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Nibiru’s speed and approximate arrival Day: BOXING DAY 2018

Monday, February 5, 2018 22:43
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We are lucky to have a second sighting of the Nibiru, because if larger in relation to the sun – disc for disc – then we can calculate speed and ultimately Nibiru’s arrival date, or its approximate arrival date, using the Duration Between Two Dates Calculator.

Since the sun from ISS (2nd sighting) is radiant, I had to compare it to a similar size radiance of the sun on the latest SOHO image by sizing down the SOHO image to match the size of the radiance of the sun as seen from ISS (9mm) in this latest sighting, and then measure up the sun’s disc diameter from SOHO to compare it to the disc diameter of Nibiru when seen from ISS. Two photos of the sun from space, should have about the same diameter of radiance.

Two sightings of Nibiru 13 days apart-

Jan. 21st 2018
mid-North Dakota
clouds pass in front of it
image Nibiru seen from North Dakota on Jan. 21st 2018 - 2

Feb. 3rd 2018
ISS orbiting Earth
image Nibiru seen from the ISS on Feb. 3rd

            c/w  SOHO c2      image latest SOHO C2, Jan. 25th 2018


Disc Measurements-

North Dakota Sighting, Jan. 21st 2018
Disc of Sun 0.5mm c/w Disc of Nibiru 0.375mm
= Nibiru’s diameter approx. 0.75 that of the sun

Nibiru’s angular diameter as of Jan. 21st 2018
= 0.5º (sun) X 0.75
= 0.375 º of arc

ISIS Sighting 13 days later, Feb. 3rd 2018
Sun’s Radiance = 20mm both ISS and on SOHO
Sun’s disc = 9mm
Nibiru’s disc = 7mm
= Nibiru’s diameter approx. 0.78 that of the sun

Nibiru’s angular diameter as of Feb. 3rd 2018
= 0.5º (sun) X 0.78
= 0.39º of arc

Calculating Distance-

image angular diameter formula

North Dakota sighting, Jan. 21st 2018
distance (a) = (Diameter X 180) ÷ (pi X .375 º of arc c/w sun is 0.5º of arc)
        = (181,109.5 X 180) ÷ (3.14159 X .375º of arc)
        =    32,599,710    ÷    1.178
        =    27,673,777 kilometers from crossing Earth’s orbit

ISIS Sighting, Feb. 3rd 2018
distance (a) = (Diameter X 180) ÷ (pi X .39 º of arc c/w sun is 0.5º of arc)
        = (181,109.5 X 180) ÷ (3.14159 X .39º of arc)
        =    32,599,710    ÷    1.225
        =    26,612,008 kilometers from crossing Earth’s orbit

It’s traveled 1.062 million kilometers in 13 days.

= 81,674.5 kilometers per day

= 3,403 kilometers per hour

= 56.7 kilometers per minute

= 0.95 of a kilometer per second

Est. Arrival on Boxing Day.

If the ISS was east of North Dakota on Feb. 3rd when the pictures were taken, then the arrival time will be sooner. If 12.5 days between sightings instead of 13 days,

= 84,941.5 kilometers per day

Est. arrival is 13th December 2018



1) the SOHO measurement of the Sun’s disc is correct.
2) the relationship of Sun’s radiance to disc diameter on SOHO is the same for ISIS.
3) my measurements are near enough.
4) Nibiru’s speed remains constant
    * if sped up, then arrival is sooner
    * if slowed down, then arrival is later.


We should be having the passage of Nibiru by Earth, 14 million kilometers away, towards the end of this year.


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  • Cara

    Increasing the disk measurement of the Nibiru in the second sighting, ISS, from 7mm to 7.5mm – just half a millimeter in the picture, c/w the sun’s SOHO disc measurement of 9mm, more than doubles the speed of the Nibiru, cutting the arrival time in half. I remeasured in better light, and the disc diameter of the Nibiru looks to be greater than 7mm. So it could come to the crossing of Earth’s orbit, as early as June, and even earlier if Nibiru’s speed increases going away from the sun, out again in its orbit, pushed by the solar wind.

    This is probably it’s second Pass because from near the sun in Capricorn it will go back out towards Taurus.

    The flashing neutron star, seen again, and surmised to be pulling the Nibiru, is in Leo.

    The video-
    Feb. 4th 2018, 5 am looking West.


    Already on the other side of us, to the sun and the Nibiru: in Leo vs Capricorn.

  • Tetrad

    You are spreading disinformation.Now you seem to think you are another Nikola Tesla.No one knows precisely when it will arrive.Nor is it something that can be calculated in the way that you have shown.Beforeitsnews semms to be a website where would be prophets have their field day.

    • Cara

      I think people want to know, Tetrad, and it’s not disinformation as you assert, I’m using a preexisting formula for finding angular diameter in degrees of arc., and converting it to find distance. The sun has an angular diameter of about 0.5º of arc.. So measuring up the relative size of the brown dwarf/nibiru star is not far fetched. The pictures: You can call them fake if you want to, but I really don’t care if you do or don’t. In calling it all disinformation, you’re ignoring the increasing incidence of earthquakes, volcanic activity, bad weather, depressed solar activity and why NASA and governments hide the truth from the general public.

      • Tetrad

        Yes,people want to know,and there are many people that don’t want to know.I have the most detailed information about it.I have yet to see anyone who has put together all the info about it as I have.When I first wrote about it 5 yrs ago,people almost hated me.i was ruining their life by writing about something that is an extinction level event.I am not ignoring the earthquakes etc.It’s going to get worse on a scale that has never been seen before.The best info you have is from that guy Cody.It doesn’t matter what people think but he has the real info.The Nibiru passby will not be in 2018 so we have some more time.There are many things that will happen before that.

  • Cara

    Jesus, given Feb. 8th, 2018: “2018 will see changes. Be prepared and be assured that I AM is in control of all that comes upon the earth. My children need not fear but rejoice.”

    We don’t have more time, Tetrad.

    • Tetrad

      Yes,we do have more time.You will see for yourself that I am right.I’m sorry but I don’t believe in any so called “Jesus” messages.It can even be another being and someone might think it’s Jesus,but I’ll read what you wrote and I am not saying there is no truth in it.All religions were created by the Illuminati long ago.You can be in tune with the Universe and the Creator and Jesus certainly is not the Creator.He was a highly evolved being with genetics from one of the humanoid alien groups who donated their genetics.The purpose of his existence was to sway the people away from the reptillian influence at that time.They have always been with us in the guise of humans and have always been the ones in power.

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