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Why I chose Anonymous.

Saturday, October 15, 2016 20:12
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So I understand now that being anonymous to some people is  a red flag.  Why?  We mostly here are all really anonymous.  The names can be anything chosen out of thin air and few have any relation at all the the actual people except for a few, Lisa for one, and her sister for another.  But they are not the people who are so angry.  Its people with names they chose as if it were who they wanted to be.  And that is pretty much what they act like in a few cases any way.  

Thing is, our words follow our names, every one of them.  There is One who you cannot hide ever your thoughts from and He says we will be held responsible for every word out of our mouths.

Mat_12:36  But I say to you, that every idle word, whatever men may speak, they shall give an account of it in Judgment Day. 


Now here,we can click on any name and see the articles written, even Anonymous. We don’t get to see the comments, but that can be a blessing , trust me.  


So why did I chose when I first began to post here to not use a name ?  Because I had been using names for years.  Two in particular, one is a place where mainly Shepherds Chapel people congregated online.  For you non Bible people.  That is a church in Arkansas that has a TV and internet mininstry that teaches every book line by line from beginng to end and goes on to another book of the Word.  Pastor Murray was on my television every week day from 5 to 6  for years and years.  I used his studies as part of our homeschool curriculum, even tho I didn’t agree with everything he taught.  I was there to explain things as those things came up, and we did agree on more than we disagreed.  It was disciplined study.  It was great.  The students.?  Well, I suppose they were …. human.


 And subject to becoming offended, like people around here do when you don’t make up some crazy name and just take anonymous.  They love to try to prove to others that they are smarter, or know the Bible better, or just closer to God, the pastor or the Holy Spirit than they are or are just meaner and nastier than you are if it come to that.


See I keep all the feasts and I do it like it says to in the Book.  No where does it say take a trip in the spring to Arkansas.  It says, don’t eat leaven for  a week.  Eat bread without any.  That my friends is pie crust.  And we do.  We bake and eat pie crust from scratch every year instead of yeast bread and its is deliscious. 


But because I did this people and told that I did and posted the scriptures that said what to do and when to do it people became “offended” and thought I was “judging them”.  I assure you, I know I am not the judge.  I don’t think that we as humans ever will be judges as long as there is blood running through our veins.  That is not just my idea.  Its a doctrine of mine… DOCTRINE… no judging while I am in the flesh. Its doctrine like eating pie crust for a week every year. got it?  I have the scriptures to prove it, if that was what I was doing here.  Its not.


So for years these people many people would come to these places where I was a regular, with my chosen names and they began to debate me on my beliefs.  I kind of enjoyed it cause I knew the Word and used it.

But you know, not one of those who came to debate ever suddenly said… oh…. I see what the Word says.  Your are right.  thanks.  No, they just began saying I was judging and other choice names, cursed at me and did all kinds of nice godly things.  And I responded right back at them in the same SPIRIT. and it was not holy at all.  The people that did come to me and say, you make sense what about this or that, they were not debaters. Not ever.


I rocked along like that for years.  I got banned from many sites,and ended up at one where the owner was my friend and like others do, he would defend me. Why, because people get offended when you stand for the TRUTH in the Word, especially about Christmas.  And it got soooo ugly at times.  I did once or twice used colorful language, but the offended ones?  wow…. would call names and  so I would call names and they call curse at me, or use racial slurs, Kenite.. if I had a nickle….  for years and years and years.I was a member in that last place for over 15 years.  

Then I had a crisis in my life.  I found out that I had been sexually abused not just as a child, but as an infant.  Not just by some men, but my own father was one of them.  My clearest memory was walking in on him doing so to my young cousin whom I loved.  I had confused it all my life.  I began to seek help.  I first went to a psychiatrist.  Then I went to group.  The group I found were people like me who had been programmed through abuse. And all Christians.  See I knew my sister was a MK Ultra kid, but I didin’t know I was.  I had a spirit.  I didn’t have a bunch like my sister.  See my mom had “gotten saved”. and I didn’t get sent to the same places my sister did.  I did however get abused.  I was with others in group who had spirits as well.  


We worked and worked and worked. And WORKED.   I had to first remember then forgive everyone that had harmed me, then I had to work to get that spirit out. of my life.  He was my protector, held all the bad memories of things I didn’t really want to have in my mind.  It took almost 3 years.  Its an old occult ritual from the beginning a way to install spirits into the bodies of little children and use them for your purposes.  It was a lot of work to undo.

When he was gone, something in me changed.  I didn’t want to debate anyone any more..  Trust me , I let him back in more than once, in debating or let  maybe I let another one  in.  Being goaded by spirit.  Why do we call it “like minded”:?  Why there is such a thing as Mass Hysteria?  Why we have these damned clowns showing up every where?


And the church is woefully pitiful on teaching any truth about spirits.  I had to go find help.   I had to pray for help.  And Father was faithful.   Some who were calling themselves help really weren’t much.  What helped the most?  Forgiving others and being kind.  And mostly staying in the Word.  so much knowing my Father , his Spirit., through knowing His Word.  That was the best medicine ever.


So these people tho, these people who craved debate, who were set on being OFFENDED by  ME.  They just kept on coming and getting no where, I wasn’t joining in giving them what those spirits were craving. battle… someone to call names with.  Some one to be ugly with….they tended to escalate.  It was sad.  It was CRAZY.  It got insane on their part.  No matter what, it just made no sense. They did not want to give up thie fun of theirs.  It was the energy they fed on.   And my heart began to be broken for them. I realized and saw in them the same spirit that has been in me.  My heart broke.  For them.

  And for all the people in the church who never learned the truth.  And my heart got broken for all those that got bitter and never even got to the church to be taught wrong.  I just became a weepy soul crying for the world at large, even Hillary could touch my heart.  I know she is a programmed, child abused victim just like me.  Just like my sister.  Just like the millions of spirit added people living in the world today. She would have to be to do what she has been allowed to do.  Controlled by spirits completely.


She is pitirul no?


And guess what else I learned, 


You don’t have to be abused to be influenced by spirits.  They are as easy to catch as the flu and can be in any person place or thing you might come in contact with.  When the bully gangs who loved to come see if they could get a rise out of me tried, sometimes they won, not the debate, but the struggle with spirit.  And right back his loathsome egotistical gotta show you I am smarter, place he came again and again.  Even knew the Word better, ego.  How pitiful was I? I had to learn to not join in the spirit. So while I could see what was going on it took me a while to know what I needed to do.


Then I realize these people were being not just scary insane but offending my God by the things they were saying and  I prayed about it.

 If I wasn’t there any more, they wouldn’t be adding sin to their daily lives.  If they wanted to be ugly it wouldn’t be to me, I wouldn’t be the cause of their falling out of favor with God.  I wouldn’t be feeding their spirits any more.  . It got to when they did those things I cried.  Not becaue I was angry or hurt, but because I could see the rotten fruit piling up in their lives.  Bad fruit, bad trees.  and I loved every one of them. so much.  I could forgive my own father for sexually molesting my whole family and me, I could forgive them and start looking out for them.  


I quit the forum.


i did it for them.


I came here and used Anonymous when I felt the need to write something.



So when it comes to evil spirits I know a thing or two and I learn more every day.  


and I am no more anonymous that some made up name.  I just am trying to be good, thats all.


I am trying to protect some people who had problems just like I did, and just have not found the help yet.

 I pray they will.


I pray we all get the help we need and learn the truth.













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