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Is there a Secret Underground Base in El Paso?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 13:18
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Most folks in the “UFO community” don’t care too much about Area 51. If it ever was an actual secret alien base, one can assume it no longer is – as the cat’s been out of the bag for quite a while now. So, the search for the new Area 51 continues.

And it may end in El Paso.

TUS recieved a Facebook message detailing a secret underground government base, run by aliens – who take their advanced air crafts for test runs and even experiment on humans. This unsettling and gigantic “leak” apparently comes from a local Facebook page – 915 on Blast – where people can post anonymously on issues ranging from missing children to restaurant reviews. This particular revelation came from a “CIA agent” using a fake Facebook account.

915 on Blast has since removed the post, but one of their fans took screenshots of it and kindly shared it with TUS:

Here’s a transcript (doesn’t include the intro from 915 on Blast):

Hello there El Paso, Texas,
My name is so and so. This is a fake Facebook profile. I created a fake Facebook profile, for the information I am about to share can get me killed. I am a CIA agent who has been working in a secret base underground here for years. We thought this would be the perfect place to put a base because the majority of people here are below the average in terms of intelligence (I am not saying everyone). Please listen.

Area 51 is a decoy. It was put there to serve as a distraction for everyone. There is something bigger going on. Think about it. When a magician pulls off a magic trick, he first tells you to look at this hand when the real action is being done somewhere else. Area 51 is the government’s distraction. The real thing is here in El Paso, Texas. We put a base here years ago because people here mind their own business in terms of there being hardly any UFO hunters or explorers (hispanics are the majority and they are not into that kind of stuff).
I am about to tell everyone about the secrent government based hidden underneath your city. Be awre of what you are about to hear, for I cannot be held responsible for your death when curiosity takes over.

The base is located in Horizon. Where in Horizon?> Perhaps, a litlte more directions would help. However, it is in the middle of no where and the street has no name. Do not be fooled by the base seeming like a business. Here are the directions. Keep going down Horizon BLVD as if you are going to Horizon High School from Wal Mart and keep going down that road until you can no longer go any further. There will be a stop sign. When you see it, turn right then keep going until you see gates (the gated area may become evident (it may take several minutes for it to be come obvious).

This base is where aliens experiment on humans. It is also a base where CIA agents… I am done talking. I am afraid of giving too much information. I apologize. Go check it out.

If you would like to see some alien technology, go out around midnight to 3 in the morning. You do not have to go to the base directly. Anywhere in the location would be fine. However, I do not know the exact dates and times, but I do occassionally see some space ships around these times because everyone is asleep. Do not be afraid. It is compeltely safe. Please be aware that if you cross the gates, you will be shot. I will not be helpd responsible for any foolish things like passing a highligh secured obvious gated area.


This anonymous letter does not read at all like it is coming from a frightened CIA agent. While whistle blowing is a popular thing to do these days, I don’t buy it this time. This reads like an entertaining story at best, and outright lie, at worst. For starters, it’s been my experience that hispanics are some of the most informed and rigourous UFO hunters out there – although this “CIA agent” claims the opposite! UFO sightings in El Paso are frequent and common, as well, despite how rural it is out in West Texas. So, El Paso residents are no fools.

Curiosity still took over, of course. I am a journalist at heart, after all!

And what do you know? There really is a secret area in this part of El Paso! And it is VAST! There is virutally no information anywhere on the web about it – not even on popular UFO sites – and Google maps will of course not let you plop yourself down there in “street view” mode. The roads are unnamed, to boot. But here are some screenshots from my Google Maps-led tour of this area.

The gates:


On the other side of the gate:

You can browse more nameless roads and buildings in the surrounding areas.
The only thing I could find on the web about this location is a YouTube video, a few months old, featuring some young adults standing right at the gates the supposed CIA operative referred to (and I was able to find on Google Maps) – too bad they won’t zoom up on the gate signs!:

Could this be an extension of Fort Bliss (located on the other side of El Paso), or maybe just some private company doing private things? President Kennedy did famously visit El Paso in 1963. Perhaps he knew about this place, too!

Just because Google has “no data” for a place, does not mean aliens are living the high life there!

