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Mary’s Message – Nibiru, at point of becoming Visible, Is signal for the Ascension

Friday, December 2, 2016 1:25
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The video is in Spanish, but I’ve translated the text of her message to English. There are two evidences for the “point of visiblity”, one from northern Dagestan in the Caucasus region of Russia and one from California, from one of the observatories.

They are placed at the point in Mary’s message where she mentions Nibiru. This is an excellent, excellent message, for we are in the process of merging two major energies, that of Matter and that of Spirit. As Jesus has said: after his Second Coming in the clouds,

Heaven and Earth will merge to become the Kingdom, and there will be no future Purgatory in the afterlife, where people can work off their sins. It all has to be done while we are living now, on the Earth. There will only be the recyling pit of Hell for souls and the Kingdom for souls after our physical deaths of this lifetime. So there is also haste in the message.


“Good days (Buenos Dias), I am Mary.

The call for you has already sounded. The event is close and commotion reigns now at all levels of this particular space-time. It is not the moment to lose heart. You have to prepare yourselves. For now we ask you to be receptive.

The signs speak for themselves and guide the actions that come. Big changes ready themselves. This you know already. It is just that “now” they accelerate. It is the hour of the “transit”. It comes to you so you will not have to go through it. It will be rapid, immediate and secure.

The ones who are ready will see then the realisation of that for which they were prepared. The ones who do not expect it will wake up suddenly to a new reality. They will all soon meet again to celebrate the birth of a new Earth and a new humanity on the Earth.

The more reticent, the ones who will not accept the Light, for fear that their shadows are not revealed, or because of their strong attachments and too many materials, will take charge to find a destination more compatible with their evolutionary aspirations. Contrary to some beliefs, no one will be judged, and still less convicted. The fact of missing the train of the Ascension, already constitutes in itself sufficient sanction.

The event in process of realisation on the Earth, represents certainly a rare experience and an opportunity of extraordinary evolution of the conscience/consciousness. Nothing will have been left to chance, including your presence on the Earth in this precious moment of collective Ascension. Prepare yourselves then for a “quantum leap” because it is the essential of what you must wait for.

All the rest is secondary, with respect to the dimensional change announced, remembering that this last concerns the whole of your solar system and that it will open wide the doors of the Galaxy.

To rediscover such an event, it is necessary to go back to the Ascension of Sirius C (ANU). During the “Event”, a planet associated with this system lost the train of the Ascension and it found itself alone, without sun around which to gravitate. This one wanders since then in a chaotic trajectory in the space located between the triple system of Sirius and our solar system.

¡This planet is that of the Nibirians, a reptilian and warlike race, which landed on the Earth 300,000 years ago of your time, after having propagated and sown confusion in the Galaxy! The galactic wars accompanied then the colonisation of Earth by beings of extra-terrestrial origin.

The Earth later was put in “quarantine” both to protect and to avoid a new outbreak of conflict in the Galaxy. The extra-terrestrial races and the humans were forced then to cohabit.

The evolutionary difference led without embargo to the invading extra-terrestrials exercising a power almost absolute on the Earth. The “Annunaki” proceeded to genetic manipulations on the humans, in order to cut them from the Source/from the Fountain, and to limit their psychic capacities only to the reflection of their 3D physical surroundings. By this factor the human being became highly programmable.

After the fall and the disappearance of the Atlantis 13,000 years ago, the extra-terrestrial colonisers took human appearance and exercised their power in the shade.

They transformed the History and only kept a history of the past, which are the myths and symbols which you pass on. This is how this “occulted” power has prevailed on the Earth to date. Without embargo, as 13,000 years ago, the transit of your solar system on the axis of the central Sun, associated with the galactic calendar and with the era of Aquarius, has introduced a new occasion to set evolutionary counters to zero.

The galactic peoples, letting the Nibirians settle on Earth, contracted a karmic debt to you. Today they assist you and work for your Ascension.

November 28th 2016
Dagestan which borders the Caspian Sea
image Nibiru small but visible in the sky
11 pm
December 1st 2016
a California Observatory Webcam
image Nibiru small with halo


Nibiru approaches the Earth and is at the point of becoming visible in the Sky. It will be the long-awaited signal to start the Ascension. It is also the reason why the Annunaki joined the galactic forces, and agreed to go through the ascensional step at the same time as the Earth. The hybrid races that still control you are not as well sustained and regularly lose force. You test it for yourselves, observing the actual evolution of the reports of force on the Earth.

The power is changing hands and henceforth the conditions are assembled to bring about change. The timetable will be respected and the Event will take place. This is a certainty and a source of a great satisfaction for us.

It is important to keep yourselves standing in this ultimate straight line and in the security that you live fully and exactly that for which you came, often and since long ago, on the Earth! They lead you in the conjunction of two colossal energies which were separated and opposed for eons. They are now at the point to join, and to fuse on the Earth. This “180-degree turn” of situation is also the reflection and the consequence of your interior 180-degree turn.

