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THE CHRIST CHRONICLES – MESSAGE THREE, given by Jesus on September 20th 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016 5:05
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image mountain and trees in Colorado USA

This message was received at 6:10 am September 20, 2016 by Cody Golden Elk at The Star Lodge Healing Centre in Lake George, Colorado USA…

CODY; We now ask our old friend, teacher, and Master of Light, Jesus Christ, to now come to us, so that we may bring his words clearly…without the corruption of religions/governmental structures. We now ask to be a clear channel of the Light and Truth, here, now, upon the Earth plane. So, what can you teach us??? How were your true words twisted, edited, or taken out of context, over the ages?

JESUS CHRIST; Yes, our brother, for I have known that this question would be asked, as I wanted it to be, for more truth to come to your darkening world. For, there are many, many examples of this twisting, editing, or outright falsifying of my words – of our Father’s wisdom, of Spiritual and Creational law. But, I will speak now of only a few.

The times in which we lived in Rome were fraught with change, power struggles, etc., as is in your world today. But, the technology was of a vastly lower, and therefore, slower pace, so the changes were not so prevalent, or seen to show up into our lives so quickly. Today, upon Earth, this technology has accelerated so rapidly, that your world is like a kettle boiling quickly, while the pace of the world in the Roman Empire was like a kettle of cold water, barely moving. But, despite these changes generated by technology, much of the principles of human behaviour are all the same and have not changed.

My true words, spoken to Disciples, towns’ people, and commoners of that time, long ago, were not recorded by electronic media, but only heard with the ears, hearts, and minds of the people. Later, some scribes set them into forms of writing, in the languages used common to the places, or villages, of the regions I travelled and spoke in. So, many mistakes were made, much was lost, and, as more and more people came to hear our Father’s words, a movement began to grow. This was later called Christianity, named, of course, after me, since I was the speaker/teacher of these more advanced forms of Spiritual knowledge.

So, inevitably, as this movement, or following, grew, the leaders of Rome – both governmental and religious – began to take notice….seeing our Father’s words as a threat to their power and control over the masses. The official State Run, State Religion, of the Romans was, mainly, for the most part, copied from the Greeks, but with the names of the  various and numerous Deities and Gods changed. This provided for a huge and powerful Priesthood to develop, whereby these religious institutions could help control the people’s behaviour and, more importantly to the Priesthood, collect money. This brought about and created, over time, a big “bureaucracy” of religious order and control. But, the biggest casualty of all of this, was, of course, the Truth. As I began to reach the people with our Father’s message of higher Spiritual truth and Law, this large and powerful Roman Priesthood began to put pressure on the government to stop me. Hence, the persecution, well known to your historical accounts of me and my true Christian following, began to grow.

As my followers were hunted down and rounded up, both before and after I was crucified on the Roman Cross, some began to realise that my teachings may become lost to posterity, or lost forever, so they – mostly my disciples – began to record and write down my teachings mostly from their own memories. Thusly, some distortion occurred in this process. But, it was not intentional. However, THEIR words were later changed by those in power, so as not to affect these power brokers’ own religious/governmental power structures, by having the people learn the truth. Rebellions were feared, as the Romans conquered many peoples, and great, lingering, buried animosity and hatred lingered in these people over the Roman atrocities to their homelands.

So, both before and after my “death”, this process of editing my words occurred. It is basically the same now, in your current world. The job of the controllers and power brokers of your Earth world now, is to keep the masses of people ignorant of higher wisdom. They want their subjects just smart enough to do their jobs, but not too smart so they may figure out how they are being manipulated and enslaved. Also the people can pay taxes and money to the rulers. This was all the same in Rome, but on a smaller, lower scale, as in your world today.

But, underneath all of this lies the Truth that the Dark, Evil Ones regardless of which age, or civilisation, they appear in upon Earth, WANT POWER AND CONTROL above all else. They want to ENSLAVE people, to subjugate them to their rule. But, the Spirit of Freedom comes from the HOUSE OF OUR FATHER, our Lord, our Creator….and this SPIRIT IS INDESTRUCTIBLE IN THE LIGHT.

Hence, we see that the same old battle, regardless of which time, place or society on Earth, between these two opposing Forces – the Forces of Darkness, the controllers and the Forces of Light, the “free-ers”, or ones who want to set all of our Father’s creatures FREE.

Thus, my words, as many other Lightworkers, Prophets, and Saints, have been twisted, misused, and misplaced by those Dark Ones in power. One of the biggest examples of this is the taking out of the Biblical Scriptures of my many talks and references to Reincarnation – the Spiritual process our Father set up by which, as Spiritual Beings of Light, we may evolve and grow upwardly in energetic Spiritual vibration, so that we may, once again, reach UNITY, or UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, with our Creator, our Father, himself.

