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Signs In the Heavens; The Final Conclave; Revelation 13 and 3-13-13

Sunday, March 10, 2013 20:28
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The Final Conclave coincides with Nisan 1, the Ecclesiastical Year of 2013. This Hebrew year is a leap year, and has 13 months. Pan-Starrs Comet becomes visible to all the earth the exact same day which coincides with the Gregorian date: 3-12-13.

The Pan-Starrs Comet will come into view for the Northern Hemisphere March 12th.  Oddly enough Pope Benedict XVI changes the Constitution of the Vatican to allow it to commence 3 days early, and it is the very day that the 8th General Congregation of the College of Cardinals chose to seat the 2013 Conclave.  How many signs now have occurred this February which itself is based on the Latin Festival for Purification?

And now Pan-Starrs March 12th:

All of a sudden we have all of these comets and meteors passing earth unexpectedly.  What is really going on? This comet migrating throughout the galaxy is being hailed as the galactic event of the eon.The comet will pass through the constellation of Pisces, the Latin term for fish:

3-13-13 is the earliest date that this conclave would name a pope.  Let’s take a look at Revelation 13:13

And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. (this is said of the second beast, the False Prophet)

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    • Monticello

      Nothing catastrophic will occur, but spiritually yes. The exact day is uncertain but as early as 3-13-13 Petras Romanus will be named, and it will definitely happen before March 28. In fact, of the most recent popes, none of their conclaves took over 5 days to choose them. So the new Pope will be chosen either 3-13-13 or as this comet moves through Pisces. Either are spiritually significant.

      • Louis

        Petrus Roimanus (not “Petras Romanus”) will — according to the prophecies of St. Malachy — be the last pope of the present age, which will end with a Divine Judgment of the world that will result in the dawning of a lengthy “holy age.”

        To say that the last validly-elected pope will be a “false prophet” is insane and makes Christ a liar. The election process used by the College of Cardinals to elect a new pope is the most carefully monitored and fraud-free process in the history of the world — plus it is guided by the Holy Spirit, and not by astrology.


        Pagan stuck on astrology. At least Namaan had the good sense to recognize God of Israel is the one true God (2 Kings 5) because he was healed through God’s prophet, Elisha.

        Do not continue the mistakes of your parents in bowing knee to an unholy altar and performing an unholy ritual. Churches are spread everywhere like never before in history and the world is getting darker, not brighter.

        Wake up :idea: :idea: :idea: get some dignity by stop attending churches. Reject the lay people with spiritual rulers over them system. Matthew 23:8 is obeying Christ, and to obey Christ is to not be either a lay person or a spiritual ruler in the churches, you must stop attending church if you want to obey Christ.

        Matthew 7:22-23, Christ tells us many will think they serve Christ, they think Christ knows them and he does not. Picture this stuff going down in Heaven, these people are arguing Christ, that is how dumb, blind and evil they are. They say but Lord look at all the stuff we did in your name :???: :???: :???: How can you not know us? You must know us.

        They argue with Christ in Heaven, and they will insist on earth that they are of Christ.

        I’m teaching the doctrine of Christ and I say listen to Apostle John who says to listen to him! 1 John 4:6 We are of God and he that knows God hears us and he that does not know God does not hear us. In this way, we know those who are of the spirit of error from those who are of the spirit of truth.

        Many say Paul, Paul, Paul. Everything is Paul – from Berean Beacon, to Erich Phelps, Walter Veith, Pastor Manning, Steve Quayle, Russ Disdar, Pat Robertson, Dr. Scott Johnson – a whole gang of scumbags because they have been alerted to what I put out at and they reject that the false apostle Paul should be rejected.

        But those of Christ, listen to Apostle John and do not worship/idolize bibles to falsely believe that the 21 writings of Pharisees in the bible are of God. Apostle John says those who do evil are not of God (3 John 1:11). The false apostle Paul says he does evil (Romans 7:19). The true apostle John says a true child of God will not abide in sin (sin that leads to death). John says confess sins to God (not spiritual rulers!), and he will forgive our sins (1 John 1:9). But the evil false apostle Paul who is of Satan says, if you ever sin willfully after knowing the truth of God, then you are forever condemned:

        Hebrews 10:26-27 If you sin willfully after knowing the truth, then there is no more sacrifice for your sins and you have not anything to look for but to wait in fear for your judgment to be sentenced to hell.

