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Nibiru - Dr Sam.. Nibiru and the Schumann Resonance

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We are at the end of an age – everyone knows this.. We thought it would be in 2012, according to the Mayan Calendar, but Nibiru is still coming. Dr Sam, the Israeli astronomer, in his lectures is not trying to scare, but to inform, giving us all he knows in a form and in a manner that each one can understand. After the changes, prophesied at Fatima, through others, through Padre Pio and by Mother Mary in her Brazilian messages, the Earth will not be the same. We will live in a different gamut of frequency (frequency range) and the Earth will have expanded considerably. Just because we are approaching the date of change is no reason to panic, no reason to cling to the old, soon to be forgotten, ways,. Instead we must be prepared, and the main part of this preparation is in frequency. Hence, this talk on the Schumann Resonance by Dr. Sam..  A, second, 2009 talk by the Archangel Michael, given in France, will follow.

lecture by Dr. Sam

Good morning lecture… In the name of God, the most merciful. The visiting object has begun its apparent movement to the left as it heads toward the Nebula, of the Collar and will be associated with Saturn at the end of next week to continue its rapid trajectory up to the end of this month and establish itself in the area to the left of the Nebula, of the Collar … then, there remains only this month and up to the middle of next month for the terrestrial monitoring and then we will enter into the months of occultation…

The effect of this guest increases more as approaches the date of arrival. Do not be surprised with the cases of great distortions in the electromagnetic field of the Earth when the velocity of the  fields of intruder reach the 2000 km/s barrier … the limit of saturation … !! …, but still we are waiting for an extension, of the longer period of time of the state of storage, and then it will create conditions for the occurrence of Mega Richter earthquakes to discharge these stored energies as a unified pulse ….

Many ask…. What is the pulse of the earth or the Schumann Resonances??!! … I will explain this with simple examples…. We know that matter is composed of atoms which are agitated in a very small space …. If we take a piece of metal like iron and we hit it with a small hammer, this piece will produce a sound (ring or vibration) proportional to the force of the impact between the hammer and the piece of iron … but if we hit with more force … the ring or vibration of iron will increase more and we hear clearly the sound …. The collision of matter among the atoms permits the transfer of a certain kinetic energy, which increases the energy of the receiving atoms and makes them vibrate (exchange energy by the movement between them) in a greater way …. and with mechanical vibratory frequency that travels through the air with vibrations that we hear, depending on its strength and length of wave …

If we apply this example to the situation of the earth, we will find the following … the earth now is now receiving very powerful electromagnetic fields through the flux of pulses that affect the general geophysical and geomagnetic state of the Earth … Therefore, the energy received contributes to making the planet a reservoir of excessive charges, contributing to the molecular disturbance between the different layers, atmospheric down to the molten nucleus of the earth and its dissolved metals … The frequency between these charged particles in general is measured by a frequency called frequency Schuman or ‘Schumann Resonances’ …

image Schumann Resonance over 3 days, Oct 31 to Nov 2nd

The human being as a physical particle composed of different atoms has a certain frequency varying between 7.8 – 8 Hz … If we make the vibratory frequency of the human body to be equal to the frequency of the earth, considering that being human is a portable piece that makes part of the earth … then the human being acquires the specific acceleration of the vibration of the earth (charged particles) … Any energy acquired which affects the Earth will inevitably affect man as a transitive relationship ….. The scientists agree that the frequency of the Earth is equal to the frequency of the human body 7.8 – 8 Hz …… But in the recent months, the earth has become submissive under source of occlusion and pressure … which has raised generalised turbulence, and reached unprecedented levels .. . !! and I think that it will continue with a form more severe, and with pulses of higher frequency up to the year of arrival … And then will come the real unloading of what is being stored …

Gentlemen, Now we are approaching rapidly the date of arrival because events say this … The developed countries have begun to make decisions implemented in the real-life … and the most important is the availability of the communication. In previous lectures, I alerted that Russia is working on making its own search engine after launching dozens of satellites into space … Russia knows that once the guest from the sky appears, all the optical cables will be switched off. … and this already is in full swing … !! … Now we are living a time lost, to say goodbye to something called the internet … once we enter the year of arrival … ¡¡…

Gentlemen, based on what we live now of the accelerated events, and the real facts that indicate the imminence of the pre-visioned date ((I am thinking seriously to stop the writing and reporting, and leave the earth itself to write and report, showing the date of arrival in its language.)) and that everyone will know … that all the lectures that you have attended are not episodes of horror, and neither of panic, with what is coming, as some think … but it is to make people aware of what is happening … (and I will be with you only in the next period …) And then, I will only comment briefly when there are things urgent that need clarification …

What I said before is now before us … and there remains to happen only the two associated conditions to guarantee the date of arrival … I will never leave you … I am with you until God decides something that already has been decided … Peace, mercy and blessings of God.
Portuguese translation by Mohamed Nagib



Nibiru and the Schumann Resonance (Dr. SAM)

Mary’s messages

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And now a word from the Archangel Michael, our Solar Logos: Logos of our Solar System who is responsible for all the evolutions in it – responsible for all of the different lives in it.

