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Nibiru and its Red Cloud captured before sunrise from the United States, Feb 15 and 16, NEW Feb. 17 2017

Thursday, February 16, 2017 20:36
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These were taken by someone in the United States, probably on the East Coast because of the look of the trees and the flatness of the land. The same discrete red patch in the sky is the same as what I saw on February 2nd to the left of the still unrisen sun, from Australia. I didn’t see the yellow disk behind the red clouds, but the look of the red clouds – their limited size, was what I saw then.


6 am
15 and 16th February 2017
United States
If, left/north of the sun, not yet risen, as in my earlier sighting of red cloud, the Nibiru/Brown Dwarf star is now in Pegasus; sun in Aquarius
 Feb 15th,
 image Nibiru rising before the sun seen Feb 15th from U.S.

 Feb 16th,
 image Nibiru rising a little after 6 am Feb 16th from U.S.


 This was taken by a different person, in New York State, U.S.
 5:20 am approx.
 Feb 17th,
 image larger Nibiru seen from New York State before sunrise.



 1) Thanks to Sensor, who commented below.
 ‘The Sun Has Begun “Arcing” Terrifying Green Electric-Type Bolts Millions of miles high’
 image sun bolts

 These look similar to the columns of energy that have risen from pyramids on Earth. The image is dated Feb. 12th 2017.

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  • Syco247

    I suppose these all have biniru in em too huh? (and not thats not a type o, bin seems to be the only place people see this crap)

    • Cara

      If that were the sun, Syco247, then the foreground features would not be so dark. At the beginning of the first film, the foreground and path are completely dark, yet at the same time this yellow disc is up, is risen above the horizon. You can’t argue the way you’re arguing unless it’s logical, and logic – the surrounding features – says it’s NOT the Sun, but another probably solar body, which would put this object in the category of Brown Dwarf.

      • Syco247

        If it can be seen at sun rise, why is it my telescope with IR can’t see it? Surely if the naked eye and some asshats cell phone see it, my $3700 16 inch orion with gear for DSLR and IR can see it. Twitiot nibtards.

      • Syco247

        Ohh and if a stellar body with mass even remotely in the area of a dwarf star was anywhere near our solar system we wouldn’t be here to argue with you morons anyway.

      • Syco247

        Ohh and sparky you can’t see a brown dwarf they don’t emmit light in a visable spectrum.

        “Brown dwarfs come in a variety of masses and temperatures. They range from 13 to 90 times the mass of Jupiter, around a tenth the mass of the sun.

        Stars are classified by their spectral type, or the energy they radiate. Brown dwarfs are similarly classified.

        M stars are the coolest of the successful stars in the universe, as well as the most plentiful. Most M stars are red dwarfs, but a few are brown dwarfs. L dwarfs and T dwarfs are both identified by the elements seen in their spectrum.

        Y dwarfs are the coolest of the known dwarfs. Some reach temperatures as low as a household oven, while others are as cool as the human body.

        Because brown dwarfs give off so little light and energy, they can be challenging to locate. They were originally theoretical objects, unseen until the late 1980s. As astronomical instruments grew (and continue to grow) more sensitive, more brown dwarfs have been detected, though they remain a challenge. [Video: Getting WISE to Brown Dwarfs]”

        Ohh and in space the average temperature of the human body would be like asking you to spot a single grain of rice in a barrel of wheat.

        :lol: :twisted: :lol: :twisted: :lol:

      • Syco247

        Ohh and I watched the comet and the latest asteroid flybys, bearing in mind asteroids don’t emit ANY light by nature only reflect a bit, I could see that rock but not this super massive stellar body?

        • Central Scrutinizer

          I would add to this EPIC beatdown of Caca, but you have covered it pretty well. BRAVO!