¿Do you understand? ¿The genetic crosses, the crosses of souls, led to a dual conscience, reproduced millions of times, to become a separate reality on the Earth?

just like in you. The method used was to separate genetically the physical perception from the psychic perception in the human being.

The conscience of the soul was progressively confined to the psychic cave of the subconscious, while the physical consciousness became the only criterion for recognition of the reality. This psychic reduction was further reinforced by the cutting back of the duration of the life of the human being on the Earth, obtained also by genetic manipulation.

The extraterrestrial presence on the Earth represents solely as an exterior reality, it also represents an interior reality to the extent that your conscience/consciousness, limited by its genetic programming, also contains these two separated aspects of your galactic heritage. This is why you have no other choice than to unite them, to come to reconstitute one unity of consciousness and of being. In this “union” also is found the meaning and the objective of your journey on the Earth.

The redemption is then not an option. It is integral part of the initiation. The door of your “cave” (the subconscious) must have been opened and crossed, and that with no turning back possible. This interior transit comes before and reflects the exterior transit. The inverse will also be true after the “Event”.

The physical consciousness binds you to the reptilian brain, whereas the psychic consciousness links you to the spirit. Between these two aspects, the emotional consciousness serves as connection or door for the reunification of the conscience. The union of matter and of spirit passes then by the door of the Heart, remembering that the intention is the key. The door of the Heart must be saved to unite both separated parts of your being, after fusing them into one body entity – spirit in the heart of a dimension of unified conscience.

This “miracle” has been completed by some, while many ceded much to the trap of the security and of the power. ¡Do not judge them because all of you, in one moment or another of your existence, have known the temptation of the power, and rare are those who can resist! The ones who have succeeded mark out the path that is now present in front of you. The hour is then with the reconciliation. The movie is over and the time has come for the actors to wake up, whatever are the roles which they have been able to play.

Many have been taken in by the game and they will return to follow the adventure. Others will consider they have suffered too much and will choose a more clement environment. Many will be scriptwriters and project their own creations on new scenes of existence. Some finally will leave the party and go to the “angelic” World of Light.

Whatever your choice and your destination, you will always carry the mark of what you have lived and realised collectively on the Earth. You have changed the course of the events and completed the hoped for reunification of the conscience, which seemed impossible to do from a separated consciousness. The path was opened by one who was my son on the Earth. Those who listened and followed him, are now at the point of coming to meet us, while you announce your resurrection and prepare your liberation.

We can only be proud of your path and we congratulate you on the work completed. So much suffering, so many broken lives will not have been in vain.

Earth is in phase of being liberated while your rebirth is announced in the firmament of the stars. You will taste again the “Milky Way” and your kingdom will have no end.

The time belongs to you, now that you have unsealed it. The gates will open again on the Earth while we prepare to receive you.

For my part, you know, I will not wait for this ultimate moment and I will come to look for you all. ¿It is the role and duty of a mother, ¿certainly?

Believe it to not be surprised when the moment will come.

As you have grown! It is at the same time amazing, and a fountain of great joy and pride for us. Be grateful and honoured by your action, even if for the majority, they still do not see the full extent of what they are completing. Waiting for this instant, I desire that you find the way of the Heart. Love is what you Are, while the Heart represents the door to the “I Am”. In the Love we are One. You are blessed.”


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  • holycow

    Thank you Cara for translating and posting this amazing message from Mary! This is the first time I read a channeled message which is plain and sober and consistent. I believe Mother Mary is right about the merging of physical form and spirit and about our speculated human history which is finally confirmed by her. I always wondered about the tremendous suffering on the Earth under the tyranny of a bunch of ‘fallen souls’. Thanks also to the Spanish soul who was pure enough to channel a pure message.

    All glories to Jesus the Christ and his Great Mother Mary!

    • Cara

      I came across the video by accident, or coincidence, and then went looking for the transcript. It is indeed a message to the point, explicit, but within that message is our direction explaining what we have to do – We have to unite Heaven and Earth (not necessarily as places but as states of conscience or of consciousness which are within us. Thank you, too, HolyCow for your positive and strong reply.

      • Jango

        None of this is taught in the Word of God, the Bible. So believe what you want to, but it is not from God.

        • maxwell

          …Jango…ever read about the end times being like the days of Noah? Some researchers have found a correlation between the timing of the occurrence of Noah’s flood, and the length of time it takes for this “planet” to complete an orbit. Of course if your edification is over already, you can just “never mind”.

  • Central Scrutinizer

    ^^^ “haste in the message”…

    Kinda like the ‘haste’ I used rapidly scrolling through the gobbledygook to get to the comments section.

    But alas, I was disappointed in the lack of biting commentary or even a well placed zinger.
    So, naturally, I had to add one.

    ZINGER!!!!! I never even dated her!

