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Do We Owe Alex Jones an Apology?

Saturday, January 9, 2016 8:50
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George, a reader, thinks so. 
“Jones is a surgeon, and a clever one, albeit not quite clever enough to convince you that he’s one of the good guys. He is having a real effect in combating the NWO, and it is terribly disappointing that you cannot recognize how. Everyone with good or light on their side has their position to play, and everyone plays their position differently.”
From George:
Hello Henry,
I have just finished reading your article about Alex Jones. I am highly disappointed. There are so many problems with it, it would take me far too long to address it in any way that would be considered complete, so I will have to limit myself to the most important aspect.
For five years, I have listened to Mr. Jones every day with very few exceptions, and day in and day out Jones absolutely savages Jews. There is not a single high powered Jew he has not laid waste to. The list is too long to even begin to compile. In fact, it would be far easier to come up with a very short list of Jews he hasn’t attacked, but as a few random examples of those subject to his onslaught I give you Sumner Redstone, Elena Kagan, Rahm Emmanuel, and Janet Yellen. Jones has merely made the decision, for whatever reason, to attack the super elite as human beings without distinguishing them as Jews. So what. That is his prerogative. If others are able to put the last piece of the puzzle together without Jones being so explicit then he has done the job marvellously. Makow, you have to sharpen your skills in distinguishing good from evil. Jones is your ally.
Henry, I’ve read enough of your writing to know you have a good heart, but on this one you are terribly misguided.
 I checked your site today and saw the latest article on Alex Jones, so I am obligated to reply once again. It is virtually impossible for Jones to be so called controlled opposition, because if he was, it would be the most illogical tactic that could possibly be employed by the powers that be. Jones shines light on every conceivable evil perpetrated by the NWO, day in and day out, and there is no play in the book that says this is a viable tactic against an enemy, which in this case is you and I. Therefore, by appeal to the most basic logic, one must infer the NWO is not so stupid as to wantonly allow a constant spotlight to remain on their crimes by employing one Alex Jones. The fact that he ruthlessly excoriates the highest echelons without explicitly identifying many of them as Jewish is thoroughly irrelevant.
As just one example of how easy it is to disprove the Jones controlled opposition hypothesis of Peter C. via Makow, consider that in the article you cite a bombshell dropped by former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney regarding the Israel lobby. Did you know that Ms. McKinney is a frequent guest on Alex Jones Show? Did you know that Cynthia McKinney has been a frequent guest on the Alex Jones Show before and after her bombshell of 2012 that you just cited? She has been on Jones’s show no less than four times that I am aware of. Alex loves Ms. McKinney and constantly brags about her incredible strength and fearless character, so how can you remotely explain this? I could cite scores of similar examples if I felt the listening party was actually prepared to give an alternative viewpoint on Alex Jones real consideration.
My point is, sometimes you have to look deeper when faced with obvious contradictory evidence. I have demonstrated that Jones cannot be a militant Zionist by pointing his relationship with Ms. McKinney (verifiable with some diligent archive searching). I have also listened to Jones express great criticism of Israel. As yet another example, he frequently mentions Israel’s bombing of the USS Liberty, and he pulls no punches. Henry, why would he pull back the veil on the Liberty affair if he was exclusively pro Israel? Henry, the truth is, you have incorrectly assessed Jones and his motives, mostly through focusing solely on circumstantial evidence that supports your conjecture. Jones has at least ten thousand hours of  airtime, which means that any single minded editor could easily find and compile statements that could support just about any theory about Jones.
My point remains, Jones is fearless and ferocious in his attacks on jews, not just on an occasion here and there, but every day. Just for a lark, add to my previous short list Henry Kissinger, Cass Sunstein, Chuck Shumer, Michael Bloomberg, Barbara Boxer, and the granddaddy of them all, Jacob Rothchild as just a few of the jews which Jones has taken on. I have heard Jones obliterate these people to the point that if they were facilitating him in any way, it would have to be merely as an act of suicide. In fact, I have a challenge for you, Henry. Provide me with just two prominent names of the illuminati that you are certain Jones has never talked about because of his connections.
In my opinion, Jones remains alive and out of the clutches of the powers that be for one reason, and one reason only, providence. Does Jones have faults? Sure, plenty of them, but who doesn’t.  
 You know, timing is everything. As fate would have it, at the very moment our topic turned to Alex Jones supposed Islamophobia, Jones reported on today’s show that on Monday he interviewed someone very interesting. In fact, Jones interviewed the very last person any Islamophobe would choose to interview. The interview lasted some two hours and included a very cordial dinner after with associates of both sides present. Some of the conversation at dinner was also recorded. All reports are the interview went very well and there was considerable common ground. Who did Jones interview? Louis Farrakhan.
Can you tell me if Jones’s attempt to find common ground with the leader of the Nation of Islam creates any doubt that you might have some facts wrong?
Jones will release the interview within a short time. I hope you will make some effort to listen to it in entirety. And I hope you will give consideration to trusting my insight with respect to Jones since I have far more information about where he stands on matters related to the NWO, the unfolding police state, and the criminal activity of the American government, which happens to be bought and paid for by the crime syndicate that is your sole focus.


