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Planet X Incoming Nibiru & the Secret Space Program

Sunday, July 26, 2015 10:07
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Planet X Incoming Nibiru & the Secret Space Program 2015. Nibiru (Planet X) researcher Bob Fletcher shared his exposé of the return of Nibiru (Planet X), which he tied in with the disappearance of federal funds, the building of subterranean facilities, space program changes, and a whole list of other events. “What would cause the corrupted secret government to drop…billions of dollars into over a hundred underground facilities? And then of course we found out that they were being completely filled and supplied with survival foods,” and even the old location of NORAD was converted into an underground survival facility, for the return of Planet X / Nibiru.

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  • WhiteDawn is down. Here is the link for the interview with ex insider of the secret space program:

    Amazing revelations
    Don’t miss this!

  • Anonymous

    How about a chain detonation of multiple nuclear weapons, it may have an effect on planets X’s course, build and launch planet busting bombs and just keep hammering it while it’s still out side our elliptical path around the sun. If this is all true one of the worse things we could do is to bury our heads in the sand, or go under ground. The planet would be ruined with out man maintaining it, not just the nuclear power plants, you have chemical plants, oil refineries, storage facilities, major industrial zones, shipping you name it. Go under ground and you’ll never return topside for 500+ years.
    No if planet X is real we need to do some serious galactic intervention and not bury our heads in the sand.


    A few things concern me about this planet x. It’s like the sky is falling the sky is falling. OK lets say it does exist. If so many people say it exists the two insiders that watched it. HOW CLOSE WILL IT BE WHEN IT GETS TO PERIGEE? Sure great story but its Elenin rewind 1. the gov’t can blow this apart, maybe, 2 Could be yet another alien craft or 3 The gov’t knows what they now because of time traval or stargate technology or have information from aliens from the future. Put up the videos write what has been written by others but heaven forbid don’t tell us how close it will pass. The only numbers I could find were from Robert Harrington the guy who discovered it then was suicided. What he said was it would hit perigee at 1,000AU’s that is 24,000,000 miles. Regardless of the length of the tale it would be like throwing a peice of sand at a truck. I mean what gives. I am starting to think this is a psyop with all the stories. It a big damn sky. Do you have any information on when it will pass? How bout how close? Until then stop saying the sky is falling.

    • trashman

      Yes thier is information on how close it will pass. According too certain insiders it will pass close enough too have its debris field HAMMER the earth with thousands if not more meteorites, from pebbles too house sized objects!!! While it bombs the heck out of the earth it will also cause a magnetic pole shift too occur which might also cause a land mass movement on a global scale. The Pull on the Earth will be so tremendous , cause at this point it will pass between the earth and the Sun! At that point both forces will exert such a powerful pull the earths poles will flip, along with the atmosphere being ripped apart. As this happens it will ( Of course cause a Massive ) darkness too fall over the entire earth , including the Moon of course so as too fulfill the Prophecy in the Bible of the Sun and the Moon being darkened. Jesus quoted this prophecy. Then as it passes by us it will of course be headed back out too deep space, but as it goes the ( Magnetic ), pull will be soo strong on the earth that it will pull the earth ( Off course ) , as some have stated , ( into a orbit about where Venus~ orbit is)! The Governments have known about this for some time now and are totally prepared for it by going UnderGround. If you think im a cook pot, then please tell me why their is over 25,000,000,000,000 dollars UNNACOUNTED FOR! , Not to mention the massive amounts of food going Underground, medicines, machinery, animals, undergound hydraponic setups, Medicines, ( Oh wait, could that be the reason their is so many shortages going on in the medical fields atm? Ask someone who is in the medical field about the shortages, who can speak freely. I can go on and on and on and on and on as too all the preparations beign taken AROUND THE WORLD! THEY know its coming, and the best thing for them is too discredit others who know. I for my part have no desire too put my neck on the chopping block for people who wont use their own heads so im not going any further!! Google this stuff and find out for yourselves please. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED what you find. I only wish everyone Peace and happiness in this screwed up world. , cause we are all going too need it soon. GB everyone

      • Pilgrim

        Your are correct. They laughed at Noah when he build the Ark until it was to late. For those who believe in prophecy, no explanation is necessary. The sign’s of when the son of man will return are all here, but only for those, that have ‘eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear’. There will be NO warning.