    Oh, and crappy video. I will let the Nibirutards to judge for themselves what the opening seconds of the red “curtain opening” subliminally looks like! :shock: :shock:

    Adios, Caca. (See, a little Spanish Lingo fits, right?) :mrgreen:

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Shockingly, the click-bait picture of “2 Suns” isn’t found ANYWHERE in the video. Wonder why?

      Oh, that’s right, cause we only got the one, single, solitary Sun to light the heavens. :mrgreen:

      • Central Scrutinizer

        Not only can I do some mangled Spanglish, I can heave a few Religiously retorts also. That’s some solid talent, right there. :mrgreen:

      • Cara

        In the second photo from the observatory, the time stamp on it is 11:02 pm. Sunset on the West Coast was at 4:44 pm on 1st December. That’s six hours difference, so the second sun/Nibiru is not near our sun but a quarter of the Heavens away. The same with the film taken from Dagestan in the afternoon – it may have been dusk there, after the sunset, while the Nibiru planet/star was still high in the sky. People have to judge it for themselves, Central Scrutinizer and not be swayed by derision, or by denial as Phonics Monkey has done.

        • b4

          the pic on right looks like my gf’s boob!

      • Mr Fred Rogers

        Luke had two suns on Tatooine :roll:

        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Eggzactly

    Oh BS! There is no planet BooBoo. You had better make sure its really Mary next time. For all we know it could have been Freddie Kruger in your dream. :grin:

  • carolina4


  • Mr Fred Rogers

    It never ceases to amaze me.. “IT” is always coming but never gets here.. This story has been circulating on BIN for years now and never dies because someone always has “an answer” or “Explanation”… IT’s a comet, it’s a star, it’s behind the sun, it’s red shifted, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s…… :roll: :lol:
    And we wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait for NOTHING.. :roll:

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Not necessarily for NOTHING.

      Ask Capt. PE. Come Boxing Day, has has a date with his hat and some pristine Himalayan Salt that I have procured for the “consumption”. And No, I ain’t talking tuberculosis.

      When IT fails to appear (for the 1.236^14 time), Capt. PE shall pay up. So it wasn’t all for NOTHING. :mrgreen:

      • GUNNY

        I notice that Ole Ralph has been conspicuously absent lately.

        Five months, two days.

    • Cara

      A little bit of confirmation is that it has disappeared from STEREO Ahead’s HI2 camera, on the other side of the sun to us, so this demonstrates that the object in space is moving towards us on Earth and away from the two STEREO satellites. It’s not moving much laterally but slowly it has disappeared off STEREO, since it’s appearance on September 26th (to get the full image not the half image, you have to go back 3 days or more). I’ve captured the images weekly since September 26th 2016.

      Compare November 29th
      with one week ago-
      with two weeks ago- Nov. 15th

      • Eggzactly

        Cara, Have you see the images of the ‘Alien Superstructure” 15,000 light years away from Earth? Its there if you haven’t seen it. There are No Images of Planet BooBoo. No 2 suns from camera lens, No photoshop space pictures. Nothing. I usually tell people on BIN to hold their breath until you see it. Just give it a rest until you actually have something. :wink:

  • @win

    Who believes this after a decade of “nibiru is almost visie now” ?

    • maxwell

      … The huge gravitational and magnetic effects that are currently tearing this planet to ribbons, aren’t being caused by anything, out there… OK. If you say so…But, I think there’s more to the story. There are plenty of references to this, recurring phenomena, in ancient records ALL OVER THE WORLD…going back among the oldest…but,

      .. modern man is, willfully, blind to the obvious…right in front of him. That’s most likely because modern man can no longer see straight. Seeing straight means seeing reality, and that is the very last thing modern man is interested in. It is completely hopeless…we can’t face our own reflection.

      • @win

        We have seen pictures of nibiru for a decade now. And heard that it is almost visible for the same time.

        • Cara

          I think Mary means that it will become visible for everyone to see in the sky.

  • Gil Carlson

    Alien life has been discovered and they are trying to communicate with us!

    • maxwell

      …If the aliens want to communicate with us, then they are going to have to learn to talk shit. That is late great planet earth’s official language, here in the early 21st century.

  • Louis

    Malarkey from beginning to end. Obviously written by an idiot.

  • Findottier

    I have seen tens of serious predictions for coming years, but not even one mention Niburu will cause damage. When asked one said that it used to cause devastation in ancient times, but nowadays its orbit is so far that it doesn’t have much effect on earth. The ETs that can see the planets, never seem to even mention it or if questioned they say it is very faraway, or that they have not seen such planet at all.

    May be these people and ETs know something better than the conspirating elites etc people who have interest to keep this story alive and going on.

    Just my opinion, one doomsday less, if people stop writing until it really shows up. We are prepared anyways for all kinds of calamities due to all fear mongerings, economical, war and end times.

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