          But then, why try and add any actual science and verifiable facts into the conversation. Caca has a crappy camera, and a twisted sense of reality, and dang it, if she ain’t gonna use it to prove her thesis. :mrgreen:

      • trashman

        Cara:::: dont let these paid shrills get too you please. They are paid too debunk anyone , and i mean anyone who tries too disclose Planet X.. First of all i am not a professor in college , and im not a educated idiot on space, but i do have common sense, and i do know some things about space. First of all you are correct that that was probably a Brown dwarf, the i nformation at this time is that brown dwarfs are actually quite common in the Galaxy, and they DO stick out like a sore thumb, because they do put off heat, which does vary depending on the nuclear fission inside of it. , But they do stick out like a sore thumb because of the extreme contrast, between itself and the backdrop of space which is about – 455 F. Hang in thier. They know its coming , and thats why they have too drop bombs on anyone who tries too support the idea. , but they also know that it is upon us at this time and they also know what its about too do. Nibiru will be the one which will come close too us, thankfully , and not Nemesis!! , AKA the brown dwarf. GB

        • Mayhem

          You’re right about one thing, trashman, you’re not educated.

          I count 14 instances, in the above comment, where your dumbness prevented you making a cogent argument.

          Stand aside, trashman, while the big kids beat down the Nibtards.

          • trashman

            Mayhem if im so dumb, then you must be educated right?, if you are so educated then why do you read such dumb stupid , articles? Whos the dummy now? :lol:

          • Syco247

            trashmonkey, easy answer the folk who love a good laugh LOL

          • Mayhem

            Um, no, just because you’re dumb doesn’t mean i’m smart. That’s just silly. Make cogency your friend.

            I read outrageous conspiracy articles because that’s how i reach folk who might benefit from hearing simple truth once mankind has utterly failed them.

            Debunking this sort of nonsense is actually what lead me to this simple truth which is – All men are liars and only one in a thousand has any virtue.

        • Central Scrutinizer

          ^^^^ ” Hang in thier.”………


          Thanks for my daily laugh, trashman. WOW!!! :mrgreen:

        • LifeIs

          Trashman, you’re right.

          And yes, Planet X is here. People keep talking about the brown dwarf star, and they point to the space weather. Well, I still think our problem is the cold planet. And that it is still south of the ecliptic. Whatever else is going on.

          It doesn’t have to be close at all, to change our tilt. Again. Its charge field will do that from a distance.

          The important thing to notice is the drastic increase in meteorites and small asteroids. Pushed into our path by that charge field.

          They’ve been increasing for several years. They’ve increased greatly recently. And we only see the small stuff when it actually hits the atmosphere.

          The know-it-alls are going to learn something new, in the near future. We were told, at Fatima, 100 years ago, what the time frame would be. Per Lucia Santos, per Father Malachi Martin.

          Cara, thank you for keeping watch. And Trashman is right about the trolls.

          • LifeIs


            For those who want to get a clue.

          • Syco247

            Yeah because because it is easier to assume that thousands if not hundreds of thousands dor more of amature and profesional scientists and astronomers are plainly wrong whereas a hand fool of idiots are right on track LOL

          • LifeIs

            Oddly, science is not a democracy. Reality is not up for a vote.

            There is right, and there is wrong. It doesn’t matter how many people are right, or wrong.

            The video–it is short– updates you on the latest meteor and small asteroid information.

            Ignore the NASA sarcasm about unseen planets. That’s an ancient idea, and it’s about a century late for making fun of it.

          • Mayhem

            There hasn’t been any drastic increase, Lifels, and we’ve been over this before. Detection’s have increased not incidences.

            The people who ought to know reckon…

            “more have been discovered over the last few years as telescope and instrument technologies have improved.”


            … but you probably know better, am-i-right?

            As for where you said…

            “The know-it-alls are going to learn something new, in the near future.”

            … how is that any different to the christards wishing hell-fire and damnation upon the unbelieving?

          • Syco247

            Again where is any proof against common sense? Is is it better to accept that those of us actually looking see more, or those of you reading old fables know more?

          • LifeIs

            You were wrong before and you are more wrong currently.

            Well. You’re hoping readers won’t look up current information.

            And that is your contempt for them, in action.

            I didn’t condemn you. Neither did God. Nature did it, this time.