        So I cannot stand the evil doctrine of the false apostle Paul. I hate the slavery system of lay people with spiritual rulers over them which he started. Christ will not let any one into Heaven who adopts the doctrine of Pharisee Paul and he knows who adopted the doctrine and who did not. There are many in the churches who do not understand the doctrine of the false apostle and if they knew, would reject. To reject the false apostle is a smart move, and then you must reject churches because none of that stuff was established by Christ. The true worshipers – John 4:23.

      • Monticello

        To Anonymous. I know you Catholics want to latinize every single thing, however when Yeshua proclaimed Peter, it was in Greek. Petras. If you want to really get to the origin.

      • Monticello

        To Pharisee,

        You complain that arguing Christ disqualifies His knowing you, while you have the longest argument on the page… Do you see a paradox?

    • Monticello

      What were you saying?

  • Devii_DMAN

    Interesting, since my Birthday is on the 13th.

    On a side note N. Korea threatens the South with Nuclear War.

    Tomorrow a game comes out called God Of War: Accession……Just something to think about!

    • predictability

      To.Monticello. Good Point. i wonder if .Pharisees. knows that he’s Label actually is 1 of the 4 dominators in the 8th century were at that time jesus existed. but the greece and romans destroyed he’s flesh not he’s soul. the exact ones that devised the crucifix. and created Stds and everyknown virus to man today. To.Devii_DMAN HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY FROM NOAH__. Nice! my Ma birthday is actually the same day as urs. 3 3 13 . last year my birthday fell on easterday 4 8 12. jesus Date. peace predictability.

      • Monticello

        Thank you very much. An early happy birthday to you both! Yah Bless!! :!:

  • Don't be hating!

    more crap…Time for another outdoor barbecue!

  • Big John

    Meh…be funny if a Vogon space fleet showed up and removed the earth for a complwtly atheistic inter stellar off ramp on the date prophesised!

  • Pix

    “All of a sudden we have all of these comets and meteors passing earth unexpectedly. ”

    There is nothing sudden or unexpected about it, they have been studied for thousands of years. Earth is bombarded with thousands of meteors every day, they are nearly all small so burn up in the atmosphere where we call them shooting stars. Occasionally one is large enough to make landfall.

    Typical religious fare of clutching at straws claiming everyday mundane events to justify believing in dark age superstitious plagiarised pagan allegory.

    “Pisces, the Latin term for fish:” Actually plural fishes. singular in Latin is piscis. :wink:

    • Monticello

      Pix, you tickle me. You know full well that this comet was not known until the Pan-Starrs tele picked it up on radar (or whatever). And Lemmon? What about the Meteorite that hit Russia, did they know about that too? Even if “they” did, the general public did not. It doesn’t seem like the folks who died in Russia got any benefit from the so-called foreknowledge of these expected space rocks. Maybe they should have set their watches to the prelude of info that came out about it (?)!

      And what grammar school did you attend? In the English language fish is both the singular and plural form…there is no word “fishes”; like there are no deers, it’s just fish and deer! Sending blessings your way, my friend! :grin:

      • Pix

        That doesn’t make it any kind of sign. We know thousands of meteors get burned up in Earths atmosphere every single day. They are common everyday mundane events.

        Pisces is Latin you moron, not English. And it means fishes, the singular in Latin is piscis.

        Keep you pointless blessings I make my own, but who do you think you are, roll playing god eh?