Makow reply- I don’t visit Jones’ sites so I depend on readers like you. You start by saying Jones lambasts Zionists and then you say he soft pedals them – which is it? If you’re going to “lead the opposition” in  Lenin’s words, you have to be convincing.  Hitler was convincing and I believe he was also false opposition. Michael Collins Piper described how the Illuminati Jewish bankers have used false opposition in the past. Like Jones, the John Birch Society does good work but it is also false opposition
 I believe Jones is false opposition because 1) His connection to Bronfman lawyer.   2) He was too young when he got into the biz. He was groomed. 3) He has admitted he is a Rosicrucian, which is a Freemason. Admits many family members were Masons.  4. More telling than Jews, he glosses over the role of Freemasonry which is crucial.    5. His access to mainstream media. 6. His cutting off William Cooper with the spurious excuse that Cooper used profanity. Did the same thing to me when I was on his show. He chewed me out for saying, “Illuminati don’t give a shit.” The world is going down the toilet, and suddenly this loudmouth Texan is being prissy?  


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  • barbF

    Please objectively read this article on Propaganda Techniques and rethink your stand on Alex Jones.

    • barbF

      The above article is an accurate description of what Alex Jones and some of his guests does and my comment is directed at George Henry’s observations are correct IMO.

  • VomitO

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$ BOMB $$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Anonymous

    Just watch leave your brain washing at the door.
    Use your good judgment

    All politics is in your local

    Think local

    Every one has flawed distorted information.

    The bad guys help you if you don’t scare them into shutting up

    Everyone is part evil part good

    Evil people tell what they believe in the long-term.
    Give them more rope they will hang themselves

    Stop covering for them by mudding the water.

    If you attack them they will do more damage and you will be delayed

    Let them spill information
    lies will not come into harmony with the truth no matter what

    • Elekwense

      Good info, thanks. Arrogance is also their weakness, because every villain loves to brag, don’t they? But they could also pose as a friend, like what you’re doing, not assuming you’re one of “them”, but how can I know for sure without knowing you and your credentials?

  • Timothy Buck II

    Looks like the Euro-Jews are circling the wagons.

    #ZioNazi pieces of excrement.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, no apology necessary. I figured out a few years ago Jones was controlled opposition. First of all, I always found his supposed infiltration of Bohemian Grove suspect. I’ll always remember when a caller phoned in and brought up Bill Cooper. Jones freaked. That was the first I’d heard of Bill Cooper. Jones’ reaction told me I had to know more about Cooper. I learned Cooper on his own short-wave radio program was exposing Jones and I believe that protecting Jones was part of Cooper’s assassination. Also Jone flip-flopped on Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina. And his behavior at a gun rally can only be explained by controlled opposition. One of the main reasons I know he is controlled is because of the ludicrous things he does such as painting his face as the Joker. In other words, his loud obnoxious behavior is a way of turning people away from the truth he is allowed to tell. His job was to present himself as somewhat of a crazy person so that the average sheeple would associate the truth with crazy; thereby, believing the truth could not possibly be true. It’s a clever game our handlers play and I admire it.

  • Beligio

    Mr. Makow sir thank you for your insightful articles. Your recent Thinking is a Bad Habit and earlier No Statistics for Inner Poverty articles were very helpful to me.

  • debbie

    My dad was a freemason, and he certinly wasnt jewish,,they do lot of good things for people,, so I doubt ANYONE on here is really accurate.

    • krew09

      the difference between regular Blue L

      • krew09

        the difference between regular Blue Lodge members and the top tier is night and day. Letters from the Masonic Lodges of Europe are documented in the role as the criminals who overthrew the Czar of Russia,that led to the slaughter of 10′s of millions…

        • Shaun

          Not really. At the top of freemasonry there is a saying…”Kill the body and the head will die”…Instead of “Kill the head and the body will die”.

          The lower level masons are the “Body” and they are ALL of the police, sheriffs, judges, lawyers, county commissioners, city councilmen, controllers of all government, etc..It has been set-up so that if the head which is at the top like the “Black Pope” and “Rothschilds” and all were taken down, then they can be replaced and we are still controlled and ruled just like we always have been!

