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Planet X System Incoming-Three Planets Captured: Mainstream Disclosure-Earth Changes

Friday, June 8, 2018 16:59
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Nobody wants to admit. No wants wants to see it. We can all play dumb a while longer, but the previous weeks close call with an asteroid, and the many near misses in the past months, should be a giant flag that something is not right.

The economy teeters and the can is kicked just a little further, likely until the mainstream notices the Eye-Popping enormity of the Planet X system appearing in their sky. The celestial objects, as you can see in the video and imagery below, is in the inner solar system and is difficult to see, and cloaked by deep state and NASA  technologies like the sun simulator.


The mainstream want you ignorant and on the coast-line. Why else have they failed to ask any questions, connect the dots and come out with the bold truth. The real truth of how the elite and government has lined their pockets for two decades building underground bunkers and continuity of Government, how the planet X secret has led to a corruption freeforall. They want people stone stupid, unprepared, or glued to their i-phones. They’re doing a helluva job so far!

Is Planet X’s close proximity the real reason for Climate Change, for Magnetic Field Anomalies, for the cycles of catalysms, for the sinking of Atlalntis and the dangerous spike in near earth asteroids. Is the return of the legendary Wormwood, Hercolubus, Hyberion or Marduk staring us in the face?

That all depends if you’re looking up and taking note of the strange things transpiring in the sky, beyond the chemical haze and geo-engineering….


This week along the ring of fire Hawaii contineud to spew lava and a volcano in Guatamela popped and erupted, killing dozens. What is causing the spike in volcanism?

Will it spread to the West coast of North America?

Then there is that asteroid that exploded last Saturday over South Africa. There was next to no warning. Don’t expect much more warning next time either…

Meanwhile the mainstream and the mouthpieces with Orthodox science at the Smithsonian were debating that Planet 9( They likely mean X) may be nothing but a swarm of asteroids!

LIke the Business Insider says, Is it Planet or Planet X? Is that disclosure or kinda disclsoure?

At least Forbes of all MSM journals is talking a bit more franklin in regards to Planet X, though the story, if read is riddled with dis-information they did say this, “Sometimes planets don’t orbit the Sun in quite the way physics predicts, which means there could be some other object exerting a gravitational influence, and astronomers just haven’t found it yet.”

But they’re not the only mainstream sources letting the secret go. Others are weighing in as more and more of the people look up from their gadgets and notice strange glows, orbs and signs in the sky.

Here’s a few of the captures of celestial object that may be effecting the earth and causing climate change and a ratcheting up of tension and talk of war. Could it all be a distraction from the Planet X approach?

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  • Francis SB

    Total and utter nonsence.

    There is no such thing as the Planet X – Nibiru system and there is no cover-up going on whatsoever by the media and various governments.

    They are not spraying the skies with whatever either. There are more contrails in the sky today due to an increase in commercial air traffic.

    As for a sun simulator, grow up !! .

    As per usual with this crackpot conspiracy theory, people can’t produce any “REAL” evidence to back-up the wild claims they make, only relying on assumption, speculation, hearsay and sheer lies.

    This report is fear porn and nothing else.

    • Bobwire

      :lol: I’ll take your word for it . OOPs been tracking it since 1983 but i’ll take your word for it .

    • Hayduke

      Well, your no fun. :smile:

      • Hayduke

        “you’re”, sorry.

  • freedomfirst

    Open your own eyes to the sky I just yesterday saw one of the planets my dad who was a sceptic also saw it …..he is a believer now have photos to prove it!

    • Hayduke

      I saw a planet last night but it was Venus. :smile:

  • friends2you

    Type in these 5 words (space weather chaos, Barack Obama). You will get the white house briefing on what’s coming. As far as planet X, what most who purposely tell you its fake forget to tell you at one time until recent all unknown planets were called planet X so there are many of them undiscovered. Some stories mention a mini solar system that interacts with ours. In our galaxy we have many solar systems and at times they do interact with each other.

    Our very own spokes person for NASA has admitted to chem trail use but stated it is not what conspiracy people try to portray. Even seeding clouds have been around for quite some time.

    Bottom line there is major changes taking place and it will not get better anytime soon.

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