      • Pix

        “…there is no word “fishes”…”

        Looks like you need to go back to school and pay attention. :wink:

      • Monticello

        Pix, there’s really no need for you to get all nasty and start calling ppl names simply because you got caught w/your pants down. I never said the Latin form of Pisces wasn’t fish. Just because you had a knee-jerk reaction believing I meant singular fish, instead of plural fish, is irrelevant, and really says more about your education than mine, the way you keep insisting fishes is a word. The plural form of fish in English is fish…not fishes. Fish is an irregular plural. Here are some other irregular plurals for your education:


        So the next time you think to correct me, make sure it’s really an error on my part, and not your own error in interpretation together with a lack of English grammar skills. When I said Pisces meant fish, I was correct. Just bc you interpreted fish in your head to be singular and believe there is an equivalent plural form of fish like there is in Latin, doesn’t make my original statements incorrect. You arrogantly tried to boast of your knowledge of Latin, but instead showed how little English you know. Btw, that’s exactly what scripture says will happen to those who become “puffed up” – It’s called, wait for it: backfire :!:

      • Sitting Duck

        owned.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Michael Hill

    That Pope hat looks more like Kermit the Frog than a fish. I wouldn’t worry too much about all these signs–I’ve seen lots of signs before and we’re still here.

    • Monticello

      I’m not worried about a thing, because I belong to Christ and am watching for His return. But what I am doing is pointing out the coincidences of time and symbols between the Papacy, the stars (which God gave us for SIGNS and for seasons), and ancient pagan deities. Some get the connection, others do not. Have a blessed day! :smile:

    • HereAmI

      Aesop had a fable about the boy who cried wolf. It suggests that many will be asleep and slumbering because of the quasi-logic you adduce. As monticello says, God specifically informs us at Genesis ch 1 v 14 that the heavenly bodies are for signs.
      He means what He says.

  • countdown to zero time

    they should have put on a link so we could go and check out the website. 188 day cycle is march 22 or so he could be right

  • Daniel777

    To summarize things, at this point I believe that a Pope will be the so called “false prophet” of Revelation 13..
    Until the new Pope is picked I wont sway for sure that John Paul II is the one, but I recognize the possibility

    I wouldnt be surprised if they elect one right away so that he will begin his reign on Nisan 1, & while Comet

    Pan Starrs is visible after sunset, very close to the New Crescent for just a couple days, which starts tonight

    As previously stated elsewhere I believe that Prince William will be the actual antichrist…So who is Obama?
    Well he could be one of the 10 kings who receives power with the beast for one hour, which could be 15 days

    because in prophecy 1 day can equal a year and 1/24th of a day is 1 hour; but 1/24th of a year is the 15 days

    It is interesting that on 9/24/09 he illegally took a seat as the chairman of the Security Counsel. for the 10

    districts of the United Nations; and during that time he was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on 10/9/09,

    which is 1260 days before the infamous 3/22/13. And 1260 days after 3/22/13 is of course the 9/1-2/2016

    Feast of Trumpets which should be the Last Trumpet Call.. That is The Resurrection & Rapture of the Saints :grin:

    • Monticello

      You might be interested in this video, that discusses Obama’s 1260 days:

      Who is Obama? I’m not sure. Like you I lean more towards Prince William, but haven’t COMPLETELY ruled out Obama, except I think he is just way to obvious-almost over the top staged. Yet the AC will be so deceptive it would almost trick the Christians, and every Christian I know suspects that Obama could be him. It’s possible that Obama is a decoy AC, one that has been floated out as a trial balloon (especially the birth cert thing, where who knows if the guy was even born from human parents), to see what the public will buy, stage him as the ac so that when the real AC enters the scene and rids the world of him, then everyone will think the AC is Christ. Many possibilities.

      I also believe that if the AC is PW, then he has to take the reigns of the world this year before his 31st b.d. There are some interesting things happening over Orion w/the sun right before William’s 31st b.d. I don’t think JP2 is going to rise from the dead. He had no head wound, there’s just nothing about that story that rings true for me. Who would he be? The false prophet doesn’t rise from the dead. I think a lot of folks read Rev 17 into the whole concept of the Lateran Treaty and the following 8 popes, and have this notion that it is absolute truth, and I think that is another deception. The 1260 years according to Daniel, has to culminate w/the Abomination of Desolation, so I just think that interpretation is off. Thanks for recommending my story. It’s been nice sharing ideas w/you! :wink:

  • Anonymous


    ??????????To say that the last validly-elected pope will be a “false prophet” is insane and makes Christ a liar.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I never knew Jesus Christ making any statements of future Popes.
    Are people just making up controversial subjects for the sakes of Argument?

    • Daniel777

      Anonymus, I hope to be able to show you soon how I have seen & predicted 113 popes.
      From things that I did find in the Bible, but its a long story, & I already have 2 stories that
      I am waiting for them to post that will set the stage for this complicated subject of 113.