    • Huffer

      My dad was a Mason and a Shriner. It took us years to show him they were a secret Satanic cult. He was a disturbed man from the day he joined them. He claimed God on one side and served Satan on the other. From the day he renounced the Masons, he became a new man. I had not seen him happy from before he joined them back in 1957.
      He was a tradesman and the only way he could get an apprenticeship was to join the Masons. I watched many men at GM get ridiculed and spat on for not being one! Most joined only to get a better job and later found what was really going on…Masons protected their own and spat on everyone else, which made working there very hard at times.
      There are demons running this organization, as all secret societies are! Between the Islam, Freemasonry and all the non protestant churches, the world will reach it’s final days just like God, our Creator, said it will.
      We do not have to know all the details because the signs of the times reveal the final days of freedom and freewill for Christians in the public square.
      The antichrist is ready to be ushered in and I believe Alex knows this. He rants and raves but I do see truth, mixed with exaggeration, in his show.

  • YourNumbr1Fan

    The only apology Alex JEWns will get from me is my apology to MYSELF for having been gullible enough to listen to this fat little Shabbos goy pig for a little while and wasting my own time chasing his “elite Illuminati globalist NWO” ghosts…..util I finally found them thanks to people like Dr. David Duke, the people at Red Ice Radio, and other brave “racist anti-Semites”.

    F*** Alex JEWns and the ‘useful idiots’ who choose to stay under his spell despite the overwhelming evidence that he’s Zio-controlled. I’d like to spit in his fake, fat face. :mad:

  • magusincognito

    The argument that says “one is one of these/those” is incomplete and incorrect; left in an abstraction (i.e. an unending thought). One could easily state that Makow is a Jew, therefore what ever he says after that is bunk. One might say that he is a citizen of this/that country, therefore not valid for this/that. In fact, we can even say that Makow is a product of the schools of materialism, therefore he is an atheist and his offerings are unbalanced, whilst unknown to him. Hopefully, the reader has picked up- by now -on the fact that one must look behind labels- not just chuck them out there with a communist all-or-nothing appeal.

    Ultimately, we can say: If anyone uttering a word of truth has not been killed, then they are lying. I guess we’re all liars.

  • RoaringLamb58

    Have you ever read about Leo Wanta and how he worked for Reagan and what Reagan commissioned him to do? Any way
    Alex Jones says it isn’t true and that Leo Wanta doesn’t exist. i know for a fact he does as I have heard him speak. It is the thing that caused Alex to lose all credibility with me and I stopped listening to him and stopped trusting him after that.

  • hilly7

    I don’t think anybody owes AJ an apology, he is Zionist owned and operated. A gatekeepr at best, NWO at worse.

  • The Ferrett

    Yes hilly7, I agree – in fact for proof of his reluctance to go too far into the “J” word, watch this exchange between David Duke and AJ here:

  • Solar)Geometry

    David Duke exposed Jones easily. That is why Jones took the interview off his archives, he couldn’t bear the real truth getting out.

  • VirusGuard

    Well this is BS for a start

    “For five years, I have listened to Mr. Jones every day with very few exceptions, and day in and day out Jones absolutely savages Jews. There is not a single high powered Jew he has not laid waste to. “

    Alex Jones never follows the money to the bankers or Israel and points the finger at anyone but his paymasters.

    Please anyone give me a link to anything where Alex goes after this select group ?

    David Duke put him in his place on this isue so much so that Alex removed the recording from his Google spyscript infected site

  • GodhelpUS
  • anon

    “Do We Owe Alex Jones an Apology?”


    • my2pesos

      Ale X ‘n’ Joes
      Jones ‘n’ Us ~ Joe ‘n’ SS UN

  • Mr Lightbeam

    Why doesn’t Alex Jones get a proper job.

    Selling fear to the public and making money from selling his doomsday food and vitamins.
    Has America gone down yet –”No of course not”!!

    when the Zargons get here he will be the first man on the next spaceship out of here!! :lol:

  • AntiZionist

    No apology here.

  • Morgawr

    No one should apologize for questioning, we should ask has Alex woken anyone up, have any of his viewers lost their shackles because of him and his team.
    I don’t know whats in his mind, I only know without him I’d be getting sheared today.

  • Donovan

    I have to admit that BIN will state the truth and is not at fault with the looney tuned disinfo agents that hover over this website. In the quest for truth or not, people have done what itching ears require, corrupting the long established truth and replacing it with crap. As long as white Japhethic goy keep the fallacy of white Japhethic Jews being semites, then the deception will continue. In fact I think white Japhethic goy love to keep this fallacy alive, because they know the majority of Jews are an offshoot of their Japhethic lineage namely Ashkenazim and Togarmah. The Jew will keep their Japhethic bloodline pure and keep their goy brethren disillusioned and enslaved. Alex Jones needs no apology! :smile: peace

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