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By John Rolls (Reporter)
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Which One Is the Antichrist

Thursday, September 22, 2016 19:06
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By Lee Duigon

If you hated Christianity and wished to purge it from the earth—if you were an enemy of Jesus Christ, and wanted to destroy His Church forever—would you be a secular humanist or a Muslim?

I would have picked the secular fat-head every time; but now it seems Islam is giving secularism quite a run for its money.

Secularism attacks the Church by seduction, and Islam by violence. I would say “radical Islam,” to distinguish the crazed killers from decent, ordinary, peaceful people who happen to be Muslims, but the Muslim mayor of London says I can’t do that anymore. Apparently he’d rather I lumped ‘em all together. I will continue to make the distinction; it would be shameful to obey such a ridiculous command.

Something very, very strange is going on with our secular big shots and their attitude toward Islam. After toiling for years to chop down the tree of Christianity—by abolishing school prayer and Christmas celebrations, establishing abortion as a social norm, and pushing, as if their very lives depended on it, homosexuality and transgenderism—these same warriors of the Antichrist now compete with one another to see who can be the most submissive to another religion: Islam.

In Germany, as Angela Merkel imports swarms of belligerent Muslims into her country and winks at the ensuing anarchy, a German television ad, paid for by (who else?) the United Nations and the German taxpayer, urges German women to wear the Muslim hijab. This bizarre message is couched in terms of “enjoying tolerance”—as opposed to, say, “abject surrender to the invaders.” Oh, well: words only mean what the big shots say they mean. You don’t need your dictionary anymore.

Germany has a little problem which its leaders don’t want to address: Muslim male “asylum seekers” raping German women. It seems there’s no asylum for the women, so the leaders recommend the next best thing—surrender to radical Islam, and maybe they won’t rape you. Maybe.

The socialist president of France, Francois Hollande, sees and raises Germany’s surrender bet. He has called upon his whole cotton-pickin’ country to “embrace Islam.” Muslims are shooting up the place like drunken cowboys, but never mind—it’s a religion of peace! As long as you do what they say, and they aren’t in a mood to kill you.

Secularism, the de facto religion of French socialists, can “easily coexist” with Islam, says Hollande: as long as the Muslims always get their way, at least. Just ignore those pesky shooting and bombing, and the odd Muslim trucker trying to run over as many Frenchies as he can before they shoot him. It’s bound to work out well, in the end.

By comparison, Britain’s little war against words seems like small potatoes. But give them time, and they’ll catch up.

For surrender’s in the air, all over Western Europe.

What is it with these secular honchos? Is it just that they hate their own people so much, they can’t think of any better way to hurt them? Or is surrender to Islam simply viewed as the ultimate weapon in their war on Christianity?

A German politician—Green Party, of course—says she just can’t wait for the day when Germans will be a minority… in Germany. Wow: maybe someday, if they play their cards right, there won’t be any Germans there at all.

It’s becoming impossible to decide which of these weird cults, the secularists or radical Islam, more deserves the name of Antichrist.

But I think they both are antichrist; and they’re doing everything they can to prove it.

I have discussed these topics, and others, on my blog,, throughout the week. Please stop by and read! All it takes is just one click to get you there.

© 2016 Lee Duigon – All Rights Reserved

Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on



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  • Why use those big words? Once i started to read and u got all fancy pants with your verbiage instead of just cutting to the chase my eyes glazed over…. :shock:

  • Thiis “might” be the reason

    Top Illuminati Grand Wizard: “We Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West.”

    Albert Pike, 33rd Degree Freemason

  • Obama is of course the antichrist and everybody knows it.
    Nobody dares say it.
    They’re just scared.

  • …This is what you get over there John Rolls, because you’re all unarmed…at the mercy of the violent nature of radical islam…over here in the states, they are having to use more extreme methods of subjugation. Actually very subtle changes are constantly being fed to us here in the form all of our materialistic addictions-Easy Credit!!! There’s so many of us who are watching the foundations of this world crumbling, that we are in a stupor, confused and astonished. I really believe there’s gonna be a ‘shootout’…

    • I find it very interesting how people from Europe and many other places view us as uneducated sheep. What they usually fail to mention is the fact that THEY have given up their guns and ability to defend themselves, while us “dumbed down Americans” have NOT. Heh. The U.S. hasn’t let in a gigantic wave of Muslim immigrants through their borders like Europe has either. Something to think about over your morning Earl Gray, Europe. Man, Europeans are so ahead of the curve. :roll:

  • All those who opposes the truth.

  • Up every mornin’ just to keep a job
    I gotta fight my way through the hustling mob
    Sounds of the city poundin’ in my brain
    While another day goes down the drain (yeah, yeah)

    But it’s a five o’clock world when the whistle blows
    No one owns a piece of my time
    And there’s a five o’clock me inside my clothes
    Thinkin’ that the world looks fine, yeah

    Tradin’ my time for the pay I get
    Livin’ on money that I ain’t made yet
    Gonna keep going, gotta make my way
    While I live for the end of the day (yeah, yeah)

    Cuz it’s a five o’clock world when the whistle blows
    No one owns a piece of my time
    There’s a long-haired girl who waits, I know
    To ease my troubled mind, yeah

    In the shelter of her arms everything’s OK
    She talks and the world goes slippin’ away
    And I know the reason I can still go on
    When every other reason is gone, (yeah, yeah)

    In my five o’clock world she waits for me
    Nothing else matters at all
    Cuz every time my baby smiles at me
    I know that’s it’s all worthwhile, yeah

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