      And this new 112th duly elected Pope is not the Petrus Romianus guy Right? According
      to the Catholic Malachi Prophecies after his reign the Dreadful Judge appears..Is he Christ?
      I dont think so. I think this Pope will last about 10-15 days before the false prophet arises.
      We Will See, Sooner than Later

  • Anonymous of Satan

    Take your Satanic fews somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

    Correction views not fews. Slip of a key

  • Anonymous

    the woman who explains the you tube vid extraction is correct………………very good job at deciphering the event………..

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for correcting Pix he has been a real arrogant moron on these bins.
    Can never admit of being wrong.
    Goose Geese or a gaggle of geese.
    Being not my mother Tongue,I must say that English is not a very friendly Language with several meanings,and pronunciation for the same thing. At least I succumb to the Master when being proven wrong. There is always GOOGLE.

  • Anonymous


    Having received my education in Europe I must tell you that Latin was mandatory in High School.
    I had 4 Years of it despite the fact I knew that I was not going to use it.
    Priests and Doctors and Pharmacists used it extensively,as most could never read a Doctors Prescription. If you are American I can understand your comments.
    So really this has nothing to do with “Catholics” as per say our Protestant minister also had that same education. Maybe learning another Language trains your brain to be a bit smarter.

    • Monticello

      Too many anonymous posters to keep up with, and I suspect Pix has gone anon. However, it might interest you to know that Greek and Latin roots were taught in the American schools before the 60s, and proves to be quite useful for any language not just the Romance languages. Greek AND Latin are the universal language for scientific terminology, thus why doctors are required to know it. For attorneys it is more historical tradition based on the education of the Enlightenment Philisophes, and their need for researching older documents.

      More than “where” one was educated, I think it might be more important when one was educated and to what level was completed. I’ve achieved a post-graduate degree, which btw requires a reading fluency of a foreign language, just so no dispersions are cast upon my education or skills.

      • HereAmI

        Aspersions, Monticello! Not dispersions.

        Re. the earlier comments by the pharisee, he says that Paul did evil, so he was not of God.
        Two points.
        1. “I form the light, and create darkness, I make peace, and create evil, I the Lord do all these things”. Isaiah 45 v 7. ‘Nuff said. ( and yes, I know that is not correct English. )
        2. One of the underlying reasons why Paul’s writings are properly included in the NT is because, when added to the OT, we have 66 books in all. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew aleph-bet. So if you make a 22-spoked wheel, and imagine that the entire Bible is written on one scroll, the books go around the wheel exactly 3 times. Each of the three books on each spoke are of a similar nature; thus illuminating each other. This discovery is further amplified at the w/s “The Bible Wheel”.
        Pix? Where are you? The serpent is finally skewered, it seems !

      • predictability

        Much appreciated.
        ur logic is very positive.
        Hard To find these days yet gives me more motivation.
        To find positive ways.
        u owned Pix. like i owned maverick.
        proof on my articles. like somebody Said.
        just because somebody disagrees with u doesn’t make him or her your enemies.
        its just a view that has big misunderstandings in it.
        i have a question For both u Monticello&HereAmI.
        do u know the Origins of the sentence.
        HA VA Ti iT AV AH. ?
        i did research and found languages that were close to
        extinct like persian & spanish. but those are mostly what pops up in a translator. when im trying to decipher its meanings any information
        will be appreciated.
        peace predictability.

      • Monticello


        LOL, yes, yes, too much wine before dinner or a brain fart! It happens!!

        Not sure that I buy that the reason Paul’s writings were included is to equal to 66 books. That’s in the modern Protestant Bible only. The original bible had a number of apocryphal books included and even the early Protestants kept them in, if even as an appendix.

      • Pix

        No, Pix has a job. One that pays very well and is far more important than responding to your ego masturbating and odiously arrogant tripe.


      • Monticello

        ROFLOL..yet there you are responding to it. You continually contradict yourself Pix, but I will pray for you whether you like it or not, spread the gospel whether you like it or not. You seem to have fixated on masturbation, LOL.