      • iamamerican

        Therein lies your problem, you’re googling to get your facts.
        This is a wave of energy [called Wave X] not Planet X, when it hits earth sometime in late September it might cause a little chaos but not the all out destruction you’re talking about, stop spewing fear porn.
        What you have read is all disinformation from the establishment that projects their fear onto us, because they know when this energy hits Earth some awesome things will happen with humanity, therefor they fear it, but you shouldn’t, for once humanity is going to get a boost, something we’ve needed for a long time.
        The establishments days are numbered and they know it, they are taking their last desperate breaths and if any destruction happens on Earth it will be by their hand.

        • TheColdHardTruth

          The energy wave , AKA “Magnetic Wave”, is coming from a big cloud of Iron Oxide coming our way … because … that’s what surrounds the Planet X system for millions of miles. I’m no “fear Porner” or monger-er. In fact, everyone needs to do their own research. Just be Intellectually Honest with yourself to answer the question(s) … What is all this craziness happening today all about … Where did the Trillions of dollars go (look under underground tunnels and bunkers build by your us Gov and other governments all over the world) … why are the re-pubs going along with Obama … maybe a bunker ticket for their family i in the deal … why are so many NASA astronomers who served at the south pole Infra Red Observatory dying in weird ways and young ages … why are the politicians generating so much strife … distraction … and on and on and on. Just apply real logic to the problem, and something will become very clear, the elite are busy digging in, going underground, buying up all of the medical supplies and medicine (you would know if you have been dealing with a pharmacy regularly); and what about all those bullets the gov bought, and all the trucks going into underground tunnel networks that span much of the country … and notice I didn’t mention one thing about Bible prophecy. Yes the truth is very hard to swallow and accept. I’m an educated successful business owner, with zero motivation to pay any of this a minute of attention. It is what it is. Get ready, spend all the time you can with your family; start loving other humans, and stop living in fear and anger. And, as I have told my friends and family, this is one thing I would LOVE to be wrong about.

      • marcusa4581234

        Trashman, is there an email address i can message you at, i would love to have a chat with you about some things ,

        Email me ,

    • Central Scrutinizer

      ^^ You are a little off, there Sparky.

      1 AU (Astronomical Unit) is equal to the distance of the Earth from the Sun, or 93 million miles! :eek:

      So 1,000 AU’s is WAY more than 24,000,000 miles.

      But back to the crux of the ‘article’, ‘how does one become a Planet X Researcher’, and have even a shred of credibility, when said researcher can not produce ANYTHING tangible in the way of evidence? Hmmmmmmmm???????

      Listen to me closely people,
      NIBIRU DOES NOT EXIST!! :mrgreen:

      • The Clucker

        Sitchin was affiliated with the Zionists and the Masons. He was not a scholar of ancient languages. This Planet X thing is all one big psy-op that a lot of people have fallen for.

        “NIBIRU DOES NOT EXIST!! :mrgreen:

      • LifeIs

        So, Harrington was looking for something with a 1,000 year orbit, and someone mis-read that as 1,000 AU.

        Looks like Harrington didn’t grasp that we have a companion star. So, he underestimated
        how distant Planet X usually is.

        How does one become a Planet X researcher? Well, the traditional way, since 1930,
        is to look for the object that disturbs the orbits of planets.

        One could also take an honest look at the Pioneer Anomaly.

        One could also take an honest look at anomalies in tides here.

        For a start.

  • Anonymous

    Read “Anunnaki vs. the Cosmic Conscious Collective.” Maybe this fictional book reflects more truth than fiction.

  • RationalSkeptic

    The fantasy planet will never arrive, because it does not exist. :!:

    • everydane

      How do you know?

      • SettingRecordsStraight

        Well, we’ve been told it’s arriving every year since 1995… and it’s still not here. Zeta Talk still peddling Nancy Leder’s Channelled nonsense. It’s always ‘just about to arrive’

        Every year a new group of believers get sucked into thinking it’s real… that includes you this year.

        If it was in the solar system or nearby it would have already perturbed the orbits of the outer planets.

        move along, there’s nothing to see here…..

        • everydane

          I never stated that i am a believer in this. But i hate to see things like this getting debunked by peoples believe system. The man in the interview at least have made some research about it while the nonbelievers just say NO without even explaining why.

          • iamamerican

            The man in the video hasn’t researched enough, this is NOT a planet coming in, it is however a wave of pure galactic energy from our central sun and is due to hit Earth sometime in September.
            Welcome it, it brings changed with it.

        • caoneil76

          Except you are ignoring the fact there has been an increase in geological activity on earth the past 15 years. Something is causing it as well as causing the sun to go into a phase of less activity. It may or may not be a long forgotten planet, but something is causing it.

