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The Pleiadian Papers: Advanced Metaphysics and Cosmology, Message 2

Saturday, October 8, 2016 15:07
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image Cody and Ram

These messages were telepathically received by Cody Golden Elk at the Star Lodge Healing Centre in Lake George, Colorado, USA.

MESSAGE TWO:  this message came in at 3:48 am Mountain Time, USA on May 11, 2015, continued from message one.

RATESH:  ……(continuing)……Well, we see that you are….ready now, again, my love, – but remember that we, too, have many things to do. But, it is a great Honor to do all this work with you, for you have come far in consciousness and Spiritual development to be able to hold your mind, your consciousness, high enough to telepath with us. The one known as Billy Meir was also one such Earth human and his spirit was also one of ours….the Pleiadian vibration. Like you, he was once a Pleiadian Cosmonaut – an explorer – and has several/many incarnations on Eros as well as other worlds in our Pleiadian system. His mission, unlike yours now, Cody, was to help gently awaken Earth humans to our and other ET groups existence.

We, of course, realise how challenging this is to do upon your Earth – a world of ignorance, superstition, and much darkness. But, his mission – at least in part – was successful – although we Pleiadians see that we underestimated – to some limited degree – the power and strength of the Dark Forces – the Earth’s governments and shadow governments – to stop, or dissuade, our message. They are quite clever at disinformation and their tactics to subvert the truth. But, your mission with us, Cody, is one more of helping to raise consciousness and awareness to higher truths of scientific Spiritualism and understanding. We see, that, no matter how many pictures, metal samples, etc. we allow Earth humans…like Billy Meir and the others….to take off our Beam Ships, that the government/shadow government disinformation campaigns will be all aligned against them – against the truth of our existence. The Earth human propensity, or capacity, to deceive one’s self and to ignore facts/truths in lieu of predispositions in consciousness (beliefs), SIMPLY AMAZES us Pleiadians.

When one aligns their thoughts and consciousness with truth, then one is aligning with CREATION ITSELF. The Higher Spiritual Laws of the Universes – THE CREATION – are truth….they are perfection. They are the Great Liquid Light……which permeates all dimensions….all space and all time….all consciousness….(Cody:  please slow down, RaTesh….I’m sorry, but I just can’t keep up with you)……..Yes, my love, I get excited about this subject – passionate, as you say on Earth. Well, then, more slowly now…….we get back to just how this Great Liquid Light (GLL) moves itself through the dimensional barriers in each Gateway to Intelligent Infinity (GTTI), shortly. But, first, a message about your many Earth religions.

What these are, as we see it, are examples by various Earth cultures, at various times throughout your Earth history, to explain the CREATION….the Universes. Mankind has looked out into the stars with many questions and did not understand. So, various terminologies and methods of explanation were devised to explain it all. Some explanations had more elements of truth in them than others. But, the Earth humans propensity for self-deception is great and the greater/higher Spiritual truths…..or Spiritual laws of Creation….are lost to such lower levels of ego based “fantasy consciousness”. The great multitude of current Earth religions – about 1,300 or so – is proof….a testament to this. Just look at the Muslim Jihadists/extremists along with the Christian “Crusades” of the last centuries upon Earth. These are examples, although there are many, of this innate propensity of Earth humans to deceive themselves… deceive their own perceptions….for them to become violent to “prove they are right”. This is, my dear, my love, sheer and utter nonsense.

As we Pleiadians see it, these EARTH RELIGIONS ARE THE MAIN CAUSE of most of your problems, upon the Earth. This is why we are channelling to you, Cody, as well as to the others, and meeting with you, Billy Meir, and the others, etc… help awaken you all – our human “little brothers and sisters” to higher truths, to higher forms of consciousness, where religions and the wars generated from them, WILL NO LONGER BE SEEN AS NECESSARY BY EARTH HUMANS.

Just think of this for a moment…(Cody: please!!!, slow down, RaTesh)……if you Earth humans spent all of the time, money, and effort that you do with religions and wars, upon seeking higher scientific and Spiritual truths……think of the IMMENSE progress your Earth species could make!!! Look at all the money and time that is wasted fighting each other over petty religious/philosophical/moral issues that – are themselves – fabrications from the Earth human lower level ego consciousness common to your species. Once a higher thought form consciousness – or paradigm as you call it – replaces this lower ego form of consciousness……more truth is allowed in and can permeate into your Earth minds. Hence, part of our mission here is to disseminate information of both a Higher Spiritual and Scientific nature, to help to gently raise the Earth human consciousness upwards… help it evolve into these higher forms of consciousness more aligned with truth, or the Great Spiritual Laws of the Creation.