        You are the exact type of spirit that will overtake the masses and persecutes and kills those you have no tolerance for. Yet you have no authority over me whatsoever, and you STILL don’t realize that fish is the plural for fish. Get over yourself, we weren’t talking verb forms or species of fish. But nice deflection nonetheless.

  • etseth

    Hat Tip!
    Excellent scriptural work, there have been so many signs but you put it together with the comet which has historically been so significant.

  • W. Willow

    From SoCal, saw Pan-Starrs this evening looking low to the west and left of the setting moon. Needed binoculars because it is faint. It popped suddenly into view at 7:45pm and faded by 8:00pm PST. Looks like a non-descript smudge with the naked eye.

  • Kristi

    Ridiculous. Prophesy of Malachy is BS. You would have to make some serious stretches to make the Pope descriptions fit. Plus that ‘prophesy’ was ‘lost ‘ for 400 years. Give me a break.
    Nobody is hiding the prophesy of Fatima either. Fatima hasnt been validated as true… so why on earth would the Catholic church spout off stuff that hasnt been proven to be true?
    Its lent.. the Catholic bashing always goes crazy at this time.

  • Pix

    Monticello. “Pix, there’s really no need for you to get all nasty…”

    I completely disagree. You are the one insulting every ones intelligence with your plagiarised pagan allegory dished up as literal.

    And blessing people? WTF is all that about? Who do you think you are? When I saw you doing that, not just in response to my post but on several others as well, means you are using your ‘religion’ to ego masturbate. It’s simple, don’t tell lies, don’t ego masturbate in public, and I won’t get “all nasty”. :wink:

    • Monticello

      I’m sorry, did I force you to read this article? Yet, you blame others for your own lack of self-discipline. If you don’t like Christianity, that’s fine, but it will be a cold day in hell if I allow a bully like yourself to keep me from speaking to what I believe. In fact ppl like you cause me to dig my heels in and spread it all the more. The fact that it rubs you wrong, is efficacious. Everyone who’s ever read these boards know of what spirit you are, and I will pray that God mends your heart.

    • Monticello

      “Who do you think you are?” Obviously someone who gets you all worked up! LOL!!

      And I’m also someone who’s not asking your permission about the content of what I post. If you don’t like it tough. Get a job.

  • Pix

    LOLz at the idiots who think Latin grammar is the same as English grammar.

    Latin: Piscis = 1 fish
    Pisces = more than 1 fish.

    Fishes is indeed a word in the English language, so don’t let spiteful ego masturbating morons like Monticello tell you otherwise.

    “4. Fishes, Astronomy, Astrology . the constellation or sign of Pisces. ”

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    • Anonymous

      Sorry you are right I admit.

    • Heiswithus

      hi sorry but fishes in the english (american) language actually is incorrect


    Revelation 13 does not take place before Rev 6:12, earth shattering event that sends elite fleeing to the mountains and has them saying, the day of his wrath is here and who can stand up against it. It is back to the stone age for the world when Rev. 6:12-17 goes down.

    The Vatican is a business first and foremost. Satan gets his end of the deal by souls lost. Romans 15:27 the punk false apostle Pharisee Paul reports to his fellow Pharisees that mission is accomplished: the moron Gentiles agree that they need to turn over money for spiritual teaching. Continues to this day with 2010 figure about $8 billion dumped into Sunday Catholic collection plate alone, as reported by National Catholic Reporter.

    Two Nazi popes. Argentina is Nazi country and that is where new pope is from and where many Nazi Germans fled after WW2. Nazi German pope and Nazi Argentine Pope – WW3 is on.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not crazy about Paul either and it seems that people in churches like to use him to beat you over the head and try to control exactly how you think about everything. Paul seems very pharisee- like to me, but then I have to remember that Jesus chose him. Jesus knew who Paul was and he knew what he would do.

  • Fractal

    1) A bolt of lighting struck an object that’s specifically designed to attract bolts of lightning. I’m not shocked, why are you?

    2) Comets and meteors pass by the Earth all the time. It’s nothing new, nothing remarkable and nothing unexpected. It’s not exactly “all of a sudden”.

    3) The Pope’s hat also resembles an arrowhead, a rabbit’s ears and the fin of a fish. What’re you going to make out of that?

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