          • Syco247

            Fine then give me exact coordinates where I can aim a 16 inch orion telescope with DSLR and IR and I WILL STREAM IT LIVE!!! If not get bent!

          • Syco247

            Hey fucwit that brings up an entirerly new question, why hasn’t ANYONE streamed this LIVE?

          • Syco247

            Ohh and don’t link shit that was dated hell knows when ago, LIVE NOW STREAM!!! I can put a time date stamp on Trumps inauguration thats says 1776 idiot.

          • Syco247

            I will do you one better if I see it will will send for confirmations to Kitt Peak, Lick, and Lowell streamed as well. Sorry you twits don;t know me or where I worked or who I can all at will. I know things you twats only wish to.

          • Mayhem

            Excuse me, Lifels, but in what universe does your opinion trump that of the Cornell University, Dept of Astronomy?

            Another thing; lets say, for arguments sake, that Nibiru is real and it’s going to wipe out all life as we know it how is my denial contemptuous?

            I mean if I was preventing folks survival that would be contempt but ELE’s don’t give a rats arse whether we’re prepared or not. They’re kind of funny like that, extinction level events i mean.

          • Syco247

            You guys get close sometimes, about as close as a hand grenade in a nuclear war… but mehh nobody is perfect. NOT EVEN GOD!

          • Syco247

            Mayhem you have a point, why would they piss and moan if they though the bunkers would save some rich fat cat? Extinction level event right? They only want to wear funny hats and dance around shouting about fairytales. We, folk or logic and science, those of us with actual empirical evidences must clearly be in with the cabal they still can not even prove is there. Why else would we call them fuckwits? I mean really? I bet they voted for Bat Boy too!

          • Syco247

            LifeIsn’t I can tell you one thing for sure, “god” isn’t what you thought it was, I know this for sure. Sucker!

          • LifeIs

            I did not say your denial was contemptuous. I said you have contempt for the general public, as evidenced by your desire to mislead them.

            “What difference does it make” does not address any issue. It is Hillary Clinton’s line, when she dismissed questions about her lies in the Benghazi scandal. You are no Hillary Clinton, and you cannot avoid this discussion.

            Continue cluttering the site but:

            The running count of small asteroids and meteors is not a matter of opinion. It is numbers.

            The significance of the numbers has been explained to you.

            The universe where this will be abundantly clear to you, soon, is this one.

          • Mayhem

            Yes, yes, LifeIs, more opinion and zero evidence but indeed calling my denial contemptuous is exactly what you did.

            I deny Nibiru and you said i’m wrong then accuse me of contempt but now you’re saying you never said that.

            Take your lies and choke on them, fool.

          • Mayhem

            According to NASA…

            “As of February 14, 2017, 15629 Near-Earth objects have been discovered. Some 876 of these NEOs are asteroids with a diameter of approximately 1 kilometer or larger. Also, 1785 of these NEOs have been classified as Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs).”

            … keyword “discovered”.


            For example the most recent listing (2017 BW) according to (which i lifted from the video you linked to) has an orbital period of 1.12 years. Therefore it has been within viewing range thousands of times irrespective Astronomers have only recently discovered it.

          • beLIEve

            NASA is “apparently” a Hebrew word meaning…..TO DECEIVE $$$!!


            :idea: :idea: :idea:

          • Mayhem

            Considering that N.A.S.A is an acronym, derived from English words, any connection with the Hebrew is tenuous at best. Interestingly those that push this conspiracy completely ignore the fact that there exists a Hebrew word that is a far better fit.


            H5375 – נָשָׂאnasa or nasah – to lift, carry, take.


            H5377 – נָשָׁאnasha – debt, debtor, deceive, exacting, made.


            Interestingly the word that sounds the same as “NASA” is ignored in favour of the one that has the negative connotation, not to mention cherry picking “deceived” from 4 other perfectly reasonable definitions, so while it’s certainly possible that the scientists were trying to fool the sheeple the odds are that it is nothing more than a coincidence based on the balance of probabilities.

