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Nibiru in all its glory appears as the sun sets, Brisbane February 29th 2016

Monday, February 29, 2016 19:33
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This is a very elusive Nibiru, only appearing as the sun sets. East of the sun, higher than the sun at sunset puts it in Cetus, the Whale. Sun now in Aquarius.

5:56 pm
February 29th 2016
Brisbane Australia
Nibiru and its cloud appear out of a blue sky in the late afternoon.

image Nibiru and its debris trail appear at sunset.

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  • LifeIs

    BIN “can’t find” the photo. But anyway, the disk is of an alarming size. And if it’s not on the far side of the sun, it’s generating its own light, like a comet.

    • Cara

      Yes, I’ve written in to ask about the problem; it’s both with the thumb sized image in the list and in the story itself. I’ve had this problem before, and I think it’s due to too many images in my folder, the older ones not able to be deleted.. House cleaning needed!

    • EOD\'s

      Lifels my friend.

      This is just another War Story ( BS )
      If you live in Brisbane Oz :- The Sun sets in the West not the East !

      Got my son who lives in Brisbane to have a gander for Nibiru and Nadda/nothing ???

      • Cara

        Bones, That is looking west towards the hills; East is towards the ocean.

        When the sun is in the west, anything above the sun is EAST of the Sun, ie. closer to the rising point of the sun than the sun is… In the morning is just the opposite (anything above the sun in the morning is West of the sun).

        • EOD\'s

          Hey Cara, im with you lass, ive been to Brizi plenty

          The story teller ~ tells us Nibiru was east of the sun setting
          overland to the west and my spotter with his missus and her Cannon D6 zoomed camera could see nothing……

          • Cara

            Bones, I’ve only ever seen it once, back in 2003 when it was out near Tauri 83. Through binoculars it appeared like a dull reddish object that pulsated. I’ve never seen it since. I understand your spotter not being able to spot it.. It’s visible, then not visible. From October 2011 to 2008 there were hardly any sunspots on the sun (see Spaceweather). The sun was damped down.. It’s not that active now, instead of one solar flare a day there are maybe one every three, four, or five days. It’s just something we haven’t seen before, and so doesn’t fit into our solid notion of reality. There’s gravity, electromagnetics, perhaps shells around the sun called Bode Harmonics, where the planets are, so the light of the Nibiru, has to go through different densities in space where the light gets refracted, like when light goes from air into water it bends. So sometimes the Nibiru appears bigger and sometimes smaller., if refracted, not where it actually is but its light is bent. It itself, being a gravity giant, bends light. So you see the difficulty.

          • Cara

            correction October 2006 to 2008 (early 2008), for over a year there were hardly any sunspots. The sun was blank most of the time. See spaceweather.

          • LifeIs

            Bones: Yes, as Cara says, above the Sun is east of the Sun, when the Sun is in the west. Generally speaking.

            But east and west refer to the Earth’s spin, and the axis is tilted, relative to the Sun.

            In the southern hemisphere in winter, the tilt is toward the Sun.

            Bris (Brisbane) is further south than the Tropic of Capricorn is.

            So the directions are not going to be exact, unless someone goes to a lot of trouble. And that would invite the nitpicking type of deflection that government agents are so good at.

  • Airdisaster

    What for BS is this!

    • Cara

      Looks like the Nibiru, don’t you think – airdisaster? and its got its coma, its debris field around it.

      • EOD\'s

        Cara ive gotta be honest with you girl.
        I do believe there is a Nibiru out there, people have apparently been seeing it for years now since 2008….

        • LifeIs

          Bones, no, we’ve been getting fake pictures since 1995. Which is about when the US government started building shelters for itself. And it is 2 years after the first murder of an astronomer, who was searching for Planet X. (Robert Harrington.)

          What do you suppose happened to his project, his “find Planet X” program? Why did the press report (falsely) that he had “changed his mind” about Planet X, before he died? His wife said that wasn’t true, and she would know, wouldn’t she. And since when is hard data a matter of opinion? What DID disturb the paths of the planets, to produce the data Harrington used?

          You are trying to prove something by citing a US government disinformation program, which is intended to prevent the public from taking the subject seriously.

          To give the ruling class time to steal trillions of dollars and build shelters for themselves. The Pentagon “can’t account for” over 8 trillion. We know that more than 2 trillion were printed, by the off-the-books sale of Treasury bonds, starting in the 1990s.

          You were not invited, were you? So why work for them now?

      • Dodgeball

        “I’ve only ever seen it once, back in 2003 when it was out near Tauri 83. Through binoculars it appeared like a dull reddish object that pulsated. I’ve never seen it since.”
        Seriously…do you expect us to believe that you saw an object with common binoculars back in 2003 that was perhaps multiple hundreds of millions of miles away and yet astronomers across the globe still have not seen it with any supposed clarity with the required infra-red telescopes that they say are needed to see this thing? Maybe what you saw was Mars, which with binoculars is even hard to see. How did you even know where to look for this other object? The sky is HUGE out there and to see a pin point of light (if that), of an object dealing with that distance (with binoculars), is stretching things beyond belief.

        13 years have passed since you claim seeing it…and it is, apparently, STILL not any closer, so it must be moving at a speed that is soooo slow that it (if it IS for real), shouldn’t be here for another 100 years or so. How can something that is supposedly 6 times the size of earth STILL be hiding out there when it is supposedly getting closer every day?

        With all the high power telescopes and computers they have today, it doesn’t give any creditabililty to the supposed experts who are saying that this thing is 5, 6, or 7 times the size of earth, or that it comes around every 360 years or 3660 years, or that it will be here this spring, or this fall or even in the fall of 2017…all of which I have heard as options of its size, arrival or location.

        Why are they trying SO hard to make this thing so real?