‘Ultraviolet Light, Chakras and Volcanoes’
msg #60,

April 4, 2009

I am Michael Prince and regent of the celestial Militia. I give you all my love and all my protection. I come, and as I have said I will return from now on, during this important period, to not say other than what each human being lives in his heart, what this planet lives and what also the whole of this solar system lives, in each window of weekly time. I have already, with a number of repetitions, indicated to you a certain number of important elements which are in progress of manifestation at the level of your organisms but also in the organism of the planet Earth. This concerns the reaction and integration with my Presence and with the Ultraviolet Light which permits me, to relay to you from the Central Sun of the Galaxies, from the central point of the thought of God, up to you, through the intermediary of my vibration, of my Presence and also through the intermediary of the other planets and of your Sun in this solar system.

I have, with numerous repetitions, spoken to you about the pressure of the radiation and about the pressure of the Ultra-violet radiation. My presence and this energy have profoundly transforming effects within your human and planetary organisms. The first of these transformations is to awaken in you, and to arouse codes which are still unknown to you, manifesting at the level of your DNA. This is destined to permit you to find, in an extremely near future, the totality of your Essence and of your Divinity. This is, as I have said, accompanied by a certain number of mechanisms, sometimes experienced in a very perturbing way, from simple fatigue, to passing through of pains, or even a certain number of what you call maladies which represent, in that case, forms of elimination of your shades, of your blacknesses and of what one could call, eventually, your past karmas of a collective nature. This is now.

A number of you have sensed this vibration of the radiation of the Ultra-violet within your organism. Do not forget that this energy is destined to penetrate via your highest point. The highest point, as a human organism, is your head. The highest point at the level of this planet where you live is constituted by what is called the volcanoes and in particular the volcanoes which are at the level of the mountains. This is on the way. You can notice it, in any case for the awakened human beings, at the level of vibrations, of pressures and of pains occurring in a regular way from now on, and already for some time, at the level of your head. The pressure of the radiation of the ultra-violet manifests itself therefore in the interior of the human organisms in your head. The goal is not to remain at the level of this head but to make this energy of the Ultra-violet flow to the level of your heart. In effect it is at the level of this one that are found a certain number of codes locked up, linked to your Divinity and to your Essence.

The pressure of the radiation linked to these particles of Ultra-violet light must, little by little in the weeks, be conducted to the center of your interior sanctuary and interior Temple. In that is the condition, sine qua non, for your elevation, for your ascension and for the return to your Unity. This is on course. This obeys precise rules at the level of your internal physiology and of your energetic internal mechanisms, on which I will return at the opportune moment, after the Paschal period such as it is defined in your Roman Catholic calendar, because this period corresponds, quite simply, to a particularly active full moon, like that of the month following linked to the festival of Taurus. But we are not there yet.

We illustrate these words not at the level of your organisms but at the level of the planetary organism. The pressure of the radiation, literally, has lit a certain number of major volcanoes at the level of the surface of this planet, this is an undeniable fact. Now, you notice also a certain number of anomalies linked to the phenomena that you call meteorological consisting of abnormal elevations of temperature and of profoundly abnormal falls in temperature. The reaction of this must be a descent of this energy which arrives at the level of the volcanoes which corresponds to a terrestrial fire but which has been initiated by the cosmic fire in relation with the radiation of the Ultra-violet.

Understand well that the radiation of the Ultra-violet is profoundly linked to the changes, to the transformation. The energy of the Ultra-violet has never had for goal to be an energy of destruction but nevertheless it corresponds to an energy of deconstruction which aims to break the barriers of this planet, as of the human organism, to your Unity, to your Divine dimension which has been occulted to you by the duality and by the incarnation. This is on course. The following stage will happen at the moment when the number of volcanoes lit at the level of your planet, and where the number of Ultra-violet particles accumulated within your head, will permit the energy and the conscience to focus itself beyond the duality, that is to say no more in your head but in your heart, and this, for the whole of the awakened beings.

I have said to you that the pressure of the radiation was going to go crescendo and, this, until the period of of the solstice of summer. This is also the truth in what concerns your planet and all of the planets which must precede the lighting and the ascension of your planet. This is on course. A number of volcanoes must still wake up during this period which remains for you to traverse to go into the period of your summer. This is on course.

The following stage thus corresponds to the descent of the energy of the volcanoes within your planet at the level, not of the element water which is linked, but at the level of the element air. This corresponds, at the level of the planetary physiology, to profound modifications of what you call the air currents and maritimes of your planet. This will be manifest by an arrest of certain currents and the development of other maritime currents than those existing. At the level of the air this will manifest itself in a major accentuation of what you call hurricanes and cyclones which will manifest in regions over which they have never been present before. This, once again, is only linked to the reaction of the elements perturbed at the level of the planetary physiology.