            More importantly, presuming Rob Siba is correct, does that mean there aren’t almost 16,000 near earth objects?

          • LifeIs

            The evidence has been discussed in detail in the past, and alluded to in the recent past. And it is ignored a lot.

            Those who speak and read English can see what I said, and not persistently mis-read it.

            Of course, people with language skills can distinguish official B.S. from honest reporting of fact. And a couple of people here cannot do that.

            A couple of people here think that ad hominem remarks by them will stand in support of what they’re told, by government and its media stenographers.

            What I’m telling you is, we were TOLD a hundred years ago at Fatima the time frame for a global catastrophe. And that it pertains to an object in the sky. And that people would not understand this circumstance until 1960. Pope John 23rd decided the information should remain under seal.

            We were told in the 1st century AD that there would be “… a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent” and “… a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth” (Revelation 16)

            Also in the 1st century we were told there would be “… signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth…the sea and the waves roaring” (Luke 21)

            Our information from Fatima –as characterized by Father Malachi Martin, who read Lucia’s letter– tells us that the catastrophe will occur before the 100th anniversary of Mary’s appearances of Fatima. Which is this year.

          • Mayhem

            Oops i spelt Rob’s name wrong.


          • Mayhem

            Your suggestion, LifeIs, to ignore the body of scientific evidence in favour of the Fatima prophecies is laughable.

            How many times do you need to be shown that Lucia’s letter is hogwash which even her own mother refused to validate?

            The only part that was written by Lucia was her signature. The rest came from her jailors/captors.

          • Mayhem

            I mean to say. So impressive was this supposed “miracle of the sun”…


            … that some folk were more interested in the camera, the person standing next to them or their own shoes.

          • LifeIs

            The importance of the miracle of the sun is not that refraction in the atmosphere produced visible, transient effects,

            but that this display was predicted in advance.

            Lucia’s letter was written in 1941, when she was 34 years old. It was read by the Pope in 1960. Lucia died in 2005. Her mother has nothing to do with it.

            The Roman Catholic clergy did not make up what SHE wrote. What they did is refuse to disclose it. The Vatican said in 1960 it would remain under seal, “probably forever.”

            They had no reason to make up a secret letter, Sherlock.

            What WE know of its contents we know from Lucia; she said it supported what was said in the Gospel of Luke. And from Pope John Paul II at Fulda in 1980; he referred to ocean waters sweeping over land.

            And from Father Malachi Martin, who said the expected catastrophe was “worse than you could imagine” and that the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope was built to track an incoming object.

            Deny that we have been told anything. Deny that we can infer anything from what has been happening around here lately. It won’t do you any good.

          • Mayhem

            The Roman Catholic clergy had no reason, to make up the Fatima prophecies, other than to come between men and God.

            Do you seriously intend to defend catholicism, here in the BIN’s, and if so you’ve obviously not been following the gist of things.

            Catholicism is indefensible, LifeIs, from the colours of the vestments to the iconography to the idol worship and veneration of the dead.

          • LifeIs


            Here is the latest meteor and small asteroid information. This is for Saturday, February 18.

            More evidence to ignore.

          • Mayhem

            When have i ever ignored your so called evidence, Lifels, or are you just miffed that your links often turn out not to be supportive of your arguments?

            Like your latest video offering, from MrMBB333, who has his knickers all up in a bunch about 60 meteors per hour all the while “about 25 million meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day” according to the University of Oregon department of Physics.


            Are you seriously suggesting folk should ignore the weight of scholarly opinion in favour of some random guy on the internets? Pfft! As if.

            Anywho: the video makes much ado about two new incidences in particular. Namely 2017-DB;orb=1 and 2017-DF;orb=1 and the first one has has an orbital period of 1.24 yrs while the second takes 2.13 yrs.

            This means that they are not new and in fact have whizzed passed our little rock thousands upon thousands of times even though they have only recently been discovered. Discovered, LifeIs, not new just new to us. Sheesh you’re obtuse ain’t chya?

          • LifeIs

            No, that is not what it means. It means an orbit has been calculated.

