of the vermin that ruins it.
    Live on until you can’t.

  • Anonymous

    Scotty get those shields up. I’m giving it all I’ve got Captain.

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