        • Nyyk4

          @Dodgeball – Uh oh you said something that makes sense, get ready to be called a NASA shill LOL I am fully with you

          • Dodgeball

            Thanks for the endorsement…I think!! LOL Even NASA (Never A Straight Answer), has claimed that this thing is not real but I would trust them as far as I could throw my car. This whole concept of a rogue planet that is entering our solar system would elicit a WHOLE lot more creditability if there could be ONE source of information instead of 127 (or whatever it is). Everyone has their own opinion or conclusion of what this thing is, or where it is, or when it will arrive. The only thing that they DO agree on is that THEY are right, and the other guy is NOT.

            Imagine how long an airline company would be in business if they had 9 different time or landing location changes for each flight…which changed every 15 or 20 minutes (3 or 4 of which might be while you were still in the air)? People would just give up and drive I suppose. At least that way you would be in charge of your own time schedule.

        • Cara

          Look, Dodgeball !

          A Brisbane photo taken 1st May 2003. Bones will like it, cause it’s up near Brizi.

  • trashman

    If you go back too the 1:18 second part of the film you will see a clear blue sky. If it was their in space it wouldve shown at that time not a few seconds later. I also noticed a ,( for lack of a better term ) rope, or some sort of attachment on the bottom of it which glowed, which would not be consistent with Nibiru. , Yes Nibiru has ” Horns” or, ” Wings “, but whatever this is , its not like Nibiru at all. Look folks i DO believe in Nibiru, and in fact have seen its SUN, Nemesis, with my own eyes. , Yes not through a tv. or anything electronic, but rather my own EYES!, so i know ITS real , but this, …… I tend too believe its something that either flew onto the lens,perhaps a girls ( Glitter), and it is glowing because of the suns reflection on his camera., or a HAARP drill, or even possibly a ( Project Bluebeam), occurance. If i saw right during the blue part of the sky , just before the clouds rolled by, their was nothing , then POW! It starting appearing, trust me if your going too see Nibiru you dont see it Through clouds. Rather you see it IN blue SKIES! When i saw Nemesis JUST above the Sun it was just before sunrise. Our Sun was just barely , below the horrizon, and as clear as a bell i saw a smaller Ball , glowing Red, roughly 30 % the Suns mass glowing brightly. So for a Brown Dwarf too be Glowing meant it was either Just Above the Sun and behind, or just plain behind closeby. Otherwise obviously , it would appear as a dark black object in space , and knowing our scientists they would say its a shadow of Venus or some stupid thing like that. Sorry i dont buy this one as authentic, but please keep trying. Our skies in America are so heavily Chemtrailed now we cant hardly see anything. gl and GB

    • Cara

      ” just before the clouds rolled by, their was nothing , then POW! It starting appearing..”

      Trashman, The sun was going down, and I had a look at it again, using magnifying glass, and I couldn’t see any “rope”.

      The one which really causes me to do a double take, is the one from Bulgaria, telescopic view, which actually appears to be hollow. The only thing which made me stay with it are the two extra stars which are seen.

      Gravity, what are we looking at here… Phenomena of gravity, that distorts things, making something appear like a black hole? Empty? Invisible?

  • The Real Deal

    It’s called a sun dog. You Nibiru nutter’s are too funny.

  • Central Scrutinizer

    Yea, more shaky useless video with overactive mouse pointers highlighting the obvious!! Yea……….

    And by obvious, I mean the lens flare . Putz. :mrgreen:

    • Bobwire


      • LifeIs

        Nah, they’re picking up some extra cash. And if they are half as smart as they think they are, they will spend their 30 pieces of silver quickly. “You can’t take it with you.”

  • Hayduke

    There is a planet called Nibiru.

    It’s gonna kill me, and you too.

    it hides in the dark

    Behind a big quark.

    It’s gonna jump out and say “BOO”!!

  • Syco

    Ohh neat, more lens flares!

  • Judge Roy Bean

    Nibiru hocus pokus with a little smokus.

  • wreakhavoc

    Oh bother. It seems that if you have a firefly who drove into the lens again . I hate when that happens. :???:

    • Cara

      It’s got nothing to do with controlling warlords, nor anything to do with witchcraft or sorcery. It’s coming in to raise the vibratory level of the earth so that War, division and sexual misconduct will never happen again. I have read that the Nibiru, will be called the “sun of Justice”, , just as Justin (Justice) is another appellation for the Christ, who is the One Life which lives in all things. When we violate that justice, that divine balance, there is a return, and the Nibiru is that return. It’s the Second Coming!

      Jesus, or the soul of Jesus, is not incarnated now. Anyone who assumes that mantle in this world is the false christ – the Anti-christ.

  • JohnDave

    If ‘Nibiru’ was real [it isn't] why would it take soooo looonnnggg to get here? Hmmmm? :mrgreen:

    • LifeIs

      JohnDave it is real. It has been here for a long time. The “getting here” to worry about is when “here” is close enough to push/repel our planet, and thereby change the tilt of the axis, relative to the Sun.

      Its orbital period is in the thousands of years. It is usually far outside the solar system. It’s been noticeably affecting planets here for over a century.

  • manitobateacher

    Not sure where or how to post this but I live in Canada in th eprovince of Manitoba for about two years now each and every morning I have noticed I the morning sky to the east there is a very very large and noticeable ufo or an object that reflects the sunrise of the side of the object. I have been noticing it more and more often each morning. . A few of my fellow coworkers (also teachers) have noticed it too. And it has become the talk of our staff lounge at the school. I have a couple videos of this image but I am not sure if I should post them I posted one on YouTube which I cannot find anywhere. Has anybody noticed anything in the morning sky? It looks similar to this image of niburu images kinda resembles the black night ufo thingy but more orange in color….idk first putting this story out there….

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