            The point of mentioning it, is that small asteroids are going by at the rate of about one per day, in the past few weeks.

            The meteor observations are very unusual, as to their number.

          • Mayhem

            So the “orbital period” doesn’t mean the length of time it takes for a NEO to do one full lap around the sun? Okay :roll: nutter.

            I’ve put up papers from two universities and linked to several sites that keep track of these things and you’ve put up two JooTube videos.

            Yeah, um, get back to me when you’ve got something worth my time.

          • LifeIs

            No, I gave you someone reporting current information with sources.

            For you to ignore.

            I see you’re still struggling with English. You don’t have to watch something for a year, to calculate its orbital period. You just need its location and speed.

            Get back to you? How about ignore you.

          • Mayhem

            But i didn’t ignore your videos, Lifels, i watched them both and showed, backed by two scientific papers, how they didn’t support your contention that meteor incidences have increased.

            Anyone can see what happened and your continued denial, of my participation, only proves you’d rather lie than admit you fell for agenda driven propaganda. Facts are it’s MrMBB333 versus NASA, University of Oregon and Cornell University.

            Ignore me all you like or get back to me when you find a near earth object with an orbital period longer than 20 years which is roughly how long we’ve been looking for and tracking PHA’s. Only then might you make a case that we’ve discovered something completely new.

            I’ll wait.

          • LifeIs

            You didn’t do any such thing. You don’t understand the subject you are talking about.

            The small asteroids are newly discovered. As reported by the people who discovered them. And they are being discovered for several weeks, now, at about one per day.

            Some are hitting the atmosphere, like the one that exploded over Lake Michigan February 6th.

            That’s what happens to objects that cross paths with a PLANET. They get destroyed. Planets sweep their orbits.

            The meteor reporting from Europe is one location, the counts are to be compared with what is normal, and what you see in meteor showers.

            And for days they’ve been showing more meteors than one would expect. A lot more.

            There is a reason for these meteors and the newly discovered near-Earth-objects.

            And you will learn that for yourself.

          • Mayhem

            You keep telling yourself i don’t know what “orbital period means” while you busy yourself ignoring me. Howbow dah?

            “Several thousand meteors of fireball magnitude occur in the Earth’s atmosphere each day.”


            … according to the American Meteor Society which was founded in 1911.

  • Mayhem

    Right out the window from my computer desk is where the sun rises, i watch it most mornings, and when it includes a red sky there’s always rain within one or two days.

    Red sky at night, Sailors delight. Red sky in morning, Sailor take warning.

    • Syco247

      Hey ya know those of us with thousands of dollars in astronomy gear must still be blind, not one single amature astronomer has found it, and no major observatories either… hmm off yeah because it’s not there, these people need meds. We can see in the IR and gamma bands to measure the size of a black hole but nobody has a credible picture of this object??? How stupid do they think we are?

      • Mayhem

        Patience, Syco, it’s only been imminent for the last 33 years.

        IRAS knows :lol:

        • Syco247

          No wait I know what it is, we are unknowingly part of the conspiracy, my telescope is really showing me holograms or project bluebeam that must be it. Because ya know the simple answer of the sky is the sky and what ya see is what ya get is way to easy LOL