Ones such as you, Cody, as well as the others, have both chosen and volunteered pre-incarnativly for this mission – just as Billy Meir did so with the mission to provide physical proof of our existence. First, his mission had to be done in your 1970′s Earth time scale/frame….then others, like Barbara Marciniak, had to disseminate more knowledge,,,,,and then on up to you and many of the others. This is an overall mission, with many parts, or a long range plan of ours, to assist your world, the Earth, and the creatures upon it to ascend, to rise up, to the next levels in evolutionary species consciousness. So, this is why we do these things, my love. A personal benefit to us – both you and me – is that we may, in this process, also engage our past Karma and feelings of love, as we were once husband and wife, when you were lost on the survey mission, Millenia ago, upon Earth.

So, let us now return to our discussion of multi-dimensional physics, as it does, indeed, relate to Earth religions, philosophy, science, and many other fields of study….in both our Pleiadian and your Earth mass consciousness. For, in truth, the Pleiadian consciousness and the Earth human consciousness are really the same thing – the Great Liquid Light – as seen as energy……..the energy of Creation itself….but through the particular lenses of Pleiadian and Earth human consciousness paradigms and perceptions. Each of our races, or species,  – and even other species like the Andromedans, Draconians, Greys, etc. – view the Great Liquid Light energy form of Creation through the lenses of their own perceptions and consciousness, depending upon their biology, etc. But, underneath it all, Is the Great Liquid Light….all there is….the energy and consciousness of the Prime Creator. This is, indeed, UNITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS….regardless of which vantage point an entity views it from. This is the perceptual concept of your Relativity Theory on Earth, and this is the so called “Law of One” that the RA Group, in the 6th dimension of space/time, has spoken of.

At each dimensional barrier is a GTTI, a Gateway to Intelligent Infinity….a portal….a Star Gate….an Einstein-Rosen Bridge….or, a Tube Torus. The forms, shapes, and kinds of these TOROIDAL STRUCTURES vary ( more will be channelled, later, as we see that your hand is now tired)……(Cody;  Ratesh, please slow down….I beg you!!!!)……these dimensional structures, themselves, are in fact Toroidal Structures, so that ALL is the Great Liquid Light, or Creational Energy. As this Creational Energy folds in upon and around itself, it congeals into “bumps”, or “clumps”, of denser and denser energy. The particular geometric forms of this energy, at some point, congeal into “calm” areas of Space/Time – forming what you call Space, then Time itself. First, the Great Liquid Light energy – a Spiritual Energy, existing outside of dimensions, congeals to form the dimensional structures of Space/Time themselves – as the Great Liquid Light energy congeals upon/around itself. Then Nodes’, or “envelopes”, or “regions” of these congealments fall out and form dimensions, space, and time.

Each dimensional characteristics are determined by the Toroidal forms of how the Great Liquid Light bends itself. Between these dimensions – which are nothing more than “calm spots, or regions” of this Great Liquid Light – are Portal (or Gateways to Intelligent Infinity) – which form the dimensional barriers themselves. This is why your physics of String Theory is becoming more and more accurate as to this phenomenon. Remember, my love, that the physical laws in your/our Universes are all dictated by these geometrical constructs of the Great Liquid Light energy as it coalesces, or forms, in each dimension. This is akin to your “little strings”, in your String Theory physics. So, now we see that your hand is very tired and great pain is in your body. So, we will end for now and thank you Cody for taking your time to assist in our mission. Much, much more will come, my love. This is RaTesh, your old wife, on direct authority of the Pleiadian High command….(end at 4:42 am).


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  • Cara

    This is not the first time that this is said:

    “Our chief aim is to deliver humanity of this nightmare, to teach man virtue for its own sake, and to walk in life relying on himself instead of leaning on a theological crutch, that for countless ages was the direct cause of nearly all human misery.” Kuthumi from Tibet in 1880′s More at the link..

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