This was one of my own Spiritual Tests upon the Roman Cross: to go out of material, bodily, physical form then come back again. This showed the people a true example of these Higher Spiritual Laws of Creation which our Father has set up and established. This proved beyond any doubt that all of mankind is truly Spiritual Beings of Light. Only taking up physical bodies, for short terms, or times, on Earth to evolve, grow, and learn the lessons associated with a physical existence on a lower third and fourth dimensional planet, such as Earth.


But, sadly, those in power – of both the religious and governmental structures of the ages – wanted to keep this knowledge of the Spiritual functions and lineage of mankind HIDDEN FROM THE PEOPLE! Instead, they replaced my teachings with a corrupted form, an altered version, of this “Resurrection/Crucifixion” story to further maintain Spiritual control of the people, the masses. They hid the truth of Reincarnation, of this form of Spiritual mechanics, knowledge, and wisdom. More importantly, they hid THE PROCESS of how one can Ascend and then come back down into another physical body. They wanted people CONTROLLABLE AND IGNORANT. Hence, the more modern forms of so called “Christianity”, were strewn with lies, deceptions, and half truths. A “religion”, which I myself abhor, was created with the illusions of “heaven” and “hell” as ways to control people’s behaviours through FEAR, fear of being burned alive for eternity in hell or rewarded for their behaviours in a good place, called heaven. Know, dear ones, THAT THESE ARE NOT MY TEACHINGS, BUT ONLY, THOSE OF POWER HUNGRY DARK ONES RIDING UPON MY NAME – MY FAME – TO CREATE ANOTHER FORM OF SPIRITUAL, AND THUS, RELIGIOUS CONTROL – JUST ANOTHER FORM OF TYRANNY OVER AND UPON THE MINDS, HEARTS, AND SOULS OF MANKIND.

So, now, my so called “Second Coming”, is here; these messages are part and parcel of this, but certainly, not all of it. I come back again, in many forms – many words – but the Truth is that I HAVE NEVER LEFT. I have remained in Spiritual form to help, to assist, to love those many wretched souls throughout the Dark Ages upon Earth – coming to those who call out, sincerely, for help, but not helping with their calls of Darkness for using the Spiritual Powers of Creation – of our Father – for evil, greed, or power seeking ways, but for Light, Truth, and genuine Love and caring for their fellow brothers and sisters – the sons and daughters of man.

I never wanted my teachings to be set into an organised form of religious control – but, instead wanted TO BRING SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, TRUTH, AND LIGHT BASED IN LOVE, to mankind. An example of this is the current Catholic Church, of your world today. It has used my name, along with corrupted versions of my original words, to build up a huge, world wide religious structure, taking “tithes”, or money, from the people, many of them poor people, to build up a large, corrupt organisation of mostly evil and Darkness at the Vatican, back in Rome where we were together before, over 2,000 years ago. Know them by their deeds, not their words. See the greed, evil, and deceit of them today, as they launder drug money through the Vatican Bank, and as they seem to have one paedophile, or Priest, sexual abuse scandal of children – boys, in the various Catholic Churches, after another. See, now, how they use GUILT to control behaviour, by installing LIES AND DECEPTIONS into young children’s minds. See how they USE FEAR to also control people’s behaviour – all using and hiding behind original teachings and words, which have been twisted so horribly throughout the centuries, Millennia, and annals of Earth time…………I TAUGHT NONE OF THIS.

So, as you can now see, all of you – all of you hearing or reading these words now, MUCH distortion of my words, of our Father’s, Creator’s, and Lord’s Spiritual wisdom has been lost, abandoned, and twisted by the Dark Evil Ones: the Forces of Evil led by Satan himself – all TO ENSLAVE HUMANITY. What I wanted, instead, was to FREE HUMANITY, because I loved them so – as our Father loved them, as he created them.

This channel is very tired now and has difficulty being in my higher Spiritual frequencies for too long and his hand is tired from this writing, so he must rest. But, know that the Light, the Love, and the Kingdom of God, is forever,,,,with the Light, in the Light…..FOR I HAVE COME AGAIN.    (end 7:16 am)

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Brightness in the Heavens on the same day as this THIRD message was being given in Colorado. First picture was at 2 am and the last at 8 pm universal time. The message given at 6 am mountain summer time is six hours behind universal time, so add six hours.

Image brightness in the Heavens on September 20th 2016

The dark 2nd image is due to inversion of the color when the light is too bright. Seen on SOHO C2 and STEREO Ahead on 20th September 2016.

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