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Questions for Maxwell

Saturday, January 14, 2017 10:15
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I must ask you one more question, actually two.


These questiona have been perplexing me for days.


And please answer to the best of your ability and not just ignore it by pointing out how physical you believe me to be.


According to what your spirit has revealed to you — the Father and the Son are “ONE”,


—-                          One “being” with two personalities or alias.


If that were true it must follow it was the “father/son-son/father” i.e. ONE being with two personalities — that entered into a covenant with the children of Israel.


It would mean it was the “father/son-son/father” i.e. ONE being — that wrote the 10 Commandments with their finger.


Thus according to that spirit that gives you spiritual knowledge it was not the Father all  by HIMSELF that wrote and entered the covenant which included the “harsh commandments that were against us”  — which then forced the Son to visit earth and abolish that evil harsh burdensome law of the Father  – — which is a lie to begin with.


—- But it was ONE being with 2 personalities that entered into a contract relationship with Israel and included the commandments as an essential part of that contract.


Under the above hypothesis —  HERE ARE THE QUESTIONS; 


If it was ONE being with 2 personalities that interacted with Abraham and then entered into contract/covenant with the children of Israel through Moses —-


Then was that contract/covenant — a BIG MISTAKE?


Did that ONE being with 2 personalities —“screw up” — thus forcing that ONE being with two personalities to divide the two personalities and send one personality to earth to recity their mistake while one remained in heaven ?? Or did both personalities come to earth as Jesus to abolish their covenant?


Thus it must follow that the ONE being with 2 personalities must have underestimate the abilities of humans, which it had made, and was forced to void the contract which included the commandments to FREE us from –  Their  SCREW UP — by making a new contract with no laws or commandments in which we must now only just believe and according to some speak in tongues.




Max according to what I have gleamed from your comments this appears to be the logical essence of what you have been led to accept as  truth .


Max, is the above what you believe?  As I can not understand from a logical stand point why the Law which is —–deemed to be —-


HOLY,  JUST and GOOD  from Geneses to Revelation,


would or could be removed unless it was a big mistake??


And which is it? 


Did ONE personality remain in heaven while the other personality came to earth or did both personalities stay in heaven and at the same time both personalities came to earth?

This is all very perplexing but I know you have the answers Max. Right!

Destined2B, you are encourged to step in here and explain this perplexing doctrine. 






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  • maxwell

    …Hi truthseeker…Ok to the subject of two vs. one. Three earth ages… first age, was: ALL of us in ‘spiritual’ bodies…and then, satan’s overthrow occurred. the Lord said that we ALL become fleshly human…”in our own image”, each one of us in the same image we were as spiritual beings…born of the water, here. YHVH included himself. So, If your spiritual ‘IMAGE’ is the same as your ‘human image’, are YOU two separate individuals?…one spiritual and one human…NO! Christ is the exact IMAGE Of YHVH, the same as you and I, are the exact image of our own spiritual identity.

    That’s as plainly and simply as I can possibly express it.

    …I don’t believe that there has been one “mistake” on YHVH’s part in this whole story. Our spiritual development has always been His one and only concern. Good figs bear good fruit.
    …YHVH loves us…sees us as His family. and has led us through… all the way to where we are, now. At the dawning of this new age…seventh trump.
    …WE, overcomers, together with the Lord, imprison Satan…that’s always been the plan. Millennium, and then… 3rd Earth age. with the devil in perdition…heaven on earth…once more.

    …If there has been any mistake, it is in this spurious separation between this earthly realm, and God’s own. Not believing that Jesus Christ IS YHVH in human form…100%. This unbelief does not allow spiritual completeness.
    …Do you believe that You or myself can actually be ‘spiritually complete’, while still in fleshly identification? You should…that IS the main point of “born, from above”, born again Christianity.

    …YHVH in the body of a man, Christ…came to suffer a MAN’s painful death…to show us the unity and ‘continuity’, of his HOLY REALM. Of which His people, all, are part of. His resurrection IS our resurrection…WE are the body of Christ.

    • Truthseeker


      your doctrine does not at all match with the WORD.

      You doctrine is your own.

      We begin as spirit being??? then we all have immortality when the Word clearly states otherwise.

      Sorry I asked the questions — I will try very hard not to bother you again.

      • maxwell

        …Seeker…So…you don’t know about the first earth age? Then you don’t know how all this got started, or why…If you don’t know what happened in the beginning…you’ll never understand what’s happening, right now…I thought you had a more complete picture of what’s up. You are NOT ready…I won’t bother you either…

      • maxwell

        …seeker…you wrote: “We begin as spirit being??? then we all have immortality when the Word clearly states otherwise.”
        …spiritual beings, are still subject to the second death…Man, you don’t know shit! Your traditional, religious mimicry has robbed you of your spiritual vision.
        …That’s why you need all the outward earthly, trappings of ritual and traditions. Got nothing inside…nothing at all, NOT EVEN A WIDOW’S MITE…
        …well at least all the, ignorant, around you, probably think you’re really holy…that will have to do for you…for now. You will bow…every knee will bend.