        • trashman

          All i am going too say is this!! Certain people in a certain Government Have disclosed that is not only IS real, but it is coming for a close call this time!!! Furthermore I HAVE SEEN IT WITH MY OWN EYES!!! 2 times i have seen it Just before sunrise, and NO it wasnt a comet, NO it wasnt a Bird, NO it wasnt Venus, and NO it wasnt a lens flare. I saw it! Also too add. What is that incredibly bright PLANET at night i been seeing Everynight?!, which is getting more mass? , and brighter , and brighter EVERYNIGHT? I also know some things about space btw., namely this:::: ANY object which displays a temperature even close too 0 F. would stick out like a sore thumb against the backdrop of space!!! The average temperature in space being about ( Absolute Zero )= out too about -455 too – 460!!!! So ANY object 300 degrees above absolute zero would stand out like a Sore Thumb!!! Frankly i think you are paid shrills working for the Gov in one form or another!! also, why do you think the Global elitists are in total meltdown too stock pile all the food , water, medicines, in a panicked mode? They have enough food and water and medicines etc, etc, etc, too be 2 miles below the surface for 15 YEARS! Its certainly not for a nuclear war, because a nuclear war would be almost certainly create a nuclear winter, and that wouldnt go away for quite some time! Look Shrills i know its your jobs too debunk, and when certain people like ( Cara ), tries too disclose it you jump on her like a fly too crap!!! BTW SICO247 IF YOU DONT LIKE THESE ARTICLES THEN WHY , AND I MEAN WHY, DO YOU BOTHER READING THEM!!! ALL OF YOU !!? , WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TOO COME HERE IF YOU DONT LIKE IT , AND ALLYOU DO IS MOCK!!! PLEASE LEAVE!!!

          • Mayhem

            “Certain people in a certain Government Have disclosed that is not only IS real, but it is coming for a close call this time!”

            Citation needed!

          • Central Scrutinizer


            If you argument isn’t cogent, then make it loud, right. Google, cogent. It may help some.

            Maroon. :mrgreen:

          • Syco247

            One word for stockpiling, same reason preppers do it. WAR!!!

  • Syco247

    Come on guys I am all for a good conspiracy theory and all, but freaking bat boy had more credibility than this nonsense.

    • trashman

      Syco247 , Syco247:::: one word for stockpiling??, obviously you didnt think that through. WAR, in this modern day and age===== NUCLEAR !!! In the event of a nuclear exchange of any magnitude, the radiation would be around for 100 + years maybe a thousand!!! These elitists are only stocking up on 15 too 20 years worth at most!! That wont help them much will it.

      • Syco247

        Ohh forgive me a cosmic super solar event will last so much less time, yeah if a dwarf star wanders though will only last 10-15 years of fuck this. Idiot! is the only word that fits. Nuclear war would be a fly fart to compare to a celestial body of that magnitude passing. By now even if it did start in the 80s we would already be dead and bunkers be damned not be here to bitch about it… maroon! (Credits to Central Scrutinizer)

  • torskentobi

    nibiru can´t exist…because:flat earth, there are no planets…there is no space, only genetically modified penguins…and since gravity also is a hoax it wouldn´t matter even if a stellar sized object flung by close enough to high five us. contradictions in every goddamn thing you slip out of your dumbed down heads..saw the other day nibirus arrival date has now changed to 2017…the one thing though you nephilim nibiru-and flatearth-tards seem to have in common is: you have absolutely no problem whatsoever to literally believe everything that´s in the bible…getiing sick of your stupid shit

    • Syco247

      Hey dingus, just an observation that shatters your flat brained concept. I watched the asteroid!!! If i can see a space rock ipso facto I should be able to read a license plate in australia from florida. Funny how that doesn’t work, now shutup and let the big kids beat down the nibtards.

      (Data on rock I observed with my telescope)
      Radar images of asteroid 2017 BQ6 were obtained on Feb. 6 and 7 with NASA’s 70-meter (230-foot) antenna at the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex in California. They reveal an irregular, angular-appearing asteroid about 660 feet (200 meters) in size that rotates about once every three hours. The images have resolutions as fine as 12 feet (3.75 meters) per pixel.

    • Syco247

      Apologies, comment was meant for another post, had wrong tab opened when I did my copy and paste from word.

  • srsly1

    So…since the earth is flat, and gravity only exists because the flat earth is accelerating upwards in order to hold us down to the ground….is Nibiru a stationary planet that we are going to crash into? Or is flat Nibiru moving towards us too? I’m confused.

    But now I wonder, since the sun in our flat earth world is actually small and really close to us, and since Nibiru is supposed to be just on the other side of the sun, is Nibiru actually within the glass dome over flat earth?

    Someone needs to explain this to me. While your at it, how does the Galactic Federation of Light get past our glass dome to cloak their armada behind the holographic moon?