I will only share perfectly public information about this location and have not received any real evidence to support these claims, and I’m not sure I would share it even if I were to come across it. Perhaps… don’t dig terribly deep into this one, guys!, but if you happen to live near this location in El Paso, look up – there might be some pretty neat things to see at night!!!


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  • Dustdevil

    Total joke. You want to see a ‘real hidden base’? Go to 31° 20′N, 108° 31′ 50″W, at Antelope Springs in New Mexico, and look at that border crossing station!

    It has a full solar power system, fuel dump, AN RV PARK (for personnel), and a complete underground bunker complex that is multi-leveled, not to mention a full armory. Had Google Earth not grayed out the parking lot and RV lot, you would see that there are HUNDREDS of cars and RV’s there daily! Their ‘RV’ park acts as a barracks for personnel, and is enclosed behind an (almost-google-hidden) wall system made up of continental shipping containers. This complex also ties into the underground tunnel system that spans the western states.

    Not conspiracy theory, but mere fact.

    • TexasUFOSightings

      cool but i don’t know why that makes the screenshots here a total joke? the letter itself is very bs-y but it does refer to a real private location. coudl just be a weird rock mining company of course, haha, but not sure why you’d say joke?

      • Dustdevil

        I laughed and said BS, because his directions send you down Horizon to Carelton Ave. If you take a right onto Carelton Ave., and go until it ends, you hit FM-793. There is NOTHING out there! NOTHING!
        Look at the maps, nothing. Drive out there and see it, nothing. I saw two tarantulas and a really pissed-off sidewinder, and that was it.

        Don’t buy into every lie, just because the directions sound good. Either he TOTALLY BLEW giving the directions, or the gates aren’t there.

        If he’s talking about that stock gap right as you turn, then damn he needs to live in Texas and travel more, before he thinks that’s some ‘classified location’. In reality, we put those in the roads to keep cattle within range. There IS a stock-gap there, but the only thing ‘classified’ about that location was how many times Brummy the bull has tagged Florence the cow while grazing.

      • Gil Carlson

        Looking for a real underground alien base? Try this one:

        Dulce Base Secret Underground, human-alien research and government secrecy that will shock you! Are these aliens friendly? Are you at risk? What do we do now?

    • Dustdevil

      By the way, before you say ‘big deal, there are compounds just like this all over the border’, understand that it is sitting in the god-forsaken middle of nowhere, protecting a 2-lane road (on our side) that turns TO A DIRT TRAIL on the Mexico side! This thing looks like something you’d find at Tijuana-San Diego, or at Laredo-Nuevo Laredo; not in the middle of the desert that has 2 crossings per month.

      If it’s mere size and manning level doesn’t make you say ‘WTF’, nothing will.

    • TexasUFOSightings

      I wish you’d guys read the article. The author agrees the letter is suspect (shill like) but the directions to lead to a real top secret area in El Paso on Google Maps. Do with it what you will, but it’s not complete Bs.

  • Bobbyray

    Really, WOW… not This guy says he is CIA? Stationed there but yet says he often sees them flying at certain hours and days in that area? I call BS on this report. I suppose the aliens also speak texmex? LOL Come on Really? You did not read the anonymous report very well and why did he put it there instead of a message to the world if he was willing to chance it at all. Kids games, that’s all it is.
    Hand written? This is too much……wake up guys and do not believe all that is written by someone anonymous. Just sayin. LOL

    • Dustdevil

      Yeah, and his use of ‘our’ and ‘their’ are contradictory to trying to tell a story of a ‘hidden military base for aliens’, too. One minute, he starts out saying ‘our base’, but half-way-in, he changes to ‘their base’.

      Make up my mind, this is so confusing to actually buy into swill, when it is so poorly written. (Not to bring up the fact, that I’ve been out to that area and there is nothing but a stock gap anywhere near there).

    • TexasUFOSightings

      Is no one capable of reading? The author does a thorough investigation and has the same conclusion as you of the letter. The fact is there is a real top secret location though. Why would a shill try to lead people to a real location?

  • TombRaider

    Isn’t this where all the illegals are coming into the US?

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