        • Truthseeker

          max I do not go for new age satanic crap, I only study the WORD of God.

          And 99% of what you espouse can not be found in God’s WORD.

          • maxwell

            …seeker…I understand completely…I believe you’ve been shown the truth, and it just didn’t jive with your religious traditions.

            …The thinker, thinks, he thinks…that is his error.

            …Your earthly comprehension will prove to be inadequate.

  • maxwell

    …seeker…I have an idea that you really didn’t think your questions out as fully as you would have liked…I noticed some confusion on your part as to how a being with split personality can think he’s in the same the other one…
    …You don’t need to believe any more about God/Christ, than you think…in fact I don’t believe you can separate your thought processes, from what you believe.
    …The LAW has been fulfilled…Believe that or don’t…You’re still waiting for proof in this earthly paradigm, when the proof you need is not of this world. You will wait for a long, long time…

  • maxwell

    …All religion is earthly tradition. Religion does not exist in the Lord’s presence. His presence makes all religious thought moot. Like buying a map to get where you already are.

  • The Clucker

    Jeez, TS. You seem to have a strong interest in Max’s beliefs, posting a call-out story and all. Maybe things like this are better left in the comment sections, or via personal email. Just sayin’.

    • Truthseeker


      I hate the deception and mass confusion Satan has caused and wanted to determine if that deception could be penetrated by logic and the Words of Christ.

      It is solid, Satan has blinded folks to the point 2 + 2 = 9 !!!

      • maxwell

        …Clucker…He’s obligated by his religious traditions to never think out of the box…and is the sworn enemy of any that should break free. Free from the Zionism (the unforgiven) that dominates him. … He won’t accept Christ as YHVH. This one fact, makes all of truthseekers interpretations moot. He has nothing else.
        … He is really terrified of “spirituality’…He’s got to tear down any that he sees, as not like him, and anybody who is spiritual, is NOT like him. I don’t think he can stick it out much longer…He gets really worked up.
        …He’s more of a old testament jew, than he is a Christian…continually, trying to prove to the Almighty, just how much he has done for the ‘Cause’. Like the Lord doesn’t know exactly what the problem is.

      • Truthseeker


        “religious traditions”

        Such as the Sabbath, the 7 HOLY Feasts of God i.e. everything found in the Torah, the 5 books of Moses spoken to Moses by the mouth of GOD.

        ALL are accounted as “traditions and rituals of men” by Mr. max.

        That same Law of Moses, that same TORAH Christ told His disciples to follow. See Matthew 23: 1 – 3 and Malachi 4: 4 warns us to follow,,, are nothing more then religious “stuff” men came up with and MUST Be Ignored for one to be “spiritual”

        To be “spiritual” is a term used to show the Word of God is no longer to be used to gain knowledge, knowledge must come by spiritual “ether” that seeps into ones brain some how.

        And No I am not an antichrist, I do not deny the Father and the Son are two different beings.

        If it smacks of having to OBEY it is not spiritual, seems to be the new mantra.

        • maxwell

          …seeker…The only difference in the world you live in and the world I live in, is Jesus Christ does not get his due… from your’s. You’re a displaced jew, “earning” your worthiness, and you have NOT found Christ in your “spirit”.
          …I obey every Godly Commandment…as best I can.
          … The “earthly” concerns of your traditions and ritual don’t go forward from here. Earthly ‘things’ (men’s traditions) don’t exist after the seventh trump.
          …At the seventh trump all of us return to spiritual bodies…And we will spend 1000 years…in the robes woven of our Godly deeds. I don’t believe we’ll find any zionist, talmudic jews there. They can’t live without traditions and ritual, either.
          …Don’t die “earthbound”, seeker.

          • maxwell

            …Seeker…You wrote…”To be “spiritual” is a term used to show the Word of God is no longer to be used to gain knowledge, knowledge must come by spiritual “ether” that seeps into ones brain some how.

            ..Since you don’t know about the first earth age, and the simple facts of our spiritual existence with the Lord, in spiritual bodies…and that spiritual bodies can be in a “mortal” (liable to die) condition,..

            …Let’s take this snippit of scripture…”Let US make man in OUR image…”
            Who was YHVH talking to? Who are the “US and the OUR” (plural pronouns), in that piece of the WORD?…That’s you and me and all the people ever to walk the earth…making ‘man’ in OUR own image…and YHVH includes himself in that…Jesus Christ, God in person on this earth..just like you and I are “HERE in PERSON”.
            …If you would open your mind to other scholars, and use your “worship time”, in REAL study, (instead of rituals, maybe)…You’d know a lot more about ALL of it.

    • Damien


      Baby DEMON wants friends to play with him in HELL

      • maxwell

        …Meidan…Are demons real entities in your world? Do you think they have a function?

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