The energy of the Ultra-violet, too, is relayed by a certain number of beings from high dimensions having to work and being in relation to the energy of this planet. It is about a certain number of Councils, called as well Galactic Council, Intergalactic Council, Council of the Melchizedek, Council of the Eagles, etc. They are extremely numerous, the beings having a human anthropomorphism, who today are found on the elevated planes to channel, to direct, to orient the energy of the pressure of the radiation of the Ultra-violet. Their role is major. Perhaps you sense, for certain of you, the fluctuations linked to the energy within your human physiological organisms. As you are able to notice it, there exist time periods within each one of your days during which you will perceive, feel this pressure of the radiation, as well at the level of your head as, for those who are more advanced, at the level of your heart.

Remember also as the pressure of this radiation goes crescendo the human beings who do not have the possibility nor the spiritual means to activate the superior chakras (that is to say those situated between the top of your head and the heart) will see these energies impact in what you call the inferior chakras (that is to say the chakras situated below the heart) manifesting as a force of reaction profoundly amplified faced with the events, linked to the social movements, to the economic movements, these also engendered by the pressure of this new radiation.

As you know, a number of human beings have tried to take advantage of this period to create on your planet a climate favourable to the fear, a climate favorable for the destabilisation of the human soul. This will not take place contrary to the designs of those forms there. The pressure of the radiation of the Divine Light, relayed by the Ultra-violet, by my presence, by your Sun and all of the Circles and Cenacles linked to the Light, comes to greatly perturb all that and entrain, at the level of humanity, a phenomenon of confusion. The important thing being, as I have said it to you, to remain aligned and centered as much as possible, to remain as much as possible in the neutrality in relation to the confusion. You can create that by being as much as possible in the absence of reaction in relation to the events which come. This is an injunction on my part to ask you and to specify to you that you will only find the peace inside of yourselves and certainly not outside of you.

This leads to reconsidering, already, before even your passage into fifth dimension, what you call the life. You have the habit from very numerous incarnations for the majority of you, of living a life exteriorised which is defined by the duality and your reaction in relation to the sense the most large and also the most narrow of your lives and of your unfoldments of destiny. Today more than ever it is convenient to find the Source of your life at the center of your being, in the heart. It is in this place, and only in this one, that you will find the peace necessary to not enter into reaction to the events social, economic, which come towards you at great pace. This is not a message of fear. I can do nothing if numbers of human beings conceive of fear through these words. I have come to announce what the Father has asked me to announce. There exists a certain number of prophets, there exists a certain number of prophecies which have always existed at the surface of this planet. Their goal is not to make fear. Their goal is only to prevent, to warn in order that the humans hear these words at the level of their interiority. Today, more than ever, that will become more and more true. The only solution to this problem, the only solution to your disillusionments in your life interior, economic, social, familial, personal can be found only in the center of your being and nowhere else.

Of course, you are helped, that also I have said it to you, but nevertheless no one can go into your heart, in your place. That belongs to you. This is a work of each minute, of each respiration. You will realize in the weeks that come, and which will lead you up to the equinox (solstice) of summer, that with more, you will go back to your interiority, that with more you will go back to your heart, that with more you will go back to your Essence, with more it will be easy for you to manifest the peace, the tolerance, the love and the comprehension in the exterior, whatever is the severity of the exterior events having to affect the planetary physiology but also the physiology of certain human beings.

The only way to be in the heart is to not react. The only way to be in Unity is to not support the duality. Yet, the reaction belongs to the duality. It is therefore paramount for you to learn by yourself, through your meditations, through your prayers, through your moments of silence, through your meetings with nature, to develop more and more this feeling of harmony with your own Unity, with your own Divinity…

The only solution, once again, is linked to the training of the capacity which you will have, as human being, to live the events which await you in your heart. The solutions will follow on from your capacity to live in the state of heart. If you escape from your heart in the relatively important emotional manifestations likely to occur, that would be profoundly harmful to what you have to integrate, to unveil and reveal in you in relation to your Unity and your Divinity. It is therefore about one period propitious for living the pressure of the radiation within your heart.



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  • grayeagle40

    🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 The folks had better start paying attention to the Ancient Hebrew Scriptures.
    Revelation 8:8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood; KJV
    “Elenin, Planet X, Nibiru, is Wormwood: The logic is Undeniable” Prophecy page Video.
    Richaed Coombs explains. A video response to Earthquake Prediction
    Let me be perfectly clear this will cause a lot of problems/chaos on earth, but it will NOT be the end of the world. It IS judgement.
    God is on the throne. God is in control. God never says woopsie.

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