    • Syco247

      It’s called a green flash, it is so common a phenomenon they even make reference to in movies you git.

      Green flashes and green rays are optical phenomena that sometimes occur right before sunset or right after sunrise. When the conditions are right, a green spot is visible above the upper rim of the disk of the sun. The green appearance usually lasts for no more than a second or two. Rarely, the green flash can resemble a green ray shooting up from the sunset (or sunrise) point. Green flashes occur because the atmosphere can cause the light from the sun to separate out into different colors. Green flashes are a group of phenomena which stem from slightly different causes, and therefore some types of green flashes are more common than others.

      Just because stupitstation95 doesn’t know how to do simple research doesn’t make it biniru.

    • Cara

      Thank you Sensor. I’ve put the image up in the story with the link.

      • Syco247

        Adding the green flash to biniru? WOW!!! That has never not happened ya know that right? Viking talked about it 2500 year ago for crying out loud.

  • trashman

    .we will see , we will see if the experts are correct we will see it very soon . Mock if u want , and i never claimed too be Oxford educated, but i have common sense, and figure things out , and do have some education towards space. Tell you all what::: when it gets announced by the Government, and it starts looming in the sky, then you can crap your pants. But i still cant understand why you keep coming here, and mock mock mock, when you plainly keep cussing the articles. If i dont like reading about certain things , I Dont Read Them!!! You call me stupid?!, at least i dont go mocking other peoples articles which I Dont Like!!! :lol: :lol: BTW its real alright, and if you want too correct the scientific communities around the world , who state that dual star systems are common in the Galaxy then be my guest!!

    • Syco247

      Never said I didn’t like to read em, after all The Weekly World News garnered an audience from people just like me. It’s like the funnies for grownups LOL. But I will with a smile call bullshit where I smell it, biniru for example.

      • trashman

        We will see , we will see. Personally i hope ur right, and when i said i know certain people. , well pls trust me when i say I do. The governments of the world know and have been preparing for 70 years! Now for the rudeness, sir i would appreciate some common decency . , even if you dislike my comments i make them because if im right, then i am at least trying too warn people, and if im wrong, then nothing happens. But dont cuss people for trying too do the right thing……, fair enough? Once again i hope i am wrong, but i do know what i saw 2 times with my own eyes. BTW i loved the weekly world news too . they had some great articles that were hillarious. Very entertaining. Have a good day sir

        • Syco247

          At least we can agree bat boy was awesome!

    • Syco247

      Binary star systems don’t have a tendency to have planets like ours, it wrecks the day/night cycles that carbon based life requires to maintain a circadian rhythm. They also have hardcore gravity tidal systems with the pull between the stars that rip all but super size planets apart. Kepler has shown us this already. With all of the orbital observatories we would have seen it worldwide by now.

    • Andy

      “Tell you all what::: when it gets announced by the Government, and it starts looming in the sky”

      makes no difference either way, were nibiru real and coming to a planet near us, ain’t nothing else TO do but crap ones pants, preferably after one has kissed their own ass goodbye

      • Mayhem

        Exactly, Andy, tell em, don’t tell em, either way the end result is the same, but the conspiratards will argue their virtuous and magnanimous altruism is at least saving the sheeple from tearing each other apart in blind panic as if that somehow compensates for all the fear porn.

        • Andy

          agree entirely,, click-bait is about it no?

        • davehauk

          Now there goes hours of your lives you will never get back :cool:

  • davehauk

    Wow you guys! There goes hours of your lives you will never get back

  • friends2you

    I think you guys are funny dweebs. I spoke to NASA scientists myself and some of them told the truth, THERE IS AN OBJECT IN SPACE AFFECTING EARTHS CLIMATE and its not the sun. There has been intelligence officers from the Pentagon, FEMA employees, Homeland Security employees and federal employees who have agreed the the scientists are telling the truth about this object, so for those who want to be idiots and want to deceive others take your stupidity elsewhere.

    • Mayhem

      Oh well that settles it then because i can’t think of anything to counter your hearsay evidence :lol:

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