          • Central Scrutinizer

            ^^ Relative to what?

            The past 30 years, the past 300 years, or the past 3 million years? Because I’m pretty sure there were some wild and crazy times when the major mountain ranges were being uplifted, and if it was because of this stupid fantasy ‘Planet X’, the Erf, as the patient, pulled through in pretty good shape! :mrgreen:

          • caoneil76

            Google is your friend. I’m not going to regurgitate it all here. If it is really something you care about, great. If you’re just here to try and shut people down who think differently than you, I’m not wasting my time.

          • Central Scrutinizer

            The irony in that statement is breathtaking!

            “I’m not wasting my time”, coming at the end of the statement where you took time to respond to someone whom you care not about!?!?!

            I do care, passionately, about said subject. I care in educating, without the use of Google, i.e., the lazy way out, the masses in terms of using logic, common sense, and maybe just a little higher physics and astronomy to come to the only conclusion that is rational. IF this fantasy planet was in our Solar System, hurtling at Earth at breakneck speed, every two-bit amateur stargazer would be collectively tripping over one another to be the first to publish real, clear, verifiable pictures and be quite famous. Yet all we get are spooky videos, artistic interpretations, and ancient channeling gobbledygook. Please…….. :mrgreen:

          • LifeIs

            Central Scrutinizer, Pluto was discovered during a search for an unknown object that disturbed the orbits of the outer planets.

            Pluto, it turned out, could not be the object.

            Professionals, including Harrington, searched for the object in more recent times.

            Now, what have you NOT heard, EVER, in this matter?

            You have not heard an explanation for those disturbances.

            Amateur astronomers can’t tell you if Jupiter is 600 miles off course,
            or not. They can’t measure precisely.

            And the institutions that can measure precisely are not telling you what disturbed the outer planets a hundred years ago.

            They’ve kept quiet, hoping you won’t notice that one of the big mysteries of the solar system hasn’t been explained.

            The explanation is known, and it is secret.

        • LifeIs

          SettingRecordsStraight you don’t understand the situation.

          Planet X has an orbital period in the thousands of years, and it is NOT located in our ecliptic plane. It is NOWHERE NEAR the outer planets.

          It doesn’t go past the outer planets to get here.

          It moves the center of mass of the solar system, as Jupiter does. Planet X moves the Sun and the planets.

          The changes in orbits require precise measurement, and those observations are
          not going to be disclosed to us.

          We’ve been hearing US government disinformation since before 1995 and yes
          Zeta Talk is disinformation. The US does not want you to know when the
          encounter will occur.

          • marcusa4581234

            Okay , so i am curious. What can we as people do in terms of survival, helping others, spreading the message , preperation is key , food supplies and stuff but i mean, what is the actual point if we will need to be undergrond or on another planet to have a chance of surviving?

          • TheColdHardTruth

            iamamerican, Central Scrutinizer, RationalSkeptic, & SettingRecordsStraight – What’s “brathtaking” is your igorance. Which one of you has actually done complete due dilligence on the matter. It’s not a matter of “belief”, it (Planet X’s return), is a matter of Fact. This is Flyby #6 since man kept records. So let’s make this easy … so let’s imagine you were stuck in a cave for years because extreme things were happening outside, and everyone was dying. What would you be doing? Probably trying to tell the story right? It’s funny how the same story is told, over and over, by every ancient civilization. Yet, the fact is, you are all entitled to your opinions, and that i all they are. My statements are my opinons based on research. I choose to prepare to the best of my abilities, and help other AWAKE humans do the same. The rest of you guys, go back and stick you head in the ground if you want. Time is short … so says … the Government (and hundreds of Fortune 500 company CEO’s who are mysteriously, and suddenly retiring). For those of you doing due dilligence, keep it up. The truth is out there. This planetary system has been SEEN on it’s approac around the other side of the sun. There are real reasons it is so hard to see … which is why in the bible it is written that “The Destroyer arrives like a thief in the night”. Jut another tip (from the bible, Kolburn bible and other); when the False Prophet, the last Pope, the one we have now, stands where he shouldn’t (AKA in congress this fall), “leave the cities and head for the mountains”. Why not … your government is. Wake up people.

  • praveenbjpr

    the return of Nibiru (Planet X), which he tied in with the disappearance of federal funds, the building of subterranean facilities, space program changes, and a whole list of other events. “What would cause the corrupted secret government to drop…billions of dollars into over a hundred underground facilities?



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